Top 5 Best Hutches For 2 Guinea Pigs: 2023 Reviews And Guide

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A hutch for Guinea Pigs design is for a pet owner that prefers their pets live outdoors. Especially during the summer months while some live outdoors all year round. If you choose for your Guinea Pig to live indoors, you will need an indoor cage.

Keep in mind that experts highly recommend that your pet Guinea Pigs live indoors at all times due to their genetics and other various reason. Bad weather, an increase of illnesses, and predators are the main reason why making your Guinea Pig an indoor pet is what professionals highly recommend.

Guinea Pigs who are indoor pets tend to live longer than the ones kept outdoors. When your piggy lives indoors, you are making them part of a family which results in them being healthier, better stimulated, and happier.

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If there is no other option than for your Guinea Pigs to live outdoor, then you need to purchase a Guinea Pig HutchHowever, when you have two small pets, you will need a much different type than if it were just one. How they differ and finding the best hutch for two Guinea Pigs is the essential information you need.

In this article, I will talk about how to find the best hutch and more information on various types. First, let’s take a look at the top selling hutches for two Guinea Pigs for both indoor and out. Your small animal will benefit more from living indoors if at all possible.

The following information is about the five top-selling Guinea Pig hutches for indoor and outdoor available on Amazon. As you know, Amazon is the number one e-commerce that provides the best prices, the best service, and the best products from around the globe.

Consumers just like you, rate, score, and give others honest reviews. My job is to provide that information to you, the consumer. Here are the best-selling Guinea Pig hutches:

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch, Bunny Cage, Bunny Hutch Wood for Indoor Use

First on the list is by a leader in small animal products. The Petsfit Rabbit and Guinea Pig hutch are perfect for indoor use. With this product, Petsfit decided to think outside the box. They know pet owners love their pets just as they do. That is why they developed a product that your Guinea Pig can make it a comfy and cozy home.

Petsfit believes pets are part of the family and they deserve to live like family. This hutch design is high-quality material that in no way will harm your pet. The hutch is not only comfortable, but it is also convenient as well.

The features that make this item stand out above others is for these reasons:

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy To Clean
  • Good To Pets Health
  • Applicable To Various Kinds Of Situations

The durable and protective design aids in keeping your pet safe from predators and blends right in as a piece of furniture for your outdoors. Not only is it good for your Guinea Pig, but it also accommodates many small animals.

The size is another feature that makes it a perfect choice for one or two Guinea Pigs. The dimensions are 36 inches in Length 20 inches in width and 30 inches in height. The structure and dynamics make it perfect for your small animals.

The top opens, and the front doors make playtime with your pet much more accessible. It has a removable bottom and pull-out tray that makes for simple and easy cleaning.

Learn more about this product and place your order today by clicking here.

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SNUGENS 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage

Second, on the list is a product by Good Life. This Good Life Two Floor Wooden Outdoor Hutch earns its name for many reasons. The wooden house for your two Guinea Pigs is the best choice. The item resembles a bunk bed due to the two cages placed on top of one another.

The design is unique as it has raised legs that prevent it from sitting directly on the ground which makes it more difficult for other pests and predators to gain access. The floors in the house are removable which aids in easy cleaning and keeping it nice and cozy.

The roof is durable and sturdy thanks to its asphalt shingled roof which also adds additional security. There are two doors to each cage, making it a total of four. Each door has locks that also guarantee safety. The best feature, however, is the space. There is plenty of room for your little pet to play, sleep, and be safe.

With all its unique features, it is easy to see why this home is a perfect fit for your Guinea Pig and other small animals. The overall dimensions are 48” in Length, 19.7” in width, and 41” in height. That includes the roof.

You can read more about this amazing item and order your pet one today by clicking here.

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Petsfit 16″ Wx20 Dx17 H pet cage, rabbit hutch, outdoor cat shelter

Next on the list is again a product by Petsfit. This Petsfit Pet cage, rabbit hutch outdoor shelter is weatherproof thanks to its solid wood construction. The top-level classic design is simple to assemble as the roof opens for easy access and simple cleaning.

The dimension is one other feature that makes this product a best seller. The door dimensions are 6.5” x 10,” and the inner dimensions are 16 inches in width 20 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height. The structure is natural cedar and water-based paint.

For extra safety, it has an asphalt roof that is water and weatherproof and a floor that is removable along with a roof that opens for easier cleaning. This item is perfect for your Guinea Pigs to live comfortably and cozy.

Read more about this item and order yours today by clicking here.

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Trixie Pet Products 62339 Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run, XS, Glazed Pine

Next in line is an item by Trixie Pet Products. This Trixie Pet Product Hutch and Outdoor run are perfect for your Guinea Pig. It has a two-story design that has a cozy retreat spot on the upper level. It comes with a sliding door and hatch that provides the owner with an option for restricting access if needed.

There is also a non-slip ramp that lets your little pet roam outside and inside, downstairs or upstairs even in the sun or hanging out in the shade. All this added together makes one fancy, ideal comfortable home for your Guinea Pigs.

The run is easily removable and opens from above. It has a hinged roof that has locking arms on one side. The solid wood design and glaze color finish construction are clearly reasons why this is one of the finest made materials. That means this option will last many years while not needing a large amount of maintenance.

The assembly is easy and quick. It has a mesh powder coating on a metal lattice and weighs only 43 pounds.

You can read more and order your small animal for this unique home by clicking here.

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PawHut 96.5″ Chicken Coop Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Connected Run & Pull Out Tray

Last but not least on the list is unique in appearance hutch by Advantek. Advanteks White Picket Fence Rabbit And Guinea Pig Hutch went one step above when they designed this item by adding the white picket fence.

Advanteks GoneGreen Line of Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and poultry hutches are ideal for a safe shelter for your small animal to call home. Keeping your small animal in a safe home is the most vital thing you can provide and with this item, you are doing just that.

Each shelter has a construction of Cypress Fir which is naturally rotting and decay resistant material. The forrest that Advantek gets their material is from the forest that the government monitors and controls. Meaning it is the best of the best.

You can provide your Guinea Pig a perfect and cute home that has an added touch of a white picket fence which is an attractive added detail. The living area is ideal for all small animals and will provide your Guinea Pig with a safe and fun outdoors life.

While the inside area offers security and safety for your rabbit to rest and sleep in comfort, it will also be safe from predators.

For more information and how to order this unique item, click here.

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Important Tips for Hutches

Size Matters:

The main detail to pay close attention to is your Guinea Pigs room to roam around and play as they love to play fast and continuously. For them to do so, they need an open, large area that is clear of obstructions. Guinea Pigs need the proper amount of space to be able to have alone time with their cagemate from time to time.

Cages in the past never provided enough room for small animals to run and play. Today that is not the case. Manufacturers today understand all small animals need ample amount of running room. In other words, the bigger, the better.

For information specifically on what size cage your Guinea Pig needs, check for size guidelines on the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Due to being continuously exposed to the elements, Guinea Pig hutches are generally more sturdy and durable than regular cages. The best hutch designs are of thick, solid wood instead of plywood that tends to be flimsy.

That assists with making the hutch solid and provides the insulation needed to protect your pet from rain and wind. The most important feature, however, is thick walls that will help keep predators such as rats that can gnaw through the plywood and put your Guinea Pigs life in danger.


Flooring is another detail to pay close attention to when shopping for a hutch for your Guinea Pig. Be sure that you pick one that has a durable, solid floor. Some owners suggest the use of mesh flooring such as the type found in a rabbit hutch. However, these types can be dangerous and can easily cause your Guinea Pig to get trapped and break a leg.

To make the solid flooring comfortable for your Guinea Pig, you can cover it with numerous sheets of plain white and black newspaper and a nice layer of hay, of course.


An excellent Guinea Pig hutch has a solid, durable roof with slopes from back to front. The reason for this is that it will help with channeling water away and prevent it from remaining on the roof. If that happens, the roof will begin to rot.

It is also vital that the hutch has a large overhang on each side. Again, this assists with keeping rain and other damaging weather elements away from the hutch walls as well as your pet. One thing is for sure, Guinea Pigs do not enjoy getting wet and unless you provide the proper protection, she will.

The perfect roof is one that is two or three layers of felt made for roofing to ensure it is waterproof. [more]

Conclusion and Recap

One last consideration is solely for your Guinea Pigs wellbeing. When you have a hutch that is outside, people tend to forget about them and not visit them sometimes for days. If your pet gets no attention for days without much human contact, they become depressed.

It is vital that you visit your pet at least once per day. You also need to ensure you visit it at various intervals during the day when possible. Guinea Pigs need to know they are loved and part of a family.

There are many types of hutches as you can see in this article to choose from as well as options to build one yourself.  In this article, we provided the leaders on all hutches for Guinea Pigs. Whichever item you choose, remember the facts discussed above to ensure your pet gets a warm, cozy, safe hutch to call home.

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