Best Guinea Pig Shampoo: Safe Shampoo For Guinea Pigs [2023]

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When you decided to have a Guinea Pig as a pet, you more than likely did not sign up for one that had ticks, mites, and lice. The bad news is Guinea Pig lice and other lovely little parasites if not kept clean and brushed can soon become infested with pesky bugs.

The good news is, the right shampoos and treatments can successfully treat them and keep them in good health.

Sadly, Guinea Pigs can get a variety of different types of parasites other than lice and mites. They also are a buffet for ticks and fleas as well. No matter what type they are, parasites can be extremely unpleasant for both the owner and the pet.

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Best Guinea Pig Shampoo

They may very well be a nightmare for both; the good news is there are many highly successful treatments available to combat each of these problems. Other than gathering information from product reviews such as this one, your local veterinarian can also guide you with suggestions to do at home.

If possible, take a few pictures of your Guinea Pigs Mites infestation to show your vet so that they can help you identify the right parasite to suggest the best treatment. If you are treating lice and mites, you will need to use a special shampoo that we will discuss in this article.

*Healthy Tip* The best strategy for combating pest is to keep your Guinea Pig clean at all times. Using good shampoo products will do the trick.

The products are simple to use, and the treatments are easy to do at home. To minimize the occurrence of an infestation taking place, many owners use medicated shampoos. That is usually for a defensive measure after bathing their Guinea Pig. However, the biggest concern is how do Guinea Pigs get mites?

In the event of the parasite being ticks, taking your pet to the vet will always be best. Also, it is vital that in the event of finding ticks on your Guinea Pig that you never attempt to remove it yourself. Ticks are tricky to remove, and there is always the chance that if you do not remove all the ticks head, including the mouth, a painful infection could set in.

If the problem is with fleas, it is okay to use regular anti-flea products in the house as long as you do not use it near the Guinea Pig. Many anti-tick and flea products are harmful and poisonous to Guinea Pigs. Therefore, it is always best to speak with your Vet for advice on a product if you find your pet has a flea infestation.

Before we go much further about the parasites as well as skin conditions that cause chaos for your Guinea Pig.

Let’s go over the Best Guinea Pig Shampoos on the market:

The following are the top-selling products rated by consumers just like yourself. The order of the products does not mean one is better than the other. Each product scores at least four stars or above on the leading e-commerce around the world, Amazon.

WAHL and Cody Natural Dog Shampoo, Organic Pet Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Guinea Pigs & more

If you want a natural organic, high-quality shampoo that will not cause itching, stinging, or burning this product is a perfect option. This WAHL Natural Shampoo is superior as a moisturizer as well as a high-quality cleanser.

If you need a deep moisturizing shampoo that will have your pet feeling clean and fresh after a bath, look no further. Do you need a luxury type of shampoo for your pet? This product by Odie and Cody is safe, gentle, and hypoallergenic that can even be helpful for kittens and puppies.

The strategy of this manufacturer is that they develop the product in small batches but with high-quality ingredients.  There are no harmful chemicals, or synthetic or artificial ingredients in their shampoo.

This product may be a bit watery which is for a good reason. Odie and Cody do not use artificial ingredients that make the product extra thick. With no synthetic ingredients being in the product, do not expect to see much foam.

There is more information on this product and also the platform to place your order by clicking here.

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Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo 8-Ounce

The eight-ounce Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo is a best-seller manufactured by one of the leading companies for products for small animals. The shampoo is an enriched formula that gently removes dirt while deodorizing your pet effectively.

The product is completely PH-balanced and tearless for safe and effective use for your pet. It helps to combat odor with a baby powder fragrance that is long-lasting. You can smell the freshness as well as feel the softness with each bath.

The eight-ounce bottle Is plenty to condition your Guinea Pig, rabbit, or other small animals. If you would like to read a bit more about this product and get yours today, click here:

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New All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo | Hypoallergenic Conditioning Deodorizing Formula for Dogs Cats & Pet

The next product is by Bodhi Dog. Just because the title says for cats and dogs, it also makes the perfect shampoo for Guinea Pigs as well. The natural plant-based shampoo gives a deep, gentle cleaning that is safe for all small pets.

The new, All Natural Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Conditioning Shampoo by Bodhi Dog is safe for animals with sensitive skin. The formula has a smell that consumers seem to love. It comes packed with natural plant-based vitamins making it enriched as well as alcohol-free.

The deodorizing baking soda in this product naturally neutralizes pet smells while treating pet dander and dandruff. You can find much more information and details about this product and order your product today by clicking here.

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Amazon is the leading customer service provider with an impeccable guarantee or your money back.

Arm & Hammer Tearless Guinea Pig Shampoo

Whether you are talking about pet products, home products, or even medicines, the brand Arm and Hammer is superior in every way. For over 100 years now the brand itself is one that families have placed their trust in many solutions.

This Arm & Hammer Tearless Shampoo is the most effective cleaning product for not just your home environment but for your pets as well. Arm and Hammer add the same personal touch for your pet as they do your home. That means its simple for parents of pets for upkeep and grooming to help keep parasites at bay.

The products that come from Arm and Hammer all have the extra power of baking soda for keeping your home and your animals clean and smelling fresh. Being a tearless shampoo removes all the stress from bathing your Guinea Pig and while not stingy or drying out its fur coat and skin.

To find out more about this Arm and Hammer product and get your order in today, click here.

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Kaytee Quick & Clean Critter Dry Shampoo, 8-Ounce

Kaytee is a manufacturing company that leads the way for products for animals, mainly all small animals. This Kaytee Quick & Clean Critter Dry Shampoo is the best of the best when it comes to keeping your Guinea Pig clean and free of dry skin.

The difference in this particular formula is it is a no-rinse shampoo that gently removes loose dirt. The shampoo deodorizes the skin while not stripping it of all the essential oils needed for healthy skin and its coat. Pet parents also favor this product because it leaves their furry guy smelling clean and fresh.

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Guinea Pig Dry Skin, Hair Loss, and Other Skin Concerns

Dry skin Exzema on your Guinea Pig can happen for many reasons. It could be her living environment, her diet, or her cleanliness. Water intake plays a considerable role in your guinea Pigs skin condition as well.

If you notice your pet is having issues with dry, flaky skin, that could be a sign of a health problem you may not be aware of with your pet. If you have ensured her environment is clean and her diet is the same, you may consider taking the Guinea Pig to the vet.

Eczema can appear in many numerous ways. It can resemble minuscule white flakes, dandruff, and scabs that can either fester or fall off your animal when grooming. Parasites such as mites and lice as mentioned above can cause severe skin problems. The good news is Guinea Pig parasite is not contagious to humans.

You may notice skin irritations on a dark-haired pig more than one with lighter coat color.

Dry, Flaky Skin

If you find your Guinea Pig has a type of eczema, the issue could be a lack of greens or water in your pet’s diet.  If neither of those scenarios is the issue, check her living environment to ensure you are changing it often enough.

One other scenario to check is the air inside your home being extra dry. You may need to take your pet to the vet if you are unable to make the necessary changes to improve her skin. A couple of things to try are her diet, adding essential oil supplements or adding a humidifier to add some moisture in the air.

All of these can improve your Guinea Pigs skin conditions as well as your own.

Sarcoptic Mange

If you have a Guinea Pig that has sarcoptic mange, do not be surprised if you find numerous bald spots where she has been biting its skin or scratching severely. A Guinea Pig can do extra damage to herself trying to get rid of the extremely painful pests.

This type of mange is excruciating and unpleasant for your pig. If it continues to worsen, it will need to be dealt with before it spread to other pets in your home. To treat the sarcoptic mange on your Guinea Pig, you will need shampoo that contains an ivermectin mix, or an oral wormer. Both of these you will have to see your vet to get a prescription.

Being it is a majorly unpleasant condition, many pet owners choose the use of preventative measures by using anti-mange shampoo after their monthly or even months after their pig’s bath. That needs to take place less in the winter months rather than summer.

Heavy Shedding

While you can expect some shedding of a Guinea Pigs hair, excessive shedding or hair loss patches or scabs can be a sure sign of an underlying parasite or health problem. Eczema matched with shedding and scratching can be a sign that your pet has a skin allergy of some degree. That is another situation where seeing your vet is essential.

Eczema paired with scratching and shedding could also be a sign that your guinea pig has a skin allergy. See a vet to rule out health problems and seek treatment advice.


Ringworms are popular parasites on most animals. Guinea Pigs are highly susceptible to ringworms with some being apparent while others are hidden deep under the skin and will be a circular shape. That form of hair loss, as well as flaky skin, can pass back and forth between several pets sharing the same bedding.

Humans are susceptible to ringworms from their pets as well. For this reason, it is vital to get proper treatment when you first notice the parasite. Most vets will prescribe medications that are antifungal. If the flakiness becomes so severe that your pig breaks the skin from scratching, this will lead to an infection that will require additional treatment.


As you can see, there are many reasons why your Guinea Pig can suffer from skin ailments. The most important thing is to see a vet when you first notice a problem. Lice, MitesFleas, Ringworms, and other parasites can wreak havoc to your small pet.

Keeping her clean, her cage clean, and your Guinea Pig bathed regularly can help prevent most skin problems mentioned in this article.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on the best shampoos for Guinea Pigs. While you are here, please post your comments if you have other advice for Guinea Pig owners. Also, please “like and share” on your social media. Again, thank you for your time.

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