Best Pig Feed For Taste And Weight Gain: Guide And Review (2023)

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Many factors affect the influence on pigs and their growth. For your pig’s health and safety, it is vital to pinpoint the reasons why it is displaying poor performance. If you notice your pig has an inadequate feed intake, that can easily be the cause for its low rate of growth.

There are many reasons for your pigs to have an inadequate intake of nutrients. First, you must get a proper diagnosis to find what the issue is causing the weight issues. Also, be sure you are feeding your pig the best pig feed and make sure the pigs are enjoying the feed you buy.

Through this guide and review, our goal is to help consumers have a better understanding of what the best feed is for pigs.

Poor feed Consumption is the Leading Cause for Low Growth Rate

Giving your pig the right food that is required is the first step of increasing its weight. If you notice your hog is not gaining weight as fast as you would like, the first step is to decrease the about of fiber in its diet.

While reducing the fiber, add sugar and fat to its daily diet. It is vital that you choose the right grain source and protein are crucial elements for making your sow or hog gain weight. Keeping your hogs housed comfortably and healthy will bring on weight gain.

*Helpful Tip*

Feeding Pigs is extraordinarily tricky and challenging for the not so clean environment that hogs live in when farming. However, keeping your pigs fed is important, and the task can even be simple if you have the right feeding equipment.

It is also crucial that you have the right combination of feed, especially for the pigs you are raising for profits.

Before we talk more about the tips for feeding, let’s look at the best-selling pig feed for sale.

The Best Pig Feed For Taste And Weight Gain

Modesto Milling Organic

This 25-pound bag of feed is Modesto Milling Organic Pig feed. The feed is for each stage of a pigs life and multipurpose organic feed even for mini-pigs. If you are in search of organic feed, all of Modesto’s products are Non-GMO and organic.

The company itself has been around since 1972 and owned by farmers who bring much knowledge to the table. The food is all the food your pigs need through each stage of their life. The ingredients that make the feed attractive and delicious to pigs are:

  • Organic Peas
  • Organic Herbs
  • Essential Oils
  • Redmond Clay and Salt
  • North Atlantic Kelp Meal (sourced)
  • Natural Vitamin E.

It has excellent palatability even without molasses. With its focus on longevity and health, Modesto never uses the lowest-cost ingredients. The company also never produces its products with the minimum of the important nutrient needs.

Are you having problems getting your pig to gain weight? If so, get your answer right here.

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Manna Pro Potbellied Pig Food, 20 lb

Just because this product is for Potbellied Pigs does not mean you cannot feed all pigs this tasty and healthy food. Manno makes life easy for pig farmers to help their pigs gain weight. All you have to do on your part is feed it to your pig and watch them grow. It is healthy and filled with nutrients and vitamins.

If your pigs lack fiber and energy, this is the product for them. It is full of digestive proteins and a bit of Yucca Extract for eliminating the ammonia scent.

This Pig food is high in digestible proteins, energy, and fiber, with the source of yucca extract just mentioned, called Micro-Aide that eliminates the smell of ammonia. If you would like to buy this product not only your Potbelly Pigs but, all your pigs get a treat, go here.

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Purina Animal Nutrition Natures Match Sow Pig Complete

Everyone knows that Purina is a company that you can trust and rely on with its products. This pig food product is everything you expect from the leader in animal feed. This Purina Animal Nutrition Natures Match is a natural and versatile feed.

The all-natural feed has 16 proteins in the recipe. Here is one product that you can feed your pig through numerous life stages as it grows. This pig feed meets all the nutritional needs of growing pigs from 25 pounds to market weight.

Pigs in your breeding herd and boars and sow gestating as well as pigs that are lactating can also have this feed on their diet. The bag weighs 50 pounds you can buy yours here.

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This next product is from ADM Animal Nutrition and has the same name as the manufacturer, ADM Animal Nutrition. This feed for cows, hogs, and pigs, has nothing but high-quality ingredients that come in a 50-pound bag.

Perhaps one reason all swine love to eat this feed is its unique sweet flavor that is hard for any livestock to turn away. The feed comes to you in a pellet so that there are no chances of turning stale before delivery. The Animal Nutrition all Livestock feed has a 4.6 rating from consumers and you can order yours here.

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ADM Animals Nutrition MoorMan Feed to Add Weight

This product is not a product you would consider a complete meal but rather a fiber supplement for swine.  For show swine, MoorBody is a fiber supplement and unique energy for your pigs. The feed has a specific formula that is high in saturated fat with beet pulp and citrus to enhance your pig’s desire to eat the feed.

This feed is not meant to be your pig’s only meal you will need to feed your sows in conjunction with other foods. The ADM Animal Nutrition has a dense texture that when mixed with a healthy pelleted feed reduces segregation. The bulk pig feed product comes in a 40-pound bag and ships overnight. If you have a pig you need to fatten up; the solution is here.

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Tips on Feeding Pigs For Increase in Weight

  1. The farmer’s life of keeping their pigs thriving must know and understand the weight you expect the pig to be. Due to all the fat content of pigs is typically priced and measured accordingly, accuracy is vital. The thickness of the fat that covers the hogs meat is highly dependent on what you feed it and how much you feed them.
  2. If you aim to have pigs that are healthy and big, feed them the appropriate type of feed. If you are relying on a main course of feeds for your swine, you do not want to mix that with leftovers. You will see how bad scraps will kill their appetite.
  3. It is vital that when you are feeding your pigs, you should seek the proper advice from an expert pig farmer on how much food is necessary.
  4. You also need to take as much time as necessary to consider what feeds the pigs respond to the most. You pigs could have one food they prefer and by knowing which it is will save you time and much money.

Pigs are Not Real Hard to Please

  1. Not only are pigs simple to feed, but you also have many choices of food to add to their menu. Your pigs may grow tired of the same meal for months or sometimes years. When feeding your pigs, you should always include a vast variety depending on their age.
  2. The food you choose to give your young piglets will need to be different from that of older pigs in numerous ways. Typically, a piglet of eight weeks should eat food that is 17-18 percent protein. Older swine only need around 15 percent.
  3. Bred Sows should eat a special mix of various feeds to guarantee they have plenty for their piglets. Meat scraps and Tankage are excellent sources for protein as well as soybean oil meal. For ultimate results, feed your pig a healthy mix of both.

Know the Feed and Grain Well

  1. Do much research to determine the type of grain you will feed your pig. Whatever kind of grain you use, 50 percent needs to be yellow corn. Sorghum, Wheat, and Barley is also excellent choice, but, be cautious with the sorghum.
  2. Do not use bird-proof sorghums due to the reduced palatability the grains have. Also, white, or yellow sorghum is a much choice than red.
  3. If you are a DIY kind of person that makes their own feed, be sure to grind your grains and mix them with the protein sources as a complete meal. Just be sure you do not grind it too fine. If you buy feed, buy a ground meal for a large batch Alternately, feed your pigs cubes/pellets for a reduced amount of pigs.

Leftovers are Good for Your Pigs if the Food is Healthy

  1. You also need to check leftovers well once a pig stops eating. The reason why is they may eat food that is dirty meaning the meals are not safe to eat. A healthy sanitary habitat should always be in place. The reason why is it will not cause illness from harmful foreign strands of bacteria in your pig’s system.
  2. That alone could affect in getting the products from the pigs. It would help if you always are on the lookout and always inspect their foods so that they eat only the best. In saying this, the only type method your feeding your pigs is still the best way to keep them healthy.
  3. Choosing the best pig feeder is one of the most vital items you will buy for your pigs. The best pig feeder will help you greatly with feeding the pig efficiently. Generally, there are many types of pig equipment for feeding. That includes the automatic cylinder feeder that is made to fatten pigs.
  4. A dry/wet pig feeder is perfect for pellet and powder feeds. A feed trough for the piglets, sows, and those pigs that need fattening up will work fine with a large feeder. Swine feed prices will also determine how non-farming individuals shop for their pig’s feed.

Swill Feeding is Wrong and Could be Illegal in Your State

“Swill feeding” is when school garbage, restaurants and places such as truck stops get the name Swill and it is illegal. That also can include your table scraps and trash from your neighbors. Feeding your hogs dead anything is nasty, disgusting, and illegal. That includes road kill of any type.

The only meat that you should feed your pigs is meat meals from a licensed manufacturer source.

Things To Not Feed Pigs

Do Not Feed:

  • No moldy grains or pellets
  • Eggs
  • Dairy Waste
  • Use Moldy Haw or Straw as Bedding for the Pigs
  • Absolutely No Swill of Any type
  • Imported Dairy
  • Milk
  • Dairy Waste found in Manufacturers that Package Yogurt and Milk
  • Vegetable Waste
  • Bread
  • Dog Food Biscuits
  • Vegetable Waste


Q: What feed should I buy my pig?

A: In this article, we touched on a few products on Amazon. However, depending on the size and number of swine you have, you may need to contact a hay farm that you can buy directly from in bundles.

Q: Where are pig feeds sold?

A: Pig feed is not hard to find. Ask any farmer, especially pig farmers, where they buy theirs. Most farmers sell hay directly from their farms. You can also go to your local Farmers Supply Store.

Wrapping Things Up

To increase your pig’s weight, you must provide it with the right food. If your hog does not add the extra weight you were aiming for, you may need to reduce the level of fiber intake the pig has daily. While doing so, you should be increasing the sugar and fat in your diet.

Picking the best grain and protein sources are vital elements to make your pig gain extra weight. Aside from making the best dietary picks, keeping the hogs housed in comfort and healthy will encourage additional weight gain.

Beyond making the right feed and dietary choices, keeping your pigs healthy and housed comfortably will encourage weight gain.

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