Best Rabbit Hutches For 2 Rabbits (Large): 2023 Reviews & Guide

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All small animals enjoy outdoor time as long as they feel safe. For rabbits, the ideal hang-out would be a rabbit hutch. Not just any ole hutch, but one that is large enough for two or more. Most bunnies prefer having a space filled with snacks and a few of their buddies during suitable weather, and they are fine.

Rabbits have a fine-tuned ability to smell and hear predators in the mist. That is when they burrow up in the hutch and remain as quiet as can be. Having the right type of hutch is essential as well. If you try to put a rabbit in a small space in a pen, your rabbit will more than likely not live long.

Rabbits also have a unique body frame that prevents them from jumping and climbing on fencing or anywhere high. That means that the hutch you choose has to be just right for it to be successful. It is also important to note that during extreme weather, you need to prepare your sleep quarters well.

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To protect your rabbits and eventually all the babies they will start producing, keeping it cool during the summer and warm in the winter is a huge bonus. In this article, you will learn all about rabbit hutches as well as how your rabbit functions while having the biggest house on the farm aside from the horses.

What Exactly Is a Rabbit Hutch?

A hutch is a cage that typically houses domestic bunnies. Hutches are also common to have for other small animals such as pet squirrels. The majority of hutches have a wooden frame, (including the legs) that ensure the cage sits off the ground.

The floor often varies depending on what type of pet you will house. Wire mesh is a popular material farmers use including the combo of wood and wire for some. For rabbits, wire flooring is not the best idea. Rabbits, unlike cats, have no pad on the bottom of their feet. Therefore, the more the rabbits walk, the more their hocks will hurt.

There should always be at least one wall that is wired to allow proper ventilation. There are also those that have shingled roofs and built-in nest boxes. Those that have the extra perks are the ones that will be directly outdoors instead of inside the shelter of a barn.

One other type of roof that is common is a felt roof. Whichever style you choose, it is vital always to have proper ventilation, be draft-free, and shelter to protect the rabbits from harm. As mentioned above, rabbits have keen sight and smell to alert them of danger, therefore, providing a haven is most important.

The Top 5 Best Rabbit Hutches For Two Rabbits:

U-MAX 37″ The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch with Connected Run, Easy Cleaning – Fits 1-2 Rabbits

Having rabbits as pets require housing and protection differently than any other pets you have at home or farm. It takes special care and special consideration to raise rabbits while keeping them safe from predators.

With the living space that comes with the U-MAX 37″ SStilt House Rabbit Hutch, you get it all. With two colors to choose from, white and Auburn, you can be sure to add style to your landscape. It is possible to place a rabbit hutch on your property and not take away from your prestigious appearance. Providing one is possible all while keeping your rabbit safe and happy.

All your rabbits are concerned with is getting some outdoor air while feeling safe and a place to nap after a hard day of playing. As a pet owner, your primary concern should be the protection of rabbits. With this hutch from Advantek, everyone is happy.

Adding this U-MAX 37″ rabbit hutch to your property provides a fun and safe outdoor environment. This home will offer your rabbits everything they need to live a safe and fun outdoor life. The nesting box provides your rabbits with a safe, easy-to-clean area to nap after a long hard day of playing.

Included is a pull-out tray that simplifies the maintenance and cleaning. The access door permits the rabbits an avenue to go down the ramp and into the outdoor area that has a rabbit-friendly wire. The hardware throughout the entire enclosure is galvanized ensuring no rust.

Also, the asphalt roof is non-toxic and insulates the entire box. Your rabbits will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to the structure’s insulation. If you want to provide the perfect hutch for your favorite furry friends, this Advantek GoneGreen Line is the ideal fit.

Moreover, to add to the already top seller, the construction is from sustainable Government controlled, suitable forests. Cypress Fir is naturally rot and decay-resistant.

Loving this product is easy to do. Be sure to read the remaining facts about this rabbit hutch. Ordering the product is easy to do as well. All you need to do is click this link and let Amazon do the work.

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TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run, Extra Small

This product is from the company, Trixie. Anyone that is familiar with pet accessories will recognize the name right away. This Trixie pet product rabbit hutch with an outdoor run is a rabbit’s dream home. Other small animals such as guinea pigs will enjoy the same features.

One special touch added to this hutch is the fact that it has a two-story frame providing ample animal amounts of play space.  When your bunny gets tired of playing downstairs, she can retreat to the upper level for a nap.

The structure has a sliding door as well as a hatch that provides the owner the choice to restrict as much space as needed. With the non-slip ramp covering, your pet has the freedom of roaming both inside and out when she wants to enjoy the daylight.

The hutch run opens from above and is easily removed if necessary. The roof has locking arms that are accessible from one side. If you are seeking a hutch that is clean-friendly, this is the one for you.

With simple maintenance in mind, this Trixie product has a metal tray that easily slides out for regular cleaning.  Thanks to its sturdy construction, it has a glazed pine finish making it one of the most appealing Rabbit Hutches available.

Being easy and quick to maintain its sturdy build and comfort on two levels, you can see why this product is a best seller. It comes with a one-year warranty and guarantees to be a happy place for your rabbits to roam.

If you need more info, you can do so by clicking this link. You can also place your order with the most trusted e-commerce around the globe, Amazon.

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PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig House with Run

Third on this list is a rabbit hutch designed by Pawhut. The Pawhut Outdoor Triangle Rabbit Hutch with a run is a leader in its category. Whether you have pet rabbits or other small animals, this hutch is the right solution for protection while outdoors.

While it is simple to set up, the house is a fabulous pet house for small animals that need a spacious habitat and safe living. One feature that separates this hutch from the others is the triangle design. The triangle shape makes it easy to transport thanks to its lightweight structure even though it is sturdy and durable.

Your bunnies will have plenty of fresh air thanks to the screened walls and ventilation. Most small animals love the outdoors, but they need to feel safe, too. With a hutch such as this, they get the best of both worlds; outdoors and safe from predators.

If you want to make your rabbits the envy of the farm, this outdoor wooden hutch will do the trick. PawHut is proud of the products they make that ensure your small animal a safe, enjoyable place to call home.

This hutch has two easy-to-open doors for fast access to your pet. One can open to the outer run while the other leads to the inner loft area. Depending on the size of your pet, this Triangle rabbit hutch by PawHut is the perfect home for one or two rabbits.

Do you like all this product has to offer? Click the link below for even more information and a fast, simple platform to order one today.

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Pawhut 91″ Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop w/Outdoor Run

Rabbits, guinea pigs, and even chickens that live in the backyard do not have to live in shambles. This  High-quality outdoor rabbit hutch is not only supreme but, the price is fantastic as well. This Pawhut Deluxe Large Bunny Habitat is everything you need to protect your small animals while enhancing the landscaping of your lawn. It is rare to find outdoor structures for your small animals that are efficient and easy on the eyes. If this is your issue, search no more. Rather than a wire flooring, this hutch sits directly on the ground to provide real grass under their feet and claws.

The inside area stacks above the run and either can open from the front to accommodate simple access.  You no longer need to worry about your animals and their safety because the living area of this hutch is super safe and secure. Now you can help your animals sleep in comfort with no fear.

The roof has texturing so you can provide your rabbits with a clean home as well. You can do that thanks to the roof as it protects from severe weather conditions. Whether you have rabbits, chickens, or other small animals, this is the perfect home with an ideal price tag.

Learn more about this item and get yours ordered today by following this link:

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PawHut 48″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Ladder and Outdoor Run

Every small animal would love to have a home such as this item by PawHut. Just like the above Pawhut product, excellence is part of the package. This Pawhut wooden Rabbit Hutch and Outdoor Run are all and more of what your rabbits will require. However, buy having this hutch, you are providing the best on the market.

The hutch is perfect for all small animals with plenty to room for two or more. It has an enclosure of weather-treated fir wood with galvanized wire construction making it one of the best available. To accommodate an active lifestyle, each level has a nice, spreading open run for exercise.

For easy access to clean, there are pull-out trays and doors.  The following are features that explain why this manufacturer and brand is a leader:

  • Simple Assembly
  • Solid fir wood with steel wiring for sturdiness
  • Slide-out trays for simple cleaning
  • Sturdy structure for protecting your small animals
  • The ladder proving easy access to the upper and lower areas with outdoor runs.
  • Slanted roof cover with asphalt for improved weather protection

With these five leaders, you can easily see why they each made the list of best sellers. The prices vary as well as the features. There is something for every budget that can accommodate each small animal. For added information and the platform to order yours today, click here:

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Standard Rabbit Hutch Details

The standard accepted minimum size for a rabbit hutch is ten square feet for animals that qualify as medium-sized animals. If you have an animal that needs extra protection or maybe one that is sometimes aggressive, that typically is a sign that the current hutch is too small.

However, in the past decade, professional rabbit farmers or people familiar with raising rabbits, this size is not acceptable. The size as some feel is entirely too small for any small animal to live with restriction to no roaming room.

Rabbits love to have plenty of room to play and to hop around, but, it takes much space to do so. To live in a small enclosure is a sad and lonely life for any animal, but especially the ones that need to roam freely to survive. If you use your rabbit hutch as a rescue haven, you need to incorporate a safe predator run. 

If a run is not possible, a decent size hutch is one at least 10’ x 6’ with a run height of 3’. Those dimensions put in place by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Trust pertain to rabbits and other small animals.

Keeping your rabbit indoors as a family pet is always the better option. If not, the more room, the better your rabbit will live. If you keep your bunny indoors and out of a cage, be sure you provide a safe habitat.

To have a safe indoors, you need to check for dangling wires and other dangerous items a rabbit can chew on. All rabbits love to chew and this is something your rabbit will do. Therefore, you must ensure the area is safe and inviting.

Rabbits can live a happy life indoors being the family pet. However, items such as paper, shoes, and purses are favorite chewing items for bunnies. You need to check every room for anything your rabbit will find exciting and the perfect chew toy.

Rabbits are more interesting than what most people give credit for, and they love being playful and loving family pets. Just like a cat, rabbits are easily litter box trained as well. The following are a few tips about litter box training your rabbit for safekeeping.

Litter and Litter Box Training a Rabbit

Surprising to many, litter training and using a litter box for an indoor rabbit is not only possible but, it happens quickly and will little effort. However, before you begin training your bunny, you first need to spay or neuter the rabbit.

It is actually impossible to litter train your new pet if it is unspayed or unneutered. If your plan is to let your rabbit have a free run of the house, he or she will consider the entire home a litter box without training.

The bad news is that once the rabbit establishes its “place” to potty, it will be nearly impossible to change. Investing the time in the beginning to train your bunny will pay off. You will be surprised how fast she will learn how to use a litter box as well as excellent manners.

Choosing a Safe Cage for Your Rabbit

Caged animals may seem a bit easier to have rather than a pet that has the run of the house. However, the truth is, they will require just as much pampering and treatment as any other pet, if not more. When you toss in cage cleaning, exercising, and arranging socialization, you may be surprised at which is best.

Rabbits are hands-down the most popular caged animal, but that does not mean they are the easiest to train. The Domesticated rabbit is in a league of their own when it comes to being trained. Any owner that spends quality time with a young rabbit will receive plenty of love in return.

Bunnies are undervalued by many that have not spent quality time with and around one. A house-trained rabbit can offer companionship, especially if the person got the rabbit at a young age and spent time bonding and trusting their human.

The following are options that are suitable caging and housing options as well as cage suggestions for your rabbit:

  • Cage-Free: If you have the space that will allow for it, rabbits can live a good life while having a free run of the home. Even if it is a spare room inside the house, the safety, and open space are all it needs. As mentioned above, you can easily litter-train a rabbit to be the perfect house pet.
  • Exercise Pens: Ring pens are an excellent place to set up for your rabbit. Not only are they collapsible, but a ring pen offers more space than one of the traditional styles. Beings an enclosure such as this has no bottom, it is the most popular with bunny owners as the perfect option for litter box-trained rabbits.

To read more about exercise pens, the following are best sellers on Amazon:

1, AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

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2, New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

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  • Dog Crates:  Dog crates are an excellent choice due to providing plenty of floor space along with enough height that turns it into a second level for play space for your bunny. The following are the top sellers on Amazon that will be perfect for a rabbit.

1, AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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2, New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

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  • Traditional Rabbit Cage: The traditional rabbit cage is always a great choice as long as it is large enough to accommodate your breed rabbit and its size.  The ideal pen should allow the rabbit to stand on its hind legs with erect ears and plenty of room for stretching.

Also, you need to ensure the door is wide enough to fit a standard-size litter box and still leave plenty of floor space.

The following are two best sellers on Amazon:

1, Living World Deluxe Habitat

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2, AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

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As far as flooring, solid floors work best over wire bottoms. A wire foundation is rough on a rabbit’s feet. Adding carpet pieces, straw, or wooden mats are great additions that are safe for your rabbit. Never use a glass aquarium as a rabbit house. Not only do they not offer enough ventilation, but the glass also heats up rather fast as well. Both of these environments can be dangerous for a rabbit.

Litter boxes and caging need cleaning daily. Use white vinegar and water to make a safe and effective cleaning solution. The same mixture works well on “accidents” in the house.

Rabbits need toys to play with to keep them occupied. You can take simple items such as paper towel tubes, paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic slinkies, and any other plastic gadget as long as it is not too small and a hazard for choking.

Add raisins to a plan and simple lunch bag and watch your rabbit have uber amounts of fun that provide the raisins as treats.


Q: What is the safest way to handle a rabbit?

A: The safest approach with a rabbit is to begin stroking the top of its head. You should never start offering your hand for the rabbit to smell. The reason is that most small animals see this gesture as offensive and may attack instead of the welcome invitation of sniffing.

Q: Is there an area where I should not rub my pet rabbit?

A: Yes. Most bunnies do not enjoy having their chins and noses touched. Also, they are generally ticklish on their feet.


The best gift you can offer to a pet rabbit is a safe life indoors away from extreme elements and predators. Even if you feel your rabbit is safe, there is always at least one predator that can make its way inside a pen, such as a snake.

The items in this article are the leaders in rabbit hutches and items that rabbits need. Be sure to measure the rabbit before buying a hutch to ensure there is plenty of room for standing and moving around. Add some favorite toys, and you and your rabbit will both be happy.

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