Best Guinea Pig Bedding For Odor Control, Best Litter For 2023

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Guinea Pigs, like many small animals, need soft and comfy bedding for their cage or hutch. The ideal scenario would be that their cage remains free of smells and remains dry. However, due to the strong smell of their urine, that is impossible unless you clean it often.

Changing her bedding between cleanings is the best way to keep her bed clean and dry. Therefore, you need to make sure you clean your pet guinea pig’s cage at least once per week to help control the odor from their urine. With all the products on the market, it is hard to tell which is the best Guinea Pig bedding for odor control.

The best advice to keep her healthy and happy is to remove all heavily soiled bedding each day in between changing and washing it really well. That goes for all small animals that live in cages or a hutch. By doing so, you are helping her stay healthy and your home smell fresh.

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This article is about just that. How to keep your Guinea Pigs cage odor free as much as possible as well as the best bedding for odor control. First, let’s discuss the top five guinea pig bedding for odor control on the market.

Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Bedding

The first product is by Small Pet Select. This Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Bedding is for all small animals and is perfect for your guinea pig. Pet owners claim this product to be the “perfect pet bedding” for combating odor due to its super absorbent and extremely comfortable features.

The manufacturer’s goal is to provide guinea pig owners with the best bedding available, and they knew it had to be top quality and comfortable. With the soft paper bedding, they did just that. However, to become a top seller, it had to be more than just absorbent and comfortable.

Other details such as how hard pellets hurt guinea pigs’ feet and an overabundance of dust. These details are what make this product a top seller. There are less expensive products available, but they lack in the extra care that this product has.

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Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Pet Bedding

The second product is by a leader in pet products. Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Pet Bedding is a best seller for a reason. This bedding is 99 percent dust free and neutralizes the ammonia odor for 14 days. Kaytee products are absorbent, soft, and clean two times more than wood shavings.

The colorfast, extremely soft bedding is not only safe for your small pets, but it does not stain their cage or bedding area. Kaytee provides a 100 percent guarantee that their customers are happy or you get a full refund.

If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, hamster, or other small animal, this product is perfect for you and your small pet.

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Carefresh Complete Confetti Pet Bedding

Carefresh is another leader when it comes to small animal products. This bedding, Carefresh Complete Confetti Pet Bedding is 99 percent dust free and three times more absorbent than various types of shavings. It comes with a ten-day odor control that is guaranteed to provide your pet with comfort and cleanness.

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Kaytee Clean & Cozy Colored Small Animal Bedding

Next on the list is another prime product from the top seller in animal products, Kaytee. This Kaytee Clean & Cozy small pet paper bedding provides your small pet a super-soft, ultra-absorbent bedding. Clean and Cozy is super fluffy and soft to ensure your guinea pig lives in comfort and cleanliness.

The softness of this product is what separates it from the others. It encourages nesting and burrowing while soaking up two times the amount of liquid that wood shavings absorb. What that means is your home will have less odor and is 99 percent dust free. With an odor control guarantee, Kaytee products are always a smart choice.

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Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

This Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Guinea Pigs and other small animals is the last but not the least product on this list. Instead of continually cleaning your pet’s cage, you can spend time cuddling and bonding and let this product take care of the smell.

This product is baking soda free and will rapidly absorb and lock the moisture in while combatting odors for up to 14 days. That is just one reason this product is a best seller on Amazon. When you need bedding and litter for your Guinea Pig that guarantees comfort and care, you can not go wrong with this item.

Fresh World bedding product is a healthy, clean, and environmentally friendly products as well. The cozy crumbles come from recycled paper, so you not only get excellent odor combat but you also get reduced carbon pawprints and footprints.

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There are five top sellers in bedding that control odor. Now, let’s get to know a little about Guinea Pigs.

What is it About Guinea Pigs That Everyone Loves?

Guinea Pigs have funny personalities and many furry features. Many families choose a Guinea pig as their first pet because they are easy to care for and entertain. Whether you are getting a Guinea Pig for yourself or your children, being an owner is no different from owning any other type of small animal.

It will take the same due diligence that it takes to care for any other pet. Before you choose to bring one home, it is essential that you research in advance. There are different types to consider and how each breed requires its own proper maintenance and care. There is plenty to know before bringing one home.

Different Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Few people know there are different breeds and types of Guinea Pigs and each has their own unique characteristics. Here are the popular breeds as family pets.

  • Peruvian Guinea Pig: This breed although has a long coat that will require a little more maintenance and care, is friendly and more sociable. That is just a couple of reasons that many people choose this breed as their family pet.

The Peruvian Guinea Pig is fun-loving, mighty curious, and alert at all times looking for something or someone to play with and get attention. This furry entertaining little fellow makes excellent family pet and a pleasure to have.

  • American Guinea Pig: The American Guinea Pig has a smooth, short coat that can be a variety of many different colors. The American Guinea Pig breed is also one of the more popular choices for family pets mainly due to how easy they are to care for and maintain.

Their temperament and simplicity make them even more loving and fun. Having short hair means there is less maintenance and they get along great with other Guinea Pigs. It is also a bonus that they have a reputation for being pleasant with people, especially children.

  • Teddy Guinea Pig: This little guy may appear to have easy-to-maintain short hair, but their fur is simple to maintain. Don’t let looks fool you; their coat is actually wiry and dense. It can, however, be smooth and rough, making regular brushing vital due to the need to remove debris that gets trapped and causes their skin to irritate.

Despite it needing grooming, this little guy makes an excellent option for children because of their demeanor is everything you would look for in a family pet. These traits, such as unique personalities and fun-loving nature is hard to resist.

  • Silkie Guinea Pig: This breed has a nickname, the “Sheltie,” and its unique feature is its soft, long fur. Due to its coat, the Silkie requires brushing often. That means it may not be the best choice as a child’s pet unless you will be the one to give it constant care and grooming.
  • Skinny Guinea Pig: This unique breed is unique because it’s not only skinny, it is hairless as well. Although it looks different, it is very sociable and simple to maintain. Due to their appearance, this may be a turn-off for a family looking for a more traditional breed. This type of Guinea Pig is more likely to be seen at places where exotic animals are such as a zoo or pet trade events.
  • Abyssinian Guinea Pig: There is always a troubled child in every bunch, and this breed is the one. The longer-haired Guinea Pig has a reputation for being a troublemaker due to its feisty personality. Although it may appear to have a longer coat due to its pattern that would require constant maintenance, the Abyssinian breed is a champ at doing its own That means you have less coat care to consider.

Their mischievous behavior and personality blended with their charm and friendliness make it a super choice for older children. Just make sure they are ready to give their pet plenty of love and attention.

If you are new to choosing a Guinea Pig, it is best if you choose a young one. The perfect age is between two and four-month-old breeds from a pet store, rescue organization, or a legit breeder. Your Guinea Pig may appear shy and nervous for the first few weeks but, in time they bond well with those who provide them food and love.

Experienced owners typically buy a young pig or from a shelter that allows adoptions for older ones.

What Makes the Best Bedding?

Providing your pet Guinea Pig with comfortable and clean bedding can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with their needs and the various types. You will need to choose proper bedding that will keep the cage free of odor while providing a comfortable area.

The following information is about the options you have for bedding. Here is some crucial information to help get you started.

  • Paper-Based Bedding: This type is removable which means there is no reason you have to wash the bedding. Paper-based may be less expensive, but in the long run, it will cost you more. One thing to consider when using paper-based bedding is the high amounts of dust. The lower-grade paper bedding is not very healthy for Guinea Pigs due to it causing respiratory issues and allergies. Also, cleaning it can be a total nightmare.
  • Fleece-Based Bedding: Fleece is the costlier type, but because it is washable, it is reusable, and that saves you money in the long run. That also makes it the most logical type to purchase. You can choose from a vast variety of colors and patterns to add to the cage for decorating.

Incorporating fleece for your Guinea pigs’ bed is somewhat new. However, many owners claim it is the best option for the bedding material available. Generally, fleece is the leader for owners with homemade cages because it is soft, attractive, and provides a safe and soft night’s sleep.

If the fleece is correctly pre-treated with the right underlayer, it will be extremely absorbent. Fleece bedding typically works out to be less expensive in the long run because it is reusable and environmentally friendly.


Q: Are Guinea Pigs usually good pets for older children?

A: Yes! Guinea Pigs make great pets for both adults and older children. However, this perception is one reason many adults miss out on having an excellent pet.

Q: Should I have more than One Guinea Pig?

A: Two for sure if you are 100 percent sure you are buying a non-breeding pair. Guinea Pigs are very personable and social and are much happier when there is more than one.

Wrapping Things Up

Once you have decided to get a guinea pig and know what breed will blend in best with your family dynamics, the fun begins. Now, you need to research to find just what all your new pet needs to be comfy and cozy and have a little fun as well.

After you gather all the right products to help you take good care of your guinea pig, it’s time to play, bond and introduce her to her new family. Buying the best bedding for odor control is necessary for your pet’s health and happiness.

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