Best Guinea Pig Food Bowl And Dishes: Reviews And Guide [2022]

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Serving your Guinea Pig clean, fresh water and fresh food in clean dishes is vital. With family life being a constant rat-race, it can be easy to forget to change out your pets’ water and food bowl. Bacteria and diseases can happen rather fast. To prevent this, keeping your Guinea Pigs dishes clean is a must.

Mold, bugs, and bacteria can turn your pet’s dishes into their breeding grounds instantly. The odds are not very high that your small animal is going to stop eating if you do not clean its dishes. However, for his health, and possibly yours as well, the best advice is to monitor and clean his eating area and bowls.

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Gravity-Fed Water and Food Dishes

If you choose to use gravity-fed water and food dishes for your Guinea Pig, be sure it can detach from the canister or bottle. You may also empty and thoroughly clean the storage container, (including the attachment part) at least every two weeks.

For best results, invest in a bottle brush for scrubbing the inside of the feeder. It is also best to clean both water and food sides if the opening is too small for your hand. If your Guinea Pig uses a water bottle, properly cleaning it with a brush is best.

Brushes such as this set by Yixian is the perfect solution. It is easy to see why this item is a five-star product due to the assortment of brushes. The best way to remember cleaning is to set a routine of cleaning the bottle each time you need to refill it with fresh water.

Before we get much further into what types of dishes are best as well as more cleaning tips, let’s take a look at the five best-selling Guinea Pig Food Bowls available.

Finding the best Guinea Pig Water Bowl that does not tip over is not the easiest find when it comes to small animals. They play with, step in, and roll around in their bowls without even realizing they are spilling their nutrition. [1]

The Following Are The Leaders Available On The Market Today For Small Animals:

STAYbowl Tip-Proof Ergonomic Pet Bowl for Guinea Pig

If you are shopping for a product that is spill proof to put an end to your Guinea Pig wasting food, a product such as this STAYbowl Tip-Proof Pet Bowl is the perfect solution. This ergonomic, no-tip pet bowl is ideal for preventing Guinea Pigs and other small animals from spilling their water and food.

Having water and food bowls that do not tip over saves you money in the long-run. Not that this type is expensive, but, preventing waste is an extra boost. Its low-profile, simple design allows your pet to have easy access to water and food.

It makes life simple for multiple Guinea Pigs that wish to eat together and at the same time. A thumbs-up for reducing competition at the food bowl. While some pet owners question the ¼ cup size if it is too small, others feel it is perfect for one or two Guinea Pigs.

Most Vets suggest that the average Guinea Pig eat 1/8 cup of grain/kibble along with unlimited water, hay, and fresh veggies. This product is available in two sizes and four colors, and you can see them as well as orders yours by clicking here.

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Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl, Colors Vary

No pet accessory list would be complete without at least one product by this leader, Kaytee. This Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl is the answer for a product in fancy feeders for Guinea Pigs. This particular product is not only fashionable and fun, but the style is perfect.

No other decoration of the facial silhouettes and paw prints adds cuteness to the Guinea Pigs living environment such as this. Guinea Pig water bowls are important for your small pets. Kaytee never lets animal owners down with quality, durable dishes that last and look great.

The dishes are classic and heavy-duty to assist in overturn prevention. You will want to read more about this product and place your order here. Kaytee never disappoints.

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STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bowl for Guinea Pigs and Other Small Pets

Not to be outdone, STAYbowl adds another top-seller to this list with this tip-proof bowl for Guinea Pigs.  Like with the above product from STAYbowl, this dish also helps owners save money in the long-run by preventing spills and waste.

What Guinea Pig owner wants to spend more time cleaning up messes from water and food rather than play with their pet? With less mess comes less time wasted. As you can see, it pays for itself many times over.

One other bonus with tip-proof bowls is that your Guinea Pig gets the perfect amount of food without under or overfeeding. These dishes are dishwasher safe and are a bit larger than the product listed above; this dish holds a ¾ cup of their favorite Kibble which makes it perfect for one or two Guinea Pigs.

You already know that the manufacturer, STAYbowl is a proven leader, order your small pets the dish it needs by clicking here.

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HERCOCCI Hamster Food Bowl, Ceramic for Guinea Pig

The next item is the Mkono No-Tip Ceramic Food Bowl for Guinea Pigs. The material is durable ceramic making it bottom heavy for preventing tip-overs and waste. The size is one of the features that make this a home run. It is 2” in height and 5 ¼” in diameter.

The stylish grapefruit, kiwi, and watermelon are one other perk that makes this product one of the leaders. It is not only durable but, it is stylish as well. You may consider ordering more than one being only one dish is in each package.

Not only is it base-heavy for preventing spills, but it also works well for both food and water. Other than durable, it is chew proof which protects your small pets’ sensitive teeth. One of the best features for the one cleaning the cage is these bowls are simple to clean and extra hygienic.

The unique bowl edge prevents drinks and food for tipping or spilling. That alone makes it perfect for all small animals. With this product from Mkono, it is easy to see why this is a favorite. It is bacteria safe non-porous, and an all-around safe ceramic dish made perfect for your Guinea Pig.

You can read more on the product as well as place your secure order with Amazon by clicking here:

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Hay and Food Feeder Bowls Manger Rack for Guinea Pig by Zswell

Last but not least for your Guinea Pig and other small animals is this Hay and Food Bowls by Zswell. The back part of the bowl has a hole diameter of approx. 0.1 inch. Be sure to check the size of your pet’s cage before ordering.

Durable and healthy, you found yourself a winner in this Guinea Pig Hay Feeder. The double use container for both grass and feed is from quality, durable metal, and plastic which offers long-term use. One other bonus feature is the design helps prevent your Guinea Pig from biting which can damage its teeth.

The food bin feeder is deep enough to keep the food inside, where it belongs instead of out of the cage.  You get the large combo feeders which provide food and not mess. Thanks to its cross-screw design, you can quickly and easily attach it right in the wire cage and adjust the height for a perfect fit.

With this Mkono hay feeder, the aim is to create a more enjoyable and convenient food environment for you and your Guinea Pig. You can read more about the product and place your safe and secure order by clicking here.

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There are the top five best-selling Guinea Pig Food Bowls on the market.

Guinea Pig Diets and the Importance of the Bowls

One vital bit of information is the importance of your Guinea Pigs overall health condition. Monitoring it’s dietary and nutritional health condition by feeding it the proper foods will adequately sustain with no issues.

As you know, providing adequate nutrition for your pet does not always keep it as healthy as necessary. The leading reason for this is due to the food not reaching the animal even once you fill the dishes. Figuring out why is the tricky part.

The reason is simple; it could be the container the food is in not being as accessible to it as necessary. It not only is vital that you provide fresh, healthy foods, but you also need to ensure it can get to it correctly.

When choosing a bowl, make sure you check for the following details. If the dish you are interested in lacks these properties, it is best to look elsewhere.

First, the many varieties of bowls and their style are these:

  • Free Feed
  • Small Feed
  • Free Access
  • Limited Feed
  • Scoop

There are two basic sizes, two ounces, and eight ounces. The varieties and your pet’s type of food are what determines which to have.

The fold must be small enough that your pet cannot fit inside to prevent it from urinating and defecating in it. Having a large bowl permits them to fit inside and waste the foods you’ve provided.

Also, you need to ensure that when you buy the bowls, they must be stable and not easily toppled over. If your Guinea Pig does figure out how to topple it, it will waste all food and water left in the bowl.

It is typical that the cage floors are often dirty. Therefore you need to replace the unhealthy food and water that can cause health problems for Guinea Pigs. Keep in mind when Guinea Pigs topple their food container, it will get soiled and dirty as the pet tends to use it as a bathroom. That can be a nightmare to keep clean.

What to Choose Among the Varieties?

First, check for the bowls that the food manufacturer suggests you use. Buying the bowl that the Guinea Pig can eat from properly can be one of the most vital decisions. The reason why is because the central part of caring for your pet is ensuring they have healthy, good food.

However, given their natural habit of soiling the area, choice of bowls is the most vital detail. Like many domesticated animals, they do not enjoy wet, soiled food so do your homework before you buy the bowl.

There are many online resources such as this review that can help guide you with choosing the right bowl as well as the pros and cons. You should be able to find one that is an affordable price range with any of the ones we have mentioned.

Just like with any other product, the best outcome may not be the most expensive so be sure you choose honest reviews. The above information will help guide you in buying the best Guinea Pig bowl that will work best for your pet.

The critical point is that you need to ensure you are just as determined to keep clean and fresh food available and in a reachable location. You cannot be nonchalant about your pet’s food intake unless they show significant changes in their behavoir or illness is noted. [2]


Not only are the proper nutritional foods vital, but the intake at regular intervals is also necessary as well. Choose which dish meets your pets needs and follow through with the proper dietary needs and you will have yourself a happy, little Guinea Pig.

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