Best Indoor Rabbit Cages For 2023: Rabbit & Bunny Cages You’ll Love

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Most rabbit lovers advocate that if you are going to have a rabbit, living in a hutch or cage outdoors is not a choice. Due to extreme weather conditions and predators, domestic rabbits do not survive long if the owner does not supply a safe shelter.

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Keeping her indoors is not only protecting her but, she will be a part of the family because there is typically more social interaction. There are several options for housing your bunny indoors such as these:

  • Bunny Condo
  • Puppy Pen
  • Rabbit Cage
  • Open Run of a Bunny-proof House

In this article, we will discuss each possibility to see which works best for you and your pet rabbit. Many rabbit owners feel their bunny needs to live in the outdoors just because they are animals who can survive in the wild.

However, domestic rabbits are terrified of predators, and having one approach your rabbit can cause it to have a heart attack and die. Rabbits are loving, social, and highly intelligent creatures that thrive both in and outdoors.

Contrary to what many people think, if you take the time to rabbit-proof your home, the rabbit will not ruin your furniture or your expensive leather shoes. If you are going to have a rabbit as a pet, you need to ensure your bunny will be safe and sound.

When your rabbit lives indoors, you will have plenty of times where you just cannot keep a close eye on her. Whether you leave for work or when you are sleeping at night, she needs to feel safe. During these times, you will want to provide her safety but with plenty of room to roam and hop.

For times such as these, providing her with one of the best indoor cages will make you both happy. Even the space you provide for her needs to be bunny-proofed and safe. Before we go further into this topic, let’s take a look at the five best indoor rabbit cages available today.

Top 5 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages for Sale:

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The first to make the list is the Living World Deluxe Habitat. This Product is all you need to provide your bunny with safe living quarters inside. If you have other small animals such as chinchillas, ferrets, and guinea pigs, this cage is perfect.

The Living World cage is a hybrid that consists of a plastic bottom base and an upper wire frame. The combo provides small animals a well-ventilated, comfortable, safe place to reside. The style of the wire cage is elegant with white wire sides and a red wire top.

For easy access, the top of the cage opens with ease, separating the parts into two. The wire door on the front is an added feature for additional accessibility. This style also comes with an access ramp and balcony with a tip-proof food and snack dish that sits securely on the floor.

Also, with this style is a secret hideaway under the balcony that provides your pet a secure, quiet place to hide. The cage is a drip-proof water bottle that has a hay guard. Both of these items are outside the cage for saving interior space as well as easy maintenance.

Assembly just takes a few minutes via eight simple-to-apply plastic clips, with no tools necessary. The cage is X-large and provides your small pet plenty of room to roam. There is more information available and the route to order yours today is by following this link.

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Yaheetech 37’’/52” Ferret Cage Indoor Small Animals Hutch with 2 Front Doors/ 3 Front Doors

Next is this Yaheetech Ferret Cage Indoor Small Animal Hutch. This item is perfect for small animals, including rabbits. The size is 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6’’ which is plenty of room for more than one animal. Five tiers connect with ramps, expanding the usable area for your rabbit to climb and play.

The style features three doors in the front for easy access and cleaning. The arched doors have latches that help keep your rabbit safe in her cage when she is home alone. The fully painted metal frame has round corners and no sharp points to keep you and your rabbit safe.

The cage is stylish and simple with a large enough space making it suitable for small pets. With the latches keeping the doors safely locked, it makes the perfect space for pet shops, bedrooms, or a business

Are you interested in the product? If so, there is more information and the link to place your order today, by clicking here.

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Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

This Prevue Pet Product Feisty Ferret Cage supplies plenty of room for even the most active small animals. To give your domestic rabbit a home she can play, be comfortable and safe; this is the product you need.

The cage comes with everything you need to make this her favorite place to be. There are shelves, ramps, and a welcoming hammock to keep your fur baby content and entertained. Two large escape-proof doors let you access your bunny easily.

There is a bottom tray and platform grille that are simple to remove and convenient for cleaning. You can freely move your cage from room to room thank to its stand and upper shelves that hold supplies and treats.

The indoor cage will complement any room of your choice thanks to its hammer tone finish and size. The size is plenty as it measures 31” x 20” x 54” (on the stand). For cleaning all you need to do is keep the cage clean with mild soap, warm water, and a non-abrasive scrubber. It is vital that you never let the tray air dry in the heat due to warping.

Would you want to buy this product today or find out more information? If so, click here to go directly to the page on Amazon.

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Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Last on the list is the Ferplast 100 Double Rabbit Cage. There is plenty to this product that will provide your rabbit with everything she needs to live in comfort. The double-floor structure offers plenty of space as well as a safe environment.

The cage has two bottoms and a sturdy varnished wire structure and a large door on the front. Inside the cage, two separate areas make it the perfect spot for everyday fun and activities. Thanks to its wooden ladder, entrance to the first floor and quiet sleeping are simple.

Inside the cage, there is plastic bowls, a hay feeder, a large drinking bottle, and lots of space. The lower area, other than a sliding door, is a safe design to protect and keep your bunny safe. For the same reason, there are plastic hooks connected to the front door.

The cage is simple to assemble and clean making this the perfect cage guaranteed to make you and your pet happy.

For more information and the link to buy yours today, click here:

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There you have the top sellers on the leading e-commerce store around the globe, Amazon.

Is it Safe for a Rabbit to Have Free Reign of a Room?

Many rabbit owners prefer to allow their domestic rabbit to have free reign of a particular room and even the entire house. To let this happen, you need to make one area where she can have a hay feeder box, litter box, food dishes, and a plastic mat for accidents and spills.

Rabbits enjoy the freedom to explore areas at a leisurely pace. They also love running at top speed whenever they like. Making cardboard castles is an ideal project for her to escape to whenever she needs time alone.

Puppy Pens Work Well

An excellent option up for consideration is a puppy pen. These fit perfectly for any room of the house and most corners. Puppy pens, such as this one from Precision Pets, make a fantastic place for your rabbit to live safely with ample room.

One perk to using a puppy pen is that they are typically large enough to hold all the items a rabbit needs with plenty of room to roam. Puppy pens are also simple to move from place to place when necessary. If you are worried about your carpet or flooring, place a plastic mat, pieces of linoleum, or an old rug on the floor of the pen.

Be sure that your rabbit will not feast on the type of flooring you choose. Items such as the ones mentioned for flooring can cause your bunny to have an intestinal blockage. Just be sure to Keep the edges out of the rabbit’s reach to prevent chewing.

A perk to puppy pens is that most do not have a top. Even though it will supply a safe place for your bunny and easy access for you, you must buy one that is 36 inches or more in height. A rabbit can jump rather high when necessary, therefore, make sure she cannot jump out and escape.

A puppy pen is useful if you have plans of letting her reign free in a bunny-proofed room. You will need to limit the space where she roams, in the beginning, to give her time to be familiar with the location of the large area. She will need to grow accustomed to the area where her litter box and food will be as well as her sleep area.

*Helpful Tip*

You need to increase the space gradually so that she will not feel stressed and overwhelmed. Keeping her calm will prevent her from having accidents while providing her with a low-stress environment.

Bunny Condos are in Style

If you are handy with tools and materials, the sky is the limit with ideas you can use to build a bunny condo. Items lying around such as re-purposed furniture, metal, and wood make great bunny condos. One tip to remember is that you should never use chicken wire as an enclosure. The reason is that rabbits may chew the wire hurting themselves.

Alternately, if you choose to use metal, the slats need to be relatively close to one another to prevent the rabbit from getting her head stuck. Otherwise, your rabbit could choke or injured. The easiest way to construct a bunny condo is with storage cubes that are wire.

Wire cubes for storing, such as these, Whitmor Storage Cubes are perfect for the job. Variety is the biggest perk for using these for building your bunny condo because you can design the layout in any way you wish at a low cost.

Although this type of indoor cage for your bunny can be time-consuming, it is relatively simple to construct.

Rabbit Cages Make Life Simple

Of all the options for your bunny cage, the rabbit cage offers the least amount of space for your rabbit. For that reason, bunny owners recommend trying the condo or pen set-up first. However, if you choose to house her in a large cage, be sure the rabbit has plenty of time outside the cage. The recommended amount is a few hours each day.

While there are many options for cages, and most are basic, each type should have a few “musts” for her well-being. First, the enclosure must be large enough to accommodate your rabbits safely. In other words, the bigger, the better in this case.

She must have plenty of room for her to move around and lie down. Also, there must be a clean space for her little box, water, and food. Never use any type of glass enclosure due to lack of air circulation and room.

Also, the best cage will come with an easy-access front door that allows her to roam on her own. Some owners prefer wire bottoms because a little box fits well underneath. Typically, that is fine, but, you must include cardboard, a wood piece, or a tile piece for her to stand and lie on in comfort.

Standing for too long on the wire will cause damage and pain to your bunnies’ paws. As you can see with the above products, there are many varieties of housing to consider for your bunny. The best option, however, will mostly depend on your living environment.

*Helpful Tip*

When you are searching for her indoor cage, keep in mind; bunnies are very social. Choose a location in the home where she will never feel abandoned and lonely.

Are Indoor Cages Humane and Safe?

Yes! All you need is to provide her with plenty of room to use up some energy, and she will love her home. You will have no trouble getting her in her cage as long as it is comfortable and safe. The problems begin when bunny owners keep their rabbit indoors for much too long which prevents the rabbit from healthy playtime.

Another important note is rabbits unless neutered or spayed, are likely to mark their territory. She will also use the home for her own free run as a litter box. It is vital that you use her cage as a positive reinforcement for introducing litter habits. If not, your home will smell awful. Do you both a favor and take the time to litter box train her.

Pros and Cons of Making Your Rabbit an Indoor Pet with a Cage

Discussing whether a pet rabbit lives indoors or out is like talking about religion and politics with a specific group. There are rabbit owners that swear by having an indoor rabbit cage. Then there are those that are 100 percent against indoor rabbits. You just avoid the topic, right?

So, how do you choose? What are the pros and cons of having an indoor pet cage? After reading these pros and cons, you should have your answer on where your rabbit lives.

Should she Live Indoors or Out?

Indoor living with the freedom to roam or in an indoor cage:


The most significant advantage to having your bunny live indoors with you is her safety. Assuming there are no indoor animals that could harm her, the inside keeps her safe. Having her indoors also prevents her from harsh weather elements and dangerous parasites.

Inside, you have easy access to watching her health as you play together. Rabbits make excellent house companions which makes them a great pet. They typically have sweet temperaments and can even be happy in a small home. She will enjoy spending time with you and vice-versa for entertainment throughout the day.

As for being a prey animal, rabbits are superior at hiding illness and pain. The more time you have to share with your bunny, the more likely you will notice any subtle changes. When she is litter box trained and in a healthy rabbit-proofed home, they are trustworthy to roam the house like a cat or dog. However, most people keep their rabbits in a secure area or cage while being away from home.


Rabbits are inquisitive animals by nature with instincts that tell them to burrow, explore, dig, and chew. These habits can be destructive and unwelcome in your house if she destroys more than one cord off of expensive electronics. Rabbits are good at burrowing through sofas and chewing up rugs, furniture, and woodwork.

Also, if there are other pets indoors that could pose a threat to your rabbit, a cage would be necessary. Rabbits tend to do well with smaller dogs and cats, but, each animal is different, and so is their behavior. Various dogs, (especially herding and hunting breeds) more than likely may never get accustomed to having an indoor prey animal.

If you fear taking the bunny out of her cage to roam free and socialize because you are unsure of how other animals will behave, that is not healthy. You are in no way doing her any favors if you choose to keep her stuck indoors in a cage.

If you have a fear of her damaging something and you find random poop piles on a rug, you will more likely choose to leave her alone in a cage both night and day. That is not a healthy option either.

Living Outdoors:


Rabbits that live outdoors allows more people to have rabbits in their life. There are solid reasons why people choose to raise their rabbits outdoors such as:

  • Someone in the household has allergies
  • Inside dog with a hearty prey drive
  • Lack of space indoors for a proper rabbit space
  • No indoor pets allowed policy

Outdoor rabbits that live in a suitable enclosure typically live a natural life by doing what rabbits do best—tunnel, chew and dig all they want without damaging human items and property. Living in the outdoors also allows her to breathe fresh air night and day.

Most rabbit owners have plenty of outdoor areas for a decent size rabbit run than what she would have lived indoors. A happy rabbit is one with plenty of room to have dirt to dig and room to run.


The leading Con to your rabbit living outdoors is some animals prey on smaller animals such as rabbits. Second, is the harsh elements of the weather. Both of these is why it is vital you think through these circumstances to help keep her safe and dry.

You must also stay prepared to tend to your bunnies in ever-changing weather. High winds, heavy rains, and harsh winter snowstorms cannot hinder your rabbits from having time with you to socialize. Her food and water must stay fresh and unfrozen and her bedding always warm and clean.

To keep pet rabbits outdoors, you must remain committed to tending to them every single day in harsh hot weather as well as fierce winter storms.

As you can see, rabbits need love, attention, and socializing. Finding the best indoor rabbit cage is not difficult or expensive. If you do choose to keep your bunnies outdoors, please make sure you can and will give them proper care to stay safe and dry.

It’s no secret that rabbits are cute and adorable and make fantastic pets whether you have them indoors or out. Just because one can live in extreme circumstances does not mean she should have to. Wherever she lives, be sure to keep her warm and dry and give her lots of love and attention.

Just because you keep her indoors, if she lacks attention, you are doing her no favors. Either of the five products listed in this article will make a grand home for your rabbit. Be sure you get one with plenty space so that she can roam freely while staying clean, safe, and loved and you will both be happy.

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