The 5 Best Barrel Saddles For The Competitor In Your Life [2023]

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The western saddle is as iconic as cowboys and Indians living on the prairie. You can tell a Western from the others simply by the classic design and heritage. Saddles as these not only look amazing, it provides a comfortable riding experience for both horse and rider.

Having horses means having every piece of equipment necessary to make the job of being a rancher much more effective. A good saddle can make the difference between a hard day’s work and one that is enjoyable.

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Whether you make barrel racing a hobby or a career, having the best barrel saddle can make all the difference in performance. The following are a variety of types of saddles that will offer you an unforgettable riding experience:

The purpose of this article is to educate consumers on the best barrel racing saddles for the competitor. Not all will be the one for you, but we aim to help you find the best one for your unique need.

The Five Best Barrel Saddles for the Competitor in Your Life

HILASON 13″ 14″ 15″ 16″ 17″ 18″ TREELESS Western Trail Pleasure Barrel Racing Saddle TAN/Black/Brown/Mahogany

First on this list is the Hilason Treeless Barrel Racing Saddle. The maker of this saddle is a leader in the saddle industry. While it is a treeless saddle, it is unique and has many intriguing features separating it for the others.

Hilason is proud of its styles and an improved design that raises the bar for all-around functionality. The following are a few features that make this saddle a best-seller on Amazon:

  • Prevents Pressure Points
  • Encourages Obedience
  • Light Weight
  • Uses Standard Western Accessories
  • Extremely Comfortable for Both the Rider and the Horse

If you like the sounds of this item, click here to go to its product page to read more about it and get your order in today.

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For the Lady Barrel Racer, this Cowgirl Up barrel racing saddle is everything you need for performance and comfort. There are saddles, and then there are racing saddles, and this item is in a league of its own.

The beautiful silver corner plates have the maker’s brand, “Cowgirl Up” inlaid in black. The design of the saddle complements the appearance with a matching suede seat for hours of riding in comfort.

The following are some features of this best-seller on Amazon:

  • Free Reins, Headstall, and Breast Collar
  • Color: Medium Oil
  • Hand-Carved Floral Tooling
  • 100 Percent Genuine Leather

There is much more information on this saddle as well as the maker. To read more, click here to be directed to the product listing.

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AceRugs Crystal Blue Barrel Racer Western Cordura Light Weight Comfy Horse Saddle Set 14 15 16 17 18

If you need affordability along with durability and perfection, you may want to check this item out. Do not let the price fool you; this AceRugs Crystal Blue Barrel Racer is a leader in an all-around show saddle.

The make of saddle is a lightweight Blue Cordura synthetic material that is both weather-proof and water-proof. For ensuring that the item stays tear-proof, there is a sturdy nylon binding around the edges for extended protection.

Take a look at the features of this barrel racing saddle to get a better idea if it is for you, these are:

  • Well Padded Blue Suede Seat
  • D-Rings For Accessories
  • Color: Turquoise Blue
  • Adjustable Padded Stirrups
  • Double Reinforced Fiberglass Tree

There is more about this item as well as pictures for you to get the real value of this saddle. Click here to go directly to the product page as well as place your order today.

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AceRugs Black Inlay Hand Carved Western Leather Barrel Racing Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle & Tack

As I have mentioned in other reviews, AceRugs is one of the best-selling and popular makers of high-quality saddles. That includes this AceRugs Black Inlay Western Barrel Racing Saddle. This item is a studded show saddle that does more than look fantastic.

It is durable and effective in every area a winning saddle should be. The soft, suede seat hand-stitch design has lasting results. The black leather with silver studs around the edge gives it a look that permits this saddle to stand out above the rest.

The following are features of this barrel racing saddle that places it on this list:

  • Seat Size: 16 Inches-18 Inches
  • 100 Percent Premium Leather
  • Well Padded Fleece Underside
  • Well Balanced Wood Tree and Fiberglass
  • Free Reins, Breast Collar, and Headstall

There is much more to this barrel racing saddle than listed here. Do yourself a favor and click here to see the saddle as well as read more features.

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Orlov Hill Leather Co 15 16 Show Gator Trail Floral Tooled Pleasure Western Barrel Racing Saddle TACK Set

This Orlov Hill Western Barrel Racing Saddle deserves some attention. The saddle design is from a unique Gator Inlay and Gator Patch on the silver Concho and Skirt Corner. The details are rhinestone studs covering the saddle for a classy appearance.

Thanks to the deep seat, the rider has full support for riding in comfort. The beautiful Brown Stainless Steel Hardware is all leather and is 100 percent premium quality. Check out these features that make the saddle worth its weight.

  • Padded Suede Seat That Holds the Rider Tight
  • Free Matching Designer Headstall Breast Collar
  • 100 Percent Hand Tooled Leather
  • Stainless Steel Fitting Hardware

If you like the sounds of this saddle, click here to read even more features that put this saddle on the list.

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There you have five of the best-selling, high-quality Barrel Racing Saddles on Amazon. Each one is unique in its own way and provides the rider with high-end performance.

The Saddle Determines the Ride

When you decide to buy a new saddle, it does not matter what type, a better saddle will provide better riding. When you achieve better riding, you do so thanks to high-quality materials with meticulous craftsmanship.

Having a saddle that helps you accomplish workability and efficiency is the only way to keep both horse and rider safe. Barrel Racing is the most popular event in the rodeo circuit where women manage and compete.

Barrel racing is usually where amateur youths and riders begin. The rider wants to be the cleanest and fastest ride possible. To accomplish this, a high-quality saddle is a must. Barrel racers must be on their A-game to win competitions.

The following is a checklist that will help guide you and develop excellent riding habits to get the most from the horse. Big disappointments and let-downs happen when you have bad runs. These usually are when mistakes such as these happen:

  • Horse Hits the Barrels
  • Pushes off too Fast
  • Pushes off too Soon
  • Blows off the Turn

When these mistakes start happening, it is time to reevaluate the bad rides to convert to win the contest.

The Following is a Checklist for Good Habits to Practice:

  • Practice Sitting Deeper in the Saddle
  • Find Your Balance in the Center
  • When you Stop-Sit Hard
  • Always Look Up and the Direction You are Going
  • Distribute Your Body and Weight in the Stirrups Equally
  • Keep Your Shoulders Back and Up
  • Do Not Yank the Horse’s Mouth
  • Post the Trot
  • Never Pull the Reins while Kicking at the Same Time
  • Always be Ready to Take Off and Go
  • Follow the Horses Movement
  • Practicing As Much as Possible
  • Remain Mentally Prepared
  • Try to Not Grip Using Your Legs While Keeping Close Contact
  • Practice Circles as Much as Possible
  • Avoid Gripping with your Legs, but Maintain Close Contact
  • Prepare Yourself Mentally
  • Practice Frequently

As a Barrel Racer, it is virtually essential to keep your position. It would be best if you always aimed to assist your horse without being it the way. A good game plan is to video yourself to watch your mistake as well as smart moves.


Q: What if I find a flaw in my saddle before a competition, can I keep riding?

A: It is never a good idea to risk your safety or your horse’s safety due to faulty equipment.

Q: How important is the saddle pad to a barrel racing saddle?

A: The pad under a saddle is just as vital as the saddle itself. Click here to see the best-selling saddle pads on the market.


Barrel racing is a very popular rodeo sport. Having the best barrel racing saddle is as vital as a horse well-trained in the sport. Finding the one that best suits your needs is easier than you think. Each of these items in this review is high-quality and worth its weight in gold.

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