Best Chicken Feeder And Waterer: 2023 Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

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When you’re raising chickens, you’re balancing their needs against yours. They need to be well-fed, healthy, and safe from predators. You need to save money and effort. That’s why you need the best chicken feeders.

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The best chicken feeders have important features that help both the chickens and you, their caretaker. They are durable so you don’t need to replace them every year. They are easy to clean and maintain, both to save you time and keep the chickens healthy. They protect against waste and against theft from wild birds and rodents.

Just throwing feed on the ground may seem like a simple solution, but a lot gets wasted that way. You’ll also attract unwanted guests. Even if you have free-range chicken, you may want to supplement their diet with pellets or feed, especially in wintertime.

Let’s take a look at the best chicken feeders to get your chickens the food they need.

The top feeders for chickens

There’s a difference in quality between retail and commercial-grade feeders, but both have moved toward selling plastic feeders. This is a good trend because plastic doesn’t rust and it’s a lot easier to clean, so it’s likely to be more sanitary for your birds.

Whether you choose galvanized steel or plastic is up to you. If you buy steel and plan to be raising chickens in the future, buy a commercial product as it will probably last longer before it rusts. The same goes for plastic—commercial-grade plastic feeders are generally more durable and resistant to UV damage. But if you’re a hobbyist raising your first brood of chicks, don’t worry too much. Get what works now, knowing that your preferences may change by the time you raise the next batch.

One note: many people prefer tube and trough gravity feeders over flip-top trough feeders simply because the food stays cleaner.


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Royal Rooster Chicken

Royal Rooster Chicken removebg preview

6.5 lbs feeder

1 gallon waterer

4-6 chickens/set

Easy to fill

Little Giant TENDER

Little Giant Large CAPACITY THE CHICKEN TENDER removebg preview

35 Pounds of feed

Little Giant

Good for 3 chickens

25 lb

Grandpa’s Feeders

Grandpa s Feeders removebg preview

Grandpa's Feeders

Galvanized Steel

12.5 x 17 x 11.5 inches

Capacity: 20 lb

Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover

Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover and Valve Cup

Royal Rooster is an Australian brand that recently began selling in the USA. Their Chicken Feeder comes in a pack with a rain cover and a Valve-Cup Waterer. You’ll get an all-in-one kit. Both are tube-shaped gravity feeders that need to be mounted with the included aluminum brackets on a wall or fence. There’s no learning curve for the chickens like there is on a treadle feeder. A portion of food and water is always available as long as the feeders aren’t empty.

The Royal Rooster’s design keeps feed and water clean and protects them from thieving rodents and other birds. The rain cover helps keep food dry without blocking access. Plus, since both feeders are plastic, they can stay outdoors without fear of rusting.

Each tube is 20 inches tall and made from UV-stable PVC plastic. The feeder holds up to 6.5 pounds of food of most types, including grain mixes and pellets, anything except moist feeds or those with molasses. The waterer holds up to one gallon of water, and it protects against algae and evaporation. These quantities are appropriate for up to 6 chickens, but it will last three chickens up to a week.



Little Giant 25-pound capacity chicken feeder is simple for both humans and their chickens to use. It’s built from sturdy galvanized steel without sharp edges. Simply open the lid, pour the feed into the hopper, and let the chickens enjoy their meal. The guard inside the bottom opening prevents them from tossing and scratching feed out of the bin. Gravity will keep the trough full.

Although the feeder is “poop-proof,” it’s not rain-proof. Rite Farm recommends placing it where it’s sheltered from the weather. It can feed three chickens at a time and a flock of 15 chickens totals, but it doesn’t take up a lot of room. The 24-gauge galvanized steel feeder measures 12.25 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 22.75 inches tall. You can mount it on a wall with the rear keyhole mounts or rest it on the ground. It only needs to be placed level.

Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpas Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder is a popular one among hobbyists caring for a handful of adult chickens. It holds up to 20 pounds of feed, enough for 4 to 6 chickens per week.

It’s a treadle feeder, which means you need to train your chickens to use it. See the bottom of this article to get tips on how to do so. It’s not hard, but it will take a week or two.

This feeder is made from aluminum, which is rust-resistant and lightweight. It has a waterproof lid that keeps pests out and protects feed from feces and water. Some users have commented that it’s a little noisy and has some sharp edges.

RentACoop Automatic Treadle Feeder – For Chickens

RentACoop Automatic Treadle Feeder For Chickens And Other Poultry

RentACoop Automatic Treadle Feeder comes with video instructions on how to assemble it and train your chickens to use it. It holds up to 44 pounds of feed, enough for nine adult chickens for a week.

The design is watertight. It has dividers and a lip that keeps chickens from spilling or scratching food onto the ground. Even better, it has an adjustable treadle. You can set the step weight according to a chart. That way rodents can’t open the feeder, but your bantams can. You can also feed ducks with this same feeder.

Winemana Chick Feeder. Hanging Feeder

Winemana Chick Feeder Hanging Feeder

Winemana Chick Feeder commercial products for farmers and ranchers. Their 35-pound hanging feeder (model HF50) is built from durable plastic made to stand up to hard use. It can handle any kind of feed, from pellets to crumbles or mash. Just adjust the feeder to the feed type and you’ll reduce the amount of waste. It does not come with a lid, so it’s best to hang it indoors.

Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb

Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb 1

If you’re caring for chicks, you need a feeder they can access. This 3-pound one from Little Giant hangs to keep pests from stealing the chicken feed. It comes with all the hardware you need to suspend it, including the tube, base, rod, washer, and nut.

The feeder has anti-scratch vanes and a lip to stop chicks from crowding each other and kicking out food. But it does not come with a lid, so it’s best to hang it indoors or purchase the Little Giant lid.

Little Giant 11 Lbs Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder PHF11

Little Giant 11 Lbs Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder PHF11

This 11-pound hanging feeder from Little Giant is a less-expensive version made for hobbyists. Like the 3-pound version, you can adjust the feed levels. It has anti-scratch vanes and a lip to prevent waste from spilling.

Use the conical cover listed below to keep your chickens from roosting on top of it.

Little Giant Poultry Feeder Cover for 11-Pound Hanging Poultry Feeder

Little Giant Poultry Feeder Cover for 11 Pound Hanging Poultry Feeder

The Little Giant Poultry Cover fits the 11-pound feeder. It keeps rain and thieves out and won’t let chickens roost on top. Like the feeder, it’s made of strong plastic. You won’t need any extra hardware or tools to install it.

Little Giant Plastic Flip-Top Poultry Ground Feeder

Little Giant Plastic Flip Top Poultry Ground Feeder

If you don’t have a place to hang a feeder, use this plastic Ground Feeder from Little Giant. It is a trough design made for small birds like chicks or quail. There are 14 feeding holes per side. While it’s easy to clean and fill, don’t expect that this is a good feeder for adult chickens. Some users have commented that it’s really only good for the first two weeks after hatching. Another problem is the design that makes it possible for the birds to soil their feed.

Little Giant Galvanized Hanging Corner Feeder

Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder 3lb

If you only have a chicken or two, you could use a small corner feeder in their coop, but you’ll need to fill it often. It’s built of galvanized steel with rolled edges to prevent injury. It can hold shells and grit or feed. Hang it on a wire wall or cage with the included hardware.

Harris Farms Screw-On Poultry Feeder for Quart Jar

Harris Farms Screw On Poultry Feeder for Quart Jar

The Harris Farms Poultry Feeder screws onto the mouth of a quart-size Mason jar. This is perfect for feeding a handful of chicks or quail. The plastic is BPA-free and easy to clean.

HARRIS FARMS 1261 Poultry Water Nipple, 4-Pack

Harris Farms 1261 Poultry Water Nipple 4 Pack

These are not feeder parts, but they are essential to provide care to your chicks, ducklings, or goslings. Chicks can drown in waterers designed for adults. Build your own safe waterer with a plastic container like a 2-liter bottle or a bucket. Insert these nipples into openings that you drill. Secure them in place with pipe thread tape and you’re done.

These nipples from Harris have a 360-degree tip that keeps the water supply sanitary but are easy for chicks to use.

One note: if you choose to use a trough waterer for your chicks, put marbles in the bottom of it to make the water level shallow.

Manna Pro Organic Chick Starter Crumble

Manna Pro Organic Chick Starter Crumble

When your chicks are three days old, they can begin eating crumble. This one from Manna Pro is organic and made from non-GMO ingredients. It contains corn, soybean meal, and oats. Six chicks will finish a five-pound bag in a week to 10 days.

Manna Pro Chick Grit

Manna Pro Chick Grit

Your chicks will need grit for good digestion. This 5-pound bag is filled with small pebbles and sand, perfect for baby birds. Don’t bother pounding and smashing adult-sized gravel into baby bits, it’s just a waste of time and effort. Even if your chicks don’t finish this bag before they grow out of it, you’ll have the rest for next time.

Train your chickens to use a treadle feeder

If you decide to use a treadle feeder for your chickens, you’ll need to teach them how to use it. It may take them a week or two to get used to the idea. If you’re ready to try it, grab a clothespin, and let’s get started.

Mount your feeder on level ground. Test it to make sure all is in order. Put feed in it but don’t leave feed anywhere else. The chickens have to learn that this is their food source now.

Use the clothespin or other object to prop the treadle open all the way. The chickens will have full access to the inside and can eat at will. Leave it like that for at least 4 days to a week.

The second step is to move the clothespin to let the lid close halfway. The chickens can see the food inside but when they step on the treadle, it will move. They will get used to the treadle moving when they go to feed. Leave it this way for a week.

The final step is to take the clothespin away so the feeder is closed. Place feed on the treadle. Once they step on it and the feeder opens, they will understand. Now they should be able to use a treadle feeder all by themselves. You only need to get one chicken trained to show the others how it works.

Tasty meals for chickens

Chickens aren’t limited to feeding, mashing, and crumbles, or even grass. They enjoy eating leafy greens like lettuce, cabbage, chard, kale, spinach, bok choy, and so on. You can give them cooked or raw corn, millet, peas, oats, sunflower seeds, and wheat. They can eat some fruits, too, like apples, berries, and melons. They tend to like rinds, like watermelon rinds.

Some owners cook their extra eggs and feed them to the chickens, along with cooked meats cut into small pieces.


We hope you found the perfect chicken feeder for your chicks or chickens today. We want to help you keep them fed and healthy while you save money, too. Come visit us again soon to see new reviews of the best products for your home and garden.

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