The 8 Best Pig Feeders And Waterers: 2022 Review And Guide

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Good feed for all farm animals is necessary for body maintenance, producing milk and meat, and adequate growth. The feeder and waterer you choose plays a significant role in how much food and water your pigs get.

The food, when properly prepared, is typically nutritionally complete. If you are going to invest in high-quality, healthy feed for your pig, why not do the same for the feeder? There are a few primary considerations that apply before building the type facility for your hogs. These considerations are:

  • Farrowing
  • Nursery
  • Wean-to-Finish
  • Finishing, Breeding, and Gestation

Proper feeders and waterers of all sizes are vital in each of these areas. Of course, you will need to have different sizes as each phase of the swine’s life need higher and lower easy access bins. For healthy growth, the feeding system must be flexible and able to handle all types of feeds.

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Feeder Must be Flexible for all Diets

The system you choose should also be able to handle high or low energy diets. The feed in many of these diets consists of various types of ingredients like small particle size pelleted form or meal. Each feeder also needs to handle high or low-density diet feed.

In other words, hog food is going to be heavy so the feeders must be durable. Whether you are building new housing for your pigs or remodeling a current area, there should be plenty of tandem bins. There should also be various sizes for pigs of all ages instead of only large capacity.

The ideal bin should have a capacity large enough to hold semi-loads of feed. The feeder should always be empty before you add more. The reason for this is you do not want your pigs eating soured or stale feed. Each tandem feeder should be available on each line, including the piglets.

*Helpful Tip* Dry and Wet Feeders do not work well at all for swine weighing in at less the 30 pounds.

General diets will vary significantly in bulk density. Therefore, buying an oversized feeder that ensures the feed and low bulk density will fit in each feeder. Depending on your unique pig farming area the number of feeders you have in place will vary. However, many pig farms have two, three, and sometimes over four feeders per line.

However, remember, you want fresh feed available and not force your pigs to eat left-over food in the bottle of the bin. Before we go further, let’s discuss the Best Pig Feeder and Waterer available on the market today.

Picture Product Name Features
Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder Brand – Little Giant
Material – Alloy Steel
Size: 7 Pound
Brower-11H-Single-Door-Supplement-Hog-Feeder Brower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder Brand – Brower
Color – Steel
Material – Alloy Steel
Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder Brand – Brower
Color – Steel
Easy to assemble
Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder 22H Feeds 8 Hogs Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder 22H Feeds 8 Hogs! Brand – Little Giant
Color – Gray
Material – Alloy Steel
Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder Brand – Little Giant
Material – Alloy Steel
Size – 7 Pound
Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder Brand – Behlen Country
Color – Galvanized
Material – Alloy Steel
Large Stainless-Steel Waterer for Hogs, Pigs Large Stainless-Steel Waterer for Hogs Easy to Use
Strong Spring
Easy Installation
Yosoo Automatic Waterer Yosoo Automatic Waterer Bowl Color – Green
Material – Plastic
Weight – 311 Grams

The 8 Best Pig Feeders and Waterers:

Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder

Starting with baby pig feeders is this best-selling item by Miller. The dimensions are 8 inches x 8.2 inches x 12.5 inches and weighs 3.2 pounds. Made in the USA, the product is a solid galvanized material perfect for starting your baby pigs with feed.

It has an open trough design that supplies each piglet with plenty of nutrition. If you do find the feed is no good due to staling or soiled, be sure to clean it thoroughly. For cleaning purposes, simplicity is one feature pig farmers appreciate.

There are two holes for feeding and has a design for stacked or crate deck nursery. The Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder easily mounts on a wall or is perfect at freestanding. Both ways are simple to load feed in the top. For your baby pigs, the feeder from Miller is all you need, and you can buy it today here:

Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder

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Brower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder

Next is the Brower Supplement Hog Feeder. This feeder model comes with a single door to the opening and is heavy-duty, 20-gauge galvanized steel. In other words, you will get many years of use from this feeding system.

The Brower 11H has a feed gate that is adjustable at the trough. That feature allows a fast, steady feed flow. The feed saver lip has 1-inch in width.

The capacity is approximately 1 ½ bushel that will feed up to four swine. The single-door version can feed four-week-old little piglets to sow. One nice feature is the top cover rises for simple feeding without disturbing the pigs.

One vital feature is the lids are heavy and weathertight. That will aid in keeping pest and moisture at bay. The product itself is 12 inches in width, 20 inches in length x 19 ½ inches in height and weighs 23 pounds.

If this product sounds like the one you need for your farm, you can find it here:

Brower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder

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Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder

If a single feeder sounds excellent, then a two-door swine feeder will be even better. Introducing the Brower Two Door Hog Feeder that feeds eight pigs. Thanks to its size and structure, this model holds around 3.7 bushels. With that amount, it is a breeze to feed multiple pigs.

The system’s construction is a heavy duty, 20-gauge galvanized steel that will provide you with a vast amount of years service. Like its sister, the single door, this product also has a feed gate with a saver lip. The lip readily permits four-week-old piglets to sow.

With its robust weather resistant trough lid, you never need to stress over pests or weather environment seeping inside. Making this your choice for a hog feeder is a great option, and you can do so right here:

Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder

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Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder 22H Feeds 8 Hogs! Heavy Duty

There are many times when bigger is better is correct. With the Brower family of pig feeders, this is one of those times. This Hawkeye Steel model is the 18CF Galvanized Steel system that farmers rave about its features. The creep feeder with this version makes it perfect for pre-starter pellets as well as a starter.

Like the ones above, the Brower has a construction of sturdy galvanized steel structure. That means you will have countless years of use.  Do not let the size and composition scare you. Cleaning and refilling are fast and straightforward.

The outdoor pig feeder comes with a feed adjustment and holds approximately 25-pounds of feed which can feed around 25 pigs. With the feed saver flange on the trough, easy access has never been better. This feature makes it perfect for pre-starters and starter pellets.

The dimensions of the feeder are 18 inches x 8.8 inches x 16 inches and weigh a mere 10.5 pounds. You can also buy a six-pound version as well. Purchasing this model is simple by clicking here:

Brower 2 Door Hog Feeder 22H Feeds 8 Hogs

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Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder

iller CO 2 product on this guide may be simple, but it Is sturdy and tough. The Farm Pro Single Door Hog Feeder can efficiently work freestanding or easily attach to the wall or rail. One vital feature is the feed door has a patented design guaranteed to keep pesky bugs and moisture away.

It also has an extra safety precaution for wiring the lid open for your starting piglets. The following are a sample of the features of this pig feeder:

  • Rear Mounting Holes
  • Top Door for Easy Loading
  • Deep Trough with Feed-Saver Lip
  • 71 inches x 20.87 inches x 13 inches
  • Weighs 21.5 pounds
  • Warranty Comes by Request from Customer Service
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel
  • Top Door for simple Loading
  • Holds 50 Pounds of Feed
  • Deep Trough Bucket with Feed-Saver Lip
  • Completely Assembled

As you can see, the Farm Pro experts know a little bit about what Pig Farmers need for a successful farm. You can see this item and get yours ordered today from here:

Little Giant Miller CO 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder

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Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder, 1-Door

Here is the first five-star product on the list. The Behlen Country Economy Hog Feeder is in a league of its own with this product. It will be hard to find a hog feeder for sale that can match this one from its maker, Behlen Country.

The Behlen Country items construction is a durable galvanized steel with a single door for feeding. The economy pig feeder is perfect for most small pig operations. The manufacturer of this feeder has a goal to provide consumers with complete customer satisfaction.

As you begin doing business with this manufacturer, you will see that is exactly what they achieve with all their products. This product can hold up to 72 pounds of ground feed and has an adjustment control on the unit to ensure minimal waste.

The feeder’s dimensions are 12 inches x 22inches x 28 inches and weigh 20.3 pounds. You can view this five-star product and make your purchase here:

Behlen Country 70120058 Economy Hog Feeder

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Large Stainless-Steel Waterer for Hogs, Pigs, and Other Farm Animals

First on the list of pig waterers is this gem from RabbitNipples. This large stainless-steel pig waterer for swine is the perfect size for most hogs, piglets, and pigs. It mounts easily to a fence wall for easy but sturdy access. However, screws do not come with the product.

It has an inlet threaded pipe that is threaded ½ inches. The swine drinking cups have advanced features. One feature is the pig-friendly shaped design for how the pig family drinks their water, naturally. That aids in making the drinker one of the most efficient drinking cups for swine on today’s market.

The position of the nipple helps with maximizing control. By minimizing water overflow, this model can save up to 70 percent of water. The stainless-steel construction of the cup provides longevity and is simple to clean drinking cups.

The RabbitNipples cup is reliable and of course, durable. The one-piece is also corrosion-free, and it has smooth sides and never any sharp edges. When you put it all together, you can understand why water remains fresher. The water system itself stays enclosed to keep your pig water always fresh and non-contaminated.

The size: 8.75 inches in width x 13 inches in height x 6.5 inches in depth and comes with everything you need to start. Just because pigs are, well, pigs, does not mean they do not deserve fresh water at all times.

You can provide your hogs with clean water too by clicking here:

Large Stainless-Steel Waterer for Hogs, Pigs

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Yosoo Automatic Waterer and Professional Water Bowl

This Yosoo Automatic Waterer is an automatic drinker for your pigs to have water available at all times. No matter how small or how large your sows are, they all need water. The features of this particular automatic pig waterer are:

  • Design: The design of this waterer fits the faces of small animals
  • Material: Made with ABS engineering durable plastic makes this automatic plastic water bowl the perfect choice. It is anti-fall, anti-corrosion, and wear-resistant. You can rely on it for many years to keep your pigs happy.
  • Automatic: When the animal’s nose touches the touch switch, the automatic pig waterer starts the water flowing.
  • Convenient: The storing capacity is one liter. It comes with a professional hook that makes for simple assembling. You can connect the line with either pipe or with a three-way There is never a reason the check the water unless you note an error. All you need to do is ensure the PVC pipe has a stable connection to the water or the container itself has water.
  • Stellar Customer Service: Yosoo guarantees to provide their customers with the leaders in authentic If for there is a reason you are not satisfied, you get a refund within three months of the purchase.

If you are interested in buying this product, you can find it by clicking here:

Yosoo Automatic Waterer

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There you have the leaders in Pig feeders and Waterers.

*Helpful Tip* Pig farmers recommend that for the precise number of drinkers per nipple should be around 15 pigs. Moreover, for the bowls, keep it one bowl per every 30 pigs.


Q: What is a sow’s gestation period?

A: As odd as this may be, gestation for a sow is three months, three weeks, and three days.

Q: How many piglets per gestation?

A: The average litter is anywhere between 10-14 piglets.


As you can see, there is a vast variety of feeders and waterers on the market. The best one is going to be the one that fits your unique situation. Do you have enough room for the larger one? Do you need to start small and work your way up as your pig farm grows?

All of the products in this guide are trustworthy and backed by respected manufacturers. Choose the one right for you and your own little piece of heaven. [you can build your own feeder by watching this video here]

What about you, do you have pigs already and need help expanding your feeders? Maybe you are getting ready to make your pig farm bigger; we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment in our section below, and we will get right back with you.

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