Best Rabbit Hay Feeder And Is It Necessary To Have One?

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There is a huge misconception about what foods rabbits eat. If you go by what you see on TV, all rabbits live off of lettuce and only lettuce. That, however, is a huge misconception. While rabbits do love lettuce, it’s not their favorite food for a meal.

Hay is the winner of food rabbits can eat in large amounts and it not be dangerous to their health. Therefore, it is vital that you have one of the best rabbit hay feeders available. You may find some less expensive, but you also want value for your money.

Unless a rabbit’s owner has a huge meadow covered with fresh grass, hay will be your rabbit’s choice for her diet. Beings hay has such a vital role in your rabbit’s life; it is essential to find the perfect hay feeder that will keep her hay clean and dry.

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The perfect answer will be that finding the ideal feeder will depend on her living arrangements as well as how much hay you need to have out in one sitting. Before we get too far into how vital of a role a hay feeder will be, let’s look and the top sellers on Amazon.

The Following Are The Top Three Hay Feeders Available on Amazon:


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Mkono Hay Feeder

Mkono Hay Feeder removebg preview

Color - ‎White


Special designed

Material - Plastic

3 Pcs Plastic Cage

3 Pcs Plastic Cage removebg preview

Color - Mix


Hanging portable

Material - Plastic

Kaytee Hay n Food

Kaytee Hay n Food removebg preview

Color - Assorted colors


Large combo bin

Material - Plastic

Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Manger for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla

Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Manger for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla

The Mkono hay feeder has one purpose, and that is to keep plenty of hay for your bunny at all times. Not only is it convenient, but it is simple as well. The feeder provides your bunny with plenty of enjoyment and convenience to give her grass, alfalfa, and hay.

Thanks to its spring design, your bunny can get all the hay she wants while keeping her cage nice and tidy. It is beneficial to your rabbit as it helps keep her hay away from feces and urine. Being a best seller on Amazon tells you, the rabbit owner, that you are getting more for your money.

The specially designed metal grate keeps the hay nice and compact so that it stays in place with plenty of hay always available. One of the best features is the feeder remains organized in a clean area where there is minimal waste.

The design of a robust and quality metal and plastic prevent your bunny from chewing. The feeder connects perfectly to any wire cage anywhere your bunny prefers. The dimension is a perfect size, 5 1/2 inches in length 3 ½ inches, and 7 3/8 inches tall.

Be sure to check your cage to ensure it is a great fit. For more information and how to order yours today, click here.

3 Pcs Plastic Cage Feeder Food n Water Hay Bowl Dish

3 Pcs Plastic Cage Feeder Food n Water Hay Bowl Dish for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Hamster Ferret

This 3 Pcs Plastic Cage Feeder for small animals fits with ease into all small cages. You can now give your bunny plenty of water and hay as well as other grasses. The elevated high corners help accommodate backups that are messy while preventing litter and messes due to scattering outside her cage. The material is plastic with random colors to choose the right one for your bunny. It is a one-piece item, so there is no assembly required. The size is five inches in length, four inches wide, and three inches in height.

The animal feeder fits into small animal cages with ease. With this feeder safely attached and secure, you can feed your bunny plenty without her scattering it everywhere. Amazon gives it four out of five stars and has it listed as a best seller.

The item is priced well and has the backing of Amazon, the leader in e-commerce. Find out more information and get yours ordered today by clicking here.

Kaytee Hay n Food Bin Feeder with Quick Locks (2-Pack)

Kaytee Hay n Food Bin Feeder with Quick Locks

With this two-pack Kaytee Hay n Food Bin Feeder, you get more bang for the buck. Whether you feed your rabbit alfalfa and other grasses with this super pet food and hay bin, you can now do so while keeping it dry and clean.

The combo feeder comes with a built-in dispenser for hay plus a food trough to keep the flow of clean and fresh foods. That is why it is a perfect addition to your small animals. The item comes in red, black, green clay, or blue.

The size is perfect for keeping plenty of hay for your bunny to eat throughout the day thanks to it large combo size and organized style bin feeder. For the person always on the go, having a feeder that maintains a generous amount of food is what you get with this product from Kaytee.

The wood and plastic composite features a quick lock to keep the feeder in place for avoiding messes. You can buy your today at a super price as well as read more about the item by clicking here.

Hay Rabbit Feeder, Kaytee Pet Rack Manager for Guinea Pigs Chinchilla

Hay Rabbit Feeder Kaytee Pet Rack Manager for Guinea Pigs Chinchilla

This Hay Rabbit Feeder by Kaytee is a leader when it comes to hay feeders. The size makes it suitable for all cages. It is 5.75 x 20 x 5.75 and comes in white and pink. Plastic is non-toxic which makes it safe for the environment.

Its anti-turn, anti-bite, splash design is easy to clean while saving waste. The item has a sprayed mesh design with a large hollow that makes for a simple excreta fall. The plastic is antibacterial making it simple to clean and maintain a clean area. It fixes right in the cage on the side wall to prevent flipping.

Along with the design being a high backplane, the feeder is convenient, clean, and anti-spray. Do you want to know more about this item? If so, you can read more and get your order in today by clicking here.

Hay and Food Feeder Bowls Manger Rack for Rabbit

Hay and Food Feeder Bowls Manger Rack for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla and Other Small Animals

All small animals can have constant access to their hay and feed when they have this food feeder. The bowl back lock fits right on the cage to help keep your bunnies hay safe and dry. The feeder’s construction is from metal and plastic which makes it long-lasting and durable.

The Mkono hay feeders’ goal is to create enjoyment and convenience for both you and your pet. Be sure to measure your cage before purchasing this product to ensure a perfect fit. To read more about this product and order yours today, click here.

Choosing the Best Hay Rack for your Rabbit

Hay is the most crucial part of a rabbit’s diet. You should always make sure your bunny has plenty of hay at all times. However, how you feed her the hay comes with options. Aside from the standard rabbit feeder, there are some pretty clever ideas.

The main detail is how much the rack can hold when researching for a feeder. Your domestic rabbit should eat the size of her body in hay on a daily basis. Do not think she won’t know if her hay is fresh or leftovers from a day or two before. Rabbits want fresh hay so be sure not to stuff too much in the feeder that she cannot eat because hay can sour pretty quickly.

You will want a hay feeder that holds a day’s supply and maybe a little left over in case she wants a mid-meal snack. If you have more than one rabbit, you will need to add more to the feeding.

Do I Have to Have a Feeder?

No, no golden rule requires you to use a feeder for your rabbit’s hay. However, you will want to keep her hay dry and fresh and the only way to do this is by keeping it off the bottom of her cage. Hay feeders are not just a way to feed your rabbit; it is super convenient for you as well.

Like the other accessories for rabbits, a feeder has its benefits as well such as keeping her hay away from urine.  If your rabbit is litter trained, that will not be an issue. Rabbits love to eat and then immediately poop. Therefore, it is best to keep a litter tray on one end of her cage and her hay on the other.

Hay makes good bedding if you want to scatter it around her cage. One other benefit to a hay rack is it typically contains the mess scattered hay makes. That too depends on how active and busy your rabbit is while eating.

Various Types of Feeders

Metal Hay Feeder

If your rabbit lives in a cage or any type of wire fencing, a metal rack is a great option. These are inexpensive and can be primarily anywhere. With this type of feeder, a rabbit can eat as much hay as she wants and when she wants it.

Some bunnies like to play games by pulling hay out and sitting on it. However, most will just use it for what its job is, holding her hay safe and sound. Metal hay feeders are usually slim in size yet hold plenty of hay for your bunny to eat throughout the day.

Wooden Hay Rack

Wooden hay racks design is for mounting or hanging unless there is a wire fence or cage or a solid wall for mounting. Some of the wooden racks can open from the top, so it is vital that you ensure its skinny enough that your bunny cannot jump in.

There are some that have a flat wooden top that keeps the rabbit from jumping into the hay. Some tops are big enough that your rabbit can comfortably sit on making it an excellent extra platform.

Toy Hay Racks

Some companies offer items for the rabbit to play with that hold the hay which makes lunchtime fun time. These types of feeders can hold both veggies and hay.

Hay Feeders Repurposed

Sometimes taking items and making them into something completely different from their original purpose works just fine. Items such as a pillowcase or a clean sock make the perfect hay rack. These items can hang from the cage or be placed on the floor.

The plastic grocery bag dispenser that you can find at most dollar stores filled with hay makes a perfect solution for feeding. There are also wooden drying racks that can hold hay perfectly well. The downside to these is the rabbit jumping on it making it fall over and fold together.

Baskets used for hanging flowers make excellent hay racks as well. Just hang it up, remove the liner, and fill it with hay.

DIY Feeders

Everyone has at least a gazillion items around the home that can make a perfect hay feeder. Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls stuffed with hay is not only a great way to feed your bunny, but, it can be fun to play with as well.

Watching your rabbit take it apart to get to the hay is entertaining. Cardboard boxes with hay make the perfect place for your bunny to take naps and eat all in one. Check around your home for any items that can be both, a feeder and a toy, and watch your rabbit have fun.

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To Sum it Up

Whether you make a feeder or buy one, remember that bunnies are both inquisitive and agile. A hay rack should have slots or holes available to pull her hay through any time she is hungry. You need to ensure that she has no way to get a leg hung up or worse, her head while trying to feed.

Managing this risk will depend on which style rack you choose. You can place the hay feeder at the top or under a shelf. Whichever feeder you choose, make sure she has clean, fresh hay available at all times. A happy bunny is a full bunny.

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