Which Rabbit Water Bottle Does Not Leak? Bowl Or Bottle, Which Is Best?

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Rabbits need constant access to their water supply. The amount that a rabbit will drink varies significantly depending on its diet and environment. Rabbits that are medium in size typically drink at least 75-300ml each day.

Rabbits fed fresh foods or grazing on grass will get most of their water this way and generally won’t drink the average water requirement. Depending on how much of this diet they eat, they often drink about 50 percent less than the rabbits that live on dry food alone. Remember to keep extra water handy during hot weather.

Basic Comparison:





Choco Nose H528 Patented

Choco Nose H528 Patented

Color - Aqua

Brand - Choco Nose

Weight - 3.86 Ounces

Capacity - 11.2 Fluid

Choco Nose H128 Patented

Choco Nose H128 Patented

Color - Blue

Material - Blue

Brand - Choco Nose

Weight - 1.94 Ounces

MalsiPree Pet Bottle

MalsiPree Pet Travel Bottle

Color - Blue

Material - Plastic

Brand - MalsiPree

Easy to clean

Rabbits need pure water to drink, and from the same source, you get your water. People drink a vast variety of beverages, but, pure water is the most healthy and natural option. Be cautious of water with vitamins added which you may feel encouraged to feed your rabbit.

If you feed your rabbit a healthy diet, there is no need to let her drink water such as those. Keeping fresh water handy is always the better route than drinks with additives.

If you choose to let your rabbit drink water with an additive and she empties the bottle or bowl quickly, refill it with plain water until the following day. Excess water with vitamins will affect your bunny rabbit’s health.

There is only one exception for this tip, and that is for sick bunnies that are a risk for dehydration, extra additives are necessary. Mix a small amount of carrot or pure unsweetened apple juice to her water and encourage her to drink it all.

While many humans do not consider water as such, it is a vital nutrient. All animals, not only rabbits, need plenty of water for survival. However, rabbits need more than other comparable species. For instance, a five-pound rabbit drinks as much as a 24-pound dog.

In fact, the average size rabbit consumes anywhere between 50-150 milliliters of water per 2.2 pounds of body weight each day. Be sure you are measuring and keeping a close watch on the amount of water your fluffy friend is drinking for her safety upkeep.

Choosing the Perfect Bottle for Your Rabbit

A 20-ounce water bottle will be plenty for two small or medium size rabbits for a 24-hour period. If you have more rabbits or the ones you have to drink large amounts of water, that is different. In that scenario, it is best to have multiple bottles instead of a larger bottle.

During the hot summer months, it is always necessary to consider adding a second bottle. That will provide an extra backup for times when the water runs out or leaks after falling over. That is particularly useful if you are away throughout the day and have no way to check on the items in their hutch.

Before we go further into water and rabbits, let’s take a look at the best sellers on the market for bottles to water to your fur babies. [1]

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle


Many consumers rate this product, Choco Nose Patented No Drip Water Bottle with five stars. The product is a leader due to its unique features. The best feature is you will never have to experience a wet, messy crate.

The item has a U.S. patent for its leakproof nozzle that efficiently prevents water leakage. This bottle for small animals is one of the only eco-friendly pet bottles on the market. That also is why it is possible to reuse the bottle without waste, thanks to its nozzle.

The modern design provides your pet with fresh and clean water as you keep your home dry and clean. Mini-sized nozzles work great for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, hamsters, and Ferrets. The size diameter is 10mm, it is BPA-free and comes from Taiwan.

The following are important instructions to follow:

  • Please properly train your small animal, in this case, rabbits, to drink from the water bottle
  • Check the nozzle each day by tapping on the metal ball inside of the bottle to guarantee it is working correctly.
  • Tap on the metal ball until water flows after you refill the bottle. There are typically air bubbles that show the bottle for your pet is ready
  • Never squeeze the bottle for any reason
  • Never tighten the screw-on bracket too much
  • Wash or rinse the nozzle to remove excess dust and dirt at least one time per week

This pet water bottle from Choco shows why it is a leader. It is safe, durable, and simple to install. One last feature to know, the bottle simply snaps on and off for refilling and cleaning.

If this product interest you, follow the link below. You can read more about it as well as orders today.

Choco Nose H528 Patented No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle for Toy Breed Dog Water Bottle, Chinchilla Water Bottle


As you can see, Choco Nose is a leader once again with its four-star leak-proof water bottle. This Choco Nose patented no-drip rabbit water bottle has a U.S. stamp of approval for its leak-proof nozzle. You can reuse it like regular pet bottles such as empty soda bottles.

The innovation of this product allows your small pet to enjoy fresh and clean water while not making a mess in your home. The ideal product is one that is successful at providing water for your pet while keeping your home dry and clean. It is a win-win situation.

The small nozzle is the perfect size for small animals such as rabbits, cats, small toy breed dogs, chinchillas, and other small puppies. Just like the item above, this product is from Taiwan. The company keeps the environment in mind by producing a product that is BPA-free. Size is not the issue here being it has a size of 13mm.

The product is user-friendly thanks to its screw-on bracket. It is easy and simple to install as all you need to do is snap the bottle off and on for refilling and cleaning.. You can also attach the item to a wall or furniture made of wood thanks to its nail-on bracket.

If you like this product and want to order yours today, just follow this link.

MalsiPree Pet Travel Bottle, Portable Silicone Folding Pets Bowl Travel Pet Canteen


Next on the list is the PYRUS pet travel bottle. The Pryus travel bottle is more than a cute design. This water dispenser gives an easy solution for carrying and dispensing water for your rabbit. It has a drop shape design that is cute, and fashionable. One extra feature is the lid can turn into a small travel bowl making your luggage lightweight and more compact.

The Pyrus is a popular buy because it comes with a wide span of applications. Plus, you can easily do these:

  • Hikes
  • Walks
  • Camping Adventures
  • Car Rides
  • Trips to the Beach

The travel bottle is a simple fix for water, food, or a heat or ice pack. It is made from ABS plastic materials and silicone bottles, making it durable, and safe. Also, it has a perky light green color to add to any décor.

For heat, it can keep liquid hot at 212 F° for between 30 minutes to one hour. 176 F°-122 F° keeps for around 30 minutes and is convenient as it is practical.

No matter where you are traveling, you can feed your bunny anytime and anywhere. Wherever you go out, you can carry your collapsible water bottle. It comes with a lid which pets love to drink fresh and clean water from most often.

Whenever you want to take your small pet outdoors or on an overnight stay, your all-in-one water and bowl travel well. It is leak-proof, lightweight, and the perfect choice for all small animals

For more information, click here. Also, you can place your order today on Amazon to get the best price and customer service.

Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle. Best Mini-Sized Pet Water Feeder 11 ounces.


Here is one more item from Choco Nose on the list. This Choco Nose no-drip small animal bottle is 11.2 ounces and is mess-free. It too has a U.S. patent for being a no-drip small animal bestseller. This nozzle is perfect to reuse soda PET bottles.

The innovative thought is that it permits your pet always to enjoy fresh and clean water. It also ensures your home remains dry and clean at all times. The following are the best-seller features.

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Nozzle Diameter: 10mm
  • Constructed from BPA-free material

The small nozzle is perfect for small animals such as these:

  • Sugar Glider
  • Hamsters
  • Hedgehog
  • Mice
  • Rats

Product Instruction:

  • Tap the nozzle until you see water flowing after you refill the bottle.
  • When you see air bubbles appear, the water bottle is ready for use.
  • Never squeeze the bottle no matter what
  • Never over-tighten the bracket that screws on
  • Rinse and wash the nozzle to remove dust and dirt at least one time per week

Choco Nose H590 Patented No Drip Dog Water Bottle, Small-Medium sized Dog (15-30 lb.) Water Bottle.


Last on the list is another bestseller from Choco Nose. This item is the Choco Nose No Drip Water Bottle for small to medium cats and dogs. It is leak-proof and holds 11.2 ounces. With the Choco Nose no-drip nozzle you get all the security you need to ensure your pet has a steady flow of fresh, clean water.

All the protection from water leaking is possible because of the patented leakproof nozzle. You can give your pet all the freshwater with this item that your rabbit needs. By attaching to any standard PET bottle, you are good to go.

Thanks to its leak-proof design, you can safely provide all your rabbit needs and still have a clean environment. To order this product and learn more about it, click here:

There you have the leaders in water bottles for your rabbit or other small animals that never leak.

Types of Common Spout Types

Basically, there are two standard types of spouts of water bottles. The common types have construction of metal tubes that have several balls inside. Gravity kicks in here and locks the ball in the end part of the tube until the animal licks it. What that does is push the ball up, allowing water to pour past.

The best seller and leader are Lixit. You can find this product on Amazon here. You can buy a bottle at really low prices which is why they are readily available. You need to watch these closely as they are prone to dripping and leaking. Rabbits find this aggravating and will pull and bite at the ends.

The other type has a sippy spout that is non-drip. This style is quieter than others which is perfect if your bunny is close to your bedroom. This spout is hands down a leading feature rabbit owner love the most.

This type of bottle typically comes with wider tops which make refilling and cleaning much more manageable. The item tends to cost a bit more but is incredibly durable. Here is one other product on Amazon that is very popular with rabbit owners.

The Ferplast Sippy Bottle is a huge hit with small animals. Not only is it low in cost, but, durable and reliable.

How to Attach and Clean a Water Bottle

The bottles usually have a simple wire that has bent hocks on the end to attach it to a hutch or cage mesh. While this type at times can be challenging to get off and on and correctly positioned for securing the bottle, they are worth the struggle.

The bottled spring is merely a spring and a hook on each end that can pull back to slide the bottle out and back in. That makes changing water much easier. If you need to attach a bottle where there is no mesh, you need to use the bottle holders that professional cyclists use. Be sure to take your bottle with you for testing the right size.

Remember that if you attach a bottle in the inside area where your rabbit has full access means they more than likely will give in to temptation and chew. Bottles are easy to clean using a simple bottle brush.

You can do a more thorough cleaning job by utilizing tablets meant for sterilizing babies’ bottles. That type of cleaning job should take place on any second-hand bottle prior to use. Algae needs light before it can grow.

Therefore, you need to closely monitor where you place the bottle to ensure to prevent algae from spreading.

You can prevent it from building up by using an Opaque as a cover. That does have drawbacks to make it difficult to keep an eye on the water level at a glance. [2]

*Helpful Tip*

Water bottles with sipper tubes are the perfect way to give water to your rabbit. Most rabbits learn quickly how to use a water bottle. It’s best to encourage your bunny to investigate each new water bottle by rubbing a small amount of sweet jam or molasses on the end.

Discontinue all the sweet treats after your bunny begins drinking out of the tube. Be sure to check on the sipper tube part many times each day to guarantee water is flowing freely when touched. Some pet owners choose a bowl for their pets’ water. However, using a water bowl often presents many issues.

If the bunnies dewlap is wet on a regular basis from leaning over water, it could quickly turn into a skin infection. Rabbits with a pronounced dewlap should always use a sipper tube. Water bowls are more prone to contamination due to urine and fecal material.

A bowl requires care of on a daily basis. That means you need to check, clean, and replenish it a few time per day or as necessary. If you do choose a bowl for your bunnies water, pick one that is heavy enough to stay still and prevents the bunny from tipping the bowl over.

The following is more information on rabbits and water bottles.

How About a Water Bowl?

Water bowls are undoubtedly the natural method to drink, and most rabbits use them over wanting a bottle. However, there is a downside to bowls, and the one here is that it becomes invaded by litter and bedding.

Bowls can also be easy to knock over making a huge mess of the hutch. If your bunny is indoors and has plenty of room, you can place their feeding bowl away from their food and bedding. Also, if you are available to tend to the water throughout the day, to clean and refill, a bowl is the right choice.

As a backup plan, use both, a bottle, and a bowl to see which the pet prefers. Heavy bowls made from ceramic are hands down the most rabbit-proof option. Plastic is more like a toy for rabbits to chew up and throw everywhere like a stuffed animal.

There is no need to worry about the appearance of the bowl you choose as long as it is sturdy enough to withstand the curiosity of a rabbit. Heavy ceramic bowls such as these Petzilla Cat Ceramic Bowls. A rabbit bowl is five inches across and can hold about 18 ounces. However, you can upgrade at any time to one for dogs.

If you do need a larger bowl, the ones for dogs that hold around 18 ounces is all you need. This larger size does hold more water, but it is always a larger potential mess. Due to there being an avenue for nudging off a ledge or ramp, it is best not to place ceramic on high levels or second floors.

If you do find that your rabbits are knocking their bowls over, there are the ones that clip to the side of the hutch or cage. These are Coop Cups, generally for birds but efficient for rabbits.

These come with either two plates or hooks that fit the sides of the mesh and are then screwed together. The bowl just lifts out of the fixing making it simple to change the water.


Q: Should I be concerned about my rabbit if she is not drinking enough water?

A: Rabbits are extremely smart animals when it comes to water consumption. They are not like some animals that go on a “drinking strike” and just stop drinking water. Start looking by watching her habits to see if she is trying to drink but is unsuccessful. Then it is time to call the vet and get further tests.

Q: Should I get my rabbit’s water really cold, (frozen)?

A: No-a rabbit needs water that is room temperature, or she will refuse to drink. The same goes for hot water; both are hard on a rabbit so just stick with water from the faucet.


Rabbits are animals that are very simple to raise and simple to learn their behaviors. Water is very important to rabbits. Actually, water is more of a necessity to rabbits and most other animals due to the gastro makeup in their tummy.

Clean, fresh water is a necessity, and you need to ensure your rabbit is drinking the correct amount of water per day.

Remember, do not feed your rabbit water with additives or different types of drinks. Fresh, clean water is all one needs to survive. The additives in the water your rabbit is already getting plenty through the food it eats. Freshwater, checked and refilled throughout the day, and a clean bottle or bowl, whichever you choose is all she needs.

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