Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale Near Me: Find The Best Places To Buy Near You

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The Shih Tzu is one of the most exciting dog breeds. If you have been googling Shih Tzu puppies near me, this article will give you all the information you can get about Shih Tzu puppies and what to expect.

Pronounced as “sheed-zoo” this dog has a lot to offer you. Not only are they great companions, but they are also excellent service dogs. The best part is that they are small and do not require much space. Therefore, if your home is small, these are perfect for you.

They only weigh between 10 and 19 pounds when they mature. If you are always traveling, you can easily carry them with you. They are also great for small children because they will fit anyone who needs affection.’

If you are feeling under the weather or are fighting chronic diseases, these canines will prove to be therapeutic to you. They offer some substantial health benefits with include:

  • Stress alleviation
  • Lower risks of heart attacks
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • The walks and games you will play decrease your calories and stay healthy
  • Prevents allergies
  • Reduces depression

This article will give you all the information you will need to know about your Shih Tzu.

History of the Shih Tzu

The name Shih Tzu is of Chinese origin. They are also the chrysanthemum dog. According to DNA analysis, these dogs are closely related to the wolves. One branch from the kitchen midden dog brought forth the Papillon and the long-haired Chihuahua. Another branch brought forward the pug and the Shih Tzu. Their first breed is believed to be in 800 B.C. Several theories try to explain the origin of these dogs.

According to the most popular theory, these were the result of cross-breeding of the Lhasa Apso (a Tibetan dog that belonged to Dalai Lama, a Chinese emperor) and the Pekingese. In the 17th century, dogs were carefully crossbred to create better, friendlier, and more beautiful dogs. These crossbreeds are common in the Chinese paintings.

The first Shih Tzu breeds were trained by monks to turn the prayer wheels. Most of these dogs lived in monasteries. Newer theories, however, suggest that they lived in palaces. While the Chinese paintings show cross-breeding, there are no paintings or documents that show precisely where the dogs lived.

At first, the Chinese refused to trade these dogs with other countries. When they finally agreed to import the dogs, they first sent them to Europe in 1930. The kennel club classified them as Apsos. The first European standard for the breed was written in England in 1935 by the Shih Tzu Club.

The breed quickly spread throughout Europe and the United stated after the Second World War. It got recognized in the toy group in 1969.

Marco Polo and the Ming Dynasty

According to Marco Polo, the emperor Kublai Kahn had lion dogs that mostly trained to hunt with his lions. These dogs also played the role of calming the lions when they were not hunting.

In this dynasty in 1368-1644, these lion dogs became the favorites of royal families. In these times, they were chrysanthemums.

They grew in popularity when Empress Tzu Hai became the Empress of China. She loved these palace dogs, and her first proclamation was to protect them. Here chief eunuch was given the authority to breed and make sure that the dogs were well treated.


Today, these puppies come from a gene pool of seven male and seven female Shih Tzu and a Pekingese that crossed in 1952 in England. In 2003, these dogs were number 9 in the list of the most popular dogs. However, they dropped to 15 in 2013 although they are still quite popular worldwide.

The Temperament of the Breed

Do not underestimate this dog because of its small size. It has a huge personality. It wants nothing more than to be your ally. It is lively affectionate and sweet-tempered. What is it like to own a Shih Tzu?

There is always a game to be played and territories that need exploration for this one. This dog species loves to play. Whether it is splashing in the pool during those hot summer months of playing hide-and-go-seek, it is always ready for some fun.

It is an affectionate lap dog and a sober companion. These are also assertive and proud when it comes to training and housebreaking. These are characteristics that make the difficult and stubborn. Note that while they have an eminent personality, they are not snobby or pompous.

The biggest problem, most times, is that inexperienced owners tend to think that these dogs are going to be a breeze to live with and train. However, it requires more time, patience, and persistence than most people think.

That aside, these toy breeds are charmers. They are intelligent and process the world around them faster than most toy dogs. These are quick learners and enjoy new experiences.

They are social and almost always too trusting. While they are a bit cautious with strangers, they express unapologetic love once they know you better.

These are one of those dogs that are never aggressive. If for some reason yours is, it is your fault or your breeder’s. You will also notice that while they are fantastic watchdogs, they are not nippy or barky. Well, they neither have a drop of ‘hunt’ in their blood nor are they big enough to guard.

One of its best traits is its adaptability. It can survive in any country, climate, and with any family.

Regardless of their experiences, and age they still trust too much. Therefore, they will jump in a stranger’s lap and may fight over it with another canine.

More Important Traits of the Shih Tzu


These are not lap warmers although their diminutive size and good looks may fool you into thinking so. They love going for walks. If they do not get walks, they will find a way to stay active in the house. Many have successfully competed in agility sports where dogs navigate timed obstacles. If you enjoy the game you are playing, the dog will too.


Researchers once used the trainability of dogs to measure their IQ, and the Shih Tzu did not fair well. It is a unique dog because it is independent and has a different kind of intelligence. Most users assume that it doesn’t catch on quickly, but it does. It just needs a little patience because it is over learning multiple things at once. Therefore during training, practice consistency and patience.


This one had no intention of being a watchdog. It is, therefore, neither suspicious nor yappy. However, they will bark to let you know there is someone at the door. Other than that, you will not hear much noise from him.

Remember that if the canine if not properly socialized, it will bark excessively. Backyard breeders will also be noisy because of the careless breeding.


Well, when people arrive at your doorstep, this one takes center stage. In its mind, everyone is there to visit him- not you- never you. It will spread the love around and interact with everyone. It particularly loves belly rubs and treats. With a squeaky toy as a bribe, it will befriend anyone.

This trait makes it adaptable. It will never wallow the days away missing its old home as long as it is well cared for and loved.


It is a canine bred for companionship. It will wag its tail wildly and follow you everywhere when you get home from work. He will also curl up in your lap when you sit to watch that movie.

The way his tail curls up his back and how high he holds up his head may show arrogance but with its great looks who can blame him? Also, its ancestors lived in palaces, so he is pretty unique. All this is an act. It thinks you are the king.

What to Look for When Shopping for Your Puppy

It is exciting when you decide to bring a puppy into your life. While all puppies are utterly adorable, not all of them are good for you. There are many differences between the puppies and their sources. Of course, you also need to think about your family and its unique routines and lifestyles. This guide will help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a puppy.

What Type of Breed or Breed Mix Do You Want?

Dogs are cross-breeding all the time. However, sometimes, for some breeds, you need a pure breed. For the breed to be genuine, registered by the kennel club in a country, and reared away from other dogs. There are numerous benefits to buying pure breeds. One of the most excellent benefits is that it is easier to predict the appearance and temperament of the dog.

However, sometimes you want a dog that has the characteristics of two different species. During those times, you may need to get a crossbred puppy.

You, therefore, need to think about the personality and temperament you need from your puppy when it matures. That will guide you to the breed you need.

Choose the right supplier

Anyone can breed and sell puppies. Most countries do not have legislation against poorly bred dogs. Some suppliers have great breeds while others have terrible breeders that are always sickly and may not get to adulthood. Some may grow to be too aggressive and therefore not suitable for any homes.

You, therefore, need to check out your supplier carefully. Find out as much about them as you can. Better yet, get your friends and family to recommend to you suppliers they have already tried out.

Check their health certificate

Getting a puppy is like getting a new family member. You will invest a lot of time, money, and love into your new family member. The last thing you need is to get a puppy that has too many health issues. The emotional and financial burden may be traumatic for all involved.

Therefore, before you buy your puppy make sure that you check their health certificates. Make sure they do not have any health issues that will break your heart.

The breed you choose from may also get disposed to certain conditions. Ensure that you get a breed that is not prone to any serious health issues. A simple search on the internet will give you an idea of what to expect from each breed.

Match Your Puppy to Your Needs

Everyone is busy. If you work full time, have children, or travel often, you must get a puppy whose temperament will be suitable for your lifestyle. Whether you live on a boat or in a mansion, there is always a breed that will suit your needs.

It is therefore critical that you consider the activities that are always in your life and how a dog will fit into that. Things to check in this category include dog sizes, groups, breeds, and a breed selector.

The 6 Leading Breeders for a Shih Tzu Puppy in Dallas, Texas

Here are the best places to get your puppy if you are in Dallas, Texas:

Divine design Shih Tzu

Located in Burleson, TX 76028, this breeder gives you the best of the Shih Tzu breed. They have AKC-inspected kennel dogs. The owner gets praised for being respectable, passionate, and knowledgeable.

Holy Shih Tzu

This company at one time existed in Florida. However, they relocated to upstate New York in the mid-90s. They are in the North of Texas, and the breeder is in their home. After much research and trial and error, they got the best Shih Tzu for you.

Karyon Shih Tzu

This facility owner is Pat Fletcher who has been breeding and showing dogs for more than 36 years. He has received awards for top winning, group winners, top producing, and best dog show in the united states. He takes pride in breeding Shih Tzu which is beautiful and healthy and suited for all homes.

Junique Shih Tzu

This breeder’s owner is June Gross who is a hobby breeder. She lives with all the Shih Tzu puppies and has dedicated her life to making people happy. She is also careful of the people she sells the puppies to because she wants them to find a suitable home.

R Texas star Shih Tzu

The owner Shawn Ryals is a hobby breeder of AKC Shih Tzu puppies. She began the job in 2005 and had the experience needed for it. She has a few litters to sell each year so you can always find a puppy or two from her breeder.

How to Train a Shih Tzu

There are so many tutorials online teaching dog owners how to teach their dogs to follow commands and have the basic manners that they need. However, while history may dictate that Shih Tzus are arrogant and slow, do not be fooled. When treated right, these dogs are the best dogs. They are fragile and loving, and like all tough animals, they have a soft side too. Using praise rewards and taking your time to train them, you will be able to create a firm bond with your dog.


The best place to start training your dog is in areas where there are very few distractions. Put a treat over the head of your dog. This command will cause him to look upwards. His hunches will automatically cause him to sit.

The moment his rear touches the floor, praise him and offer him the treat. Repeat several times over the course of a few weeks. Remember to repeatedly say the word “sit” so that he understands what you want him to do. He will associate sitting with a command.


The recall command is one of the most necessary commands. It could be a lifesaver. Start from a quiet environment such as your hallway or your sitting room. Have your helper hold your dog. Walk in the opposite direction and keep calling your dog’s name. As soon as the dog shows some interest in coming towards you, have your helper release him.

Making this more challenging by creating more and more distractions and at the same time increasing the distance. As soon as your dog arrives, praise him and give him many treats.

Laying Down

If you want your dog to lie down, he must first already know the sit command. Command your dog to sit and face him holding the treat. Bring the gift to his nose and then straight down vertically ending between the dog’s legs. Pull out the treatment as if making a horizontal L.

The puppy should follow the L down without any problems. As soon as his armpits touch the floor, release the treat between his paws and praise the dog. Repeat the command severally using the words “lay down” or “down.”


This command requires some attention. You don’t want your dog to be following you everywhere. It will be difficult to introduce to your dog at first, but with time they will get it. If you have taught your dog to lie down, have him lie down next to you.

Using the palm of your hand, signal the dog to stay. Go in front of your dog, with your palm still openly say the word stay. Go back to your original position. If your dog stays, give him a treat and praise him for staying.

Eye Contact

It is essential to teach your dog to make eye contact with you so that they can hear what you are saying. This command will help your dog remain focused for a short period. Hold the treat at eye level and repeat “Watch me.”

When your dog makes eye contact, praise him, and give him a treat. Increase the length of time you need the dog to look at you, and gradually he will learn to look at you for more extended periods of time. [3]


Q: How big are these puppies?

A: Traditionally, a Shih Tzu is 9-16 pounds and 8-11 inches. However, since each dog is unique, some are smaller, and some are larger.

Q: What color is the Shih Tzu?

A: They are often particular, solid colors, and blends. They usually have a blaze on their face.

Q: What about their coat?

A: Most people tend to assume that there are shorthaired and longhaired varieties. This assumption is wrong.  They have a longhaired, dense, and silk double coat. It means that they have an outer coat and an inner coat that works for insulation. You can make them look like perpetual puppies by not brushing frequently.

Q: How much grooming is needed?

A: You can choose to keep the coat long. They will need daily combing and brushing to prevent tangles. A long coat can be painful because it will pull at the dog’s skin whenever it moves. You must also keep your anal and groin areas clean.


The Shih Tzu is an excellent companion for all generations. They are great for children and toddlers because they can keep up with their energy levels and love playing. They are also great for elderly adults because they are affectionate, lightweight, and sensitive. In addition to being lovable, they are great companions to your pets and will help keep you healthy. You really couldn’t ask for more from a canine.

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