The 5 Best Stirrup Leathers For Comfort And Control [2023]

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It is true that when you are ready to select your stirrup leathers, you should have riding effectiveness on the top of the list of expectations. When you have appropriately sized leathers, it allows the rider to make length adjustments. Proper length adjustment is a necessity for riding discipline and for your legs.

The second goal when choosing leathers is coordinating the color with the color of the saddle. Nothing looks worse than for the rider to have a stellar looking saddle with off-color stirrup leathers. To look as great as you perform, be sure to color coordinate.

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Various Types of Stirrup Leathers

Technically, there are three varieties of stirrup leathers available; these are synthetic, lined, and traditional.

Synthetic Stirrup Leathers:

Synthetic stirrup leathers come from the same manufacturers that produce synthetic saddles. A bit of advice is to stay away from putting synthetic leathers against your leather saddle. The reason why is due to the material as it can scratch saddle flaps made of leather.

On a positive note, you can keep synthetic leathers clean using mild soap added to a water solution.

Nylon-Core Leathers:

As a technique to help with preventing stretching, the nylon-core leathers came onto the scene. Surrounded by a thin layer of high-quality soft leather, nylon webbing can keep stretching to a minimal. The downside to this type is you will be unable to punch holes or cut the leather.

Traditional Stirrup Leathers:

The traditional stirrup leathers generally will last the long haul while keeping their shine and appearance. You can shorten and add holes if you choose. There are drawbacks, and that is traditional leather often will stretch a bit from usage and time.

Due to the stretching, the shape will become irregular depending on the habits of the rider. The bonus with traditional leathers is its simple to clean and condition. Here is where we bring you to the primary purpose of this article.

The purpose of the following article is to spotlight The 5 Best Stirrup Leathers For Comfort And Control. We do this by researching various products as well as manufacturers to pick the best-sellers, so you don’t have to.

Keep in mind; our job is to aid consumers with doing the legwork of finding which is the best buy. We do not favor one item nor one manufacturer. We just like helping people just like you. [1]

The 5 Best Stirrup Leathers Dressage, Jumping and Hunters:

EquiRoyal Standard Leather Stirrup 48 in. Leathers

Stainless steel enhances any item, and these EquiRoyal Standard Leather Stirrups are no different. If treated well, this stirrup will give a confident, stable fit for many years to come. The premium leathers come 48 inches in length and have hand stitching along with smooth edges.

These leathers are one-inch wide with numbered holes to ensure it’s a perfect fit each time. It is important to note; you must buy your stirrups separately. This particular leather stirrup comes in a variety of colors to match your saddle.

Be sure to read the additional information as well as place your safe and secure order by clicking here:

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Horze Stirrup Leathers

These Horze stirrup leathers are a dream come true to the consumer on a tight budget. Just because they appear expensive does not mean they are. The leathers are an excellent choice for those that want to look stylish and professional—within their budget.

On these high-quality leathers, you will find embossed numbers directly below the holes to simplify remembering your perfect fit. The stainless-steel solid buckles are ready for action and are always durable and steady. Why not buy excellent quality at an affordable price?

Be sure to view this item, read more details, and place your order by clicking here:

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HDR Triple Covered Grippy CC Stirrup Leathers 54 B

Introducing the HDR Triple Covered Grippy Stirrup Leather 54 B. The style of the HDR is different than many. The unique design of the ripple covered grippy makes the ride tight, secure, and up to the challenge.

The slim style is of excellent quality grippy leather with these qualities;

  • Nylon lined
  • Triple leather covered
  • Close Contact
  • Less stretch
  • Lies snug under the rider’s leg

If this item sounds promising, click here to read more about it and place your safe and secure order:

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Collegiate Luxe Stirrup Leathers

These Collegiate Luxe Stirrup Leathers are like no other on this list. The Excellent quality European leather makes the leather supple and soft. As a bonus, to aid with preventing scratches, there is a core webbing for that extra touch.

These stirrup leathers conform to the rider’s leg providing exceptional comfort and seamless contact. You have a choice of length, and the color is a confident brown. If this sounds like the leathers for you, click here to go check out more facts.

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CAMELOT Lined Stirrup Leathers 7/8In

These Camelot Lined Stirrups have years of quality and experience placed in every item. English Riding Supply has manufactured riding equipment as well as clothing for many years. By doing so, the durability and strength of the horse combine with its exquisite appearance to create a complete package.

With a manufacturer such as ERS, you can rest assured knowing your stirrup leather can last the long haul. The features that stand out are stainless hardware, nylon lined, and high-quality leather. The item comes in a pair with the size being 54” in length and 7/8” in width.

The classy look is also thanks to the Brown and Oakbark color. If you feel you may be interested in this item, click here for more details:

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Why Color Can Be Difficult

Depending on what type of saddle you have, the colors will vary. If you are using a dressage saddle, for instance, it’s more than likely black. That being the case, coordinating colors should be easy. However, brown jumping saddles may be a bit challenging.

It is important to note that the leather the makers use to design and make saddles is different from the type used for stirrup leathers. Therefore, finding the perfect and exact color is unlikely. You will still struggle to match the two even if they both came from the same manufacturer.

If your saddle is a used brown color, you likely have a darkened color from years of use, conditioning, and time. If this is the case, you could coordinate the color of the saddle with your brown leather. The result will be that the leather will slightly darken as your condition.

However, if it is a new saddle, try to get an understanding of how the new saddle and the leathers are going to change the more you condition. Like a lot of saddles, the brown often has red undertones and may appear redder with oiling.

A medium brown leather possibly may never become dark enough to match up with an ebony brown or a very dark saddle. Here is where a high-quality leather conditioning oil and the leather stain will work to darken the material.

Various Stirrup Leather Preferences

Stirrup leathers come in several varieties. There are those that have holes punched that is one inch and half-inch spaces. Some riders prefer the more exact length adjustment made possible by the half-inch leathers. Many refer to it as the “half-hole.”

You can probably tell by now; buckles are a significant part of leather as well. For durability, the buckles made of solid stainless steel come in two designs—flat and curved. While there are riders that prefer the basic traditional flat buckle, others do not so much.

The reason for this is the somewhat curved buckle tucks into the area of the stirrup bar smoother. With that, it decreases the bulk directly under their thigh area. There are many options you can choose to add to your unique stirrup characteristics.

For example, you could add beveled edges or simple stitching that fits who you are. Once you choose the type of leather you want, be sure to keep in mind the length and color.

Proper Stirrup Leather Care

As you should already understand, keeping your stirrup leathers and your saddle clean and conditioned regularly is vital for their health. While doing so, keep these tips in mind:

  • While you ride your horse, your stirrup leathers are always under stress. Make sure to take a little extra time to check the leather. Check carefully where both the iron and the buckle meet to ensure there is no cracking.
  • Replace the leathers if you see or think they have been damaged by cracking or loose stitching.
  • Be sure the release bar on the stirrup bar is in the open position at all times. That allows the leather to slide away from the bar if needed.


Q: How important is buying the perfect length and can I just cut off parts of one that is too long?

A: It is more than important that you have the right size of leather. It is as essential as having a saddle that fits. No-never try to take a more extended leather and trim it down to size. That is a danger waiting to happen.

Q: Is it safe to buy used leather?

A: Understanding budget concerns, it is still not a wise idea to buy used leather. You have no idea how rough the previous owner was with them or how safe they are.


As you can see, the stirrup leathers play a vital role in your safety while riding your horse. Be sure to check for the proper length and know what style you may want. Hopefully, one of the five reviewed above with be of help in matching you up with the perfect fit.

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