The 6 Best Trail Saddles For Endurance & Comfort: 2023 Reviews & Guide

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Whether you rather have an Australian, English, Endurance Style, or Western-style saddle, you should have no problem finding the right fit. There are many varieties of saddles that gear towards keeping both you and your horse’s comfort zone in mind along with safety.

Trail riding requires a saddle and saddle pad that is unlike other types of riding equipment. For each equestrian sport, choosing the right style of equipment is vital. Depending on how close the rider needs to be to direct the horse will be what type and size saddle to buy.

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Trail riding is much different from show and competition requirements. Withstanding the rugged terrain of most trails, the type of saddle must be one that provides comfort and safety. As you can imagine, riding for hours while sitting in the saddle over time can affect the rider’s back and spine.

*Writer’s Note*

Carrying a person on its back for miles and miles using the wrong saddle and pad over time can damage the horse’s spine. Shopping for the best trail saddle in many ways is like choosing one for other activity or sport.

The material quality, design, and construction lead to initial consideration. Once you know the type and model saddle you need, your search will be more focused. The purpose of this article is to find consumers of the best-selling Trail Saddle available in today’s market.

*Writer’s Note*

Our job is to find the leading products and highlight that product’s features. As the writer, our goal is not to endorse one particular maker or attempt to persuade the reader to choose one over the other.

We will bring to you the best-selling trail saddles, features, and avenues to make your purchase safely and securely. Kick back, relax, and enjoy learning about each product and the additional information that is sure to educate you.

The following are the top-rated Trail Saddles For Endurance And Comfort on the market today. Each one is unique in some way and offers the rider more bang for your buck. Be sure to go to the product page to see the item as well as more features. Here they are:

The 6 Best Trail Saddles for Endurance and Comfort:

Colorado Saddlery The Bear Valley Trail Master Saddle

The first item on this list is the Colorado Saddlery The Bear Valley Trail Master Saddle. The saddle is sturdy and simple and fits both rider and horse. Whether your plans are a pleasure ride or a short ride through the neighborhood, this is the ideal saddle.

Features of this saddle:

  • Tree: 16-Inch Fiberglass New and Improved Covered Semi-Quarter Horse Bars
  • Little Wonder Bars: Full-7-Inch Quarter Horse Seat
  • Hand Polished and Oiled to a Golden Chestnut Finish
  • Weighs 25 Pounds fully Rigged
  • Made from the Finest Leather Possible
  • Made in the USA
  • Fleece Lined Breast Collar
  • Blevins Bucket Stirrups

This saddle is the perfect start of this guide. It is durable and affordable. Be sure to read additional features and view the product by clicking here:

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AceRugs Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail Barrel Racing Show Horse Saddle Free TACK Set PAD Silver Crystals

For the rider in need of a saddle that is budget-friendly, lightweight, and simple to maintain, this saddle is a perfect choice. The AceRug Western Pleasure Trail Saddle brings many features to the table with this item.

Not only can you choose your favorite color, but you can also select the size that is best suited for both rider and horse. The synthetic saddle has colorful crystal trim that accents its beauty while remaining the best option for trails.

The Features of the Saddle:

  • Colored Crystals Along the Cantle and Skirting
  • Padded Ostrich Horn and Seat
  • Colored Nylon Binding
  • Tear-Proof and Simple to Clean
  • Free Accessories While Supplies Last
  • Colored Texas Star Conchos
  • Soft Padded Seat
  • Adjustable Blevins Buckles

Check out more details and view the item by clicking here:

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King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

Next, is this King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle that makes the perfect fit for extended hours of riding. The saddle is lightweight with synthetic fenders and skirts. The leather seat, horn, pommel, and jockey each present stunning colors and durability.

The saddle comes with fast-changing Tough1 buckles, a padded suede seat, Adjustable Padded Stirrups, and Neoprene in Skirts. The following are the features of the King Series Saddle:

  • Padded Suede Seat
  • Padded Adjustable Sewn Stirrups
  • Shock-Absorbing Construction
  • Scratch-Resistant, Lightweight Synthetic Fenders, and Skirts
  • Silver Attractive Conchos

This saddle is one you need to see to appreciate fully. To view the saddle, read more details, and order one today, click here:

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King Trekker Trail Saddle W/O Horn

This King Trekker Trail Saddle is an Endurance Saddle without the Horn design that enhances long rides while providing comfort. The saddle is the perfect fit for extended journeys on a trail as well as doing work on the farm.

The customized fiberglass-reinforced tree comes with a unique air-cooling channel for dispersing heat on extended rides. That provides durability and comfort for both the horse and the rider.

The stirrups are free-swinging with quick-change buckets. The deep soft seat is leather with additional hardware to take gear for the ride.

The following are features that enhance this saddle:

  • 5 Inch Deep Padded Seat
  • Has Fast-Changing Blevins Style Buckles
  • Available in Various Sizes and Colors
  • Has a Design that is Especially for Trail Riding
  • Rawhide Covered Tree

If this type of saddle interests you, be sure to read more about its features. Click here to see the item and place your safe and secure order today.

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King Series All-Around Trail Saddle

This King Series Trail Saddle provides such a comfortable ride that enhances the rider’s performance while providing comfort. The all-purpose Western Saddle has the unique Tough1, fast-change buckles with Neoprene in the skirts.

The variety of colors and sizes offers every horse lover a style that matches their taste in colors. The tree is fiberglass bars with a full-quarter horn. The total weight is light and simple to handy 22 pounds.

  • Neoprene in Skirts Offers Great Comfort for the Horse
  • Ample Variety of Size and Color Options
  • Features full quarter bars
  • Includes Stylish Blevins Quick Change Buckles
  • High-Quality Material Design and Construction

Find out more about this item and view the product by clicking here:

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Western Leather Co 15 16 Barrel Racing Comfy Show Trail Tooled Leather Western Horse Saddle TACK

If you are ready to answer your desire for trail riding and even barrel racing, add this saddle to your “must-have” list. The Orlov Hill Leather Trail Tooled Saddle will no doubt attract much attention on the trails or in competitions.

The maker, Orlov Hill Leather saddle features a finish of Antique Floral Tooling for a unique look. The roughout fender and jockey provide the rider with an excellent grip while the ultra-padded Suede Seat will keep you comfortable no matter how long you plan to ride the trails.

The additional features are as follows:

  • Oiled Leather Billet Straps and Latigo Come With the Saddle
  • Free Matching Headstall Breast Collar
  • 100 Percent Leather with Hand Tooled Shiny Stainless-Steel Fitting Hardware
  • Rough Out Jockey – Fender
  • Suede Seat to Hold You Tight

These features are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to go to the product page to view the item, read more features, and safely and securely place your order today. You can do each of these by clicking here:

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There are the Six Best Trail Saddles for Endurance and Comfort. Be sure before you click the “buy now” option that you look at the pictures, read more features, and have the right type of saddle in mind.

Choosing the Right Trail Saddle is Vital

In a variety of ways, choosing a trail saddle is no different from picking one for any other activity or sport. The material quality, design, and construction lead the way for initial considerations. Once you have narrowed your search to a few models, you then should focus on the fit.

Here is where shopping for trail saddles begins to get down to facts. These facts, such as the time you plan to spend in your saddle and how precise a good fit becomes. Dealing with minor imperfections in the fit of the saddle may or may not have consequences.

If the fit is not accurate and the rider spends an hour or two in an arena, chances are, both rider and horse will likely suffer from significant soreness. The same will happen after a day of riding on the trail of varying terrain.

When you shop for a new saddle, you need to know the right dimensions to ensure you buy the right size. Choosing a saddle that is too small can cause your horse to have a sore spine which will cause pain.

However, if the saddle is too big, it will slide around on the horse’s back which can cause raw sores that can lead to infection. These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg of why you must know the type of saddle you need along with the right size.

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Q: What about the saddle padding, Is one better for trail riding than others?

A:  Yes, the saddle padding is just as vital as the saddle itself. Using a pad that is the wrong size will cause the saddle to fit wrong which will cause the horse’s back to hurt.

Q: Can I use the same trail saddle to ride around the ranch as well as a full day of trail riding?

A: Yes—you can. For both scenarios, you need to ensure you buy the proper fitting saddle for the sake of both the rider and the horse.


As you can see, choosing the right trail saddle with a good fit is as important as selecting the right horse. A horse for trail rides is different from the one used in competitions in arena sports.

Be sure to research all you can to know what features you need as well as what model type fits best for your horse.

What about you, do you have additional information to add to this article? Our readers want to hear your input. Please leave us a comment below, and we will respond promptly. While you are here, please “like and share” our work so that we can continue to help others.

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