The 5 Best Trail Saddles For Gaited Horses That Adds Endurance To The Ride

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It is true that gaited horses’ popularity is still at a steady climb with riders around the globe. Trail riding needs a precise saddle type that works with both the horse and rider for added endurance.

Gaited horses are extremely popular with those people getting a late start riding horses. Riders also favor gaited horses if they suffer from back issues. For those that do not know what a gaited horse is, let’s start here.

A gaited horse is a unique breed of horses that come from selective breeding. The purpose is so that the colt will have natural tendencies and ability to achieve smooth and straightforward, four-beat horse gaits.

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It is all about improving the comfort and workability of the saddle at moderate speeds. All of these combined are collectively known as “ambling gates.”

*Writer’s Note*

The transformation is more than likely a dominant gene which just one copy of a single mutated allele produces gaitedness. However, gaitedness is not always a guarantee. There are many of these type horses that may never catch on to gaiting.

The purpose of this article is to narrow down the leading five trail saddles for gaited horses. We always aim to help consumers with which saddles are durable, safe, workable and comfort for both rider and horse.

It is not our place to try to suggest one saddle over the other because our guides are always unbiased. We research to choose the best-sellers, then we share the reasons why with our readers.

The Five Best Trail Saddles For Gaited Horses That Adds Endurance To The Ride


First is the AceRug Black Endurance Trail Gaited Horse Saddle. This saddle has a unique design that is perfect for keeping the rider in the seat longer. Not only is it comfortable enough to spend hours on your favorite trail, but it also does so without causing saddle sores.

There are many unique features to this saddle such as these:

  • A well-padded and deep seat for extra comfort and support
  • Never a need to worry about your lower back due to the design of the saddle
  • Fiberglass Tree and Wood Base
  • Rounded Skirt Design to Ensure Comfort
  • Color is Shiny and Classic Black
  • 100 Percent Leather
  • Basket Weave Tooling
  • Free Reins, Headstall and Breast Collar

To view this item and read more details, click here:

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Great American M1-15 GAITED Trail Pleasure Endurance Horse Leather Saddle

This looker is the Great American Trail Pleasure Endurance Gaited Saddle. The maker of this brand is right in the heart of Texas where cowboys first began. Made from skirting leather that is genuine and high-quality is why it is durable as well.

The affordable price and excellent artistry are just a couple of reasons why this saddle is on this list. Thanks to the extent of muscle movement of a gaited horse and the unique shape, the tree is even unique.

Check out these features that make this saddle for gaited horses a leader in its class.

  • The Cantle is 5 inches.
  • Gullet Design Specifically Made for This Breed of Horse
  • The Tree Comes With a Unique Design Made Especially for Gaited Horses
  • The Saddle Seat is 15 inches of Smooth Black Leather

To find out more information, view the saddle, and order yours today, click here:

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AceRugs New Comfy GAITED Western Pleasure Trail Show Horse Saddle TACK 15 16 17 18 Free Bridle REINS Breast Collar

This black, lightweight synthetic saddle is ideal for horses that have shorter backs than other breeds. The materials are synthetic on this AceRug Gaited Western Saddle that has a nylon binding around its edges. That adds to the durability and makes it tearproof.

The gaited horse saddle is easy to clean, water-proof, and simple to maintain by just using a damp cloth. The saddle has thick padding to add to the rider’s comfort. The features of the underside are padding made with thick synthetic fleece.

The following are a few of the features of the AceRug Saddle:

  • Nylon Binding Edges
  • Ultra-Fleece Underside
  • Texas-Star Silver Conchos
  • Synthetic Cordura Material
  • Adjustable Padded Stirrups

This saddle sounds as good as it looks. It delivers everything and more of the features you need. Click here to read even more information, view photos, and the avenue to order your today:

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King Series Gaited SQ Synthetic Saddle

King Series is no stranger to producing championship products for both the rider and the horse. That is extremely obvious when you read about the King Series Gaited SQ Synthetic Saddle. Many lightweight saddles have a design specifically choreographed to fit one typical horse.

Whether you are a fan of trail riding or just everyday riding around the ranch, do it in comfort. Take a look at all these excellent features this King Series saddle offers the rider:

  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Pommel and Cantle
  • Tough Build Nylon Saddle that Comes With Belvin Style Buckles
  • Available in Various Models and Sizes

When you are ready to read more or place your safe and secure order on Amazon, you can do so by clicking here:

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HILASON 18 in Gaited Western Trail Pleasure Endurance Horse Saddle Brown

This HILASON Gaited Pleasure Endurance Leather Saddle is as comfortable as it is durable. This item is the second saddle on this list from the maker, Great America, and is not short on offering impressive features.

The genuine skirting leather is high-quality thanks to its excellent artistry with an affordable price tag. It is one thing to offer a saddle such as this at an affordable price, but, being affordable and high-quality is everything you need.

Aside from the features mentioned in the previous Great American section, this M2-16 also offers these:

  • Matching Front Straps is Part of the Unique Design
  • Mahogany Colored Genuine Leather Skirting
  • 16-inch Brown Smooth Leather
  • Tree Designed Especially for Gaited Horses
  • 5-inch Gullet Custom Made for Gaited Horses

Do you like the features of this Great American Saddle? Be sure to go to the product page to view the saddle and place your order today by clicking here:

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There you have it—the Five Best Trail Saddles For Gaited Horses

What Exactly is a Gaited Horse Saddle?

A gaited horse saddle is specifically designed to provide more freedom for the horse’s shoulders. For both, the rider, and the horse, this is a huge ordeal. The reason why is so that the horse can perform their popular high-stepping movements.

The first question you may be asking yourself is “What exactly is a gaited horse”? You are by far not the only reader that is clueless on this topic. Here is your answer. A gaited horse is one that through training and precise breeding, along with the key detail, they do not trot.

Each gait, which happens to vary amid different breeds, is each four-beat gait. That provides a rider with an exceptionally smooth ride while remaining sharp and focused.  While there are numerous gaited breeds, there are some that rank as the more popular types.

The Following are The Most Popular Gaited Horse:

  • Paso Finos
  • Foxtrotters
  • Tennessee Walkers
  • Icelandic Horses
  • Rocky Mountain Horses

*Writer’s Note*

If you see a horse that performs football patterns outside of their regular walk, jog/trot, lope/canter, most likely it will have a label of being “gaited.” However, a horse that does a rack or running walk, tolts, paces, amble, or single feet is a gaited horse.

The majority of gaited horses are typically able to travel with a four-beat gait as well as the basic three being an inherited trait. Some breeds instead travel in a natural fashion while it trots, walks and canter.

The following are some of the gaited breeds that are most popular in the world of horses. (1)

Check out these types:

Icelandic Horses:

This breed of gaited horse is sturdy and sure-footed. The Icelandic gaited horse tölt and paces as well as cantering, trotting, and walking. Both of these movements provide comfort for both the horse and its rider. One other perk is that this breed can easily carry an adult individual over rough terrain at a steady speed.

American Saddlebred:

This gaited breed, the American Saddlebred, is basically one of the most appreciated and popular gaited horses. The breed itself is an overall extremely popular choice with riders on all levels.

Paso Fino:

The “Paso” otherwise known as the Paso Fino, originates from Colombia and Puerto Rico area. Then, later down the line, Caribbean countries and Cuba joined the list. This breed is small yet quite sturdy.

*Writers Note*

The Paso Fino is small but sturdy and has a physical appearance that harkens back to the forebearer, the Andalusian.

Peruvian Paso:

The National Institute of Culture of Peru continues to acknowledge the breed and has its own fan club. The horse is especially a favorite due to its smooth gait and elegant carriage of the culture of Peru. Peru’s elegant national horse continues to win many fans as more and more gaited horses begin to surface.


Q: With the Tennessee Walking Horse gaits, how does it affect the feel of the horse under the saddle?

A: Those that ride gaited horses express how good the horse feels under the saddle. Whether you are experiencing real gaits, trail gaits, or natural gaits, the feel is like no other.

Q: When I get ready to buy a gaited horse, what should I look for in a horse?

A: Like other items, you must decide on what you feel is the best fit for you. The same goes for choosing the breed of horse for your unique situation. There may be one breed that you ride better than others. Before you invest in one type, do your best to test drive each breed.


Gaited horses are as unique as the saddles used for riding trails. You must ensure the one you choose fits right, rides comfortably and remains durable for many years. If you are new to riding gaited horses, invest some time into reading as many articles as possible. Saddles are not cheap and the ones that are, are short-lived.

If you need professional guidance on how to fit your body to a saddle, contact the local saddle fitter in your area. It is better to have an exact fit than to invest in a saddle that you cannot use.

Thank you for reading our site. If you have any input on this topic, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, could you please “like and paste” our work to your social media, we appreciate it.

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