The 6 Most Comfortable Saddles For Both Horse & Rider: 2023 Reviews

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Finding the most comfortable saddles for both the horse and the rider may be harder than you think. The rider usually has their favorite, but how do you know the horse is comfortable as well? No rider wants to spend several hours in an uncomfortable saddle, and no horse wants to be uncomfortable, either. With so many styles of saddles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you and your horse?

The way a saddle fits the horse is the main point to the horse’s soundness and comfort on the trail. The saddle you have in the tack room from last year may not be as comfortable for both you and your horse as you remember.

The saddle that once fit your horse and you just perfect may now be ill-fitting because your horse is still developing. What changes take place that may affect the comfort and feel of the saddle from before? The bone structure, muscle size, and overall shape of the rider or horse may change.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the most comfortable saddles for both horse and rider. Aside from personal preferences, there are features to look for while shopping for a new saddle.

Basic Comparison:





Outback Saddle

Australian Outrider Collection

Medium (17)

Dark Oil


23 Pounds

Horse Saddle Tack

AceRugs Premium Amazingly

Cowhide Leather

Padded Seat



Wintec Full Quarter

Wintec Full Quarter



Faux Leather

‎19 Pounds

The Following are the Most Comfortable Saddles for Horses and Riders that Enjoy Hitting the Trails:

AceRugs Premium Amazingly Comfortable Black Endurance Full Quarter Bar Western Pleasure Trail Hand Tooled Leather Horse Saddle Tack


First is this item: the AceRugs Premium Leather Horse Saddle. Not only is this saddle ultra-comfortable but it is also easy on the eyes. This saddle is going to look amazing no matter what you and your horse enjoy doing together.

The stunning appearance of this design is due to the black leather with silver studs and embossing close to the edges. The leather is soft which conforms easily to the shape of both horse and rider. An added bonus to the rider’s comfort is the hand-stitched suede seat. The saddle has loops on both sides and in the front for easy access to any attached belongings.

Features include:

  • 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Beautiful Black Color
  • Silver-studded Accents
  • Well-balanced Wood and Fiberglass Tree

This saddle has everything you could look for in style and comfort. The AceRugs Premium is one of the most comfortable saddles available and is a Morning Homestead top pick. Click below to see the pictures, read more data, and get yours ordered today.

Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle


Next is the Wintec Wide Western Trail Saddle. This item has full quarter bars for comfort, quality, and excellent fit. The saddle has the following features crafted from durable scratch-resistant synthetic-type leather:

  • Square Skirts
  • EZ- Fold Fenders System
  • Swell
  • Cantle
  • Fenders

This saddle is low maintenance since all you need to use to keep it clean is soap and water. Thanks to its sturdy, yet soft, material, the suede leather seat supplies extra comfort and grip. Such durable construction and material allow this saddle not to lose its fit due to wear and tear.

This saddle is definitely one you will want to read more about in the information about make and features. You can do so by clicking here:

Australian Outrider Collection Outback Saddle


When you seek comfort for both you and your horse, sometimes simplicity is the answer. This Australian Outrider Collection Outback Saddle is everything you need for a comfortable ride. The design is a stunning floral stamping hand tooled with perfection.

Aside from being beautiful, the design provides security and durability whether you are riding for pleasure, on the trail, or in an arena. One unique feature is the air tunnel of the comfort tree keeps the horse’s back cool for extended traveling. The simple design of the overall saddle creates less bulk to interfere with the horse’s motion.

Click here to read the specs of the saddle, see the pictures, and get your secure order in today:

Colorado Saddlery The Bear Valley Trail Master Saddle


This Colorado Saddlery Bear Valley Trail Master is durable, yet comfortable and straightforward. Its lighter weight makes it easier for riders and horses to carry. Quality leather improves rider comfort.

Not only is the saddle comfortable, but the style and design are stunning. The following are a few features:

  • Weight of only Twenty-five Pounds Fully Dressed
  • Hand polished Golden Chestnut Finish
  • New and Improved Sixteen-inch Tree
  • Top-quality Leather
  • Made in the USA

Be sure to go to this item’s page to read about many more features that make this saddle stand out. Click here to go to the link on Amazon for safe and secure ordering:

Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail Barrel Racing Show Horse Saddle


This item is the second saddle from the leading saddle maker, AceRugs. The Western Pleasure Saddle is perfect for whatever reason you and your horse require comfort. The seat is ideal for trail rides, training, or a casual stroll around the fields.

The unique appearance will add to why you and your horse will stand out from the crowd. Do not let the synthetic material fool you; the saddle is plenty durable and is as simple to keep clean as any rider could want. The fleece underside is soft on your horse’s skin and provides extra padding.

Thanks to its ultra-padded seat and teal synthetic suede material, you will turn heads all while still being in comfort for the entire journey. The following are a few features that give this saddle a thumbs-up:

  • Beautiful Teal Color
  • Soft Synthetic Fleece Underside
  • Free Reins, Breast Collar, and Headstall
  • Soft-Padded Seat

To get a clear picture of just how beautiful this saddle is and why we think it is one of the most comfortable saddles available, be sure to review its full details and features below:

Mustang Soft Ride Saddle


For the rider that prefers a really soft seat, this Mustang Soft Ride Saddle is the top of the line. The saddle conformation provides the perfect support for a ride in the fields or on the trails. For an added feature, the saddle has a bareback pad that is soft and shock-absorbent.

The design of the saddle improves the rider’s balance and has a high-rise cantle to add protection and hip support. Balancing the rider with its design, the saddle distributes the rider’s weight comfortably over the horse, easing pressure on the horse’s back. The following are the special features of this saddle:

  • Simple Hose Cleaning and Air drying
  • High-rise Cantle
  • Removable Stirrups
  • Adjustable Grab Handle

For softness and durability, this saddle is perfect for the rider who enjoys a closer feel with their horse. Click here to take a look at its beauty and to order yours today:

There are the six most comfortable saddles for both horse and rider. You choose the right one for you.

Your Horse’s Spine is in Danger with the Wrong Saddle

There is more to choosing the right saddle than picking up the one in the barn and tossing it on your horse. Different features, such as tree size and seat design, can make or break your decision about a saddle.

The western saddle’s creation was due to the need for carrying heavy objects. This type of saddle covers a vast region of the horse’s back and requires a hefty horn and pommel for roping. All of that combined is a good bit of weight on the horse.

The horse carries the entire load on its withers and spine, no matter why you are riding and no matter how far. There are many pressure points on the most vital area of your horse: its backbone.

Does Your Saddle Fit?

A proper fitting begins with the tree of the saddle. The tree is the most significant part of the saddle due to it being the main body of support between the rider and the horse. The tree comes in a variety of shapes, just like horses’ backs: standard, wide, and narrow. Each saddle will need to be customized to fit each horse properly; the reason why is that the tree must coincide with the horse’s muscles and body contour.

A Bad Fit is Damaging

A tree that is poor fitting will dig into your horse’s upper body, causing damage along pressure points. Those pressure points will interfere with the horse’s skin, circulation, sweating, joint motion, and muscle movement.


Q: How important is having the proper saddle pad?

A: The padding is just as vital as buying the right saddle. Click here to read about the right saddle pad.

Q: If I start with a colt, how often should I adjust the saddles?

A: Be sure to monitor the growth of your horse. As you know, horses grow rather fast, and it is vital that you keep an eye on how the saddle fits over time in order to exchange it as the horse develops.

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Choosing the right saddle for you and your horse is a combination of proper fit, function, and comfort for you both. If the horse is not considered in the fitting process, the horse’s spine and legs can suffer if the animal has to work while being in pain.

Do your homework before you buy a saddle. If you are still unsure, seek the help of a professional. Thank you for reading our article. Are you on a quest to find one of the most comfortable saddles? Share your knowledge and experiences with us below by leaving a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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