The 5 Best Lasso Ropes For Beginners: Guide And Review [2023]

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If you are a rodeo fan or someone with your own livestock, then chances are you have a history of roping and lassoes. Rodeo began with both men and women with horses and cattle herders of the past.

Today, modern American Rodeos not only test the skills but advance cowboys and cattle drivers in the now popular sport involving livestock. What once was just a means of survival in the rough and rowdy ranges of the west is now a highly lucrative and expanding sport.

While the rodeo world of today is not exactly as it was in the wild west, it does have the same gear. As a part of rodeoing, there are horses with other livestock that is the lifeblood of cowboys. Along with the animals comes the equipment these ranchers use on a daily basis.

What once was a small, simple local event of young and old ranchers, is now a massive money-maker. Today, both men and women show off their skills of handling livestock and do so around the world.

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Rodeos vary in competition events that offer more than just fame. The ones that stick with sports such as bull riding, tag-team roping, and barrel races make a nice paycheck. You may not have an interest in competitive roping, but there is nothing quite like watching a trained person using a lasso.

The purpose of this guide and review is to highlight the five best lassoes for beginners. From small children to grandparents, showing off lasso skills is something to see. The items in this review are in no particular order of favoritism.

Our job is to show you the leaders that are worth the investment.

Here Are The Top Five Lasso Ropes For Beginners On Amazon:

AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope Hand Sewn Leather Burner 30 Feet Made in USA Waxed

First on this list is the AJ Tack Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope. As an “Amazon-Choice” product, you know you are buying high-quality. The twisted nylon lariat lasso material is medium-lay nylon that has a light hand wax coating. The size is 7/16 inches thick and is thirty feet long.

It comes with a leather burner that is hand sewn for protection. The color is white and has an Amazon Score of 3.9 stars out of 5.


  • Made in the USA
  • Medium Lay, Twisted Nylon Rope
  • Leather Burner Hand-Sewn
  • Waxed for Protection
  • Thirty Feet Long and 7/16 inches in Diameter


  • Comes a Little Loose with No Knott

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Kids Roping Practice Steer Head Dummy Lariat Set Hay Spikes Colored Rope

For the little buck-a-roo in the family is this Kids Roping Practice Steer Head with a perfect colored lasso. Brand new and handy, this lariat comes with all a curious kid needs to get a good start roping.

The Maker, AJ Tack, is the same maker of the first item on this list. Made from heavy-duty polyethylene, with two seven-inch steel rods that keep the head secure in a hay bale for practicing.


  • Leather Burner Hand Sewn on The End
  • Light Hand Wax
  • Twenty-Foot Long
  • Durable Poly-Nylon


  • Some consumers feel the material is a cheap product that is stiff and hard to loosen.

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Colorado Saddlery the Silver -Feet Lariat Rope

The design of this Colorado Saddlery Silver Dot Lariat Rope is for anyone who needs a little extra weight as well as length in a lasso. You would need this type if you needed to make long catches at any time.

The lasso is durable and dependable with an aluminum lightweight Honda. For the hardworking rancher, this is the perfect product. The dimension of this item is 5/16 inches x 25 feet. Colorado Saddlery has made Cowboys happy since 1945.


  • Made in the USA
  • Extra Weight and Length for Successful Long Catches
  • 5/16 inches x 25 feet of Dungeness Rope with an Aluminum Design Honda
  • John Wayne Marketed this Product in all His Movies


There are no negative remarks by consumers

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40-Foot Rodeo Rope Lasso Florear Western Nylon Trick Rope

Next is this M-Royal 40-foot Rodeo Rope Lasso Western Nylon Lasso Rope. Whether you want to learn trick roping, or you want to improve your catch, this is the item for the job. The yellow nylon rope is perfect for practicing or beginners.

Thanks to its make, the Lariat is durable and long-lasting for years to come.


  • Leather Burner
  • 3/8 Inch Diameter
  • Floral “Trick Rope”
  • Handmade Onda


  • Stiff and takes a while to loosen up

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Classic Spydr 5-Strand Head Rope 30ft X Soft

This Classic Rope has been a favorite for many years. The Classic Spyder 5-Strand Head Rope is all any beginner needs. The item is the next generation’s hit as it offers the latest technology with what worked through history.

The slim structure is easy to handle and delivers high-quality. There are five strands of the braided nylon that provides just the right tip and snap to ensure the ultimate capture. This item is 30 feet long x 3/8 inches in diameter.


  • Durable and Sturdy Material
  • 30 Feet Long
  • 5-Strand Wrapped Material


  • No comments from consumers

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How to Break in a Lasso

Roping adds much entertainment to a hectic lifestyle. Many things determine how well the rope you have will perform, including these factors:

  • Cattle Size
  • Age of the Rope
  • Temperature
  • Storage

The main points to remember is the manufacturing of these ropes are with nylon and nylon will stretch. Therefore, when you do rope a steer, the rope will naturally snap back. That happens on every live run.

However, when you use the rope too many times, it is unable to bounce right back, and the loop will begin to break down. That beginning “break-in” will be what determines the lifespan of the rope.

If the temperature is eighty or higher, you should not attempt over four steer roping on the first try. The next time you use the rope, it will be extra tough which will enable you to run additional steer.

For this reason, it is vital that you break the rope in properly. If there is a time where your rope takes an extra hard tug, stop, and let that rope have time to bounce back. One rope can last at least fifty runs or even more.

For the best results, only run up to four steers the first day you use the rope. Keep in mind to straighten the eye after each run to coil it back up while you wait for the next run. Be sure that you never allow the rope to drag while going back to the stripping chute once you rope your steer.

That adds more stress to your rope that is not necessary. When you finish roping, be sure to straighten the eye, coil the rope back up, and place it in your bag. There are those that put the twisties back on the rope. However, that is not necessary.

What is the Cactus Grip?

The cactus grip is when the rope tightens between the steer and the saddle horn. The crowns separate slightly which allows the rope to hold the horn. It is minor when you are talking about having the clock stopped but, a huge ordeal when gripping the horn.

*Writers Tip*

Snapback is when the physical trait in nylon allows the rope to stretch and return back to its natural resting state. Allowing the lasso to rest is a significant step to keep the condition of the rope in good shape.


Q: Should I wait until my child is a teenager before training him on the lasso?

A: There really is no perfect age. Introducing your child, the sooner, the better but buy one of the kits that are in this guide for children that comes with a “dummy head.”

Q: What if my Lasso gets wet?

A: Try to prevent the rope from getting wet as much as possible. However, if it does somehow get wet, be sure to allow it the chance to dry properly before using it again.


Choosing to live on a ranch raising steer and other livestock often passes on from one generation to the next. Many start their young children learning “the ropes” (pun intended) early on in life to be able to help someday manage their investment. Learning to use a lasso should be one of the first lessons. (learn more here)

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