Best Half Chaps And Why Wear Them? Guide & Reviews [2023]

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Unless you have a reason to know about equestrianism, you may not know the history behind wearing chaps. Like everything in this world, there was a time when someone decided they need something to protect their clothing and possibly their body. Protection of the body is how chaps came to be.

So, how long ago did chaps come onto the scene? The history to the half-chap is fascinating. Today, many people wear half-chaps for all types of horseback riding journeys. If you or someone you know are big into horses, the odds are you will find many pairs of chaps in their wardrobe.

For whatever reason you wear half chaps, the original purpose was to provide the person with extra security. Horseback riding in the past was the only means of transportation and not just a hobby or pastime. In Mexico, the early day Spanish settlers wanted to add aid to their existence and dominance as they colonized and scouted out their location.

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While embarking upon this journey, one can imagine the tough and rough territory the settlers came upon outdoors. Many areas were unsafe and hard to travel which as you can imagine, often caused injury to the settlers.

While riding horses through this harsh terrain, many suffered from leg injuries as well as a need to shield their horses as well. Due to the limited options, original chaps were basic and simple parts and pieces of leather that the user would connect to their saddles.

These settlers did not wear the chaps at all times but placed on before heading into the dense brush that had the potential to harm their legs and their horse. The nineteenth century is when the chaps you see today made it on the scene.

Even at this point, the pieces of the leather apparel remained attached around the riders midsection with belts keeping the material in place. Today, there are many varieties, sizes, designs and makers of chaps and half chaps.

This article is a nonbiased review and product guide to help consumers choose the best pair of half chaps that fit their unique situation. Keep in mind; our job is to present you with the best-selling items. These are in no direct order of one being better than the other.

The Following are the Five Best Half Chaps on the Market Today:

Shires Children’s Mesh Half Chaps

First on the list is the Shires Children’s Mesh Half Chaps. Supplying your child the extra protection while riding is always a good step. These half chaps by Shire’s are perfect for your little one due to the breathable mesh design that offers the wearer plenty air-flow to remain cool.

As you can image, wearing any leather would add heat to an already scorching day. Therefore, buying the half chaps with breathable material is a significant detail. One feature that both you and your child will appreciate is the elastic stirrup straps for keeping the half chap nice and snug.

Also, the chaps have zip closures with press studs at both the top and bottom. For added comfort, on the inner leg area is a protective Amara Suede Padding. These half chaps are machine washable, which parents love and appreciate.

This half chap is available in three sizes and is black in color. Click here to see pictures, check sizes and get your order in for an exciting Christmas gift for your young horse lover.

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Perri’s Zipper Adult Half Chap

The second item on the list is Perri’s Zipper Adult Half Chap. Who says a piece of clothing to wear outdoors cannot be as stylish as it is useful? This adult half-chap is just that-stylish and valuable.

The price and the quality will be hard to beat for the adult that wants added protection but not overboard. The material and design are durable, suede cowhide that is as soft and comfortable as you can imagine. This item also has a zipper in place for easy off-and-on access.

The Perri’s half chap also has an elastic foot band to aid in keeping it in place while riding. This product has eleven size options to ensure you get the best fit. While the half chaps are not water-proof, they are water resistant as well as an excellent choice to keep dirt and grime out of your boots.

This product is available in two colors and is simple to keep clean. Do you or someone in your circle ride horses and need new half-chaps? Click here to see the item as well as choose your size and color.

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Dublin Adult Easy Care Half Chaps

Third on this list is the Dublin Adults Easy Care Half Chaps. If you are looking for style more than anything else, you cannot go wrong with this half chap. For lasting durability, the material is a synthetic suede that is as comfortable as it is durable.

For additional comfort, the Dublin half chaps have a ribbed elastic calf portion that is not only comfortable, but it provides extra protection. One unique feature is the YKK Side Zip for easy access with a snap-over closure on the bottom.

Other features making this product a near-perfect score is the following:

  • Machine-Washable
  • Easy-Care
  • Long-lasting and Durable
  • Synthetic Suede With Secure Top to the Bottom
  • Terrific Comfort and Fit
  • Elastic Calf Area
  • Full-Length YKK Side Zipper
  • Snap Closure

As you can see, this pair of Dublin Half Chaps is more than what you would expect from a product with such an affordable price. Click here to go to the product page and get your order in today:

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Horze Amara Easy Care Suede Half Chaps with Rib

For the price, this pair of Horze Amara Easy Care Suede Half Chaps with the Rib is going to be hard to beat. Simplicity and durability join forces with this item to provide the rider with all the comfort possible.

The material is a synthetic suede with a durable elastic band on the side. The top has a Velcro strap to aid in keeping the chap in place and secure. The main drawback to this product is it is medium in size and only comes in brown.

Eighty percent of the consumers who own a pair give it a raving review on the fit being all they expected. With a high customer satisfaction rate, a 4.3 rating out of five, is pretty impressive.

Click here to go to this items page to see if you think the Horze half chaps is for you.

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Shires Adult Suede Half Chaps

If you are searching for a pair of half chaps that are a perfect five-star score by consumers, this is for you. The Shires Equestrian Adult Suede Half Chaps are as stylish as they are comfortable. These have an elastic calf ripple section to add to the super fit.

These half-chaps for adults are just as durable as the ones for children first on this list. Thanks to their elastic stirrup strap, you will not need to worry about them slipping. This pair also has a zip closure as well as a press stud on the bottom. In addition to the material is the extra pad for protection on the inner leg.

Do you like these half-chaps? If so, click here to see the chaps as well as order yours today just in time for the holidays.

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There are five of the leaders in half chaps. Be sure to check for proper sizing to ensure a snug fit.

How to Choose the Best Half-Chaps for Your Riding Experience


If comfort is one vital detail to pay attention to, durability and endurance must be on the list as well. Choosing which riding chap should be a flexible material that moves when you move. The issue you should pay close attention to is how hard it is to move the lower part of your legs while riding.

Choosing a pair that is stiff can cause uncomfortable pain and possibly an injury. Choose a textile that offers both a great fit and is long-lasting.


The latest style of half chaps generally has a mesh material that allows the rider’s legs air flow. It is just as vital to choose a mesh that gives the heat an avenue to escape to aid against muscle cramping. [more]

Children especially need mesh material to prevent chafing and irritation. The straps that help keep half-chaps snug are important. Measure the individual’s lower leg region to get the closest fit as possible without being too tight.


Q: Should I buy my half chaps to be a little snug to give room for stretching?

A: That depends on the material. Some materials will not have much “give” to them. Therefore, it will not be wise to buy a size smaller than what you need if you choose a non-stretching material.

Q: Should I start my child off with half-chaps before tall boots?

A: There are so many types of chaps as well as tall boots available for children. Most children prefer the half chap due to the boots rubbing and chaffing their hide. Is your child does competition riding, boots may be necessary.


Finding the perfect pair of half chaps is no problem in this day and age thanks to the increased interest in horseback riding. For safety, durability, and showmanship, you can have several pairs for when you ride either for sport or leisure. Be sure to shop for both comfort and durability to protect you and your horse.

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