The 5 Best Electric Fence & Chargers To Keep Your Horses Safe To Roam

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With such high regard for taking good care of your horses and other livestock, what protection do you have in place to keep your horses in and predators out? All it would take is finding a way to break out before all your livestock is outside the pasture and running into traffic.

Just visualizing how tragic that could be should be enough to have your attention. Not only could your livestock suffer, but, the odds of people getting hurt is possible as well. To prevent accidents such as this, you should do all you can to keep your horses contained.

Horses are roaming animals by nature but, in this day and age it is unsafe for you to allow your horses to pick and choose where it wants to gallop. Erecting one of the best electric fences for horses will be one of the best investments you as a farmer can make. Also, the proper fence chargers are with each product.

Basic Comparison:





Electric Fence

Farmily Portable Electric Fence

Yellow & Black


Stainless Steel

Multi Strand


ElectroBraid PBRC1000C2 EB Horse Fence

Easy to install

Conductor Reel

12.1 pounds


Fence Rope

Portable Electric Fence Rope

Size: 1 Pack



Easy to install

How Vital Is the Fence for My Horses?

Ensuring you have durable and safe fencing is paramount. The leader in fencing is, of course, wood. However, that is not always a doing or affordable route to take. Next in line is a fence with added electricity.

Many ranchers opt for barbed wire while others are against the metal due to the possibility of the horse harming itself. Over the past five decades, farmers take to electric fencing over other types. Not only is the fencing safe for horses, but it also is successful with cattle, goats, and sheep. [1]

Electric fencing is a multi-purpose ordeal. Not only will it successfully keep your livestock contained, but you are also teaching boundaries. One of the major pluses of an electric fence is you are supplying an excellent deterrent to keep predators away.

The purpose of this guide and review is to help consumers cut through all the fence products that are low-quality. This review will cover the five best electric fences for horses. The order they are in does not mean we favor one over the other.

That is not our job. However, you will learn which products are a good buy and worth the investment.

Here are the Five Best Electric Fences for Horses:

ElectroBraid PBRC1000C2-EB Horse Fence Conductor Reel, 1000-Feet, Checkered


This first item is the ElectroBraid Horse Fence, and it is a bit different and unique. First, it ranks high as “Amazon’s Choice,” as a best seller. The fence is an excellent braided material that provides great resisting strength while the horse psychologically sees a barrier not to cross.

It is a checkered color that makes the fence more visible and more of a deterrent for escaping. Copper wiring allows the wires to increase in conductivity. What that means is it will have a bit more bite than metal fencing wires.

Good Stuff

  • Installation is Simple: Installing this product is as easy as it comes. All you need to add is the post, battery and charger such as this.
  • Resilient and Strong: This fence is durable enough to withstand the force behind galloping horses as it has a 1300-pound breaking strength.
  • Tested for High-Quality: The material, the ElectroBraid meets all high standards necessary to pass every test in the book.
  • Injury Free: Unlike many wooden fences that is popular for splinters, or the standard wire that sticks in horses, this item is low risk for injuries even if the horse plows into the barrier.

Bad Stuff

  • Has the Potential to Break: If the fence does break for some reason, you will need to redo the entire fence after the horse realizes it can run for the hills and not get zapped.

To find out more about this product, click here. You will find more info, pictures, and a risk-free option for ordering.

Zareba PR656W6-Z Polyrope 200-Meter 6-Conductor Portable Electric-Fence Rope


Modern design and technology make farming just a little bit easier. An excellent example of this is how far electric fencing has come. This polytope Zareba Polyrope Electric Fence Rope material is stronger than the poly wire. It is also not likely to cause damage if your horses decide to make a run for it. Installing is simple and will last for several years.

Your job is installing and adding a proper battery connection such as this product, and you are good to go. Make sure there is no trailing grass touching any of the wires which will cause it to short.

Good Stuff

  • Inexpensive: If you need security on a budget, you cannot go wrong buying this product. The price is lower than some that have lower quality.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: If you need to relocate your fencing, this is the perfect option. Just reel it back around the spool and reinstall it in the new location.
  • Strong Breaking Load: Never doubt the strength of this fence. With an impressive 880-pound breaking load, your horses will stay put.

Bad Stuff

  • Works Better With Counterparts: Some consumers feel the rope works best with a separate fence in conjunction. If this will be your only means of protecting your livestock, you may want to skip.

Find out more about this product by clicking here. Take advantage of shipping deals by ordering yours today.

Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire 1312 Feet 400 Meter 6 Conductor Yellow and Black Color


Next is the product from Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire. If you need a simple solution to create an enclosure, this is more than enough. It is a vivid black and yellow which adds to it being a substantial deterrent.

All you need is to erect the fence and add a battery such as this.

Good Stuff

  • Long lasting Design
  • Rustproof and Protected
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Waterproof For Year-Round Use

Bad Stuff

  • Thinner than other products

Ordering is as simple as a click with your mouse. Click here to be directed to the information and path to order yours today.

Gallagher G620300 Electric Polywire Fence Combo Roll, 1312-Feet (+ 328′ FREE) WHITE


If you need an electric fence for visibility purposes, this Gallagher Polywire Ultra White Fence Combo is the perfect deal. For a portable fence to help you keep your horses in, this ultra-white combo roll is the best for you.

Good Stuff

  • Perfect for Portable Fence Jobs
  • UV stabilized for longer life and high visibility
  • Six Wires that are Stainless-Steel For Good Conductivity

Bad Stuff

  • Can be Tiresome to Install for One Person
  • Thin material

If your needs are simple, this is a great product for you. Click here to read reviews and place your order today.

Premier IntelliRope PE 6.0 – 1320′ Electric Rope


Last is the Premier IntelliRope Electric Fencing for Horses. This item is good for both, portable and permanent fencing. The size is ¼ inches with a ten-year lifespan due to the material used to construct the product.

Be sure not to use a continuous current energizer with this product.

Good Stuff

  • Portable and Reliable
  • White and Black for High Visibility
  • 1320 Feet in Length
  • 1200-pound Breaking Strength

Bad Stuff

  • Needs to charge before it works. You can buy a charger like this
  • The total kit is Pricey

Order yours today to get a good start on keeping your horses safe. Click here to read more on the item and place your safe and secure order.

Choosing the Best Electric Fence for Your Horses

Visibility and stability are to two vital details your fencing should offer. Due to this, electric tape or rope although works well must be the right height for visibility. 40mm tape is suitable for a semi-permanent barrier or fence.

However, due to the wide width, these ropes or tapes are simple to see and give the vision that horses see which means “stop.” Many farmers combine 40 mm tape with 20 mm or electric rope for better effect. [2]

However, if this is the case, the 40mm band should constitute the top row because that is the most visible area to a horse. Be sure you buy everything you need before you start erecting your fence. These items are:

  • Electric Rope, Wire, or Tape
  • A Fence Energizer
  • To install electric fencing for horses, you’ll need the following items.
  • Connectors or Splicers
  • Insulators
  • Fence Posts
  • A Grounding Pole


Q: Does this type of fence hurt the horses?

A: Not so much “hurt” as they do surprise the animals.

Q: Will the fence hurt humans?

A: It is probably a good idea to show the children around the fence that it shocks and could sting a bit.


Electrical fence for horses is simple and economical for most people to install. Not only that, it is incredibly effective. When erected properly, this type of fencing does not appear unsightly or untidy. Be sure to take into consideration all the materials you will need to complete your project.

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