The Best Cattle Chutes For The Money: Guide & Review [2023]

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Feeling safe around your livestock is vital. Many cattle handlers get comfortable and lax after being around their cattle all the time. However, you should never feel as though you are always safe just because you raise cattle and they should feel safe with you around.

Cows are just like any other animal; their instinct is to protect themselves and their offspring. So, what can you do that keeps you safe while handling your livestock in a situation where you need them to remain calm and still? Adding one of the best cattle chutes is the first step.

Regardless of what type of livestock you have, your safety depends on the animal and the situation. Injuries typically happen when the human is least expected. For this reason, you should at all times be alert and cautious as animals are most often unpredictable.

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This article is to enlighten you on what cattle chutes are worth their cost as well as information about your safety. The lack of knowledge about the behavior of animals often places a person in dangerous territory.

There are thousands of injuries and even death each year that are farm animal-related. You should never overlook the necessity of safety around livestock. That is especially true if the workers are inexperienced family members or employees.

Handling Livestock Animals is a Dangerous Job

Many common injuries involve the livestock steeping on the worker. The following are other various way livestock can hurt humans:

  • Thrown while riding
  • Tossing the person around
  • Kicked
  • Pinned between other animals or a hard surface
  • Bitten

Handling cattle and other livestock is a dangerous lifestyle. Not many farmers look at their livestock as a source of immediate danger. However, as I just mentioned, some farmers lose their lives or have life-changing injuries each year all due to carelessness.

When the ranchhands become too comfortable around their homestead is when danger strikes. Careless mistakes and being too relaxed about the threat large animals can be to their lives is usually when accidents happen.

On a daily basis, farmhands put themselves at risk while doing simple activities such as:

  • Moving Animals
  • Feeding
  • Shearing
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Roping Animals
  • Grooming
  • Hoof Care
  • Dehorning
  • Topical Insecticides
  • Castration
  • Branding
  • Vaccinations
  • Milking
  • Helping Deliver Babies

These scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg. Loading cattle into a trailer for relocating or trips to the vet is one of the most dangerous. Cows react fiercely when spooked and often this happens when the cow loses its balance and struggles to walk.

Grooming, shoeing, branding, and help while breeding is also times where farmers must be cautious and alert. Other situations like plowing, pulling heavy equipment and corralling are not a simple task when the animal choosing not to cooperate.

What does a ranch hand do to protect themselves against their livestock? The first step is adding cattle chutes to your farm investments. Having an area that keeps bulls and cows steady and, on their feet, while doing the tasks above is the safest answer.

The following information is the top five best-selling cattle chutes on Amazon. It is our job to find the best-selling products and how you can order yours today. We take pride in how we help consumers such as yourself choose the best products that are high-quality.

Amazon is the leader around the globe for products and services with a guarantee or your money back. You asked, and we deliver the top five cattle chutes for the money. There are only a select number of cattle squeeze chute brands, so the best made the list.

The Top-selling Cattle Chutes for The Money:

“Cattleman’s Choice” Heavy Duty Cattle Work Chute

First on the list is this cattle work chute. The Cattleman’s Choice Heavy-Duty Cattle Work Chute is a chute meant to keep livestock steady without having a “squeeze” effect. The materials that make the chute reliable is 40 structural pipe that is 1.9 inches, and a total size of 36″ x 80″ x 110 inches.

This livestock chute is perfect for treating your cattle or performing medical treatments while protecting you and the animal. The Cattlemen’s Choice work chute has a manual rear entrance with a guillotine gate with a spring-loaded latch on the side working gates.

While no headgate is with this package, it is perfect for any farmer just starting out or that does not need much room for loading, treating, and milking. You can find more information here as well as placing your secure order today.

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Priefert “Rancher” Squeeze Chute

Second on the list and the first item that is a “squeeze chute” is the Priefert Rancher Squeeze Chute model number S0191. If you are searching for a chute but need to shop economically, this item is the perfect start.

It is an automatic, headgate with a scissor style. The Priefert cattle chute features five drop down top bars, with lower panels that are removable for foot access. The area is easily adjustable thanks to its five-width setting.

This particular chute will safely contain livestock up to around 1400 pounds. It has a single side squeeze with an exit in the front or the right side. This item has a heavy-duty simple-to-use design with measurements of 80 x 28 x 67 inches.

Be sure to read the specs provided here as well as get yours ordered today.

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Priefert Model SO4 Squeeze Chute

This cattle chute is the second on the list from the manufacturer, Priefer. The Model S04 Priefer Squeeze Chute makes life simple for both you and your livestock. If you like the features of the smaller version, you will appreciate this larger model.

The Priefert S04 is more extensive, taller, and longer than other model squeeze chutes. The scissor-style headgate is automatic for easy and safe access. One feature cattle farmers like about this chute are the five contoured drop bars on the upper top and the removable lower panels for simple foot access.

It has an easily adjustable floor with many width settings that make loading your cattle just as simple as turning it out. You can hold livestock that weighs up to approximately 2500 pounds. Right, exit front or single side squeeze makes loading and unloading cattle safe and straightforward. Be sure to read the specs here as well as get yours ordered today.

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Weaver Leather Chute, Aluminum

This leather chute is the simplest item on the review. When assembled, the chute measures 36w x 122 ½ Lx75 inches in H. However- the chute flooring is a separate item. If all you need is an avenue to help with minor details of herding cattle, this is perfect for beginners or a rancher with few cattle.

The headpiece, top bars, and sidebars fit securely in the base which allows for easy transportation. The item is as simple as it is dependable. Be sure to check it out here as well as buy yours through the secure and safe e-commerce, Amazon.

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Chute Help Manual Roping Chute

The last item on the review is the Chute Help, Manual Roping Chute. It is just as the name says, fully manual with a single lever that works both rear gates and front. For faster opening speeds, the chute has upgraded front gates.

There is a disconnect lever that allows for more than one calf or steers out when it is spilling time. For a total weight of 700 pounds, the measurements are 72 x 36 x 48 inches. To get a view of this model, you can see it here and orders yours today.

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Those are the top sellers available on Amazon. Each product has a money-back guarantee to ensure all consumers are happy with their purchase.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are in the market for buying a cattle chute or you just like the topic. Either way, buying a cattle handling chute is a significant investment. Before you do so, there are a few things you need to know.

Squeeze Chutes are a Vital Role

For most cattle ranchers, a squeeze chute is a significant player in herd management. It is also a substantial investment on a farmer’s behalf. Before you buy one, you need to make sure you get the right one for your unique situation.

A cattle chute is not the type of equipment that you can box up and return. Therefore, you need to be sure what kind you need. One of the best cattle chutes on today’s market is the squeeze chute. You can customize the chute to adjust to do everything you need it to do.

So, the first step is determining what those needs are. This section is going to help you decide what type of chute you need.

The Cattle Chute Design Should Suite Your Operation

While this may sound obvious, it’s not. There are some things you will need to consider. Do you know why your operation requires a squeeze chute? That is the first question you need to consider. There are various parts, pieces, adjustments, and components that either will or will not work for you.

Do you have all cows and calves? How large is your herd? What about the labor it takes to rustle cattle? Do you know where the chute should be on your farm? Is this a permanent placement or do you need a portable cattle chute?

Cost, Cost, and More Cost

If you choose a manual chute, the expense will not be so high. However, you should not expect a manual chute to perform as a hydraulic chute does. It is better if you buy the best cattle chute for the money. When you cut corners, it will save you financially upfront, but it will cost you long-term labor and lost time, which will cost more.

While most squeeze chutes have identical features, the functionality varies. Be sure to check all the features to ensure they are simple to use. For instance, if you need a wheel kit, you can easily remove it and put it back on by yourself. If you find that the chute is not the type you need, you should keep shopping.

Do You Need a Headgate?

One of the critical features of a chute is the head doors. The first consideration should be to the operator and the animal. Most chutes have an opening action of the head door as it maintains equal pressure on the cattle, bottom, and top.

The result of this action reduces the stress on the cattle as well as injuries which saves you money. The pressure setting is 200 psi-top to bottom, with a cushioned rubber belt system is the magic behind the equipment. Also, the head door opening promotes calmness in the cattle while in the chute. After you finish, you can set the cow free, with both you and your cow’s injury free.

Neck Bars are Important

When you find the model of the cattle chute you like, check the neck bars where the cattle’s neck will fit. Are the bars straight? That could allow the cow to move its head up and then down again. Curved bars work much better for limiting movement.

Check for how easy it is to adjust the bars. Also, ensure that you can add a neck restraint to the headgate.


The framework on each side of the chute should easily attach to the headgate so that you never have to struggle when giving injections. Many medical injections must go in the neck area. Therefore, you want the process to be fast and successful.

Keeping the cow’s head and neck steady and still for easy access is essential so that the cow cannot buck or bite. You should also ensure you can adjust this for the different sizes of your cattle.

Adjustment mechanisms should be easy to run as well as recess so that there is no immediate danger to you or another person tripping over them.


Q: Can all cattle chute adjust?

A: Most can be, yes. However, you will want to get all your equipment from one brand to ensure each fit is perfect.

Q: Does a cattle squeeze chute help keep cattle calm?

A: Yes. The purpose of the squeeze technique is because of sensory issues. Pressure, when properly applied, calms humans and animals.


Making significant investments such as a squeeze chute is a wise buy if you have many heads of cattle. Being safe means keeping you, the ones working with the cows, and the animal itself safe. Before you settle for a manual chute, compare the cost of labor and equipment failure.

Do you already use a cattle chute? Is so, we want to hear from you. Leave us a message below, and we will get right back to you. Also, while you are here, please “like and share” our work so that we can grow and continue helping others.

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