The 5 Best Mineral Block For Horses To Keep Your Horse Hydrated & Healthy

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When the time comes that you need to add mineral blocks to aid in your horse’s health, how do you know which is best? There are many available such as rock salt on ropes, plain white salt blocks, red mineralized blocks, and others.

It’s simple to get confused on not only what your horse needs as well as which products are the best. If you have searched the internet for which type your horse needs, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at how many are available.

When you go to the local feed store, you will generally see a large variety of various blocks. The most popular are the ones mentioned above. However, in different areas of the country, salt blocks that have cobalt, selenium, or sulfur for supplements are high in demand.

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Why Do Horses Need Mineral Blocks?

Most owners know and understand the urgency that keeping a horse hydrated is what keeps the horse’s overall health in place. However, what steps to take to keep the horse hydrated sometimes gets confusing. Supplying salt to your horse at one time meant simply tossing a block out on the ground, and the animals find it.

Today, thanks to science and education, there is more to it than this simple task. Here are a few necessary details every horse owner should know:

Even when you are not riding or using your horse for work, he or she will need at least 10 grams of sodium daily. You can find this in two tablespoons of salt. When work or riding increases, the daily sodium will need increasing.

You need to divide this amount between each meal. When the weather is hot and humid, the lowest requirement can even increase a bit higher. Here is where we come to the purpose of this article. Our job is to research and present the top-selling products to keep consumers from all the stress.

We will narrow down all the leaders and discuss the most important details to help you have an easy time choosing and placing your order. We also add educational information for those that are needing help or that like learning.

The 5 Best Mineral Block For Horses To Keep Your Horse Hydrated And Healthy

UMAID Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick

This particular product, the HijiNa Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick ranks high thanks to 84 traces and minerals that are vital for livestock. The horse salt lick is 100 percent a natural salt lick that aids with replacing those lost electrolytes due to heat and helps support overall good health.

The harder rock forms are often difficult for a horse to bite chunks at a time, making it last five to six hours longer than the pressed salt licks. Salt is as necessary for animals, as it is for humans. The HijiNa rock salt is an excellent source of the following:

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iron

These are each essential nutrients for aiding your horse’s health. With this product, your horse will enjoy natural mineral salt that will keep its health as a whole balanced. Click here to view this product as well as find out more information:

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Sturdy Steed Healthy Mineral Supplement Apple Treat Block For Horses, 4 Pounds

Sturdy Steed Horse Block is a bit more creative thanks to the apple flavoring. This block for horses weighs four pounds and contains the following:

  • Salt
  • Declaim Phosphate
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Monogamous Oxide
  • Copper Oxide
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Sodium Serenity
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • Calcium Iodate
  • Natural Apple flavoring

As you can see, there are many details about this product that makes horses love having it added to their diet. To read more information, see the photo, and order yours today, click here:

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Purina Animal Nutrition Purina Ultium Gastric Care 50

This PurinaAnimal Nutrition is a 25 lb. Quad Block stuffed with vitamins. You can feed your horse free choice while grazing the field. You can also use it for stall-free option feeding. One added perk is that the block splits into four sections for easy feeding.

Be sure to click here to go to the product page to see the item as well as place your safe and secure order:

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North American Salt 41021 American Stockman Sulphur Block Salt Pet Supplement, 50-Pound

This item is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. The North American Salt and Sulfur Block is everything your horse needs for balanced health. This 50 lb. Block goes a long way and does much good.

This block aids in the development of tendons, bones, protein, and cartilage. While enhancing the enzyme activity, it is just as vital for wool and hair production. One other perk is that the sulfur also aids as an insect repellant.

To read more information and the way to order yours today, click here:

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Pearl Organic Imports Himalayan Salt Brick Lick for Horses, 6-8 Lbs.

Salt, as most know, is a vital mineral that is necessary for your horse’s health. The salts from natural Himalayans have risen the ropes due to consumers switching to these products. The leading reason is the purity and abundance of vital Trace minerals.

Horses get plenty of the salt needed in their diets with each lick. However, there is never a puddle of salty, sloppy water dissolving in a salt holder wasting away. These blocks last longer provide greater benefits while saving you money.

If you are interested in this product, click here to read more and place your order today:

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How You Can Ensure Your Horse Gets Enough Salt

First, you should start simple with the plain, white salt block that is the most common. You should place the block in an easy-to-reach area that if possible is not open to precipitation.  If your horse is in light work or at pasture, one block can suffice if the horse consumes the right amount.

What you don’t want to do is use only a mineralized block and nothing else. If the horse is getting minerals in its mineral/vitamin supplement or concentrate, no other block is necessary. Plus, the minerals will be bitter which could reduce the amount of salt he or she consumes.

Be sure to keep a close watch on the block to ensure the horse is getting plenty of salt. Here is a good tip; one five-pound salt block for each horse should be nearly gone within two months. Keeping the block inviting and clean will encourage the horse to lick.

It is vital that you provide more than one block if there are multiple horses and watch out for the bullies that take over to ensure the others have adequate access. You want to keep an eye on the block and your horses to ensure its health is not in danger.

What About Granulated Salt?

If you feel your horse is not getting adequate salt from the block, you can supplement with regular granulated salt. You can use table salt, or kosher salt is even better beings it has a coarser texture.

Writers Tip: If you are providing your horse any vitamin/mineral supplement or a commercial feed, you should skip using iodized salt.

You can give the horse two to four tablespoons (level) of salt daily. The amount will depend on your horse’s activity level, humidity, and heat. Divide that into your horses concentrate. You should make sure you start with small amounts first then add gradually to a full dose. By doing so, you are letting the horse adjust to the new taste.

Also, consider if free-choice salt might be the best choice for your horse. You can do this by putting a bucket in a secure, weather-protected area where the horse has simple access to it at all times. You will want to keep the bucket filled halfway with the salt.

Writers Tip: If your horse’s tongue is sore and tired from licking the block, it will find the free-choice option more enjoyable.

Why Sodium is so Important

Sodium/salt is the primary electrolyte found in the fluid that cushions cells and in the blood. If your sodium levels get low, the blood will not hold adequate water. That, in return, causes the adrenal gland to disperse the hormone, aldosterone.

That hormone panics and tells the kidneys to hang on to all the sodium, excreting potassium in its place which creates an imbalance.


Q: What are some symptoms of lack of sodium?

A: Anhidrosis which is the lack of sweating fluids, trembling muscles, rapid heartbeat, and avoiding drinking is just a few.

Q: Is there a time when I need to provide electrolytes?

A: Feeding your horse electrolytes, as well as providing salt, should be dealt with any time you notice your horse is sweating more than usual. That typically happens in humid, hot weather, strenuous work, or drinking less water than such as in cold seasons.


Keeping your horse hydrated and with ample amounts of sodium and other vital minerals is one of the most critical things you can do for your animal. Horses are just like humans in that they need water, sodium, and the right minerals for overall good health status. Be sure to buy the right blocks and get started on a routine now.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope you found the right product for you and that you learned a few things as well. While you are here please “like and share” our work to help us help others. Leave us a comment if you have questions or concerns.

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