Top 5 Best Horse Stall Fans To Combat The Summer Heat: 2023 Review

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Just because livestock is outdoor animals does not mean they do not suffer from the blistering heat. Adding resources such as stall or barn fans will help you keep your horses cooled down when necessary.

The heat is often too much even for horses. As humans, we sure understand when to stay indoors due to blistering heat. We can go inside and cool down with a nice glass of ice water while horses rely on the resources you supply to keep them safe. If you are going to have horses, be sure you have in place the proper equipment to help keep your barn cooler.

With all the many products available, how do you choose which fans are barn proper? The most vital detail is to install fans that will not only help your horses staying cool but, you are lessening the chance of your barn overheating and burning to the ground.

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The purpose of this ultimate product guide is to help consumers choose which fan is appropriate for barns and horses. Ensuring the horse’s well-being and health is not at risk should be your priority.

Here Is Our Unbiased Review Of The Five-Best Horse-Stall Fans Currently On The Market.

iLIVING 18 inch Black Indoor & Outdoor Wall

First on the review is the 18-inch PMX indoor or outdoor industrial-grade mount fan. This particular item may cost a little more, but the longevity is worth the cost. The fan has over 3120 CFMS as well as three speeds for adjusting the air circulation.

Operating this product is as simple as it gets. The pull chain is easy to operate to adjust the speeds. With aluminum blades, you can see why this fan can handle the job of keeping your horses cooled in the summer heat.

One feature that makes this item stand out is that it is waterproof. Having a rating to UL507 makes it safe to operate outdoors when it is humid or even wet conditions, such as the inside of a barn or greenhouse.

Also, unlike the less expensive models, the mounting bracket that comes with the fan allows it to move for a better range. Whatever your situation is, you can do both, tilt up and down as well as rotate from side to side to ensure complete coverage.


  • Three-Speeds; 3120 CFM
  • Durable and Well-Made
  • Rotates from Side-to-Side and Tilts
  • Designed for Humid Weather and is Waterproof


  • Cost More
  • Has a Loud Vibration Noise When Not Bolted Securely

Finding the right products can be a challenge. If you find you like this particular fan, click here for more details and to order yours today.

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Hurricane Wall Mount Fan – 20 Inch | Pro Series | High Velocity

Next to make the list is this 20-inch Hurricane Wall Mount Fan. One feature this item has that others do not is it can mount on a wall. You can easily tell when a manufacturer builds products that are durable and dependable; they want consumers to be happy. The same goes for this product.

The maker, Hurricane, put much thought into this item and it shows. The construction is a powder-coated, thick metal finish that comes with a one-year warranty. In addition to that, it packs a mighty punch of power as it moves a hefty 4500 CFMs and puts out an impressive 140 watts.

This fan also can move side-to-side and tilt up or down to ensure coverage of large areas. The extra step Hurricane took was adding aluminum blades to its design in addition to it’s ETL safety rating specs. Having the durability of a powder-coated frame helps keep this fan long-lasting for years to come.


  • Has a rating to ETL safety Requirements
  • 140 powerful Watts
  • 4500 CFMS
  • Powder-Coated Metal Finish
  • Moves side to side as well as up and down


  • Can be Extremely Loud
  • Jerks and Clicks When Rotating Side-to-side
  • Often Missing Hardware and Screws

If you are in need of a well-built, durable fan for your barn, click here to read more and make your safe and secure purchase.

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Maxx Air HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mount Fan, quote

Next is the Maxx Air 18-inch UPS Wall Mount Fan. This particular item is a wall mount, a high-quality fan that has a price most budgets can easily afford. This OSHA-compliant, powder-coated steel fan is rust-resistant and designed to work even in the harshest weather elements.

Thanks to its 18-inch diameter, the Maxx Air supplies adequate airflow of an impressive 2500 CFM which is why it is perfect for large areas. The wall mount fan has three speeds; 1150 1100, and 1050 CFMs. Switching from one speed to the next is simple thanks to the pull chain working the speed controls.

This particular item mounts to a steel hanging bar tilting to 180 degrees. The Maxx Air is 100 percent dustproof to withstand dirt and dust that is in a barn setting.


  • Steel Hanging Bar
  • Three Settings with a simple pull-chain
  • Inexpensive
  • Dustproof Motor


  • Limited Mounting Options
  • Not as Durable as Others
  • Does Not Rotate side-to-side

Adding this fan to your “must-have” list is simple. Click here to go to the product page for more information, safe ordering, and fast delivery.

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Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi Mount Fan, 18-Inch

The Air King Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan is the next product. This item has a good bit of power behind it as well. The design is durable thanks to its powder-coated metal that rates to Osha and ETL compliance which is just one reason why it scores a near-perfect rating from consumers just like you.

This fan also rates well due to its standard 230.99, placing this fan well above average performance. Air King added one more feature that others do not have, and that is a fan with heating vents.

The three speeds of the Air King is simple to adjust and thanks to the 1/6 maximum horsepower engine; you will be more than satisfied with its performance. Due to its 3190 CFMs, moving plenty of air around is no hard task. With a 120V, you can easily see why this fan ranks so high with consumers.

Like the others on the list, this fan is simple to operate thanks to its three-speed control pull chain. This fan is also dust and waterproof.


  • OSHA, ETL, and AMCA-Compliant
  • Powder-Coated Metal Build
  • Sealed Motor that Protects the Fan from Elements
  • 3190 CFM capacity


  • Chain Breaks Easily
  • Easily Dents
  • Loud

Do you like the item? Click here to check out more information and take advantage of fast and safe shipping.

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Lasko 20″ High-Velocity QuickMount, Silver-Easily Converts from a Floor Wall Fan

Last on this list is the Lasko 20-inch high-velocity Quick Mount Floor/Wall fan. The size and the ability to convert from a floor fan to a wall mount are what make this item stand out from the others.

The Lasko fan like the others comes with three-speed options. Each speed pumps out plenty of air making it a good choice when you need to cover a large area such as your barn. The metal fan blades make the durability just a bit better which means you should get many years of use out of the product.

Included with this package is the quick-mount which allows you to convert it quickly from wall to floor. Thanks to its unique design, you can pivot this fan to give you the ability to have the airflow where you need it most.

Like the others mentioned here, the Lasko fan has three powerful speeds. For easy moving from one area to the next, this item comes with a built-in carrying handle to take the pressure off of your back.

One other feature consumers gave a five-star score is there are no tools necessary, and assembly is simple. The Lasko also pivots and rotates side-to-side.


  • Metal Fan Blades
  • Easy No-Tools Assembly
  • Rubber Pads to Protect Surfaces
  • Converts from a Wall Fan into a Floor Fan


  • Can be Loud
  • Can Be Flimsy if You Change it From Floor to Wall Often
  • Pricey

If you like this item, click here to see pictures as well as read more about the fan.

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There you have five amazing products that are best-sellers on Amazon. Be sure you know the dimensions you need to cover for your horses. If your barn area is small, you may only need one of the larger models.

However, if you have multiple horses, be sure to add the appropriate number of fans throughout your barn.


Q: What if I need a fan in an area where there is nowhere to sit in my barn safely?

A: They make hanging baskets such as this that are safe and secure for supplying air.

Q: Should I install one fan for each horse?

A: Actually, that depends on how your stall set-up is and the air flow. If the stalls are close to one another, installing one of the more powerful fans will more than likely do just fine. (more)


We know how difficult choosing products can be when there are many varieties. Hopefully, with this review, you can find the perfect fit for your unique environment. One significant detail to address is having an adequate power supply in your barn.

It is crucial that you use the right power adaptors and power surge protection to operate the fans you install safely. Do you have information to add to this review? If so, let us hear from you. We love hearing all about our readers and incorporating their knowledge with ours.

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