The Best Treeless Saddles For Sale: Guide And Review [2023]

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Treeless saddles are the hottest item around the circuit. Like, with most things, you have those that love the treeless model and those that want nothing to do with one. That is the beauty of life, most things fall into a grey area and rarely are either black or white.

The issue with the majority of information found on the internet, whether it be treeless or treed saddles, the articles are basically one person’s opinion. Rarely do you see someone with scientific proof that proves their theory.

The issue is there are only a handful of scientific studies that prove information covering treeless saddles. One would think that due to the building on a tree, riders would go all rogue and anti-treeless.

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Contrary to belief, there are situations where the treeless saddle is the perfect solution for a particular rider/horse/saddle combination. The issue is that most articles and content aim to persuade the reader to choose one over the other.

The writer does not take into consideration that each combination is an isolated and individual situation. Just because it may work for one rider does not automatically mean it will work for others.

*Writer’s Note*

The purpose of this article is to research and provide consumers with the leading best-selling Treeless Saddles on the market. Our goal is not to persuade you to buy one over the other, but to provide you with facts.

After reading this guide and review, we welcome you to leave a comment below to send us a message if you have questions or more information.

We do thank you for choosing to read our guide when we know you had many options available to you.

Aside from us taking the stress and confusion away for consumers, we provide readers with vital information. We also list features, provide pictures, and make buying a simple task. Be sure to read all the information to get a complete understanding before placing your order.

The 5 Best Treeless Saddles That Provide Comfort & Durability:

Tough 1 Treeless Endurance Saddle

The first treeless saddle on the list is this Tough 1 Treeless Endurance Saddle. Riders give their mark of approval to this model thanks to it being comfortable and lightweight. The features of this item are unique. The maker’s total attention to detail is to ensure every product has direct attention to every single design or detail. One size is a medium which is equal to an English 17. Then there is the large which equals an English 19. The color is Black with Royal Blue.

This Tough 1 Treeless Endurance Saddle has a wide, padded synthetic suede seat that offers a comfortable and secure ride. With this saddle, you get stirrups and leathers to add to the benefits.

More features of this saddle are:

  • Wide, Padded Synthetic Suede Seat
  • Attached Handle for a Comfortable and Secure Ride
  • Comes with Two Dee Rings on the Front
  • Two Dee Rings on the Side
  • One Dee Ring in the Back for Carrying Extra Gear

If you like the sounds of this saddle, you can get more information and view the product by clicking here:

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Manual Enterprises Adult Western Premium Leather Treeless Horse Saddle

The next item is the Manaal Premium Leather Treeless Western Trail Saddle. The maker behind this best-seller improved their production to overcome the issues that riders brought to their attention.

The adoption of the one-piece fender concept is one of the changes Manaal Enterprise invested much time and loads of money to make better. Saddles such as this have two-piece fenders that add to the bulk that interferes with the thigh and knee movement.

Check out these features that make this treeless saddle worth its weight in gold. These are:

  • Square Skirt
  • D’s In skirt Rigging
  • High-Quality Synthetic Wool
  • Raw Hide Horn
  • Hand Tooled, High-Quality Gorgeous Floral Carving Creative Design

This Treeless Saddle provides many features and details that no other product offers. If you are ready to make the sale a done deal, click here to go to the direct page on Amazon:

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Cashel Soft Saddle

The design of the Cashel G2 Soft Saddle has a contoured and soft seat which is the main features that make this saddle unique. Being durable and soft makes the ride even more comfortable whether it be on trails or for exercising your horse.

Additional Features of the Cashel G are as follows:

  • Adjustable Stirrups
  • Front D-Rings
  • Wither Handle Strap
  • Perfect for Everyday Use or Trail Riding
  • For Better Horse Comfort, there is a Soft Fleece Under
  • Soft Fleece Underside for Improved Horse Comfort
  • Construction and Design From High-Quality Materials
  • Lightweight and Flexible Treeless Design

Be sure to read the additional features, view the products, and place your order today by clicking here:

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HILASON 15″ 16″ Classic TREELESS Western Barrel Racing Horse Trail Saddle TAN

There is a new sheriff in town, and that is this Hilason Classic Treeless Saddle. The expanding brand may be new to the industry, but, that does not mean the products they produce are anything less than perfection.

The improved design and features to the saddle are both intriguing and unique. The Hilason Company proudly claims exclusivity via its design features and remains excited about the progress.

Features of this Saddle:

  • Uses Standard Western Accessories
  • Encourages Obedience
  • Prevents Pressure Points
  • Keeps Your Horse Energetic and Happy
  • Light Weight and Durable

There are many more features and details surrounding this item as well as pictures to see on the Hilson Saddle. Click here to go to the product page on Amazon to place your order today:

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Wonder Wish MicroTreeless English All Purpose Horse Tack & Saddle TLS121

For over 50 years, the maker, Wonder Wish Micro has spent its resources making improvements and changes. The most profound changes to the English, Western, Pony, Equestrian, and now the Treeless saddle, are evident to riders.

The Treeless Saddle is the latest best-selling horse tack on the market. The tooling, construction, materials, and quality all are products from India. This Wonder Wish Micro Treeless English Saddle is all any rider could wish for and then some.

The lightweight, quality equestrian products are perfect for the barrel curse, trail, or around the ranch. Check out these features the Zohran treeless saddle offers:

  • Stirrup Leather and Stirrup Girth Free With Your Purchase
  • No Hard Components and LightWeight
  • Premium Double Layer Synthetic Faux Suede Look
  • Free Shipping Around the Globe

Be sure to read all the additional features and learn more about the maker of this treeless saddle. Click here to go to a link directly to this product where you can order yours today:

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There you have The Best Treeless Saddles That Provide Comfort And Durability. Be sure to read all the details before you make your final choice.

The Treeless Saddle and its Selling Points

All of the features of this type of saddle are what make it durable and comfortable (PDF). These features are spot-on and perfect for particular Horse-Rider saddle combinations. The main problem with treeless saddles for some combinations, is weight spreading.

The problems with treeless saddles are few and far between. The majority of these issues will generally be proportioned weight, the wrong size, and an inexperienced rider.

The following are Individual Selling Points to a Treeless Saddle:

  • Automatically Adjusts to Each Horse
  • More Natural that Other Models
  • Lighter Weight
  • Adds Closer Contact for the Rider
  • Treeless Saddles Move and Flex With the Motion of the Horse

*Writers Note*

Beings the most significant portion of a rider’s weight typically lands in the middle third of the saddle, that shift is vital. That leads to the pounds per square inch of that region increasing. There are times the level will be unacceptable and uncomfortable for the horse.

Think of the times when most of the weight lies in the stirrups such as the two-point position like how a Jockey rides or jumps in competitions. These times are when your total weight is close to three inches from the horse’s back, right where the stirrups hang.

Unexpected peak pressure can simply be over ten pounds per square inch.

Saddles With Trees, Why Have One?

Treed saddles are still very popular and preferred by many. This side of the team has excellent selling points, such as these:

  • The Tree Never Touches Spine
  • Improved Weight Distribution
  • Enhanced Secure Seat
  • Improved Side-to-Side Stability

Saddle makers understand that the saddle tree should offer two significant functions for the horse. First, is the need to remove all the rider’s weight away from the spine. Next, is the saddle should maintain maximum contact which spreads the weight of the rider over as much surface as possible.

The majority of treeless saddles give very little of each of these two components. The primary problem with treed saddles is the need to fit correctly on the horse’s back. If the fit is not just right, it can lead to minor soreness as well as muscle atrophy. In extreme cases, the horse can even endure nerve damage.


Q: When a person is new to riding, which would be best to use while training? Should I buy a treed or treeless saddle?

A: That really depends on the horse and the rider. Most ranchers train on both just in case there is a time when one was to break or have damage.

Q: How will I know the saddle is hurting my horses back? Will it be obvious?

A: Most horses show when they are in pain. Depending on how severe the pain is will determine how the horse acts. If the soreness is significant, you can expect to see the horse lying down in the barn, or at least moving extra slow.


As you can see, whether you prefer a treed or treeless saddle, the features are vital. There is no sense in spending money on a saddle that you cannot use. A great tip is to train on someone’s treed and a treeless to verify which model works for you the best.

Once you have your answers, be sure you measure correctly and have the accessories you may need handy. Be sure you learn all about treeless saddles’ pros and cons before you commit to buying.

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