The 5 Best Roping Saddles For The Real Cowboy: 2023 Reviews & Guide

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Every Western movie you watch has at least one-star gunslinger that earned a paycheck from roping and rustling cattle. There is much training that goes into learning how to rope cattle. The trick they say is “in the wrist.”

From throwing a unique lasso to quickly jumping off the horse and tying the calf up, it looks easier than it is. To compete, you have to have training, a quick wrist, and a good roping saddle. The saddle has to be designed especially for the cowboy to ride with excellent posture and comfort.

Once the calf is in range, the rider tosses the lasso to land around the young cow’s neck, then the takedown happens. Each step is fast, proficient, and over as fast as it started. To be able to ride a horse while planning a take-down takes concentration and much practice.

*Writer’s Note*

Without the best roping saddle, none of this would be possible. On a ranch, the most common reason for roping cattle is if one gets away from the herd. Other reasons are if the rancher needs to give the cattle medicine or branding.

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Fast forward to the present, and you can see cowboys both young and old hit the rodeo circuit trying to earn a living riding and roping. None of this would be possible if it were not for a properly fitting saddle, a durable lasso, and determination.

The purpose of this article is to educate consumers on shopping for the best roping saddle on the market. The market is no doubt flooded with many different types and styles. Our job is to find the best the safest roping saddle for our readers.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this guide and review. If you already have the right saddle, maybe you will learn a tip or two.

The Best Roping Saddles for the Real Cowboy:

17″ HILASON Western Horse Saddle Big King Trail Wade Ranch Roping Cowboy

First on the list is this beautiful Hilason King Trail Wade Ranch roping saddle. The make of this item comes from the top-quality finest materials incorporated with flawless artistry. Each detail of this roping saddle ensures total customer satisfaction.

Not many styles of saddles come with a strong and outstanding saddle tree for heavy-duty work around the ranch. The tree comes with a five-year warranty to prove that saddles made by Hilason are built to last.

The following are the features of this item that makes it stand out from others. These are:

  • Hand-Picked Genuine Skirting Leather
  • Only Materials from the Best Tanneries
  • Stainless Steel (Drop Plate) Rigging System
  • Carefully Designed Fender and Seat
  • Ensures Stability Necessary for Riding

The most common purpose for this saddle is roping ranch pasture riding, or trail riding. Be sure to take a look at the product as well as read a few more details by clicking here:

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14” 15” 16” 17” 18” A Fork Wade Tree Rough Out Leather Ranch Roping Western Horse Saddle TACK Set

The second roping saddle to make the list is this Fork Wade Rough out Roping Saddle. This item is another saddle that is stunning in appearance but rugged and durable in design. It has everything the cowboy in your circle would love to have.

For the man or woman that spends long hours in the saddle, if it is not of high-quality material, horse and rider will suffer. Those long days will begin to wreak havoc on both the rider and the horse. Days spent on a cattle ranch are long, hard, and often painful.

Take a look at this roping saddle features:

  • A-Fork Wade Tree
  • Durable and Lasting Mule-Hide Wrapped Rope and Horn Strap
  • A Variety of Ties for Accessory Attachments
  • Durable In-Tree Rigging
  • Oiled Dark Chestnut Leather
  • Hand-Carved Tooling in a Floral Design
  • Classic Western Styles

Be sure to check this item out to take advantage of the benefits that come with this item, these are:

  • Breast Collar
  • Reins
  • Hard-Carved Headstall

One vital detail to this item is the Cinches are separate. You can find more information, view the saddle, and get yours ordered today through Amazon’s safe and secure portal. Click here to go directly to the items page.

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DEEP SEAT Roping Saddle 16″ Western Roping Roper Trail Pleasure Saddle Leather TACK

Here is the High-Quality Great American Saddlery Brand Saddle. The material used to make this saddle is the best available skirting leather on the market. The Great American Saddle company incorporated affordable prices with superb artistry all while keeping the price affordable.

Many accessories come with this package, and these are:

  • Back and Front Cinch Straps
  • Matching Leather Headstall
  • Breast Collar
  • Headstall

If you are searching for a roping saddle that is perfect for pleasure, trail riding, Ranch, and Roping, check further into this saddle. It is affordable, durable, and performance-ready. Click here to go to the product listing on Amazon.

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5 16 17 Western Trail Basket Weave Tooled Pleasure Leather Horse Roping Saddle

This Orlov Hill Leather Roping Saddle is as attractive as it is performance strong. The basket weave saddle is hand tooled to ensure it not only performs well but looks attractive while doing so. Whether you are competing in racing, roping, or trail riding, the extra features of the saddle go above and beyond.

Their additional features include Rough Out Jockey for improving the rider’s stability and rider traction. To add to the style, the suede wrapping on the horn assist with strength and instability.

The Orlov Hill manufacturer added additional leather strings for your accessory attachments. Please do yourself a favor and click here to see this saddle and learn more about its features. You can order yours on the same page as well.

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AceRugs Premium Western Leather Youth Kids SEAT Roping Ranch Work Horse Pony Saddle TACK Set 10” 12” 13”

No guide and review on saddles of any type would be complete without a best-selling saddle by AceRugs. This particular one is the only item on here for children. AceRugs is a leader in all things horse related. They take pride in small details that competitors overlook.

This particular roping saddle for kids is the top of the line. The following features are as follows:

  • Silver Studded Trim
  • Mule-Hide Wrapping on the Horn
  • Padded Black Sued Stitched Seat
  • 100 Percent Cow Leather
  • Wood Base Tree Wrapped In Fiberglass

To get a better look at this saddle, click here. Be sure to read the additional details about the manufacturer as well.

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There you have the five best roping saddles available today. Be sure to check out shipping cost and take advantage of the ones offering “free shipping” along with warranties on each item.

Tips for Successful Cattle Roping:

1. Invest in your horse:

Like everything in life, if you do not have the proper tools or the ones you do have are ragged, your performance will suffer. The same is true about roping and the horse you have. Having a well-broke and easy-spirited horse can make or break your success in winning competitions.

*Writer’s Note*

The impact your horse has on your team’s roping success rate is enormous. You will not beat the competitors with an average horse. To be a winner, you must have a winning horse.

2. Learn From Successful Athletes:

Every sport has legends, and those are the ones that invested most of their time learning from other winning teams. Invest your time studying what those rodeo champions did to be so successful at winning.

Winning at cattle roping does not happen due to luck. Winning takes determination, skill, speed, and accuracy. It is true that you can learn something from everyone you meet. However, you want to learn as much as possible from people that win and do so through training.

3. Always be Prepared:

Aside from the first two tips, be sure you invest extra time into perfecting your craft. The more you practice–, the better you will be. Spend as much time as possible getting solid and useful time in on your techniques. It is vital you do this long before you dive into chasing a world title. Baby steps create winners.

When you pace yourself and thrive for nothing less than success, you have higher odds of being successful in roping. The best way to reach your goal is by establishing achievable steps that lead the way.


Q: Is it best to start with learning to hold a lasso before learning the trick with the wrist?

A: Most people combined the two into one. However, to be successful at roping, it is just as important to master how to hold your lasso first.

Q: Is it necessary to adjust the saddle as my horse continues to grow?

A: If you buy a saddle that is roping-ready, you need to make sure the size is perfect. If you are still unsure of the size you need, consult a professional for helping you make a choice and when to trade for a larger saddle.


The sport of roping takes time to learn and plenty of patience. The saddle you choose is just as important as the horse. It must be the right size, the right fit, and the right performance. Be sure your saddle is always in great shape to ensure a winning competition every time.

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