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Just like the name suggests, handyman services are quite handy when you need someone to do odd jobs or rather fix those small things that have gone wrong or the contractor has left out. Professional handymen are multi-skilled professionals, who can perform a plethora of tasks. These tasks include plumbing repairs, electric repairs, and fixing various things around the home or business.

When choosing a handyman service near you, it is, however, vital that you find an individual who is efficient and trustworthy.

In this article, we will look at the basics of finding professional handyman services near you and look at what services these pros offer. We will also explore their hourly rates and how to find the best handyman near you.

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Types of Handyman Services

Looking and opting to hire professionals to render you handyman services might first seem trivial, especially when things are going well with your home or commercial property. However, the overall coverage and the numerous tasks associated with these services are boundless.

In the section below, we look at the different types of services that these professionals offer. The list below is not conclusive, but it should get you started in making your life more comfortable and less stressful when it comes to home renovation and decoration.

General Carpentry:

Carpentry is the most popular, and basic task that handymen do.

Carpentry is diverse as it gets, and there are plenty of numerous tasks classified under this field. From setting up shelves, installing moldings, building fences, decks, and gates, each being a rather simple job for the skilled layman.

Other everyday tasks include installing the trim in your home to hanging doors; these services can take care of all the woodwork projects in your home or property.

Though the field of carpentry may necessitate the creation and carving of furniture from wood, this is not the very same case with handyman services. Carpentry offered by these individuals mostly revolves around repairing and fixing wood-made furniture and house parts.

Electrical Jobs:

Next in line is the electrical and plumbing services. Electrical services are crucial since they are not simple DIY projects and only require skilled professionals.

Aside from the need for a skilled apprenticeship, hiring a dedicated electrician is overkill for simple electrical tasks, so it`s prudent to hire a handyman.

Some of the electrical tasks that these professionals can do with no need of fear include installing, replacing, and repairing wires, and light fixtures among others.

Plumbing Jobs:

Plumbing systems are crucial in any housing or commercial property. Unfortunately, they are often messy, and can even lead to the destruction of property and wastage of resources if not addressed.

Fortunately, handymen double as electricians and plumbers. When they come to your property, they can handle all the electrical and plumbing-related projects including de-clogging your sewer line, fixing your shower heads, and installing your hot water system among others.

Decorative Jobs:

Are you planning to upgrade and boost your overall home aesthetics? Whether you need a few finishing touches or a complete overhaul of a room, these handy individuals can be a suitable option for the task.

From painting walls, and applying wallpapers to beautifying several aspects of your home, several tasks can be efficiently managed.

However, unlike professional landscapers, most of their decorative projects are limited to smaller spaces.

Window Installation and Repair:

With time, the general wear and tear reduce the efficiency of your windows. Individuals who do these jobs make both residential and commercial window installations and repairs to improve your house`s overall value.

When it comes to window repair, the professionals address various window frame issues and different window types.

Safety and Mobility/Aging in Place:

If you have a senior in your residence, these types of odd jobs can be quite helpful in upgrading and restructuring your residence to suit their mobility needs. These upgrades allow your loved ones to age comfortably.

Tile Installation and Repair:

Professional handyman deals with tile installation and repair. Whether you need ceramic tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles, or glass tiles, you should consider using the service of an expert handyman.

Drywall Services:

Whether you have cracks, or holes in your walls, and moisture damage in humid bathrooms, you can consult handyman drywall services for an effective solution.

Some of their drywall services include;

  • Handling cracks from settling
  • Sealing holes in walls
  • Repairing general structural wear and tear

Other services include:

  • Gutter guard installation
  • Wood rot and dry rot
  • Fascia and soffit repair
  • Stucco repair
  • Siding repair

The aim of all these services is to make your house, and commercial property better, and more comfortable. The results are the completion of the project while saving you the cost of installations or construction every time wear and tear occurs.

How to Find the Best Handyman Services Near Me

Are you in need of any of the above construction services? If so, you need to find professional services near you. Traditionally, finding quality services was solely based on recommendations from friends, relatives, and neighbors.

With the growth of the internet and modern technology, however, finding the best services near you is now easy.

Google, for instance, supports various platforms, which you can use to find the best services near you. Some of the platforms are review-based, while others are directories with a list of businesses near you.

Some of the social media platforms that can be used to find various businesses online include;

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp
  • Merchant Circles
  • Twitter

The most dominant method, however, of finding any business near you, whether lawn care, plumbing services, greenhouses, or electrical services is Google Maps.

If you are in the US, for instance, and want to find the best handyman services near you, you can use this Google Map to find businesses.

From the above link, you can see a pictorial representation of all the services in the US that fit this category, including their names, location, and reviews.

Some of the prominent handyman services on our above Google Map include;

  • USA Handyman & Contractor, Richmond, VA
  • Uncle John’s Handyman Services, Columbia, MO
  • Handyman Services, Long Beach, CA
  • USA Handyman Inc, Albany, NY
  • Gus’s Handyman Services, LLC, Orlando, FL

The best part of using Google Maps is that it allows you to refine your searches according to your locality.

For instance, I live in Baltimore, Maryland, and if I were looking for the best handyman services near me, I would type “best handyman services near me” or “best handyman services Baltimore” on the search bar on the top left of Google Maps.

The search above will not only present you with a pictorial representation of the best handyman services in Baltimore, but also a drop-down list on the left with a list of all the businesses, including their location, review, and contact details.

Let us Look at the Top Three Services Near me Using Google Maps.

Tom Allen Home Services:

If you are in Baltimore and in search of easy, reliable, and affordable handyman services, Tom Allen Home Services is an ideal option.

With more than two decades in the industry, Tom Allen Home Services has a proven track record of successful projects. Therefore, there is a surety of receiving the highest quality of service.

Tom Allen has earned a reputation for dependable service, quality work, competitive costs, and a high level of business integrity.

Some of the services offered by Tom Allen include drywall repair, floor and tile installation, bathroom remodeling, and much more.

Myriad LLC Home Improvement and Handyman Services

Based in Pikesville, MD is your one-stop destination for all your home improvement and home maintenance needs.

Myriad provides contracting and labor/tool assistance for property owners. They offer a wide range of solutions to the limitless possible repairs or improvements in and around your home.

Whether you need a large and complex repair or small and simple repairs, Myriad LLC is glad to provide a reliable long-term maintenance solution.

Mr. Handyman of Northern Baltimore County

Mr. Handyman, a subsidiary of the Dwyer Group of Companies, and founded in 1996. With more than two decades in the industry, Mr. Handyman boasts of high-quality artistry.

Mr. Handyman is a repair and improvement company and is known for the quality of their artistry and professional reliability. With this company, there is a guarantee of correct and efficient handling of your task.

Having served more than 1 million clients across the whole of North America, Mr. Handyman is the ultimate handyman service provider in Baltimore and neighboring regions.

Top 5 Best Handyman Services on The Market:

Handyman Services:


Are you in search of an all-inclusive handyman’s service provider such as one that can tackle all your residential and commercial projects? If so, your search comes to an end right here.

Welcome to the Handyman Services section of Amazon. Each of these service providers can handle all your home projects. No project is too big or too small for any of these companies.

Here is a list of some of the services that the contractors can handle. The list is not exhaustive by any means though, and you should, therefore, make an appointment with the pros before you make any service purchase.

  • Repairing drywall
  • Hanging shelving
  • Hanging doors
  • Repairing woodwork
  • Replacing window glass
  • Installing baby-proofing or child-safety products

An estimate from Handyman Services is inclusive of the service charges and the trip charges. That means that you are not going to get bombarded with surprise charges.

The contractors are reliable, trusted, and professional. They each offer construction services that are equipped to provide you with all household services. The handyman service has qualified and experienced technicians that are available within a day’s notice.

What`s more? You get free online estimates of your project. With Amazon’s Handyman Services, there is a guarantee of satisfaction.

Garbage Disposal Installation:


A Garbage Disposal is essential to get rid of the icky and unpleasant waste from our homes. Due to the nature of food leftovers, the garbage disposal system tends to get clogged with gunk, some of which may end up on you when you are working on removing your old garbage disposal.

In such cases, you need the intervention of a handyman service. The Garbage Disposal Installation service offered through Amazon is a full-service, one-stop waste disposal, hauling, and recycling resource.

These contractors analyze, design, and broker a more cost-effective and efficient garbage waste disposal service for your company or home.

Some of the popular services that contract providers offer with regard to garbage installation and replacement include;

  • Removal and hauling away of old disposal
  • Mounting and wiring customer-supplied garbage disposal
  • The connection of drain lines and existing electrical
  • Garbage disposal test and clean up

The Garbage Installation services are not your ordinary installation, repair, and removal company, they have combined industry experts with state-of-the-art technology to deliver quality systems that are efficient, and durable.

Whether it’s a repair job, maintenance, or installation task, you can start the process of hiring a leader for comprehensive and thorough results.

Drywall Repair and Patch:


Cracks, holes, and water damage to your drywall can make your home look neglected and uninviting. You can tackle certain issues on your own, but in some instances, it’s best to call in a drywall professional.

  • Repairing up to 4 drywall holes
  • Up to 4 hours of work on drywall repair
  • A second visit for drying and sanding

Depending on the size of the hole, there are a plethora of ways that this specialist can use to patch your drywall. For small holes, for instance, these specialists can use spackle, before finishing the repair process by sanding.

For the larger holes on the other hand, applying spackle is not sufficient, as they need patching, typically requiring at least two coats of joint compound.

Either way, fill out the form to get the home improvements you need through this Drywall Repair, and Patch service available on Amazon. The contractors are the go-to specialists in the event you need any drywall services. Request a service from them today.

Faucet Replacement:


Faucet replacement can be a hefty expense, especially when it comes up unexpectedly. For this reason, it`s advisable that you only have a professional do the faucet installation or replacement for you.

Though modest tools, faucets are tedious to install as they must align with those already on your sink or counter. Professional Faucet Replacement services through Amazon, however, can provide a hassle and stress-free strategy for getting over this hurdle.

The replacement services are handy in fixing all your faucet issues including leaky sinks, squeaky faucets, dribbling water, or inconsistent spray of water.

Some of the services in their faucet replacement package include;

  • Removing old faucet and drain stopper
  • Installing customer-supplied faucets, handles, and drain stoppers
  • Reattaching supply line

Make your faucet leak-proof and do your bit to conserve water. For professional repair and installation of faucets, fill out the form today. Each contractor is experienced and dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.

Bed Assembly:


Welcome to the Bed Assembly service offered through Amazon. You not only get the ultimate bed assembly service, but it is by professionals that truly know what they are doing. Whether you need a bed frame, platform or sleigh bed, bunk bed, or bunk bed with storage, Amazons Bed Assembly service has got you covered.

This service takes away all the stress, time, and effort to build a new bed and assemble it for you. With Bed Assembly, no need to worry about the extra packet of screws left over, these bed pros build your bed to the highest standard.

What`s more? They tidy everything away from you and build your bed to perfection.

Contact Amazon today to get the most professional Bed Assembly service available.

Now that you are aware of how to find the best handyman near you at exceptional prices let’s look at some of the important tips you should consider when hiring a handyman service. It is necessary that you only hire professional and reliable services.

Essential Tips for Hiring a Quality Handyman Services

As the name suggests, handyman services are quite handy. However, there are, regrettably, horror stories of providers who burn their clients.

Therefore, it is only fair and prudent that you thoroughly evaluate your service provider to avoid regret down the line.

In this section, we look at the top five essential tips for hiring quality and reliable handyman services.

Determine your Scope of Work:

Though these workers many refer to as the jack-of-all-trades and specialize in multiple tasks, their resourcefulness is a few specialties. While some of them hold a general contractor`s license, giving them the ability to handle multiple projects, some tasks are overly complex for a handyman and require skilled expertise.

Therefore, before you hire a business, discuss, and evaluate the needs and requirements of your project before making any hires to avoid sub-standard results and disappointment. [2]

Check License Requirements:

After assessing your project and determining the suitability of your provider, the next step is to check their licensing.

Check if they are permitted by the local state or municipality to perform their profession in your area. Most states require a license for plumbing and electrical work.

Request for their Insurance:

Insurance is necessary to cushion you against any claims that third parties or workers may level against you in case an accident happens.

Insurance also protects the rest of your property in case it gets destroyed during the handyman’s services.

Interview your Handyman:

Before hiring, it is always a good idea that you discuss your projects with your provider to assess whether they can deliver quality results.

Some of the questions that you should ask your to-be provider include;

  • What is their experience and number of years in the industry
  • What is their specialty
  • What are some of the projects they have completed
  • What type of guarantee do they provide
  • How do they operate
  • How much do they charge?
  • How do they handle overages or additional work that arises

Get a Written Estimate:

Only hire a professional who provides a written estimate. The estimate should include all aspects of the cost of hiring the handyman-what the job entails, fees schedule or hourly rate, and start and completion date.

Hiring a good company can make your life easier. Moreover, if you build a solid working relationship with them, they will go the extra mile of advising and helping you out when you are not sure of what to do with some property problems.

Following the above tips when selecting a contractor will save you a lot of worry and trouble.

What Does A Contractor Charge Per Hour?

A company normally charges its services on a flat rate basis or an hourly rate. Some may charge for the travel time, and others for a markup on parts they buy for your job. Either way, it is important to acquaint yourself with the charges beforehand.

What does a handyman charge per hour? Now that is a good question, is it not? And would it not be great if I offered you a straightforward answer?

Unfortunately, there are no fixed hourly charges. For instance, if you decide to pursue Craigslist, I bet you increasingly get confused by the incredible price range on display there. You are bound to find handymen ads on Craigslist charging as low as $10 per hour and others as high as $100 per hour.

Before you jump to any conclusions yet, keep reading.

The “Handyman” trade is a profession that does not have standards, and this is particularly true when it comes to pricing. The trade has no regulations, it does not require formal education, and does not adhere to any overreaching specifications.

The variation in the hourly charges is because of different factors. Some of the notable factors include;

Size of the Job:

The bigger the job, the more time it will take to complete and hence the more you will pay. More experienced workers can accurately estimate the time a job will take before they start.

Such jobs come in three levels, these are:

  • Small jobs: They involve performing small and simple tasks such as replacing light switches and outlets, replacing a broken garbage disposal, repairing a leaky faucet, hanging a picture, or replacing a thermostat.

Small jobs take no more than 1 or 2 hours.

  • Medium Jobs: They are a tad more involved and require extra expertise and time. Examples of medium jobs include repairing drywall, hanging shelves, and replacing installation for a mailbox.

Medium jobs take 2 to 4 hours.

  • Large Jobs: Large jobs are the most involving of the three and require expertise, experience, and more time. Examples of large jobs include adding locks to interior doors, installing gates on the stairway for kids and pets, installing kitchen sinks with all the elements, or turning a cubby into a linen closet.

Large jobs can take 4 hours to a couple of days.

Experience and Skills

Experience and skills are valuable commodities in the handyman domain. Experienced professionals generally charge a higher rate than their inexperienced counterparts.

When hiring, do not shy away from the $100+ professionals-they charge so because they are probably worth that much. Experience is valuable in various ways in the industry including quick completion of the task, immaculate work, and professional approach to the clients as well as the business.

The Complexity of the Job

Home maintenance services can range from a simple faucet installation or change of the showerhead to complex tasks such as overhauling a plumbing or electrical system.

The complexity of the job should not be confused with the size of the job. In most cases, small jobs are simple, but there are large jobs that are similarly simple. For instance, changing a doorknob is a small and simple job, while sanding or re-hanging is a large job, yet neither is complex.

A good handyman should inform you if there are aspects of the jobs they cannot handle from the start.


Such professionals in NY city are going to charge higher than those in rural Oklahoma, just because of the difference in the cost of living.

It`s always important though that you first evaluate and discuss the job before the payment. Additionally, it is always prudent that you shop around for bids but remember that the lowest is not always the best choice-you get what you pay for in most cases.

Do You Need a License?

Before you start offering services, it`s important that you understand the laws that apply to contractors in your state. Find out if you need a license, what services you can offer, and those you cannot.

The requirements of a repair person vary from state to state, with some requiring a license and others requiring a business license only.

As a repair company starting out, you are likely to have limitations on what you can offer. Often, your customers are going to ask you to perform tasks outside your legal jurisdiction. You should learn, however, to turn the offers down.

Why? Aside from a legal headache, you are bound to protect your clients. If anything goes wrong because of the work you did, and not licensed to perform the task, the insurance will not cover the damage.

Below, we look at some of the licensing steps you need to follow to avoid any legal implications;

  • Visit your contractor`s board website and read about the laws that govern handyman activity in your state or city.
  • Contact an investigator to clear up the vague or gray areas you did not understand. Ask them to clear up any specific questions you might have to see how they interpret the laws. After all, they are the ones enforcing them
  • Talk to other experienced and established contractors for an inside perspective
  • When marketing, pay attention to minor details such as calling yourself a contractor rather than a handyman on craigslist-this could land you in trouble
  • Having an appointment with an attorney should fine-tune your understanding of the legal jargon.

Should You Tip a Handyman?

Tipping is quite a controversial issue: some believe that service professionals should not receive tips, while others say it is a demonstration of gratitude for services, especially if it is outstanding. These opinions greatly vary because there are no policies whatsoever about tipping.

Tipping is an act of thanks and greatly varies depending on personal values, opinions, and character. If you wish to tip a handyman, however, a good rule of thumb is to check whether the accomplished task is worth tipping. The standard tipping rate is between 18 percent to 20 percent of the total bill

As with a verbal “thank you,” a tip is given voluntarily, so you should never feel obligated to tip even when the service is far from worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Do handymen provide construction materials?

A: You have the choice of buying materials yourself or allowing the professionals to do this work for you.

Q: Do I need to be home at the time of service?

A: Not necessarily. Professional handyman services can perform all the tasks without any supervision. However, arrangements are necessary for entry/ access to your property and the inspection of the projects upon completion.

Q: How small of a job is too small?

A: No job is too small or too big for the many service providers

Q: Do you offer free estimates?

A: Yes, most professionals provide a free online estimate. However, if their inspectors come to your site, you will have to pay an inspection fee.


Above is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best handyman services near you. We hope that you are now aware of how to find these pros, what to look for, their hourly tips, and whether you need to tip them. Follow our guide above for the best handyman experience.

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