Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw Review [2023]

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Dear Homesteader, do you have problems reaching tall tree branches that need pruning in your garden? Are you tempted to climb up a tree or a ladder to do the job? Well, we advise against climbing for pruning purposes. However, we introduce you to Ryobi One+ 8-inch Cordless Electric Pole Saw.

This bad boy solves your problem of pruning hard-to-reach branches and all. It can extend as high as 9.5 feet, meaning the tallest trees in your area stand no chance. It does the job easily, safely, and cleanly as a whistle. And guess what? ONE+ lithium-ion battery supplies the Ryobi Cordless, the power required to get the job done seamlessly.

You don’t need to worry about taking ‘oil breaks,’ this saw comes with an automatic oiler. The oiler makes for smooth operation. Also, the compact nature of the unit is orchestrated by an in-line motor housing which makes trimming in tight spaces look like a kindergarten play. When you buy this bad boy, you bought rest of mind because it comes backed with a 3-year warranty.

Product Review:

Ryobi ONE+ 8-Inch 18-Volt 9.5 feet Cordless Electric Pole Saw without Battery and Charger

The Ryobi pole saw offers the perfect solution for pruning tall trees. With an extensive 9.5 ft pole, this saw can get to the tallest branches. And you don’t need to worry about the operation – it runs smoothly owing to its automatic oiler. It comes with an 8-inch bar and chain ideal for medium-duty trimming and pruning jobs.


  • Item Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 41 x 6.3 x 10.3 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Cordless Electric
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Bar & Chain Size: 8 inches
  • Cut Capacity (Diameter): 6 inches
  • Chain Tensioner type: Tool-less
  • Chain Pitch: 3.8 inches
  • Chain Type: Low profile skip tooth narrow kerf
  • Included Components: Cutting head pole, Intermediate pole, 18V handle pole, Scabbard/blade cover, and manual
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Unique Features:

  • It can extend up to 9.5 feet making it easy to reach tall tree branches
  • It comes with a toolless chain tensioner which makes for user convenience.
  • It has up to a 6-inch cutting diameter due to its 8-inch bar
  • It comes with a lightweight design which makes operating easy and reduction of user fatigue.
  • It is versatile; hence it works with all ONE+ tools and batteries
  • It comes with an automatic oiler for smooth operation
  • It comes backed with a 3-year limited warranty.


How to Sharpen the Cutters

You should know that a dull or improperly sharpened chain can lead to excessive motor speed during cutting. This excessive speed can lead to severe motor damage in the shortest time. Ensure you do a regular check on your chain constantly to preserve the life of the motor. If the chain is kept in good order, the result will be smooth and fast cutting.

However, the question as to when your chain requires sharpening will be answered if you notice the following:

  • When you notice small and powdery wood ships
  • When the saw only cuts to one side
  • When you force the chain through the wood to be able to cut wood

If you notice any or all the above conditions, then your chain requires adequate sharpening. Now just before you grab your filing tool, you must be aware of some important precautions. These precautions will determine the quality of your filing and these include:

  • Get the filing angle right because the wrong filing angle of the side plate increases the risk of severe kickback.
  • Get the depth gauge (raker clearance) setting right. The depth gauge determines the height the cutter enters the wood and the size of the wood chip that comes off the wood being cut. Increase the depth gauge size and increase the risk of kickback. On the other hand, if the depth gauge size is decreased, the wood chippings to decrease which means a low cutting ability of the chain.
  • Call for the service of a dealer chain sharpener if the cutter teeth hit hard objects e.g. nails, stones, or roughened by mud or sand on the wood.
  • Ensure you sharpen all cutters to the specified angles and to the same length because uniform cutters lead to fast and seamless cutting.

Sharpening the Cutters

Equipment: Protective gloves, 5/32-inch diameter round file and holder and wire brush.

Step 1: Tighten the chain tension to hold it down from wobbling. When filing ensure you stay to the mid-point of the bar and nowhere else.

Step 2: Take the 5/32 diameter round file and holder; ensure to keep the file level with the top plate of the tooth. While filing does not let the file dip or rock.

Step 3: Apply light but firm pressure on the file then strokes the tooth towards the front corner. When you are doing a return stroke, lift the file away from the steel.

Step 4: Put a few firm strokes on every tooth. File all left-hand cutters in one direction, then proceed to the other side and file all right-hand cutters in the opposite direction. As you work, use the wire brush to remove iron filings from the file.

Step 5: Test run your newly sharpened chain.

How to Cut Shrubs or Trees with a Pole Saw

For new homesteaders using the pole saw for the first time, you might want to know how it’s done right. Do you know that you don’t just pick up the saw to saw away else you will end up damaging your trees or injuring yourself? Here are the basic cutting procedures to follow to give the trees and shrubs that perfect cut:

Step 1. Prepare/Precaution:

Put on non-slip gloves for maximum grip and protection. Get a good grip on the saw while using it, especially while the motor runs. Keep your left hand on the pole shaft and your right on the rear handle to keep your body on the left of the chain line. Never cross your hand or use a stance that leads to crossing the hand.

Step 2. Shallow Cut First:

Stand away from under the limb being cut. Then execute a shallow first cut (1/4 of limb diameter) on the underside of the limb close to the main limb or trunk.

Step 3. Second Cut Next:

Now make a second cut from the top side of the limb outboard from the first cut. Continue the cut through the limb until the limb separates from the tree. Make ready to balance the weight of the tool when the limb falls. Now make the final cut close to the trunk.

Note that for the second and final cuts (from the top of the limb or branch), hold the front cutting guide against the limb being cut. This will help steady the limb and make it easier to cut. Allow the chain to cut for you; exert only light downward pressure. If you force the cut it will damage the bar, chain, or motor.

Step 4. Release the trigger:

Once you are done with the cut, release the trigger.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Routine care and maintenance tips will go a long way to keep your saw operational for longer. Once you take care of the tool, it would work well for you. Here are the general maintenance and care tips for your Ryobi Cordless pole saw:

  • Put on protective gloves before you start the maintenance or inspection of the saw.
  • Before servicing or changing any part, ensure you stop the motor and wait for all moving part to stop. After that remove the battery pack to avoid accidental start-up.
  • Do not use solvents when cleaning plastic parts of the tool because most of those parts are susceptible to damage from petroleum-based solvents.
  • Use a clean cloth to remove dirt, dust, oil, grease, and so on.
  • Do a routine check on the chain and bar to ensure adequate tension.
  • To adjust or tension the chain, ensure you stop the motor before you touch the chain.
  • If you just replace the chain, do check the chain tension frequently because new chains have the tendency of stretching.
  • Do not tension the chain when it’s warm because warm metal stretches. However, when it cools the chain will contract and in turn will become too tight. Tension the chain while it is cold.
  • Ensure you use the premium bar and chain lubricant always.
  • Avoid the use of dirty, used, and contaminated lubricants because they can damage the oil pump, bar, or chain.


Q: Why is the bar and chain of my saw running hot and smoking?

A: The probable cause includes:

  • Overtightened chain tension. To solve this problem, check the tension of the chain. Follow the procedure under the care and maintenance tips to get the right tension. Note that the chain must be tensioned when the chain is cool to get the right tension.
  • Empty bar lube reservoir. Check the reservoir and add premium bar and chain lubricant.

Q: The motor of my saw keeps running but the chain does not rotate, what could be the cause?

A: The probable cause includes:

  • Overtightened chain tension. Check and reset the chain tension to get the right tension.
  • Wrong guide bad and chain assembly. Check to see if the chain and bar are well placed, if not re-assemble it.
  • Guide bar and chain might be damaged. If the bar and chain are damaged, change any damaged part with the right parts.


Now that you know the most efficient and safe way to trim the branches of your trees, we are convinced that you are making your plans to buy your very own Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw. However, before you dash out, you might want to check out the customer rating statistics of our subject tool.

We collated the ratings of about 1,000 customers and here is the result:

  • A whopping 74.1% of the total customers gave the tool a 5-star rating
  • 3% of them gave the tool a 4-star rating
  • 5% of the customers gave a 3-star rating
  • A mere 0.5% of them gave the saw a 2-star rating
  • Only 0.6% of them gave a 1-star rating

On overall the tool has a 4.7-star rating based on the following criteria:

  • Durability – 4.5
  • Ease of use – 4.7
  • Performance – 4.7
  • Weight – 4.3
  • Power – 4.6
  • Affordability – 4.7

With that information at the back of your mind you know that when you make this purchase, you will not regret it. We recommend you buy and use it for your medium-duty pruning jobs. Do not wait, make your purchase right now once you finish reading this post. Make the click and the saw becomes yours today!!

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