Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees Or Firewood: Reviews And Guide (2023)

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It may not be as powerful as a chainsaw, but it is versatile and therefore perfect for most indoor, outdoor jobs. Sometimes, it is not advisable to use a chainsaw for specific projects. First, they are noisy, and you may wake the entire neighborhood if you have to work at night.

Hand saws are also more affordable and extremely enjoyable to use. However, why would anyone need a handsaw when there are numerous other types of cutting tools that can accomplish the same jobs reasonably well? Stick around.

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This article will tell you what you did not know about handsaws. We also include reviews of some of the best cutting saws in 2019.

Advantages of Hand Saw:

DIYers love them because they allow them to accomplish a couple of projects. Here are a couple of benefits that you might gain by using this tool for your projects.


This benefit may seem a bit obvious, but it is a great reason why you need to consider buying one. They allow you to cut a tree that is not so close to your home. Most power saws are bulky and awkward to carry when you have to walk a long distance to where you will work. They are also great when you have limited space and cannot move a massive tool.

Power Issues

Sometimes, you have to work for long hours in areas that do not have electricity. A battery powered saw will not last very long and you do not have a place to charge its batteries. With this tool, you can work anywhere and at any time.

You have the versatility to work without having to worry about your tool running out of power. You also get to save a lot on power bills.


We have all see this in those creepy horror movies. A guy is working with a power tool. They think that they have switched it off. Unfortunately, they did not (or the tool powers on accidentally). Then it is a bloodbath.

These may be instances that you have not seen in real life, but they do happen. With a handsaw, you are applying the power that you need. If the saw slips, you choose to stop. Therefore the chances of getting injured are minimal.

Detailed Control

You also get much more control with this one. You can decide where you want to cut and cut there without slipping. You can also take time, be deliberate and slow to get your job done correctly. Power tools can be difficult to control and making a mid-cut is easy.

Top 5 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Trees or Firewood:

Product NameFeatures
F180 Large Teeth– Limited lifetime warranty
– Suitable for various application
– 6.5 teeth per inch
– Lightweight design for portability & flexibility
BIGBOY 2000– 5.5 teeth per inch
– Lightweight construction style
– Convenient for multiple applications
– Limited lifetime warranty
– Rubberized handle material
SILKY Zubat– Curved blade design
6.4 teeth per inch
– Durable black polypropylene sheath
– Limited lifetime manufactures warranty
– Detachable belt holders for safe storage
POCKETBOY 130mm Medium Teeth– 8.5 teeth per inch
– Flip-lock carrier case
– Lightweight design
– Ergonomic handle design
– Limited lifetime warranty
POCKETBOY 170 Large Teeth– Manufactures limited lifetime warranty
– Seven teeth per inch
– Lightweight design for portability and flexibility
– Plastic flip-lock carrier case
– Suitable for various applications
– Convenient blade size

Silky New Professional Series Folding Landscaping Hand Saw F180 Large Teeth

Silky new professional series folding hand saw comes in handy. It has a lightweight design to ensure you can handle any cutting tasks with minimum effort. The folding design makes it suitable for use and easy to transport.

Handle Design

What makes this hand saw outstanding from the rest is its handle design. The rubberized material is to prevent the saw from slipping off, especially during wet seasons. Therefore, the saw is convenient for all-time use.

Additionally, the hand design is comfortable, and its material also provides you protection against bruises. That makes it comfortable for use even during extended hours. When folded, the blade fits in the handle perfectly to ensure you are safe from unexpected injuries.


You can take this hand saw to any adventure and still enjoy quality results. This folding saw is very versatile. Whatever cutting mission you have, the saw will always be ready to take you through.

You can use it for pruning and trimming, camping, landscaping, trail maintenance, woodworking and other general outdoor adventures. In other words, this hand saw is all you will need to ensure you have fun during any experience that involves cutting and constructing.

Durability and Convenience

The lightweight and foldable design makes this saw convenient for every time use. When folded, you can comfortably slide it into your backpack as you pack for that camping experience. The folded size can also fit any pants pocket, therefore, assuring you that they will always be enough space for the saw.

When it comes to durability, the saw is designed to last over generations. The blade hardens by using a heat technique to ensure its teeth are strong. The hardened teeth retain their sharpness three times longer than others. Therefore, you are sure of attaining excellence in your work.


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Rubberized handle for sure grip and comfort
  • Convenient for a variety of outdoor use
  • Lifetime warranty cover
  • Heat-hardened teeth to retain sharpness and durability


  • The blade is not full tang hence separates easily from the handle

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Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000 Folding Landscaping Hand Saw Extra Large Teeth

Are you looking for a folding saw that can handle more significant cutting tasks comfortably, why not consider adding a big boy 2000 hand saw? The saw is slightly stronger than other folding saws to ensure it gives you the relevant power you need for your work. With this saw in your hand, you will be ready to experience superior finish quality, exceptional balance, strength, and design.

Blade Design

This hand saw features a folding curved blade that is convenient for any adventure. It’s constructed using high-quality steel, which guarantees stability and strength. The small curving design ensures you can cut through small trunks effortlessly and faster.

Additionally, the blade has at least 5.5 teeth per inch. That ensures that it’s durable and will cut through any material comfortably. The size is also convenient and will guarantee there is sufficient space between your hand and the material you are cutting.

Handle Design

The best thing about this saw is its handle design. The rubber cushioning guarantees that the saw will remain firm in your hands in the most demanding conditions. With this hand saw you will be confident to work as the handle is big enough to accommodate any hand size. Therefore, making it convenient for everyone in the family.

Additionally, the rubber material protects your hand from encountering blisters or other possible injuries. Its versatile design allows you to keep working for hours without experiencing challenges.

Versatility and Durability

With this folding hand saw, you are set to face any cutting adventures as a professional. It’s the only folding saw that has the power to handle both big and small tasks equally. The low-curve design allows you to attain precision in every cut.

Durability is very effective when it comes to any investment. When shopping for a folding hand saw, this should not be exceptional. Silky manufacturers ensure to cover all their saw with a lifetime warranty, which protects against any structural defects.


  • Comes with a blister pack
  • Convenient for various outdoor adventures
  • Lightweight design
  • Non-slip rubber handle


  • Slightly expensive compared to others on the market

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SILKY Zubat Professional Saw: 330mm Large Teeth

If you are enthusiastic about precision in backyard landscaping or tree care job, then you understand the need of having a reliable saw. It gives you the confidence you require to work and attain excellence in everything you touch. With a good quality saw, no task will be too big for you to face even in the most difficult condition.

Blade Design

Unlike all other saws from Silky, zubat professional saws design means business. This blade has a full tang construction, which guarantees extra stability and strength in all your adventures. The design ensures the blade is stable and cannot slip from the handle as you cut. Therefore, you are sure that you will not encounter any accidents that are often normal with other blade designs.

Additionally, the heavy-duty high-carbon steel material guarantees you an impressive speed as you cut through branches. It’s also durable and will not easily break even when cutting through tough material

Portability and Safety

Unlike other silky saws that are foldable, this comes with a protective sheath. The sheath ensures to cover the blade all through to keep you confident and safe. On the sheath, there is a detachable belt holder, which allows you to store the saw when not in use.

The sheath also ensures the saw is safe during storage or transportation. Therefore, you are sure that you will be safe from any unexpected injuries from exposed teeth.


A secure handle is a need on any hand saw. It dictates the way you work and duration. The handle is a material of non-slip material to ensure you can work under any weather conditions.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Detachable belt holder for secure storage
  • Convenient polypropylene sheath
  • High-carbon steel blade material
  • Safe non-slip handle


  • A little expensive compared to others on the market

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Silky New Professional Series Folding Landscaping Hand Saw POCKETBOY 130mm Medium Teeth

This pocket boy is the ultimate cutting tool that you will ever need to bring precision to your work. It has a convenient design that will ensure smooth cuts regardless of how tough the material you are cutting is. It has outstanding features that work together to give you the results you require.

Blade Design

This saw is 5” with at least 8.5 teeth per inch. Therefore, you are sure that it will make your cutting work more comfortable and faster. The teeth are sharp and will comfortably cut through tough tree branches.

Additionally, the design of the blade comes from high-carbon steel, which is strong and durable. The material ensures that the saw is flexible and can cut at any angle without the risk of breaking. It also keeps the teeth sharp even with extensive use.


Another interesting factor about this saw is that it’s highly portable. Its small size blade ensures it’s a perfect fit for any small space you might have. It also has a lightweight design to ensure it does not add weight to your packing for flexibility and smooth movement.

As you plan for that holiday camping vacation, you don’t have to invest in another carrier for the saw. Therefore, you will face all the cutting challenges comfortably at any place you go. It also has a plastic flip-lock case that keeps it secure while not in use.

Flexibility and Handle

Additionally, these hand saws designed is to ensure you get precision in all your work. Therefore, it’s pretty flexible and will ensure you have ultimate control through any angle cutting. The handle is firm and non-slip to ensure you have the confidence you require during harsh conditions. The handle’s design is of rubber material, which firmly holds to the hand and does not expose you to any possible injuries.


  • A convenient flip-lock case for storage
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Rust-resistant blade material


  • Slightly expensive compared to 0others on the market

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Silky New Professional Series Folding Landscaping Hand Saw POCKETBOY 170 Large Teeth, 346-17

Before investing in a hand saw, it’s essential to ensure that the saw will help you achieve the kind of results you are looking. Additionally, you must ensure that the saw of your choice will fit your lifestyle and serve as an extension for you. If that is the case, then you will find this pocket boy professional folding hand saw suitable. It has outstanding features that will add precision to your work for professional results.

Design and Construction

This saws design is to handle both little and big tasks. It has razor-sharp teeth that will ensure you can cut with minimum effort. The blade material is durable and will guarantee to give you relevant power for all your cutting experiences.

Additionally, the high carbon steel blade is rust resistant; therefore, you will enjoy using the saw in all weather conditions. The construction style of this saw gives it the ability to help under all experiences for quality results. It also features two interchangeable blades to ensure your work is more comfortable.


Carbon steel is highly durable and will last for generations. When you combine steel for the blade and rubber for a handle, the final product is stunning. With this combination, you are sure the saw is sturdy and will serve you for years. To enhance on its durability, it comes with a flip-lock case for convenient storage.


  • Easy to use
  • Dual blade construction
  • Razor sharp teeth
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Convenient for various applications
  • Rust-resistant blade material


  • Takes time to trigger the blades

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What Features to Look for in a Saw?

Here are a few factors that you must consider to ensure that you get the best tool for your job.


Always make sure that your tool has an ergonomic design. It should not strain the muscles on your hand even if you have to work with it for long hours. With a great handle, you will work longer than expected. It should also have a blade that makes it lightweight, and the grip should be non-slip and non-conductive.

Blade Quality

The quality of your blade is critical because it will determine how fast you can cut down a tree. If the blade is too light and flimsy, you will take longer and will feel extremely tired after you have completed the job. Your edge is also likely to break if you are working on hardwoods. Hardened steel blades are popular because they are tough and do not lose their sharpness.


You should choose a saw that allows you to change the tension of the blade conveniently. Most people believe that you must use maximum stress all the time with a hand saw. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes you need to reduce the pressure for maximum tension.


You must make sure that you have a good grip on the handle.  Remember that sometimes you will have to work in less-than-ideal conditions. So, your hands may get wet. It should also have a knuckle guard that keeps the saw from hitting you in case it does slip.

You also want your saw to come in a protective sheath that makes it safe to transport and store. You will appreciate sharp blades when you are working, but you never want them exposed.

The Length of the Blade

The length of the edges will also vary depending on how you intend to use the saw. Small sizes are about 17 inches long and are perfect for pruning trees and other light maintenance jobs. However, if you want to cut wood, you will need a blade that is at least 30 inches long.

Hand Saw vs. Electric Saw:

Hand sawElectric saw
Easy to transportDifficult to move around
Does not need a source of powerNeeds electricity to work
Easier to control while workingDifficult to control especially during wet conditions
Fewer injuries, fewer accidentsRequires you to be extremely careful when working

Can I Sharpen Hand Saws?

Yes, hand saws can get sharpened. You have to use files to keep the blades sharp. Begin by inspecting the edge and comparing the teeth near the heel with those near the middle. Clap the file in saw jointer and run it along the saw till there is a bright spot at the top, then all the teeth are equal height.

If the jointing eliminates more than a third of the height of the teeth, make sure you re-cut the shapes using a three-square file. Make sure that you clamp the saw between two long scraps and align the scraps about 1/6 inch below the old gullets. Stop cutting once the file gets to the craps. The teeth should be shiny without any flat spots.

What Hand Saw to Cut Plywood

For a ¾ plywood, you can use a 10ppi panel saw. It will allow you to make straight cuts and square cuts whenever you need to. It will also not tear or fray the thin veneer. While a power saw is fun to use, it does not have enough precision, and sometimes it is unwieldy, so it will not make such precise cuts for you.

When choosing a hand saw that you could use to cut plywood, make sure that it has more prominent teeth. That will mean a lower TPI which is perfect for softer materials. You also want to go with a blade that is medium to make the cuts softer.

Best Hand Saw Practices

  • Use light pressure. Let the saw do the work
  • Never twist the blade. Always keep it perpendicular to your work
  • Always use strokes as long as possible. It will ensure that your cuts are smoother, and straighter and that the blade will last longer
  • Have the work clamped and well-supported to prevent injuries
  • Always use a miter box if you need to make angled cuts
  • Make sure that your blades are sharp
  • Store in a cool and dry place

FAQs about Hand Saw for Cutting Trees/Firewood:

Q: Can all hand saw types do the same jobs?

A: No. You can never expect a keyhole saw to do the same job as a hacksaw.

Q: Does the length of the blade matter?

A: Yes, the length of the blade determines the types of jobs you will be able to handle comfortably. It will also affect how well you will be able to control the tool.

Q: Should Price Matter?

A: Yes, the price will determine the quality of the blade you will get. If the quality of the blade is excellent, be prepared to pay a little extra.


Choosing the right-hand saw requires that you make a list of which features are most important to you. Your budget will guide you on which brands and which saws you can buy. It will make the process more comfortable for you.

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