Porter Cable 557 Vs DeWalt DW682K Vs Makita PJ7000: Reviews And Comparison (2022)

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Innovations have changed the way how industries perform their operations. These days, most industrial tasks take place through machines and advanced tools. Today, we will be reviewing the market’s best-selling plate joiners which are there to accomplish numerous woodworking tasks efficiently.

The market is full of advanced tools and machines which don’t require any workforce. They complete the tasks automatically in less time compared to manual tasks.

If you are into woodworking or a professional carpenter, then a Plate Joiner Kit is essential for you to complete all the complicated tasks efficiently. Most people find it confusing to choose the right Plate Joiner from the market and for the very same reason.

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Where we have come up with Porter Cable 557, DeWalt DW682K, Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiners which are dominating the market. If you are confused about choosing the perfect Plate Joiner from the market, following reviews of these plate joiners will give you bright ideas to choose the suitable one.

Let’s compare the basic features of these tools first.

Basic Comparison:

Porter Cable 557DeWalt DW682KMakita PJ7000
Uses 7 Amp MotorUses 6.5 Amp MotorUses 5.6 Amp Motor
Corded OperationsCorded OperationsCordless Operations
Seven Different Cutting SettingsFour Different Cutting SettingsSix Depth Settings for cutting accurately
Uses 4-Inch BladesUses 4-Inch BladesUses 4-Inch Blades

Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner Reviews:

Porter Cable 557 is a great tool to join pieces of woods together. If you’ve been into the woodworking field, you might have come across to this tool and hoping to get one for your future tasks. Well, before purchasing anything from the market, you should first collect the right information about the product which you are going to buy.

Porter Cable 557 is a 7 Amp plate joiner which is high on demand. If your clients require extra smooth and streamlined wood products, screws and nails won’t give you that perfect look. With the proper plate joiner machine, you can form strong bonds between two wood pieces which look natural.

Here is a new generation Plate Joiner tool which is extremely advanced. The machine is here on the market to make your life more comfortable if you are in the woodworking industry. This joiner has a fence which puts the right slot cut wherever you want with sharp blades.

The spring-loaded motor pushes the motor towards the cut, and the spring will pull it back. It works smoothly, and you don’t need to apply extra forces during the task.

This Plate Joiner has various components such as the fence assembly, the gearbox, the bottom plate. All the parts of this machine are of a sturdy material which lasts for years. The front face of the joiner stays aligned with the blade which lets you see the cut properly.

Additionally, you will get a plastic plate which is mountable. You can make use of this plate while cutting. This plate will give you more area to put your wood. With an attached plate on this tool, you can freely move the object during the work. The join will form easily without any interruptions.

Porter Cable 557 – Key Features

  • 7-amp motor with 10,000 rpm motor rotating speed
  • The built-in fence which turns from 0 degrees to 135 degrees
  • Adjustable stop as per your requirements
  • Comes with seven different cutting settings
  • This machine handles a variety of woods.
  • Offers standard-size cut with a four-inch blade
  • Equipped with useful, sturdy components

Good Stuff

  • Fast and easy setup of the components
  • The accurate fence provides excellent accuracy in tasks.
  • Improves productivity with faster performance
  • Supports different types of biscuit sizes
  • Trigger lock
  • About 0 percent rejection rate

Bad Stuff

  • Small dust bag
  • Plastic Fence cover has a poor design.
  • More time requires changing the blades.
  • A bit expensive

This Plate Joiner is currently one of the best on the market which offers strong components, 4-Inch blade, seven cutting settings, etc. The compact design makes it easy to move, and you can carry this tool anywhere you go. The tool offers ultimate performance with which you can work for hours without taking a break.

Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner

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DeWalt DW682K Plate Joiner Reviews:

DeWalt DW682K is yet another useful Plate Joiner tool which has a decent motor, sturdy components with 6.5-amp power. The plate joiners design is with new technology which offers accurate and professional work quickly. If you’ve been looking for a new Plate Joiner, then you must check the DeWalt DW682K Plate Joiner.

Here is a heavy-duty plate joiner which has a design for industrial tasks. The gear housing and fence assembly of this tool is made from magnesium which lasts longer. The yellow body of the machine adds catchier look compared to other ordinary looking Plate Joiners.

The powerful motor is crucial, and this DeWalt tool uses a 6.5 Amps motor which performs well. The blades rotate rapidly with 10,000 RPM generated through the powerful motor. With this much speed, the joiner can cut accurately. The same joiner works well on plastic material.

This machine offers a maximum cutting depth of 20mm with maximum cutter capacity of 100mm. Interestingly, the size of the blades can adjust as per your requirements. The Fence Assembly allows angular adjustment of 0-degree to 90-degrees.

It is effortless to fix and works effectively on any surfaces. You can lock down the position with a button for accurate cutting.

The Fence Assembly on this machine is non-removable which is well-attached with the device. It has a design of sturdy material, so you don’t have to worry about the life of the Fence, it lasts for years.

The Device design is with springs which return to its typical design after the completion of the work. From the left side of the device, you can adjust the machine with the given biscuit size. There are handles at both the sides which is easy to handle during the task. These handles material are from a high-grade plastic which provides proper grip.

This device comes with a few additional accessories which you can use for a variety of tasks. Inside the box, you will get a one carbide blade, a bag, 1x Torx key, 1x wrench, a vacuum adapter and a solid plastic carry box.

DeWalt DW682K- Key Features

  • Powerful motor with 6.5 Amps of power
  • Generates 10,000 rpm rotations on the blades
  • Different settings to adjust for different sizes and surfaces
  • Single design Fence Assembly attached to the device.
  • Two handles made from high-grade plastic
  • Accurate cutting with high-quality blades

Good Stuff

  • Offers suitable slots
  • Sturdy components designed with durable materials
  • Metal Fence Assembly made from cast magnesium.
  • Removable Pins on the Fence
  • Storage box
  • Built-in dust collector
  • Attachable dust extractor
  • High-grade plastic handles both the sides.
  • An eye-catchy exterior

Bad Stuff

  • Extra care required while making a cut
  • Small lock button
  • Changing the blades require more time
  • Dust ports are minimal in the dust collector bag.
  • The fence is not adjustable for a horizontal cut.
  • Very noisy

This Plate Joiner weighs only 6.6lbs which makes it portable enough to carry anywhere you go. The machine has a rack and pinion system which makes it easy to use a tool from the top. The handles on the device are large enough to grab quickly and move it on the surface as you like for more accuracy in the tasks.

On the other hand, the height of the nose and center on this tool are market with a red light which lets you offer faster cut on the surface. The device comes equipped with an innovative Dust Bag. This bag absorbs all the dust during the cutting task which keeps the surfaces clean after the work is over.

You can connect this dust bag with an external vacuum extractor. For heavy duty work, you can join this external vacuum extractor which extracts all the other dust efficiently from the dust bag.

DeWalt DW682K Plate Joiner

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Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner Reviews:

The Makita Plate Joiner is a traditional plate joiner machine from the Japanese company. This tool works with conventional components setup for strong and quick joints a variety of biscuits. The device works effectively and helps you to achieve your goals quickly. The portable design makes it easier for mobile workers.

This piece of equipment is a cordless machine which is designed to work for big industrial projects. The device works with the battery just like a smartphone. You can get a variety of join-related tasks quickly as it doesn’t require any power connectivity. Just pick the tool, put the fresh battery and complete the work.

This tool makes the joining work much simpler for you with its very effective functionality. The Makita tool is also compatible with other Makita products. If you are using a few other Makita tools, you can use the same battery on this tool as well.

You don’t have to rely on the power connector as it works efficiently with the battery. You can pull up the battery from other tools and insert it into the Makita’s Plate Joiner to do the task.

The tool has 5.6 Amp of power which generates 11,000 rpm rotations on the blades. The blades are suitable to put the right cut on all kinds of wood species. On the left side of the motor, there is a lock-on speed available which lets you turn on the motor. The blades run at full speed all the time as there is no adjustable speed button available on the tool.

The Fence Assembly design is with aluminum material which gives the joiner extra durability. It can handle big industrial tasks easily without any maintenance. To stabilize the blades during the work, there are two rubber patches available. The user can adjust the plunge depth with an attached screw.

On the other hand, the top handle attaches to the housing of the motor. On other traditional plate joiners, the handle comes attached to the Blade Assembly. This design makes it uncomfortable for a lengthy task.

Blade Changes on this machine takes less time compared to other traditional plate joiner machines. You need to loosen the thumb screw for changing the blades, and that’s all it requires. The bottom plate is quite large which provides maximum grip on the surface. It remains fixed with screws.

Fortunately, the Makita’s Plate Joiner comes with a horizontal fence which can move up and down as per your requirements. It does the job perfectly on vertical and horizontal surfaces. There is a knob which connects to the rack and a pinion system which offers an easy mechanism.

There is a built-in depth scale available on the side which lets you measure the cuts accurately. It allows you to have the accurate cut as per the client’s demand. The Horizontal plate on the machine is removable and replaceable with a plastic plate.

The fence can be tilted to any directions so that you can have a perfect cut on any surfaces. The entire system works flawlessly, and it doesn’t take much time to set up things for the right tasks.

Just like other Plate Joiners, this PJ7000 collects dust effectively and keeps the surfaces clean after the work. The machine comes with a dust collector bag which is optional. If you are using this machine for small tasks, you don’t need to attach this dust collector bag. There is a unique port available on the device where you can connect an external dust collector for big industrial projects.

Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner – Key Features

  • A complete cordless Plate Joiner
  • Uses a powerful 5.6 Amp motor
  • Generates 11,000 rpm blade rotations at higher speed
  • Suitable for a variety of woods and surfaces
  • Cutting different sizes of biscuits accurately.
  • Improved handling with large top handle
  • Sturdy components made from aluminum materials
  • Good dust collection system
  • Tool-less adjustment with vertical pinion system
  • Six Depth settings for various surfaces
  • Easy fence adjustments with easy to operate functionality

Good Stuff

  • Powerful motor cuts precisely
  • An adjustable horizontal fence assembly
  • Convenient blade changes with faster performance
  • On-Lock Power Switch on the motor side
  • The sturdy plastic case with durability
  • Cast Aluminum Fence Assembly
  • Stop at 45 degrees
  • Instant dust collection system with external dust collector port

Bad Stuff

  • Forward handle is not attached properly
  • The selector signs are hard to read.
  • Dust collector bag connection is not well.

The tool ships with a durable suitcase with other required accessories. With this case, you can shift this product anywhere. The thick wall of the case keeps it safe and secured and transports the tool quickly. It is not fully water-proof; however, it can handle a few drops of water.

It is a 100 percent plate joiner designed with innovations. The tool uses strong components which lasts for years. The device can handle all types of tasks effectively. If you like the Makita brand and do not mind on a few lacks on the tool, this is an excellent tool for you.

Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner

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Which Plate Joiner Should We Use?

In today’s market, to find the perfect Plate Joiner is not easy as there are plenty of choices available. These particular tools are gaining more popularity day by day as they make it easier for you to join the wood pieces quickly and put a proper cut on the surfaces accurately.

If you are confused about buying a suitable Plate Joiner from the market, you should consider a few factors before making up your final decision. [1]

  • Handle Style: Handle Style on the Plate Joiner has two different types, a barrel grip- which lets you hold the entire body of the tool while offering more accuracy cutting the surface. The other one is D-Handle, which is not good. Most plate joiners come with a barrel grip. You should focus on the Handle style of the machine first.
  • Fence Assembly Features: Fence Assembly should come with adjustable settings. You should pick the machine which sets easily at 45 degrees and 135 degrees. Advanced Plate Joiners come with many settings so you can adjust the tool as per your requirements quickly. The Fence Assembly in new generation machines has additional features as well. You also should see all the other features well.
  • Size of the BladesThe Standard size of the Blades on the Plate Joiners is 4 Inches. Most offer 4-Inch Blades. With a 4-Inch blade, you can cut the standard slots on the surfaces. The Blade comes with an adjustable button which lets you adjust the blade size and slot size as per your requirements.
  • Power Source: There are two types of Plate Joiners available, Corded and Cordless. Cordless Plate Joiners require an external battery to power on the motor. The Corded Joiner requires power sources from the plug.

How to Use and Maintain a Plate Joiner

Almost all the Plate Joiners have the same functionality and components. You can use any one effectively if you know how to use them. Let’s see how you can use this tool for different tasks.

Line up the pieces of wood well with a pencil. That will give you the right way of putting the right cut on the surface of the wood pieces. The machine can run on the line and gives you an accurate cut for joining them.

Marking with a pencil makes the cutting and joining tasks more comfortable for you. You better keep a handy pencil while using the Plate Joiner.

Apart from this, you should be well aware of the blades adjustments. You need to set up the blade as per your requirements. Since the design of the Plate Joiners is different, their blade sizes and adjustments are also different from each other.

According to the surface, you can adjust the blade speed and size with the built-in adjustable button. With proper adjustments of the blades, you can accomplish the task accurately.

If we talk about maintaining a plate joiner, it doesn’t require extra care. Once you finish the cutting task, all you have to do is clean the components of the tool with a cloth. Remove the dust collector bag from the machine and clean it properly.

Make sure all the dust particles are removed well from the machine. Being Portable in design, this machine doesn’t require extra space for storing. You can store it into an appropriate case. [2]

Plate Joiner vs. Domino Joiner

Plate JoinerDomino Joiner
Useful in a household and other small taskUseful in commercial carpentry settings
Weaker than Domino JoinerStronger than Plate Joiner
Dust free operations with dust bagExternal Dust extraction required
Less noisyVery noisy


Q: What do you do with a Plate Joiner?

A: Plate Joiner is a tool used in woodworking for joining two pieces of wood accurately and forcefully. The device uses a small circular blade which puts the right hole to attach two different parts of wood and other materials strongly.

Q: Are Plate Joints Strong?

A: Yes, Plate Joints are solid for small pieces of woods. If you are using one for household activities, it will provide strong and accurate Joints quickly.

Q: Are the blades on Plate Joiner Adjustable?

A: New generation plate joiners have adjustable blades. The user can quickly adjust the size of the blade as per their requirements with an adjustable button.

Q: Can we adjust the rotation speed of the blades on a Plate Joiner?

A: Yes, we can. An ideal Joiner allows the users to adjust the speed. However, there are some who do not come with speed control options. The Blades rotate at highest speed on these machines.

Q: How does it collect dust?

A: A Plate Joiner machine comes with a dust bag which can collect the dust during the task and keeps the surface clean. It is removable, and you can easily attach this dust collector to the machine.

Q: Can we attach an external dust extraction?

A: Yes. New generation machines come with an external port where a user can attach a dust extraction for industrial projects.


We have enlisted the best-selling Plate Joiners here with proper details. There is plenty of research and experiments with the machines. All of these machines have a set of different features and functions. It is all up to you to pick the right device from the above list which can fulfill your requirements.

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