Best Extension Ladders Of 2023: Reviews (Top Picks) And Guide

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An extension ladder is one of the most comfortable and safest ways to carry out tasks around your home or office. You get the freedom to complete all those minor repairs and improvement jobs yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also a great way to implement the vision you have about your home’s aesthetics. They are lightweight, versatile, and offer you excellent service.

If you are on the outlook for a ladder, this article will help you find the best ladders on the market and allow you to get the tips you need for the practical use of the tool.

Basic Comparison:





Louisville Ladder AE2240

Louisville Ladder AE2240


Louisville Ladder

19"W x 6"H


Louisville Ladder AA259GS

Louisville Ladder AA259GS


Louisville Ladder

27"W x 12"H

Light Brown

Louisville Ladder FE3224

Louisville Ladder FE3224


Louisville Ladder

18"W x 6.7"H


Top 5 Best Extendable Ladders for Sale on The Market:

Louisville Ladder 32-Foot Fiberglass Extension Ladder with Pro Top


Louisville Ladder’s 32-foot fiberglass extension ladder design is to ensure you experience professionalism in all work you do. The poles have a V-shape design that guarantees it is stable and convenient for use even at places with sharp corners. The V-design also fits on poles to ensure you have balance and confidence in yourself as you work. It also features an integrated bumper for greater stability and protects you while landing.

For the sake of convenience, this extension ladder has an extensive work tray. The tray ensures once you are up, you have all the tools with you, therefore eliminating numerous up and down trips. With this ladder, you are sure that it will make your work easy even when working on a project with extra support from colleagues.

The rungs on this extension ladder have a D-shape design. That enhances your confidence and also guarantees that you are safe regardless of your working environment or condition. The rungs are also slip-resistant and extra wide to support the entire foot.

It also features heavy-duty slide guides that ensure the ladder does not overextend. At the foot of the ladder, there are thick rubber treads that keep it sturdy and reliable for use under any floor setting.

When not in use, the ladder slides to a compact size for convenient storage even when you have limited storage space. The compact size also makes it easy to transport, which makes it a significant improvement for outdoor uses.

The ladder features steel construction, which makes it highly reliable for use by people with various weight capacities. It can comfortably support a maximum of 300 lbs weight capacity, making it a valuable investment for any household.

Good Stuff

  • Easy to use
  • Wide rungs design
  • Non-slip rubber shoe
  • Heavy-duty slide guides
  • V-design for stability and convenience

Bad Stuff

  • It is not suitable for indoor uses

Louisville Ladder AA259GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder


Finding extra storage often comes in handy. The attic is among the appropriate places that you can use as additional storage. However, getting there with the traditional ladder is not that easy or fun. Therefore, introducing this Louisville ladder elite aluminum attic ladder is all you need to bring the difference.

The ladder opens with broader clearance to ensure you can reach your space quickly. With this ladder, you will have all the confidence you require as you in and out of the attic. It stretches to the floor when you unfold it; therefore, you are sure that it will not expose you to many risks as you use it.

Additionally, when you close the attic door, it folds and locks in place comfortably. That ensures that the ladder does not affect your normal house setting. Also, it keeps your attic door easy to open and close. It also eliminates the possibility of slamming the door. That also saves you energy every time you wish to get to the attic.

The ladder features aluminum construction material for durability and stability. With this attic ladder, you will enjoy the use of adjustable shoes, which makes installation quite easy.

Good Stuff

  • Easy to use
  • Consists user-friendly features
  • Adjustable shoes for easy installation
  • Convenient fitting size

Bad Stuff

  • The frames are a little inaccurate

Louisville Ladder AE2240 Aluminum Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity


If you are looking for an extension ladder to help you with your regular household chores, then all you need is this fantastic Louisville Ladder. It is designed to feature aluminum material construction. The material is durable and will ensure that the ladder is stable all the time.

It has safety rungs that are wide enough to support you comfortably. The ladder guarantees you support for up to a maximum of 300 lbs weight capacity. Therefore, the ladder is suitable for all-time use regardless of how heavy you consider yourself.

When fully extended, it reaches a maximum of 40 feet. That makes impressive additional height and allows you to work on things beyond your reach. The size of this extension ladder makes it suitable for both commercial and home use.

It features an ergonomic design with full I-beam construction, which keeps the ladder rigid and easy for the user to climb. The construction style meets all the OSHA, NSI, and CSA standards, which makes it suitable for use by everyone.

The ladder has D-shaped rungs that ensure you are comfortable as you stand and work. On each rung, there is a safety lock that guarantees your safety at all times. One other feature is the swivel safety shoes for convenience. It has a pulley and rope included and an outside slide guide for easy extension.

Therefore, with the ladder at hand, you will have all the height you need to undertake your tasks comfortably. When folded, it gets to a compact size that makes it easy to transport to every job site. This design makes the ladder ideal for commercial, and home use too.

Good Stuff

  • Aluminum construction for durability and stability
  • Swivel el safety shoes
  • Includes rope and pulley for comfort
  • Mar-lock resistant end caps

Bad Stuff

  • Slightly expensive compared to others

Louisville Ladder FE3240 Fiberglass Extension Ladder 250-Pound Capacity


Having trouble thinking of how you can reach the top of an electric pole or residential ceiling? It is not easy to do all that with your normal height. However, if you introducing the help of a Louisville fiberglass extension ladder will bring all the difference.

The ladder is designed using quality fiberglass material. The construction also features heavy-duty steel-plated shoes. That ensures that the ladder feels safe to the user no matter how high you climb. This ladder is suitable for use by users with various weight capacities to a maximum of at least 300lbs including the weight of the tools.

It has a compact design with sturdy and lightweight construction. That makes it suitable for every project regardless of the distance. Therefore, you will enjoy carrying the ladder around to any work site and still have the energy you require for the job.

It also features mar-resistant rail end caps, which protect the ladder on its landing surface. The mar resistance improves the life of the ladder and ensures it is a worthwhile investment.

The ladder comes with a slide guide to ensure it gets you the best service and does not slide beyond its limits for users’ safety. The rungs are wide enough to keep you comfortable even at the topmost step.

Good Stuff

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a slide guide for the convenience
  • Suitable for commercial and household uses
  • Heavy-duty steel and fiberglass construction
  • Accommodates up to 300lbs weight capacity
  • D-shape rungs for stability

Bad Stuff

  • Requires lots of strength to lock it down once fully extended

Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity


Using ladders makes work easy. It gets more rewarding when the ladder is long enough to reach any height and is strong enough to support various weight capacities. If you are looking for a ladder to help you on your big projects, then this Louisville Ladder fiberglass ladder is all you need.

The ladder has a locking system that ensures it remains in place especially when extended. Therefore, you will not be exposed to any risks, hence allowing you all the time to concentrate on your work.

It has a duty rating of approximately 300 lbs weight capacity. Therefore, it ensures you can work on your projects without the fear of collapsing with the ladder.

Its rails are non-conductive. Therefore you can use the ladder even in places with electricity problems and avoid the risks of being electrocuted. The rungs and rails have a strong hydraulic crimped connection that is twist-resistant for enhanced stability and user safety.

Good Stuff

  • Easy to use
  • Strong rung and rail connection
  • Heavy-duty construction style for durability
  • 300lbs weight capacity

Bad Stuff

  • Slightly expensive unlike others on the market

What is the Most Stable Extension Ladder?

If like most people you use your ladder weekly or daily, you need to ensure that you make the right choice. This choice will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that you are safe as you use the product. Here are a couple of ways you will know that you are buying the best ladder.

The Length

Determining the required length is not always about the vertical height of the ladder. There are a couple of other things that you should consider like:

  • The angle
  • The highest standing point
  • The extension above the roofline
  • The needed overlap of the sections

These tables will illustrate the best ladders to buy for certain angles, lengths and working levels. However, note that the working range of the ladder will always be less than the total length of the ladder because of the overlap in extension ladders.

Height to Top Support Point The Size Of Ladder To Buy Maximum Length Of The Ladder To Work With Highest Standing Level
9 feet maximum 16 feet 13 feet 9‘ 2”
9-13 feet 20 feet 17 feet 13‘ 1”
13 to 17 feet 24 feet 21 feet 16‘ 11”
17 to 21 feet 28 feet 25 feet 20‘ 10”
21 to 25 feet 32 feet 29 feet 24‘ 8”
25 to 28 feet 36 feet 32 feet 27‘ 7”
28 to 31 feet 40 feet 35 feet 30‘ 6”

This table assumes that the individual is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a reach of 12 inches. This figure may be corrected depending on factors like your height and reach length.

Maximum Height You Can Reach The Length Of An Extension Ladder To Buy Highest Standing Level
7 feet 3 feet 11 inches
8 feet 4 feet
1‘ 11.”
9 feet 5 feet 2‘ 10.”
10 feet 6 feet 3‘ 10.”
11 feet 7 feet 4‘ 9.”
12 feet 8 feet 5‘ 8.”
14 feet 10 feet 7‘ 7.”
16 feet 12 feet 9‘ 6.”
18 feet 14 feet 11‘ 5.”
20 feet 16 feet 13‘ 4.”


The bulkier and bigger the ladder, the more difficult it is to carry it around. For extension ladders, maneuverability and ease of storage are critical things to consider. Instead of coming with the standard 16-foot length, the most compact ones come with three shorter sections that overlap each other thus making it easier to transport and store.

The Duty Rating

It is the maximum safe load capacity for the ladder. To make the right choice, you need to add the weight of the fully clothed individual and the materials that you carry on the ladder. The higher the duty rating, the more you can carry on the load.

These types, grades, and duty ratings may be confusing, but with a little research, you will have the information you need to make informed choices.

How to Use Extension Ladders

The first thing that you need to do is to set the right corner. Ensure that your toes are always against the ladder’s feet. Still, stand straight and extend your arms. The palm of your hands should still reach the rungs of the ladder.

Do not be ashamed of spending a few more minutes ensuring that the ladder feet are stable. There is nothing worse than being on a ladder and feeling it slide off from beneath your feet.

Never let the ladder angle get too steep. You do not want it to tip over. If there is an obstacle that prevents you from getting the right angle, do not risk it. Consider other methods such as scaffolding instead so that you get an excellent angle.

Always Secure the Feet

You must ensure that you get to keep the ladder at a level base. If you are working on places where the ground is soft, you may want to flip the ladder shoes so that the spurs poke into the ground. On the decks, it is as simple as screwing down the cleat. Before you think about setting up the ladder on hard surfaces, ensure that the bottom of the ladder is clean. Sometimes, dirt and sand cause slips that are dangerous and life-threatening.

If you think the ladder will slip anyway, tie some rope at the ladder feet and on the lowest rung. Tie the other end of the rope on a solidly anchored object near the wall you will climb.

Secure the Ladder Top Against the Wall

Well, a stable base is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that when the rails get set, the top of the ladder cannot slip. Ensure that the ladder is vertical and that its top rests on an even surface. Never feel tempted enough to angle the ladder to the right or left to reach staff.

You may buy some accessories that will help stabilize the ladder that gets placed at the top of the rails to keep it from slipping. These stabilizers are excellent because they also span the window opening and help you to work on those gutters.

Consider Tying the Top

If you make several trips from the top to the bottom, consider securing it to keep it from sliding. Tying will prevent the ladder from sliding sideways. If you can, set up whether there is an adjoining wall or other structures like the chimney that will hold it in place.

Add gutter straps if you always use the same gutter spot to clean. Eye screws set up right above the gutter will also help provide anchors that will secure the rope that you tie to the ladder.

Telescopic ladder vs Extension ladder vs Multi ladder:

Telescopic Ladder Extension Ladder Multi Ladder
Extend up to 3.82 meters Extend to a height of 3.85 meters Extends up to 4 meters
Are incredibly compact when retracted for storage They are still quite large even after retraction These do not get into a compact size
There are not durable Are sturdy and durable Last longer than most telescopic ladders

Can Extension Ladders Be Taken Apart?

Yes, you can take apart your ladder. However, the problem is that you may not get the ladder back together correctly and that could lead to injuries. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking your ladder apart, consider marking all the parts and taking photos as you do it so that you are confident when you put it together.

Sometimes you will have to take it apart to replace broken parts. Also, if you do not have to remove the parts, do not feel the need to try because you may end up ruining an excellent device for no reason.

Why Do Extension Ladders Have Ropes?

The ropes are always difficult for most people to understand.

  • They allow you to pull the ladder instead of pushing it. You can, therefore, run it through a pulley
  • It makes it easier for you to extend larger ladders because all you have to do is pull the rope so you will not have to put them on the ground
  • It keeps your fingers safe because they do not get caught in the rungs

Extension Ladder Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass:

Telescopic Ladder Extension Ladder Multi Ladder
Extend up to 3.82 meters Extend to a height of 3.85 meters Extends up to 4 meters
Are incredibly compact when retracted for storage They are still quite large even after retraction These do not get into a compact size
There are not durable Are sturdy and durable Last longer than most telescopic ladders


Q: How can I easily transport my ladder?

A: The safest and best way to transport your ladder is on top of your van. Ensure you use the rack clamps to hold it steady. It will ensure that you do not have to worry about tying knots.

Q: Can I rest a ladder against a window?

A: Always buy individual rubber pads when you buy your ladder. The last thing you want is to damage your windows with your ladder. Alternatively, opt for window cleaners and ladders.

Q: How far can a triple or double extension ladder extend?

A: Between sections, there must be a minimum of three rungs.


A ladder makes elevated jobs easier. However, with the many types available, it is often difficult to know if you are making the right choice. Other than rigidity and support, you must ensure that you consider things like price and the jobs you often do.

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