Ridgid R4510 Vs. R4512 Vs. R4513 Vs. R4516: Reviews And Comparison (2023)

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Sometimes woodwork is not for the faint-hearted, especially when it comes to tool choices. You must figure out what would work for a particular situation and what wouldn’t. Then there are days when one must face up to challenges that come with settling on a specific product.

From table saws, saw blades, a wood cutter’s axe to a machete, it is never easy to tell when a tool will break down, not to mention wear and tear which may be untimely.

In this post, Morninghomestead walks you through one of the most versatile tools ever invented for a woodworker; a table saw. A dependable, reliable, well-researched, insightful, and professional comparative review of R4510 vs. R4512 vs. R4513 vs. R4516 should thus make it easier for any carpenter, lumber, or a logger to choose the right tool for every project.

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However, before going into the details, including more tips on how to use and care for your table saw, below is a quick preview of today’s products:

Ridgid r4510Ridgid r4512Ridgid r4513Ridgid r4516
Free blade guardFeatures a blade guardHas a blade guardComes with a blade guard
Motor power-15Amp13-Amp motor power15 Amp motor power15 Amp motor power
4400 No load RPM3450 RPM4000RPM5000RPM
Weights 95 lbs.Weighs 117 lbs.Weighs 95lbsWeights 63 lbs.
2,25 cutting depth at 45, and 3.5 inches at 90 degreesCutting depth 2.25-inches45-degrees, 3.25 inches at 90-degrees.2.25 inches cutting depth at 45 degreesCutting depth 2.25-inches, 45-degrees, 3.25 inches at 90-degrees.
Rolling wheelsWheeling baseFoldable standRolling wheels

Ridgid r4510 Reviews:

You may have read about Rigid Saw Bench Series on the web, but the question is, was the information reliable and dependable? It takes expertise and experience to put together factual product details, something that buyers can rely on time and again when placing orders for one of these Rigid R4510, R4512, R4513, or R4516 products on Amazon.

The next part of this review takes a closer look at the details of these items. So, let’s start with Rigid R4510.

Rigid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

Most people who like R4510 may attribute their taste to the product’s 4400 No load RPM, but that is only a tip of the iceberg. The rolling wheels are a feature that any buyer shouldn’t fail to notice too. After scouring the web, and the manufacturer’s website, we found out that this product presents buyers with more than being a job site portable wood ripping tool.

  • It comes with a free blade guard.
  • Despite its 15 Amp motor power being a replica across most saw benches, the soft start adds to the heavy-duty ripping potential.
  • Then there is a micro fencing knob for fine adjustment.
  • No worries about saw dust getting to the motor because the R4510 has a dust collector.
  • You will be able to move along with other woodworking tools, thanks to an onboard storage space.
  • Easily remove tubing and clamp in one-go, thanks to a single screw clamp.
  • Experience a fast and smooth 45-degree flare with a single or double lap sturdy cone.
  • It is a corded-electric power machine.
  • Portable: 95 pounds

What do you get when you buy Rigid R4510?

  • The product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, when means, the manufacturer is sure you are getting quality out of every purchase.
  • Enjoy a 3-year product warranty (limited).
  • Who wouldn’t want to own R4510, if a Lifetime Service agreement is anything to consider? Well, that’s what you get right from the time of purchase.

What is in the package?

Here is a checklist of the things that comes with every delivery:

  • A Standard Throat Plate Insert.
  • A smart Guard System.
  • Miter Gauge.
  • Push Stick.
  • Hex Adjustment Wrench.
  • Gravity-Rise Table-stand.
  • A Saw Blade (10 inches with 40 teeth).

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Ridgid r4512 Reviews:

When it comes to the Ridgid r4512, RMP is a bit low compared to the others, at 3450. However, a purchase decision should not rely on that alone. Take a look below for more features.

Ridgid R4512 Cast Iron, 13Amp table saw

  • Anyone who needs a 13Amp table saw should not look any further because that is what you get with r4512.
  • It has an iron cast and highly polished table, a feature that help reduce vibration while also enhancing hassle-free cutting.
  • It also features a blade guard for safety purposes.
  • Customizable: It is because a woodworker can add material to accommodate other tools or routers.
  • Aluminum rip fence for back and front-clamping.
  • The rip fence supports extra-large gliding.
  • It features a miter gauge that is Die-cast.
  • Built-In storage space for keeping accessories.
  • Mold-handle for the firm and comfortable grip when moving to a job site.
  • R4512 also has foot pedals for adjusting cutting saw.
  • Cutting depth capacity: 2.25 inches (45 degrees), 3.25 inches at 90 degrees positioning.
  • It operates on a 4-horse AC power cord.
  • Heavyweight, over 200 pounds.

When you purchase this Ridgid r4512, you get to enjoy a Lifetime Product Service Agreement. You can visit the official Ridgid website and learn more.

What you get in the package

The following items accompany the box on delivery:

  • Standard Throat Plate Table insert
  • Rip fence.
  • Push stick.
  • Miter gauge.
  • Smart guard system.
  • Hex wrench
  • Blade wrench
  • 10-Inch, 40-tooth carbide saw blade.
  • Gravity-rise table stand.

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Ridgid r4513 Reviews:

The rigid r4513 is another saw bench that most woodworkers have come to like, and it is for some reason. While you may want to put your money on it, thanks to a foldable wheel for portability, or because it has the same motor power as R4510 and R4512 (15Amp), there are many other essential features to consider.

Rigid R4513 15 Amp, 10-Inch, Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

The following should equally contribute to a buyer’s purchase decision regarding r4513.

  • It features no load 400RPM.
  • Highly portable, thanks to a utility vehicle than initiates a one-point release.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The build has a storage facility (onboard) when you store tool accessories.
  • A robust 10-inch blade for secure ripping.
  • Rip through 4×4 materials with high accuracy and speed.
  • It has a front and back fencing clamp that fit into T-slots.
  • Cutting depth of 2.25-inches at an angle of 45 degrees, and 3.5-inches at 90-degrees are worth noting.
  • R4513 weighs 95lbs.
  • It has an extendable telescoping fence fitting.

What do you get in the package?

Most table saws you will buy from Amazon come with plenty accessories, and so, with R4513, comes the following:

  • Miter Gauge.
  • Rip fence.
  • Spare blades and other basics necessities for your woodcutting needs.

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Ridgid r4516 Reviews:

Last in the Rigid series is this R4516, which is also a table saw of its kind. But the question is; why would a woodworker prefer this tool to the others?

Rigid R4516 10-inch, Portable Jobsite Table saw

The following features define R4516:

  • Its 15Amp motor power brings into your woodcutting routine, a heavy-duty functionality.
  • It has a compact design, which means, putting your money on this item cushions you from high-maintenance costs.
  • It has anti-kickback pawls that function independently from the blade guard.
  • Easy and quick micro-bevel and height adjustments, thanks to a 2-in-1 hand wheel.
  • R4516 weights way less than R4510, 4512 or 4513 at only 63 pounds.
  • DC/AC power cord.

What do you get in the package?

When you purchase R4516 from Amazon, it comes with the following accessories:

  • 10-inch saw blade.
  • Rip fence.
  • Anti-kickback gadget.
  • Miter gauge.
  • Installation manual.
  • Hex Wrench.
  • Blade Wrench.
  • Push stick

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Which one is the Best?

Now, when it comes to deciding on the best pick, it is essential to look at crucial features such as the following:

  • Miter gauge. You need to ask this question; what is an ideal cutting angle? From the information available, R4510/12/13/16 has the same meter gauge range (2.25 cutting depth at 45, and 3.5 inches at 90 degrees). It means, making a purchase decision on this feature would not be very conclusive.
  • Motor power is another factor which every buyer must consider. Apart from r4512 which have 13Amp, the rest have the same at 15Amp. However, if you are to look at no Load RPM each motor transmits, Ridgid r4510 is the best pick at 4400 for ripping thick wood.
  • All have the same saw blade dimensions, including teething.
  • The next issue is weight. R4516 is lightweight at only 63 pounds, r4513 and r4510 at 95 pounds, with r4512 being the heaviest of all at 117 pounds. So, what would you for, especially with portability issues in mind?
  • Also, look at the fencing system, blade guard, product warranty, and onboard storage space.

Verdict: After looking at all the features, R4510 beats all the others, with r4513 coming in second.

How to Choose the Right One?

It is crucial to put your money on a product whose value is high, and so, when it comes to choosing the right saw bench, the right decision should further depend on the following:

Does it have a blade guard?

The blade guard is a vital saw bench component. No one would want to sustain injuries when using a job site table saw, in which case, this feature is essential to keep you safe from kickbacks.

Rip fence

You will complete a great deal of work with the best rip fence. In this case, you need to ask the question; is it extendable or foldable? From telescoping options to T-fences, being able to do more depends on the nature of this vital accessory. Moreover, find out about the rip fence allows for micro adjustments because it further enhances cutting accuracy.

Nature of the blade

Most tables saw blade measure 10-inches; therefore, a detailed look at other features is the only way of arriving at an ideal selection. Thus, the following are important factors:

  • Blades with carbide tipping are durable.
  • Straight cuts require rip blades.
  • Multipurpose or a combination of blades will give a woodworker more options such as ripping, crosscutting, and metering.
  • If you are working on acrylic material, clean cuts are only possible when one uses hollow ground blades.

Belt Design

There are a few options here such as direct and belt drives. Which one is the best? Well, the latter is not very energy-efficient. Most people prefer strap to direct drives because they transform maximum torque power from the motor.

Therefore, they are very efficient for ripping hardwood. You could narrow down your choice of Poly-V belt drives because they help with reducing noise in the machine.

Does it have a dust collection port?

When sawdust gets into the saw bench motor, the lifespan of the machine suffers. It is why; buyers should settle on products will dust collection ports instead of those without one.

Portable Table Saw vs. Stationary Table Saw:

From cabinet table saws, stationery to portable ones, those whose job involves a lot of woodwork has the discretion of choosing the most suitable tool for every project. Here is a quick look at the differences between portable and stationary table saws:

Portable Table SawStable Table Saw
Most are Lightweight.Most are heavyweight and large.
It provides excellent cutting accuracy.Less accurate in cuts.
The best for the job site.Very ideal for home cutting or workshop needs.
Powerful.More powerful than portable.
Inbuilt mobility wheels.Mobility depends on a different mobile base as a carrier.
Drives vary (direct or belt)Solely dependable on belt drives.

Are Table Saw Blades Reverse Threaded

Reverse threading has been a born of contention for years now. Woodworkers pose every so often in the hope that they would find a reliable solution. Well, after doing homework on this issue, the answer is yes. However, it is not the case for all saw benches.

The first step to finding out the truth about thread orientation is by tightening or losing the arbor nut. Notably, all loosen when you pull the bolt to the front. The next stage is to look at saw tilting.

Right tilt saws have reverse threading, in which case, arbor nut mounting is usually on the left side of the blade. On the flipside, left side tilts have regular threads; in which case, one mounts the nut on the right side.

What Else does Ridgid Manufacture?

RIDGID is American-based tool manufacturing company, and with a reputation spanning across the world. After inventing a new pipe wrench in 1923, the company has continued to see steady growth, thanks to its legacy in making durable and effective craftsman equipment. Tools bearing RIDGID patent name include, but not limited to the following:

  • 915/920/975 Roll Groover (Manual, electric and combo respectively).
  • PTEC 3000 and PTEC 5000 Plastic Drain Pipe Cutter.
  • One Stop Wrench.
  • Faucet and Sink Installer.
  • Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench.
  • Core Barrel Wrench.
  • Compact and Standard Series Press Jaw

Technically, RIDGID tools cut across pipe fitting, construction, job site. HVAC trades to Plumbing. Today, the company boasts of manufacturing over three hundred tools, including power gadgets.


Q: How long does it take to receive my product when I buy from Amazon?

A: After putting money on a table saw, the next phase, which is receiving the delivery, is always full of excitement. You want to start using the machine as soon as possible. Well, depending on where you live, an order may arrive the same day, next day or within a week. International shipments could last for a few days to a week, but that is not something to worry anyone.

Q: Are there different models apart from Ridgid?

A: Yes, there are as many brands as you can find in the market. In fact, you can very well expect more manufacturers to join in the making of this vital woodworking equipment now and in the future. And so, to mention but a few, DeWalt, Makita are Bosch some of the most common brands in the market.

A woodworker preference of any of these models depends on having access to the right information, in this case, professional product reviews, and experience.

Q: How do I pay for my order and how safe is it?

A: First and foremost, the process of uploading funds is fast when shopping for items on Amazon. Secondly, buyers can pay through different channels, albeit, debit card payment is the most common.

Q: How much will I spend on my purchase?

A: Money is a sensitive matter, and with this question coming hot on the heels of how to pay for orders, it is understandable. Well, cost varies from one item to the other, usually depending on the model, product features, and tax rules. For example, a buyer living in the United States will pay national tax when purchasing items from Amazon, something which is not the case with international buyers in selected countries.

However, it is essential to do some homework on this before adding an item to cart. Usually, there is a breakdown of costs per item and an explanation of why the final price at checkout is lower or higher than that on the item tag.

Q: Are table saws noisy?

A: While most buyers hardly think about this, getting to know the amount of noise that would come from a woodworker’s job site equipment like saw bench is essential. Usually, the sound depends on whether one is using a direct or belt drive equipment. The latter tend to produce a lot of noise because of direct connection with the motor.

Q: A does the products come with a warranty?

A: Warranty is one of the things that buyers need to look at when placing an order for products like woodcutting tools. It will protect you from unnecessary maintenance costs especially when a fault in your machine is manufacturers. If you cannot find this information on Amazon, it is advisable to head straight to the official Ridgid website and find out more.

Q: My drive motor is making a lot of noise; can I lubricate it?

A: It is not possible to apply a lubricant on the drive motor, and it is because the manufacturer does it before permanently sealing the area. You can only apply dust-proof machine lubricants like silicon and graphite on other movable components on your equipment.

Final Thought

After carefully comparing R4510 vs. R4512 vs. R4513 vs. R4516 with the aim of giving every woodworker out there a head start on tool choices, it is time to dash for the best product. While R4516 is lightweight (63lbs), hence highly portable, does it meet all your woodcutting needs?

Well, that is a question everyone needs to ask regarding table saws because sometimes buying decisions comes with compromises. It is to say; every tool has its up and downs.

But what about that person who is yet to come across a comprehensive and expert review like this one? Is there a way we can help them? It’s simple. By sharing this post with friends and fellow wood specialists, everyone’s quest for an up-to-date table saw buying guide would be realized.

Finally, your opinion always counts in helping us improve. We also get inspired when we hear from your side of the story, especially, experiences with any of these tools. Post your views in the comment section below.

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