Best Brush For Rabbits: Rabbit Grooming Brush Reviews And Guide [2023]

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Rabbit fur is nothing new to the trader’s markets. For centuries, rabbit fur has been a hot item for the making of accessories and apparel. However, the fur material is not very durable and will always be a runner-up against Fox or Mink.

Thanks to the rabbit’s thick coat, keeping a rabbit grooming brush on hand is a necessity. If you raise bunnies just for pets, you will want to brush them with the best brush for rabbits to keep flyaway hair at bay.

Without brushing at all, it will not take long before you notice little Thumper hair everywhere. Be wise and choose the best product for your bunny early in the game. The following are the top five rabbit grooming products available on Amazon.

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You can see for yourself why these products make it on this list of the number one bestsellers. If you want quality products with stellar customer service, Amazon is the place to shop. There are a few things you can rest assured of when buying from Amazon, including impeccable customer service and prices.

Let’s take a look and see how each product ranks thanks to actual customers and their reviews.

The Top Five Rabbit Grooming Brushes available today:

Paws & Pals Dog Hair Brush Grooming Comb for Shedding Rake Trimming Tool

The first product on the list is the shredding rake trimming tool by Pawls and Paws. The gentle comb is a perfect fit for both cats and dogs and other animals that need brushing. Whether you are battling curly and short, or long and straight hair, this brush is an ideal fit.

No one likes to find pet hair over his or her indoor belongings. To combat this issue, welcome the Dog hair brush grooming comb for shedding to the rescue. The Paws and Pals come with a long-lasting shedding rake made of stainless steel. Thanks to all its features, you get a lasting, durable brush that can combat any pet hair.

This brush handles matted hair with ultimate performance. Your pet will feel and look its best again thanks to the durability and consistency that comes with each grooming. With results that are sharp and snazzy, you and your pet bunny will think it just came from the groomer.

For a job easy to do in your home, it is like you are bringing the salon to you. With this high-quality grooming brush, you can remove loose hair and keep allergens as far away as possible. The handle is a comfortable grip that helps you fight dander and shedding hair with a firm grip.

For more information and a stress-free portal for ordering yours today, click here:

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Pet Republique Slicker Brush Series – for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Any Long-Haired Breed Pets

Second, on the list is the dynamic Pet Republique Slicker Brush Series. This brush from Pet Republique is what you would label “fine and flexible.”Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, or other longhaired pet, you can get the same dynamic results.

The Slicker Brush Series is your answer to matting, removing dead hair, untangling stubborn knots and reducing shedding. If you are in need of a gadget that will help soothe after grooming, from what the consumers say in their reviews, you could not find a better product.

After you brush your furry pet, by holding the cleaning button, (found at the top), this retracts the brush bristles. After that step, it is simple for you to wipe the excess fur away. That step alone shortens the grooming time and cleaning significantly.

Pet owners with multiple pets in the home appreciate the bristle retraction feature. Having numerous indoor pets leaves the door open for numerous amounts of shedding. By knocking out all that loose pet hair, your timing on housework lessons as well.

Like most pet grooming brushes, the handle makes the product. With this brush from Pet Republique, the ergonomic handle does not disappoint. If you take good care of the brush, there is no reason why you would need any other.

There is more information about this product and how you can place your order today by clicking here:

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Third on the list is this Petpajoy slicker brush for cat-dog. Granted the title alone says so much and yet so little. Yes, this slicker brush is for cats and dogs. However, if you have a Guinea Pig, Rabbit, or any other animal that sheds, you need to focus on this product.

The magic that this brush brings to the table is that it removes loose undercoat fur whether it is short or long. The way this brush makes your pet feel after grooming is worth its weight in Gold. It has a rotatable brush that is the superstar.

One turns it in one direction, and you have a “V” shape perfect for massaging and grooming small breeds such as Yorkies, Poodles, and other furry friends. Petpajoy ensures consumer satisfaction that is safe and effective.

For added protection, the brush has white, round tips on the end to protect the bristles from stabbing your pet but stimulates blood flow. Can you guess how a product is going to function without you laying your hands on it?

The warranty provided by the company says it all. With this pet brush, Amazon is tossing all the cards on the table. The product comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as free shipping. Also, there is a 15-month limited warranty with lifetime customer support.

Click below to add it to your cart as well as read others’ reviews and more on the product.

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Poodle Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush and Cat Brush

When there is a product that has so much to offer consumers, it is pretty much hard to beat. With the Poodle Pet self-cleaning slicker dog brush, that is precisely the case. This grooming and de-matting tool is a must-have for owners with pets that shed in large amounts.

Whether you are a groomer, or pet owner, or you have a prize show pet, you will want this product in your box of tools and gadgets. Pet owners and pet groomers are always happy to discuss this product as they have it in your set of “must-have” tools and devices.

However, if you need more proof other than our research, be sure to read all the customer reviews on the page linked below. In other words, if you are in need of a pet grooming tool that delivers fast and quality results, this is the tool to have while getting your money’s worth with each trim.

Another feature that must have some spotlight is the brush’s ability to cleanse itself with ease and speed. Gone are the days when you spend much time cleaning the bristles of your brush cleaner. This groomer’s slicker brush is self-cleaning. Yes, you read that right, it self-cleanses itself.

All it takes on your part is pressing a button that sets the pins in place to cleanse. This brush does not only aid in brushing, but it also is a looker and easy on the eyes. Made of robust stainless steel, the minute pins fit into the brush to provide the receiver with a fantastic soothing massage each time.

This product although is suitable for most pets and animals, using it on smaller breeds is the best result. The tool always passes the test for the following:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Bunnies
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Llamas

For additional information, including how the device works, click on the link below. You will also find a handy and trustworthy link to Amazon. Make sure you take the time to read what others have to say about this Poodle Pet product here:

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Master Grooming Ergonomic Soft Slicker Brush, Small

Tools such as this “professional Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Soft Slicker Brushes” feature a soft backing with thinner pins. The reason this is a significant feature is that you will have better results when grooming fine hair, skin ailments, and delicate skin with pets.

The ergonomic handle keeps your hand in a natural position to combat repetitive motion injury and prevent fatigue. For better control, the handle is double-coated and molded with rubber to fit perfectly while providing extra control.

The durable and strong construction is what provides the entire brush the protection against breaking that it needs. Even with strong durability, the brush is light enough to zoom through the tough and challenging hair of a pet.

The stainless steel pins have enough cushioning to ensure the animal is comfortable and the round design provides extended comfort while in use. All of that combined provides a relaxing, comfortable brushing.

This handy brush comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The material that makes the base of the brush has a double coating of rubber with stainless steel pins. This product is a must-have for anyone with small, furry, pets.

You can read more about why and order yours today by clicking this link:

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There you have the top five featured products on Amazon. By now you should be able to easily find the perfect rabbit grooming brush for your unique pet.

Is Rabbit Fur in Huge Demand?

Everybody loves to watch bunnies play in the yard, playing chase while rolling around. Easter is the primary season, and the reason, why rabbits turn into pets. However, belonging to a family is not the only purpose there are for bunnies. Their meat and fur are both hot commodities.

To harvest rabbit fur does not necessarily mean death to the provider. Shaving rabbits of their fur can bring it a hefty paycheck. The following are reasons why rabbit wool is worth its weight in gold-literally.

No one wants to think about the rabbit hunters catching wild and farm-raised bunnies for the fur and meat. The rabbit fur can provide warmth which is why it is popular for lining the inside of coats.

The fur of the rabbit is known for its warmth which is why it is a popular choice for the inside lining of coats. You can also note that rabbit fur is also popular as a lining in shoes, gloves, and hats as well as stuffing, making felt, and bedding. Let’s look at the many ways rabbit fur gets rave reviews.

Clothing is in High Demand

Clothing is hands down the most popular and common use for rabbit fur. The rabbit’s hides, fur included, is what you find sewn into coat linings for warmth. Rabbit fur is also fashionable for decorative pieces on the outside of winter coats.

Due to the size of the rabbit hides, one full coat requires the hides from several rabbits. However, the size is perfect for the lining of winter boots and gloves. Spun, left-over loose fur makes excellent yarn for mittens and weave fabric for a sweater.

Stuffing for a Soft Touch

If you find your child’s toys, (such as stuffed animals) have a soft stuffing, chances are it is Shorn White Rabbit Fur. This type of fur is a popular choice to fill pillows and comforters. The softer the fur, the better the snuggling factor. Besides being soft, rabbit fur offers warmth on cold winter days.

Stuffing for Bedding

Sheets and blankets are also popular products where spun rabbit fur adds extra softness and cushion. Some shams and blankets also have rabbit hides sewn together for a nice, soft, comfortable feel. During the winter months, rabbit fur is more uniform and thick.

The downside is the majority is only white in color. Summer furs vary in length but offer a broad range in colors, including reds and browns. The fur is dyeable which makes it very popular, and expensive.

Felt Adds Comfort

Not everyone knows what felt is and what its primary use is in today’s world. Felt goes back to the ancient days and has countless uses. Felt comes from the hide of small mammals, which sadly, includes rabbits.

The fur from rabbits sheered and felted is for use in millinery, crafts, and even mechanics. The process of felting includes wetting and shearing shorn fur until it turns to a thick, sturdy cloth. That is not an easy or fast solution, but, you now understand why it was popular for generations of long ago.

Both Sides of the “Ethical” Fence

Nobody wants to raise animals just to have them for slaughtering a bit down the road. However, to eat meat, someone must first catch it, prepare it and cook it for nourishment to the human body.

While most of the human population eats meat, there are the ones that protest such. Those people feel using animals, (especially those that are too small to be defenseless), is going against nature.

Coming from an ethical point-of-view, the most significant detail should be the treatment of the animal before slaughter. Giving that animal an excellent living area, food, treatment, and even death, should all be in a humane manner.

The impacts of the environment should also be a considerable part of the consideration. Animals such as farmed foxes and mink, for instance, get their food production from leftovers humans supply. If it were not for feeding those animals, the food would find its way into landfills around the globe.

Landfills are a massive impact on the environment due to situations just like this. While fur is the primary product, mink oil ranks high on the preservation of leather. The manure, soiled bedding, and carcass’ incorporate the use of organic fertilizers and compost for healthy foods.

The Truths and Myths Surrounding Rabbits as Pets

Bunnies are as fun and playful as dogs and cats. However, they also come with different instructions on the care that is necessary before you buy and bring a rabbit into your home. Take a look at some of the essential truths and myths and decide whether are they worth having a rabbit.

1-Myth: Veggies give rabbits upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Truth: Vegetables come with plenty of fiber and nutrients that are necessary for your bunny’s overall health. The fact about veggies is that they do just the opposite. Most veggies prevent a terrible case of diarrhea.

If your rabbit is on an all-pellet diet, be sure to add veggies in slowly to prevent sudden dietary changes, such as celery and lettuce. Each of those veggies has a high water content that will indeed cause belly issues.

2. Myth: Rabbits poop wherever they choose with no way to train them.

Truth: Did you know rabbits are like cats with pooping anywhere they want? Rabbits, like cats, can be litter-trained. Keep in mind, that rabbits are busy creating poop (once every 30 seconds) to be 100 percent litter-boxed reliable is pushing it.

*Helpful Tip:* Rabbits poop every time they feel startled so be prepared to find many surprises on the rugs in your home.

3. Myth: Bleeding rabbits means that “she” is in heat.

Truth: Rabbits do not have a menstrual cycle, therefore if you see blood, there is something more wrong than a monthly period. More times than not, a rabbit’s bleeding means there is a serious medical issue that needs to be taken care of immediately.

4. Myth: Rabbits will never eat more than what they need.

Truth: This is furthermost from the truth. Rabbits eat, and eat, and eat. If you do not monitor what your bunny eats, it can get too chubby. Be careful with the number of pellets your rabbit eats due to kidney stones, bladder stones, or/and diarrhea.

5. Myth: Rabbits are Fine Being Cage Pets.

Truth: Because rabbits are in cages in the store, most people tend to believe they are perfectly happy in there all the time. Rabbits are fine in their cage, but, not every hour. Your bunny actually needs two to four hours each day to hop around and play.

6. Myth: Rabbits like hanging around the house while you are busy

Truth: Yes, it is true that rabbits like being left hanging out while you do housework. However, the first time it plants its teeth into an electric cord, your device, and your bunny could be history. Electrocution is a real deal when it comes to pets.

Keep that in mind as you slowly have to replace everything that runs on electricity due to your bunny.


Anyone that sees a cute little bunny can appreciate why every child wants one. That is until it is their turn to clean up and take care of its needs. Rabbits, as a pet, is not going to be “hands-free.,” The bigger they get, the most work it takes to keep one healthy.

Choosing the right rabbit grooming brush may take a few tries. The proper brush is not a one-size-fits-all. It will come down to the amount and thickness of the fur that needs grooming. Hopefully, through this guide, you have a better idea of what your bunny’s grooming needs will be.

Does this mean you should not have a bunny for a pet? Of course not. It does mean that the newness wears off and real life begins with feeding, changing its cage out often, and vet bills. Be sure you do your homework before adding a bunny to your family.

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