Best Lawn Sprinkler For Low Water Pressure Of 2023: Reviews And Guide

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As the hot months arrive, most individuals worry about watering their lawns and maintaining a green surrounding. The task of watering lawns manually is tiring and annoying because you will have to do it on a daily basis.

Installation of a water sprinkler system is a practical solution to the issue and facilitates maintenance of green, healthy looking yard and lawn. With the best lawn sprinkler in your yard, you will maintain a healthy green lawn that all your neighbors will envy.

Even more, after installing the sprinkler system, you will never worry about supplying water manually. The only significant task you will do is the sprinkler’s maintenance – which is more accessible than daily watering.

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Top 5 Best Lawn Sprinklers for Low Water Pressure (Oscillating, Rotary, Stationary, or Traveling Types):

PictureProduct NameFeatures
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00CD3UWPA&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1Orbit 62120– Intelligent sensing technology
– 35-foot long
– 4AA alkaline batteries
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00M26MDLO&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=120 Pack – Orbit Sprinkler– 85-foot diameter
– 16 to 37.5 inches height
– Long-lasting performance
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00002N6AN&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1Nelson 1865– 17.2 pounds
– Travel up to 200 feet
– Long lasting
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0017QDHYM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1
Melnor XT
– 20 precision nozzles
– TwinTouch Controls
– Easily adjustable
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000NJPUHG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1
Orbit 58322
– 22 pounds
– Sprinkling diameter: 15-55 feet
– Stable & durable

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

The Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer is a motion-activated sprinkler that sports a height-adjustable tripod that adapts to a growing landscape or garden. The tripod adjusts efficiently from 28 to 54 inches to deter dogs from lawns. With the adjustable tripod, the product covers more ground, and you can use it to protect your plants – you will not spray them directly.

The tripod also comes in handy for hard grounds where pushing a screwdriver into the ground is hard. It also keeps the sprinkler stable, and it is easier to move around your yard. However, the model is more expensive than the others of a similar class.

The key features

  • Sports 120-degree sensor with day-only, night-only, and always activation modes
  • Intelligent sensing technology allows battery conservation and water saving
  • Has a 35-foot-long adjustable impact sprinkler
  • Has a 30-minute timed watering system
  • Offers more than 7500 activation cycles on 4AA alkaline batteries
  • The stable metal tripod raises the unit up to 54 inches


  • Moves easily along the yard
  • Has several options for spraying height and distance
  • Rock solid construction
  • You can customize it to control several types of animals
  • Has a day, night, and all-time sensor


  • Does not allow the connection of multiple units
  • It is expensive
  • Might look ugly in your yard

The Orbit 62120 offers a tripod stand that holds the motion detector and sprinkler head. That creates several benefits. If you want to keep dogs away from your lawn, it is the right sprinkler.

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20 Pack – Orbit Lawn Watering Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

Are you searching for the best sprinkler head on the market? The 20-pack Orbit Lawn Watering Impact Sprinkler makes a good choice. The sprinkler head sits on a quality tripod base, which you can easily move to different parts of your yard.

Made of durable zinc metal, Orbit Lawn Watering Impact Sprinkler guarantees many years of continuous use. It works with above-ground watering systems or individually. With a quality deflector and anti-backsplash arm, the water sprinkler rotates smoothly and quietly and distributes water where you need it to go.

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or you would like to replace your sprinkler heads, the product is an excellent choice. The sprinkler works perfectly in both light and dark. Put differently; you will be certain that your sprinkler is working correctly including late in the night.

The key features

  • Sprinkles water to an 85-foot diameter
  • The tripod stand adjusts from 16 to 37.5 inches in height.
  • The durable zinc construction assures long-lasting performance
  • The anti-backsplash arm enhances smoother rotation
  • The deflection shield prevents water from reaching the untargeted areas
  • The tripod base is tipping-resistant and more accessible to move


  • Superior coverage
  • Expandable spray zone
  • An adjustable line of sight
  • It is highly durable


  • Has no water-saving feature
  • Does not ship to some countries
  • Has no warranty

The product covers a wide area, and the manufacturer uses durable materials to make it. Again, it has a more convenient control system. The deflector allows it to direct water to the targeted areas only.

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Nelson 1865 Raintrain Travelling Sprinkler

The Nelson 1865 Raintrain Travelling Sprinkler comes with a unique sprinkling mechanism and design, which most buyers like. Most gardeners also admire the product due to the durable construction that helps it withstand most challenges related to continued use. It is precisely made for large and open areas and can water a 13,500 feet area.

Nelson 1865 Raintrain Travelling Sprinkler allows variation of sprinkling speeds. The manufacturer includes a 3-speed adjustment function to help you achieve that. With the feature, you can conveniently adjust water speed to match the water saturation level that your lawn requires.

Moreover, the product comes with changeable spray arms that you can tweak to match your needs. The automatic shut-off allows you to stop the operation and reduce water wastage. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

The key features

  • Weighs 17.2 pounds
  • Designed for watering large open areas
  • Uses a customizable hose path to travel
  • Uses the water pressure to navigate
  • Can travel up to 200 feet
  • Covers 13,500 square feet
  • Have three speeds of water saturation levels
  • Has an automatic shut-off feature
  • Has adjustable spray arms


  • It is long-lasting
  • It has a design for large open areas
  • Has a three-speed adjustment feature for convenient usage
  • The spray arms are changeable
  • The automatic shut-off feature prevents water wastage


  • Usable in large open spaces
  • The assembling and installation procedures are complicated

Nelson 1865 is among the top sellers due to its reliability and durability. It covers a large area and sports a long list of helpful features. The manufacturer backs its decent price with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width, Range and Flow Control

The Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler will make an excellent choice if you are looking for a lawn sprinkler that can cover a large area. It is also a good choice for individuals who want a stronger and durable sprinkler that can last for many years.

Melnor is a well-known, reputable manufacturer of farm tools and equipment. That might be the main reason why most people go for the XT Metal Oscillating Sprinkler over the other brands despite the fact that it is pricey.

Before buying, you have to ensure that your lawn is large enough to accommodate the sprinkler’s considerable area coverage. The product is suitable for individuals who want to water medium- to large-sized lawns. It eliminates most lawn watering hassles.

The key features

  • Covers up to 4,000 square feet
  • Has an infinity turbo motor which enables it to function optimally at both high and low pressure
  • Has larger volume tube fills
  • Has 20 precision nozzles which provide optimum coverage
  • The TwinTouch Controls help the user adjust the range and width of a watering pattern


  • Easily adjustable
  • Offers even coverage for larger areas
  • Suitable for lower water pressure


  • The shut-off feature is not effective
  • Does not stay flat when sprinkling

The Melnor XT is an excellent choice for individuals who want to maintain the proper growth of their lawns. You will never water manually again. Switch on the sprinkler, and it will do the watering. However, the product might shoot water to a single location at times.

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Orbit 58322 Travelling Sprinkler

The Orbit 58322 Travelling Sprinkler has remained one of the highly demanded traveling sprinklers. Most buyers prefer the product to the others mainly because the manufacturer uses high-grade materials to make it. As a result, it can withstand most challenges associated with regular usage.

The cast iron construction stabilizes the sprinkler and enables it to withstand wear and tear associated with continuous use. Due to its design, Orbit 58322 can function for more extended hours and covers relatively larger areas. The manufacturer also equips it with spiked rear wheels and more reliable gear to facilitate smoother travel.

The key features

  • Weighs around 22 pounds
  • The manufacturer uses cast iron to make. It is therefore stable and durable
  • It is designed to travel along predetermined paths without stalling
  • Features durable gears and spiked wheels on its rear which facilitates smoother travel
  • Boasts three-position speed control
  • It provides a sprinkling diameter ranging from 15 to 55 feet
  • Has a rotary spray that enhances even water coverage


  • The sprinkler is durable
  • It travels within designated paths without stalling
  • The sprinkler offers an adjustable watering diameter


  • Does not work well in small gardens and lawns
  • It has no water-saving feature

Despite the downsides, the Orbit 58322 has stood to be one of the leading traveling sprinklers in the market. It comes with a longer list of essential features such as weatherproof construction and more substantial area coverage. It might be a good choice if you are looking for a traveling sprinkler.

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How to Choose the Right One

When it comes to selecting the best sprinkler for your lawn, you should keep in mind that some models might not provide your desired results. Your choice will highly depend on your particular lawn and garden requirements. Here are a few tips to help you select the best sprinkler for your lawn.

Decide on the system’s capacity you need

To buy the right sprinkler for your lawn, you have to check your system’s ability. For a tiny lawn area, you will not require a complicated irrigation system. However, for a large or complex yard, you will need something more.

Consider the water supply

Before buying a lawn sprinkler, check the water supply. The principal reason behind that is some systems require more water than others do. By ignoring this factor, you might end up with a system that will not work efficiently.

The installation process

The installation process of some sprinkler systems can be labor-intensive. If you are planning to install the do-it-yourself type, you should consider the skills. No one would like to damage a system before using it.

The type of your soil

To buy a lawn sprinkler, you have to study the kind of soil within your yard. Not every sprinkler will work on your lawn. Some systems are ideal for particular soil types.

Your budget

The market has various types of sprinklers, which have varying costs. Therefore, you might not afford any of the types. Check your budget to know if the right kind or model of lawn sprinkler fits your needs.

Different Types Of Lawn Sprinklers

By understanding the available types of sprinklers, you will quickly narrow down your selections to the right product depending on your needs. The following are the primary types of sprinklers available on the market:

Stationary Sprinklers

This type of lawn sprinklers features holes along the head. The holes distribute water to the lawn. The sprinklers are cheap and easier to use. They also come in various shapes, designs, and sizes and you can, therefore, select a spray pattern that will work correctly in your yard.

Even though the sprinklers distribute water unevenly, they do a great job when watering small portions. They sprinkle water in larger volumes, which means you will be finishing your evening or morning chores faster. However, you will have to keep a closer eye on them and move them more often.

Traveling Sprinklers

Traveling sprinklers are different from stationary sprinklers. Powered by the pressure of the water and guided by the placement of the garden hose, the sprinklers roll along gear-driven wheels for longer distances. Due to the movement, the sprinklers cover larger areas without the user keeping an eye on them.

The sprinklers water evenly and deeply, but they require adequate water pressure to function optimally. They are suitable for gardeners with more extended and large yard areas. For the sprinkler to travel, the ground must be level and hard. They are not ideal for newly seeded yards or yards with soft soil.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating yard sprinklers rely on plastic or aluminum tubes, which move back and forth to provide more full fan sprays. A single oscillating sprinkler can water up to 30 feet of lawn. Moreover, if you need to water a smaller portion, you can adjust the rectangular spray patterns. If you intend to water a large open area without low-hanging trees, this type is worth your consideration.

Impact Sprinklers

Impact sprinklers rely on power streams of water pressure to move their sprinkling arms and spray water. To adjust the circular pattern of the sprinkler, and how far it sprays the water, you need to change the angle – usually between 15 and 360 degrees. The sprinkler is suitable for gardeners with large lawns.

Rotary Sprinklers

You can use this type of sprinkler to keep your lawn green and healthy. Rotary sprinklers feature several arms with built-in sprinkler heads at the ends. They spray water in full circles after water pressure has turned the gears. Rotary sprinklers spray water evenly over large open areas and gardens, and they are therefore economical.

My sprinklers do not Have Enough Pressure: The solutions?

The low pressure might be a result of broken lines, dirt or grass clogs, or municipal water supply problems. If the problem is with one head, the most probable issue is grass or dirt clogs. To solve the issue, you need to flush the sprinkler. If the low pressure is a result of a broken line, you need to fix it.

You have to remember that during hot and dry months people do much watering. That alone affects the pressure on the municipal water supply. During such months, you should wait for the weather situation to return to normal.

How Do Lawn Sprinkler Valves & Heads Work?

For a lawn sprinkler valve and heads to work, water has to enter the valve from the system’s main line and exert a force against the valve’s diaphragm. The water then enters the upper chambers, situated between the bonnet and diaphragm, through a tiny orifice. From the chambers, the water enters the bonnet.

The water travels through a small port inside the bonnet and enters the solenoid area. A light spring inside the solenoid, which the manufacturers load with a metal piston, covers the inlet hole when the valve is not open.

The water gets into contact with a larger surface area above the diaphragm than that below the diaphragm, and therefore the valve remains closed until the water within the upper chamber gets out.

Pressure x Surface Area = Force.

How Many Lawn Sprinklers Do You Need Per Zone?

To determine the number of lawn sprinklers you need in every zone, you should evaluate your water flow rate and pressure. Sprinklers consume different gallons of water at different pressures. A quick example: a sprinkler using a 3.0 nozzle will consume 3.11 gallons of water per minute (GPM) at 35 PSI (pounds per square).

If the water pressure in your home is 10GPM, you will need three sprinklers per zone. Consult the Performance Charts.

How Deep Should I Place My Lawn Sprinkler Pipes in the Ground?

You should install the pipe between 8 inches and 12 inches in depth. However, large trees in your yard might limit the extent. In other words, if you have large trees in your yard, you might need to bury the lawn sprinkler pipes in shallower depth. That way, you will avoid damaging the roots of your trees.


Q: Will the installation of a sprinkler system affect my yard adversely?

A: Yards are different, and impacts to your yard will depend on the condition of soil and grass during installation. Mostly, the installation does not affect the yard’s condition. Your yard will heal faster if you install the sprinkler system when the grass is in proper shape.

Q: Will a lawn sprinkler system highly increase my water bill?

A: Your water bill is likely to increase due to the additional watering cycles you require to heal your yard after the installation process. However, after the healing process has ended, your water bill will be back to where you want it to remain. Lawn sprinklers offer equal coverage and are therefore more efficient.

Q: When should I water my lawn?

A: Water your lawn earlier in the morning, just before dawn. That way, you will keep it in the right shape because any excess water will evaporate after the sun rises. People who water at night or late evening have to deal with spore growth, fungus, and some other problems due to the wetness.

You should not water your lawn too much or too often as that will be as damaging as watering very little. If you have been watering on a daily basis, but the grass is yellow, you have been watering too much. Too much water develops weak and shallow roots, which will require you to continue watering constantly.

To develop an in-depth root base, you should water only when the rainfall is inadequate. Some signs of thirsty lawns include grayish-blue rather than dark green blades, grass that does not spring up after you have walked across it, and folding or rolling blades. Water the lawn deeply until you observe any of the signs.

Q: How long should I leave on my sprinklers?

A: The amount of water that your lawn needs to flourish determines the length of time you should leave your sprinklers running. Study the type of soil, the grass’s dryness level, the sprinkler’s efficiency, and the amount of thatch the water has to soak to determine the length of time you should leave your sprinklers running. For root development, allow the water to penetrate 6 inches deep.

Q: After installing a sprinkler system, what else should I do?

A: If your system is functioning correctly, there is nothing else to do. However, you will need to maintain adequate watering durations and cycles. Lawn sprinklers are nearly maintenance-free.

Wrapping up

A sprinkler system allows you to water at any time of the day, including at night. That allows your plants to utilize the coolest temperature and absorb enough water. Even more, in case of a drought or water conservation period, you will need to adjust the volume of water you sprinkle.

To make better use of your water sprinklers, modify the system smartly so that it can distribute the right amount of water. Always keep in mind that the best lawn sprinkler for your yard more than likely is different from your neighbors. Do your homework with guides such as ours before you make your purchase.

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