The 5 Best Polo Wraps On The Equine Market For Your Horse

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Chances are you have seen polo wraps on horses and just did not know the name. These wraps are generally long bandages made to wrap around the horse’s legs and then secured with pins or Velcro. The wrap is prevalent in many situations; these include:

  • Schooling
  • Turnout
  • Horse Shows

The purpose of this article is to present our readers with the five best available polo wraps on Amazon. Keep in mind; we do not have a favorite item or manufacturer; our job is to help you narrow down the best.

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The 5 Best Polo Wraps On The Equine Market For Your Horse

Weaver Leather Polo Leg Wraps, 4-Pack

First on this list is leg wraps by Weaver Leather. These four-pack polo leg wraps have a strong and durable construction made from fleece to add leg support while engaging in strenuous workouts. The hook and loop closures allow you to place them on and off with ease.

Thanks to the machine-washable material, keeping these wraps clean and in great shape is no struggle. The size measures to be 4 ½.” wide and 9’ long and comes in a set of four. If this item interest you, click here to read more about these top-scoring Polo leg wraps.

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SmithBuilt Neoprene Athletic Front Boots for Horse – Horse Wrap Horse Leg Wraps

You never know when the unexpected will happen, such as a minor injury to your horse. Strenuous workouts are the leading culprit for injuries to a horse’s lower leg and ankles. The SmithBuilt Horse Polo Wraps protect healing injuries as well as supply leg support.

These particular polo leg wraps are a one-size-fits-all making it the perfect choice for leg stability as well as a sophisticated dressage “V” wrapping. The design is of fleece material that is surprisingly comfortable on the horse without any irritation.

For cleaning, the steps are simple. You can use either hand wash or machine wash on cold without using bleach. Once they are clean, you can hang them to dry or tumble dry on cool. Once clean and dry, roll the wraps back up and store them in the plastic carrying bag.

This kit also includes a tote bag for simple transportation, quick organization, and safe storage. For a deal too hard to pass up, click here.

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Tough-1 Miniature Polo Wraps Purple

As you can see, these Tough-1 Miniature Polo Wraps are as unique as they are durable. Not only do they look sharp, but the purple stands out giving your horse an extra boost in appearance. The wraps scale down to size to fit the Mini horses perfectly; there is no need in trimming to fit.

The material is an extra soft polyester fleece that supports and protects your mini thanks to being shock resistant and resilient throughout each workout. Some of the major features are as follows:

  • Extra soft polyester fleece
  • Shock and Resilience
  • Pack of Four
  • Measures Three inches wide and six feet long
  • Quick Grip

To order this product today, click here.

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Horse Tack Grooming Leg Polo Wrap Set of 4 Soft Fleece 95R

Next is this Horse Tack Grooming Polo Wrap that is an Amazon bestseller, and it won’t take long to see why. These leg wraps measure 10’ x 5” and come in a fashionable Black and blue. The feature of this set of four wraps, you get lots of bang for your buck, such as:

  • Top-of-the-line brushed pile fleece
  • Elastic leg support for rough workouts
  • Perfect for riding, shipping, turnout, training, and added protection
  • Machine washing and drying for simple cleaning
  • 10 x 5.”
  • A wide variety of colors

Does this sound like what you are in search of for your horse? If so, click here to read more.

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Classic Equine Polo Wraps Set of 4 with Laundry Bag Prints in All Styles

The last item to mention is these Classic Equine Polo Wraps. Durability speaks volumes with the wrap due to its make-up of 500-gram fleece. What that tells you is it is long-lasting and heavier which is why the classic wrap outlasts the others.

These wraps are wider than other styles while still providing more safety and protection that will save you time, effort, and money. The wraps come in four to a pack with a laundry bag included. The measurements are 4 ½” x 108” long with five choices to choose from to match your style.

Is this the product you are needing? If so, click here to find more information and place your order today.

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There are the top products in Polo Wraps for horses. Our aim is that you found the perfect match for your horse.

Why Use Polo Wraps Anyway?


Polo wraps may not be the most urgent item for your horse’s leg support, but they rank high on the list. The reason why is that the wraps protect the horse’s tendons and ligaments of the lower leg region.

The wraps hold the ankle area in place with the proper alignment when wrapped correctly. What this does is aid in preventing injuries throughout strenuous workouts. It also helps develop strength during training.

Having the right wraps and knowing how to use them will also protect the overstretching of the tendons. You will appreciate the protection

They also protect the muscles from overstretching, which is useful especially during activities when horses must make sudden turns or shifts in movement.


If your horse already has a bruised, sore, or injured lower leg, polo wraps are perfect for applying over a bandage. While there are many different boots available, many irritate the area while pliable, soft wraps do not.

They protect against injury during schooling or turnout by protecting the lower leg against gravel, sand, and debris that stirs while riding. Also, the wrap helps prevent a bruising when horses are jumping fences or rub a rail.


Not only are polo wraps useful to your horse during training, but they also do the same for the rider. Multiple indoor arenas place mirrors on the wall to give the rider a place to check their positioning.

Making use of bright color wraps on your horse’s leg area while in an arena makes it much easier to get a view of the leg positioning during schooling. For an improved visual, bright color wraps are useful during lunging which causes the leg region simple to see.


Then you have the riders that just like their horse looking stylish that apply the wraps. With wraps on all four legs, the presence appears balanced and symmetrical. Other owners utilize the neon, bright halters on their horse during hunting season to avoid accidents.

If your horse is one that can easily pass for a deer or a dun-color, you may want to consider this to protect both you and your horse.

While there is controversy over the use of boots and wraps, most riders would not ride without them. Polo wraps are the original types of athletic wraps for your horse. That is especially true in dressage and polo. The following are a few more reasons you need to use wraps on your horse:

  • Protection of the cannon bone area and the ligaments and tendons
  • Protection of the horse harming itself
  • Each wrap is extremely versatile

Polo Wrap 101

If you are still second guessing whether polo wraps are for you, remember they cover and protect in many ways. They offer warmth to old, stiff fetlocks ligaments, and tendons while controlling movement and swelling due to an acute injury. Being able to add extra protection while hauling and trailering is a perk as well.

However, misapplying wraps can cause many problems and damage. The blood flow to the tendons in the back of the horse’s leg can become compromised when the wrapping is too tight or misapplied. That can happen especially if there is uneven pressure or the wrap bunches up when sliding down.

Determining how to apply the wraps is vital and what amount of tension will depend on the material. It should fit to remain in place and not slip but remain nice and snug against the horse’s skin but not too tight that it leaves indents.

There should always be room enough to slide your fingertip between your horse’s leg and the bandage.


I hope we have answered many of your questions and that you find the perfect product from the five listed above. Having horses, especially show horses, is a costly hobby so it is vital you do all you can to protect your investment.

How did you like this article? Did we cover the most vital points? Did we choose the right products? We want to know. Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts. While you are here, please “like and share” our work so that we can always help others.

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