The 5 Best Horse Shipping Boots To Ensure Your Horses Safety [2023]

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Whether you know much about horses or if you are finding you have an interest, there are a few things you probably know or should know. Horses’ legs and ankles are very fragile, and if one does endure a break, it is not usually a pretty ending for the horse.

When you travel with your horses, it is imperative that you do all you can to protect this area of the animal to ensure its safety. One way to do this is always to apply the best shipping boots for your horse that you can buy.

Basic Comparison:





AMIGO Travel Boots

AMIGO Travel Boots

Weight - ‎1 Pounds

Brand - Horseware

Color - ‎Navy/Silver

Size - ‎Cob

Horze Shipping Boots

Horze Spirit shipping boots

Brand - HORZE

Size - Horse

Peacoat Dark Blue

Hook & Loop

Roma Deluxe Boots

Roma Deluxe Shipping Boots

Size - Horse

Peacoat Dark Blue

Weight - 1.77 Kilograms

Brand - ‎Roma F.C.

What Do Shipping Boots Do To Help The Horse?

Shipping boots do more than one job. However, the primary purpose is that they supply more protection than what the shipping wraps offer. The reason for this is due to the boots covering the hock, along with many styles having hoof guards.

Those two alone give double protection for the horse’s legs and ankles. Just like with bandages, wraps and other boot styles, cleaning is vital. You will need to ensure your horse’s legs as well as boots and wraps.

If you leave the horse and its accessories dirty, chances are the horse will become aggravated from all the trapped debris, loose obstructions or shavings. When this happens, this is when your horse is at risk of kicking or trying to get rid of whatever is irritating from being dirty.

The purpose of this article is to help our readers find the 5 Best Shipping Boots to help you choose one of the best sellers.

The 5 Best Horse Shipping Boots: 2022 Reviews

AMIGO Travel Boots Horse Atlantic Blue


First on the list is the Amigo Travel Boot. This particular style has a unique design made to protect your horse from an injury while traveling. The boot itself design and shape are so that it fits perfectly over the hocks then expand over the coronary band.

This set comes in fours with three wide straps to ensure a perfect fit. The following are details that make this item well worth your time to consider for your horses, these are:

  • Easy nylon cleaning
  • Fleece lining
  • Three wide strap design
  • Keeps the horse’s legs and hocks safe and secure

Be sure to read more details and vital stats that place this product on the best-seller list by clicking here. If you are interested in this product, this link takes you to the site where you can place your order, and it is simple and safe.

Roma Deluxe Shipping Boots


Second, to make the list is this Roma Deluxe Shipping Boots. Some call them shipping boots while others refer to them as travel boots, both mean the same. This set of deluxe shipping boots is not only extra protective; they are super tough as well.

The boots features include the following:

  • Sturdy and Reliable 1000 Denier outer shell
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Extended Knee Protection
  • Wide Velcro Tab Closures
  • Set of Four Boots

For added protection, you cannot go wrong with choosing this item. To get more information as well as see pictures, click here:



Next is this Weaver Leather Shipping Boot. Weaver went above and beyond what some manufacturers do by adding materials to ensure comfort as well as safety. This boot is full-length and has a 600-denier ripstop outer shell made from a sturdy synthetic fleece liner to provide that comfort.

The boots have three large fasteners that loop to keep them comfortable and secure. At the bottom of each of the boots is a striker plate. What this does is help shield and protect the hoof from scuffing. This set comes in four boots.

For additional information, pictures, measurements, and the safe and secure path to order your horses today, click here:

Horze Spirit shipping boots Peacoat Dark Blue P


In every situation involving your horses, the most vital part of traveling is your horse’s safety. It should not take you long to see just how sturdy and reliable these shipping boots are for your horse. These Horze Spirit Shipping Boots are the cream of the crop in safety.

The company ensures that when you arrive at your destination, your horse will be healthy, happy, and pain-free thanks to no injuries. While it is true that any time your horse travels it can be a stressful ordeal. However, the safer your horse feels, the less stress it will endure. You want your animal to feel stable and comfortable.

These boots supply plenty of comfort and security, guaranteed. To see pictures and learn even more about this product, click here:

Exselle Shipping Boots


Last on the list is the Exselle Shipping Boots that come in a set of four. One strong detail consumers rave about these boots is the stable and comfortable ride the horse has on every trip. Beings this is the reason why horse owners do not mind investing in the best there is on the market, they ensure the boots supply safety.

The unique back and front have four extended-size touch tape closures. The 600 deniers thick outer foam material has a comfy inner lined smooth satin for a soft touch. Durable and reliable kick plates help give added protection to the back of the hooves.

Now, add the perfected seamstress work to prevent slipping or wrinkles to the nylon satin lining. This product is available in Black and Silver or Hunter and Burgundy. You will want to read more details and especially see the product by clicking here:

There you have the 5 Best Horse Shipping Boots To Ensure Your Horses Safety on the market. Now that you know about your options be sure to keep reading to learn more about your horse and boots necessary to keep your horse free from injury.

Why Invest In Boots For Your Horse

Deciding to boot or not boot as vital as it is, some still choose to avoid boots. You can find plenty of forums with new horse owners asking others if shipping boots are essential. As you can tell, there is no shortage of products that all claim to be the best.

Therefore, you need to ensure what you read is honest and not biased toward a particular manufacturer. Choosing the perfect boot for your horse should depend on multiple factors. These factors include the horse’s history, use, movement, and conformation.

You will find there are several reasons you need to boot your horse. However, preventing injury is by far the most important. While many improvements are now available to help prevent damage, vets still see a multitude of tendon injuries in horses that perform.

When a horse suffers from such an injury, it often takes long periods of rehab and rest, and even with that, the horse stands a high chance that the injury will reoccur. An injury too devastating can cost your horse it’s life if you do not keep the legs protected. [more]

Shipping Wraps, Boots, or Bandages

Choosing between shipping wraps, boots, or bandages is going to depend on your horse, your trainer, and your need for protection. All of these products are for when you trailer or fly your horse to aid with preventing injuries to the horse’s legs.

Shipping wraps and boots both go from the hock or knee down to the hoof. Most horse owners claim shipping boots provide the most protection over the wraps due to them covering the hock. Some styles also cover and protect with hoof guards.


Q: What exactly do shipping boots protect?

A: Most boots have a design meant to protect the following:

  • Fetlocks
  • Cannon Bones
  • Heels
  • Coronets
  • Pasterns
  • Tendons

Q: Why is it so important to clean your horse’s legs before applying the boots?

A: You must ensure your horse’s legs are clean to prevent debris from getting stuck between your horse’s legs and the boots – the reason why is to avoid the debris from irritating the horse due to trapped obstructions.


There is so much information out on the web that you could go on and on trying to learn all about what to use on your horse while shipping. Other than the plethora of advice and options available on the market, it’s hard to choose which is right.

Also, each manufacturer adds their “special design,” causing you to become overwhelmed quickly.  Reviews that we bring to you are honest and non-biased. Be sure to get the proper measurements before you order to ensure a snug fit.

Thank you for taking the time to read our reviews. While you are here, could you please like and share our work to help us build our company?

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