The 6 Best Probiotic Supplements For Horses For A Healthy Gut [2023]

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Everywhere you turn today you see products that claim to be the perfect fix for an unhealthy gut. Whether it be products or foods, such as yogurt, items with “live cultures” are everywhere. While it is necessary to support a healthy digestive system, how does a horse owner keep their animal’s intestinal system healthy?

Without knowing exactly what the horse eats as it grazes many acres of grass and hay, the struggle is real. Maybe you even take a probiotic supplement for better health as well as your horses. With the vast number of various microorganisms floating around in your horse’s gut, it can be a hit-and-miss knowing what product works best.

The exact number and type of microorganism species that are present in your horse depend on the diet of the animal. There are common species in horses that are beneficial. For that reason, it is not advisable to make sudden and profound dietary changes.

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This guide and review will help the consumer choose the best products available on Amazon. Our goal is not to persuade you to buy a particular product, but to reveal the best sellers.

The Following are the Six Best Probiotic Supplements for Horses:

Actistatin Equine Nutrition THE BEST Daily Probiotic for Horses

The first product is the Stable Nutrition Daily Probiotic for Horses. The manufacturer of this product utilizes leading experts to advance their probiotics regularly. This item they label “cutting edge” has the latest science and medicine combination that will improve your horse’s wellness and health.

Providing your horse with high-quality probiotics is one way to bring out the best in your horse’s health. While Stable Nutrition uses only top-of-the-line ingredients, they maintain there are never harmful ingredients as well as no sugar.

For improvements to your horse’s hindgut, digestive system, and microbiome, it is a favorite. Without the use of fillers or harmful additives, consumers love this product. To read much more information and order yours today, click here.

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Formula 707 Combo Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements, 28-Day Supply

This product, by the maker, Formula 707 Combo Daily Fresh Packs has all your horse needs for digestive health. To ensure each pack restores your horse’s digestive system, the following are just a few reasons the product and the maker are leaders in digestive support:

  • Combat Stress
  • Injuries and Illness Recovery
  • Eleven Minerals
  • Twelve Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Viable Yeast Cells

This comprehensive Mineral and Vitamin Formula is everything (and more) that your horse needs for overall support. The daily packs improve the condition as well as the health of your horse.

To read more, click here. Also, take advantage of the affordable, convenient, palatable, and always accurate product by ordering today.

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HealthyGut Maintenance Probiotics for Horses

Next in this guide is the Equa Holistics HealthyGut Maintenance Probiotic for Horses. This product is part of the advanced line of probiotics to hit the market. Made with human-grade materials, followed by strict quality control is what makes this product high-quality.

Support for your horse’s microbiome, the probiotic will always be the first weapon for aid to the horse’s delicate immune system. This product is the right combination of high-quality yeast and selected probiotic bacteria formulated just for horses.

For help against an upset digestive system, hindgut support, and stress, this product does it all. Be sure to click here for much more information and a safe and secure path to order yours today.

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Horse Guard Trifecta Equine Vitamin Mineral Joint Hoof & Probiotic Supplement

If you are tired of struggling to give your horse various supplements, this Horse Guard Trifecta Equine Probiotic Supplement is your relief. Even if you only have one horse, simplicity in treating a healthy immune system is simple with this product.

Trifecta contains the highest quality ingredients, including chelated vitamins and minerals. Formulated by a nutritionist, your horse will be ingesting the perfect amount it needs for maintaining good health.

This product is four supplements in one that caters to the health of your horse’s joints, hoofs, and overall health. Click here to read more on this unique product and place your order today.

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Equiotic Probiotic Supplement Daily Packets

The Equiotic Probiotic Supplement Daily Packets is a product that lay all its concentration on the horse’s GI tract. Each pack has at least the following:

  • Ten Billion CFU’s of Equine L. Reuteri
  • Ten Billion S. Cerevisiae
  • Dry Yeast
  • Dried Lactobacillus Reuteri Fermentation
  • Sodium Aluminosilicate

It features the perfect amount for your horse’s daily maintenance and is a palatable Apple Flavor your horse is sure to love. Click here to read more details about this product and order it today.

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Probios Probiotic Treats for Horses, Apple Flavor, 1 Pound Each

This three-pack of Probios Probiotic Treats for Horses is apple flavor and a healthy treat. Each item has more than enough vitamins and minerals to help you with keeping your horse healthy.

The treat is all-natural with veggies, fruits, beneficial bacteria, and grains. Each morsel has the perfect source of live naturally occurring microorganisms. Just feed three to six treats each day to help keep your horse’s gut healthy.

To find more on this product, click here. The link will guide you to the product page for information as well as secure ordering.

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There are the best six probiotic supplements for horses available today. Be sure to read consumer reviews on each item to get a better understanding of its value.

Why Does My Horse Need a Probiotic?

Humans are not the only species that need a healthy gut. Animals of every kind are vulnerable to harmful bacteria in the stomach. Just like humans, a high-quality probiotic is necessary to regulate your horse’s immune system.

For a healthy horse to create the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for good health, all systems must work in harmony to produce healthy enzymes and nutrients. If the digestive tract is off, parts of the horse’s health will suffer.

*Writer’s Tip*

The microbial purpose is to maintain your horse’s live colonies of the good bacteria it needs – That is the lactic acid-producing bacteria that are typically in the horse’s intestines, naturally. It does not take much for the digestive tract to become unbalanced, causing your horse’s health to change.

Enterococcus, Bifidobacterium, and Lactobacillus are the three vital components that can either prevent or reduce the growth of unhealthy pathogens. There are some illnesses, such as Botulism, that can be deadly to a horse.

High-quality fatty acids, enzymes, and vitamins are vital for promoting GI health. Watching for behavior changes in your horse is the first sign that something is “off” with its health. [2]

Yeast and Its Ability to Destroy Horses GI Tract

Yeast is part of the fungus family that can destroy the healthy bacteria in the intestines rapidly. Once that happens, your horse’s behavior and health will change dramatically. While yeast cultures such as yeast extract and active dry yeast, stimulate healthy bacteria growth, a yeast overload can quickly get out of control.

Active dry yeast to be productive must contain fifteen billion live yeast cells for each gram. When you are choosing the best probiotic for your horse, be sure it includes enough yeast cells to be effective.

How to Know Your Horse Needs Probiotics

Horses are like all other species in that their performance and well-being play a considerable role in its healthy digestion. Aside from the barn environment, diet changes, illness, training, and age plays a significant role in its digestive support.

Before you realize there is an underlying issue, your horse’s entire system can fall out of balance. When that happens, the result can be anything from minor problems, such as a bad attitude and dull coat) to significant health concerns.

The following are medical concerns for horses with digestive system disruption:

  • Ulcers
  • Weight Loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Colic

Sixty-five percent of a horse’s immune system is the digestive tract. If the animal has a weak digestive function, it will result in weakened immunity. For whatever purpose your horse serves, providing a probiotic can make all the difference in its health.

Choosing the Right Probiotic

A basic probiotic supplement that provides the horse with the proper dosage is more than enough for most horses. Most supplements such as the ones in this guide will work efficiently in maintaining your horse’s digestive system. The goal of every probiotic is to give the species the right amount of “good bugs” to combat the bad.

However, if you have a horse that is suffering from stress, it is to the benefit of that horse to take a daily supplement. Aside from you supplying the probiotic, you may need to buy a more comprehensive product to best suit your horse’s needs.


Q: What should I expect after starting my horse on a high-quality Probiotic?

A: During the “die-off” period, your horse may appear tired, with sporadic behavior, and a change in its eating habits.

Q: Should I start my colts on a probiotic?

A: Before you start any treatment for a new colt, always consult your vet for advice.


There is still more research that science needs to conduct to bring the results to the table when it comes to supplements and horses. However, it is never a wrong choice to do preventive care for your horses to keep its total systems healthy.

If you are unsure how to choose a probiotic, consult your vet for the best advice. If you know more about the best probiotic for horses, please let us know. We love hearing feedback from our readers. While you are here, please “like and share” our work to help us help others.

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