Best Cat Stroller: 2023 Reviews (Top Picks) And Guide

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Choosing to keep your cat outdoors or indoors is a big deal for both the owner and the cat. It is a significate decision for both new and experienced cat owners. For those of us that share our lives and homes with a feline family member or two, you probably already understand the urgency of your kitty needing some outdoor time, right?

Even though it tends to be a hot debate that usually outranks the seriousness of whether your cat needs Dry Food vs. Wet Food or which litter is best, there may be a simple solution, a cat stroller. I have one cat that tries her best to sneak out every chance she gets so having one of the best cat strollers may be perfect for her. My other (she is a feral rescue) is happy never to have to see outside the house ever again.

Basic Comparison:





4 Wheels Pet Stroller

BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller



Alloy Steel


New Red Pet Stroller

New Red Pet Stroller



Alloy Steel

Oxford Cloth

VIVO Four Wheel

VIVO Four Wheel




Alloy Steel

How to Get Your Cat Some Time Outdoors?

Whether your cat is a young, new family member, or a mature, skilled cat, at some point you will need to decide on this daunting question: Should I let my indoor cat go outside, and if so, how do I know she will come home?

Many people such as farmers get a cat for the sole purpose of being an outdoor cat. That scenario is a different story. Take my oldest cat mentioned above, for instance; she desperately wants to tamper with the outdoor lifestyle and attempts to get outside with every door opening we do. So, letting her go off on her own is not something I am willing to try for fear of her getting lost or hurt.

So, I need a cat stroller, one of the best strollers that will keep her in would be perfect (lol) for her to prevent her from taking off. My baby one, the rescued feral cat, neither is an option for her due to her traumatic life as a baby kitten. She fears the outdoors and people, so she will always stay indoors.

First, is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? Believe it or not, this is a significant question to ponder if you are considering a cat stroller. Let’s take a look at this before we move on to getting a cat stroller for you and your feline.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats: Benefits and Risks

Having a pet cat that lives inside has been the “cultural norm” just over the last 20 years, and due to this, cats are living longer and having healthier lifestyles. However, not every cat will be an excellent indoor pet.

Moreover, the big question on every indoor cat owner’s mind is, just because our indoor cats live longer are they living a fuller life?

That answer depends on each cat and its living circumstances. Both indoor and outdoor cats have certain advantages. Take a look at the following:

Benefits of the Indoors:

  • Safety from injury and fights from wild animals and dogs or hit by cars
  • Living a longer, healthier life
  • Cats that live indoors become “domesticated.”
  • Protect wild birds in and around the area
  • Avoid risks from toxins and poisons

Benefits of the Outdoors:

  • Behavioral issues such as inside urination and scratching reduction
  • Reduction in aggression towards other inside pets and humans
  • Reduction in emotional stress due to an overload of environmental stimuli
  • Keeps the population of rodents down when “working” or barn cats

There are significant benefits to taking your pets outdoors from time to time. Before we get to these reasons, let’s take a look at the leading Best Cat Strollers on the Market today. Keep in mind that each animal behaves differently until you get him or she trained well in their stroller. Be patient and ease them into going for walks if at first, your feline baby is afraid. [2]

Top 5 Best Cat Strollers for Hiking and Jogging:

VIVO Four-Wheel Pet Stroller, for Cat, Dog and More


The Tradename “VIVO” should be a name everyone recognizes. Maybe not for a cat stroller but it is, by all means, a popular household name with a valued reputation. The VIVO cat stroller offers your pet traveling in first class.

Whether you are going for a short stroll around the block or a good two or three miles through the park, this stroller is suitable for either. What you get is a product that is durable and provides a smooth and safe ride sure to comfort anyone’s pet.

The stroller has a three-zipper access area that allows you to get your cat in and out quickly. The interior is spacious with a padded foam bottom that provides an ample amount of comfort and room. This product has mesh windows that allow you to keep an eye on your feline while he gets plenty of fresh air and a clear view.

There is much more information on this cat stroller as well as how to order yours here.

New Red Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage 3 Wheels Stroller Travel Folding Carrier T13


This Red Pet Stroller is high quality made from recycled plastic and comes equipped with a cup holder, so you and your cat can stay refreshed while on a stroll. Thanks to its sturdy material there is no worry of breaking or cracking all while looking stylish and smooth.

Instead of bolts that tend to rust and break, this stroller has zippers that are simple to maneuver openly for easy access. The product has a large compartment, so you can take treats, water, and toys on the stroll with you to keep you both entertained and refreshed.

There is a front and rear ventilation mesh window that keeps bugs away. The stroller has large wheels that offer a smooth ride every time. Be sure to check out many more details with simple checkout instructions here.

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs


Who has a cat that gets to ride in comfort while you jog and even has a “purest ?“ Your cat does when you buy this PetGear No-zip Lite Stroller. If your goal is to have your cat tag along with you as you jog or take a long walk, the type of wheels will matter.

The key factor for you to consider is how smooth the ride will be on all terrains. For all the activities mentioned in this article, the most recommended tire is the AirRide. Why? Because these tires provide extra comfort for your feline and you have an effortless walk or jog.

Another benefit is the feature that allows you to lock the front wheel. That is important because it aids in the stability of the stroller as you are traveling or jogging over rough terrain. There are many reasons why this stroller is a best seller, and you can find out more reasons why and order yours today by following this link:

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs


Next on the list is another fantastic product by Pet Gear. This Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller says a lot just in its name. If you are a jogger and would like to take your pet along with you, this product is for you.

You will have a comfortable ride for your feline and a smooth experience with pushing thanks to the technology put into the product.

The no-zipper feature means you do not have the hassle of struggling to open and close the stroller. This new technology means you have easy access to your cat without the challenge of difficult zippers. The Jogger NO-ZIP Pet Stroller adds another perk, an elevated paw rest for extra room and comfort.

That feature gives your cat an easy way to see out of the stroller while having support using the front bar. Whether you are strolling or jogging, you will experience a smooth experience as you navigate over rough terrains.

Speaking of strolling along, this model comes with a new, panoramic view window. Along with having access to see the surroundings, you have the assurance of your pet remaining safe inside without missing any outdoor views.

Other unique features are the spacious basket, parent tray for your goodies, 12” quick-release tires, and interior safety tether. With dimensions of 30” x 13” x 22”, your little feline can ride in style as long as she is 70 pounds or under in total weight.

You have three colors to choose from, and these are, Midnight River, Rugged Red, and Forest Green. After reading the perks of this product, feel free to learn more and place yourself here.

BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Travel Folding Carrier 04T


Last on the list is a product by BestPet. Introducing the BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Stroller. This product is a high-quality, brand-new front and rear entry top with rear and front ventilation windows designed with mesh for adequate airflow.

The best part of that is how well it keeps bugs and other animals out. The large wheels are 6” and glide smoothly on rough terrain all while having proper comfort. For you to have a drink along your stroll, there is a heavy-duty plastic cup holder made from original plastic instead of recycled material to prevent cracking.

However, don’t let the design fool you, it not only holds up great but, it has a smooth look all while as well as exceptional design. You never have to worry about your cat getting wet if you get caught in the rainstorms thanks to it being 100 percent waterproof.

The dimensions are 34” x 17.5” x 39” while in use and 32” x 17” x 11” when folded. As always, never leave your pet unattended, and be sure always to have water to prevent you and your cat from dehydration on long walks.

For more information as well as ordering this product, click here:

There you have the leaders in cat strollers available on Amazon. Keep in mind; Amazon is not only the most reliable e-commerce in the world, but it also ensures customer satisfaction or your money back. Now, let’s talk a little bit about why our cats need outdoor time.

Are We Really Being Fair?

Keeping cats entirely indoors is in the highest regard as the owner’s responsibility of guardianship. While it is true that the life expectancy of indoor cats increases due to the reduction of fighting, infection, and traffic accidents, are we being fair? The central question is, are we giving them all they need by not letting our cats get some outdoor time?

The above scenarios are accurate for why cat owners typically keep their feline family indoors is for their protection. Human attitudes concerning “indoor vs. outdoor” cats get their influence from the culture we live in today, both micro and macro.

For example, the “national” attitude towards having a cat is to have them indoors. However, the culture of the “neighborhood” is to allow cats to be outdoors. I know people that have cats that are both, indoor and outdoor.

The guardians let the cat out when it wants, and it comes back eventually. However, most cat owners, like myself, would panic if their “babies” got out because they are not accustomed to the free outdoor culture.

While it is true that keeping a pet cat strictly indoors ensures their safety, however, it also confines their instinct to explore, mark their territory, and hunt.

As a result of this confinement, there are more issues concerning behavioral problems with indoor cats than with outdoor cats. Not all cats make good domesticated pets. These types will find ways less- flattering to express their biological needs. These behaviors can be spraying (males), inappropriate defecation/urination, and aggression toward others.

Is Living Longer the Same as Fuller?

We can all agree that keeping our cat indoors will help with his longevity in life. However, does that necessarily mean indoor cats are living a fuller life? Pet owners, I included, tend to push the lifestyle we see fit onto our cats.

When I see my cats perched on the back of the sofa staring outside, it typically does not dawn on me that they could be daydreaming about actually wanting to go out. I usually just think they feel fortunate for me rescuing them and providing this huge mansion that keeps them safe, fed, and not beaten up all the time.

However, what would they choose if I gave them the option of having both? What would they decide for themselves? I feel now knowing what I know from writing this, that they would more than likely be happy to go outside if only to feel the fresh air. Who wants always to be indoors and never see the outside elements?

I now understand that cats crave the outdoors, and it is an integral part of living a balanced life. So, let’s talk about how to mix some outdoor time with your indoor cat.

Do Cats Enjoy Riding in Strollers?

The short answer is, yes and no. Some cats love strollers while others prefer backpacks. In saying this, there are various factors that you must take into consideration before you jump to buy your cat one, or two.

You will need to know what type you need and how to pick the right one. You will also need information on how to introduce your cat(s) to a stroller in a positive manner and your cat’s personality.

Have Cats-Will Travel

Over the years, we have had a few different cats. I have had a few that loved to stay all night outdoors and come inside to sleep all day. Then, I have had a couple such as my baby one we have today. She was feral when we got her, (and is only seven months old) that would not step a paw outdoors if there were a one-pound salmon filet awaiting her.

Our oldest one does all she can to break out then takes off. I spend hours looking for her because I am scared she will get harmed or picked up by the shelter. All three times, she ends up finding her way home. She has “escaped” three times, and now I understand why; she wants to do what comes naturally to her, see the outdoors.

However, in my mind, a cat outdoors wandering alone is in danger due to speeding cars, dogs, and the common adventure dangers. In my mind, animals are mauling her. However, what is probably happening is her hiding in a bush behind our house waiting for a chipmunk to chase her.

What if we could both be happy? What if she got some outdoor adventure and I knew she was safe and got a little exercise myself? Could your cat be pleased with a few regular strolls during the day? What if you could offer her more to life than napping in sunbeams and the occasional catnip?

There is a safe way for all this to happen, a cat stroller. Sure, people, will smile and tell you they have never seen a cat in a stroller before and that she looks content. They will be right. Cat walking gives you the right-of-way just like dog owners as well as pet-related conversations.

Strolling Along with Your Furry Friends

When you consider buying a pet stroller, keep your cat’s size and weight in mind. Strollers vary in cost and size. Until you know if your cat will even like strolling along, you may not want to invest as much money into one.

Experimenting with multiple cats in one stroller will more than likely be a disaster and lead to one big catfight. Maneuvering one made for multiple cats is not easy either.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Cat Stroller?

If you have a little Houdini running your home, your cat is undoubtedly interested in making a break from their indoor domain. Taking her for a safe outdoor excursion where it is on the guardian’s terms may aid in breaking her desire to escape.

The good news is there are many benefits for you and your feline when it comes to taking walks together. [3]

For Indoor Cats

If you live in a small area, such as a small townhouse or apartment, a cat stroller is perfect for you and your cat to get out and about. Plus, by doing so you and your fluffy feline are getting some outdoor time while breathing in the fresh air.

If your feline is already harness and leash trained, a stroller is just a different means to take her outdoors except your option of where are much broader. Such as taking her for a walk along a nature trail or by a lake where having the shielded protection helps keep her calm. You both can get outdoors, and you can get exercise while you are getting some fresh air.

For Cats with Medical Ailments

Some of you reading this review have your cats used to walk outdoors with a harness and or leash. With a stroller, you get to take your feline for a walk while keeping him or her safe thanks to all strollers having enclosures. These enclosures have a zipped mesh material that keeps your baby in and other animals out.

Thanks to its structure, there is no need to worry about your cat escaping. If you have your cat used to wearing a harness, merely put it in place with an attached leash before putting her in her stroller. Keep a close eye on your cat’s body language for signs that he or she is indicating it is time for a potty break.

Here is where the harness and leash come in handy. Your cat may meow loud to let you know and just squirm a lot in the stroller. You will learn her signs the more you take her for walks. Thanks to having the Harnish and leash on her, you can allow her to get out and walk around without the fear of her running away.


Q: How often should I take my cat outdoors:

A: At least once a week. Taking her outdoors for at least a couple of hours each week until she gets accustomed to being outdoors is a great start.

Q: How do I get her to remain so calm?

A: If your cat goes outdoors at all you may not have issues with her riding in a stroller. However, if she is strictly an indoor cat put her toys, a blanket, or clothing article with your scent on it where she rides. Before you go outdoors, let her jump in and out of the stroller indoors for a while to let her see it means no harm.


All of us cat owners know how well our little felines can best testy, funny, irritating, and heartwarming. We want to do all we can for them to live a happy life. Perhaps by reading this, you now understand how important it is for your cat to be in their natural habitat a bit.

Cats love the outdoors as it is their instinct to want to run, hunt, and prey. Although all that is not possible with some indoor cats, therefore, taking them for a ride is a great alternative. For your cat, consider one of the strollers mentioned in the article and get started taking her for a stroll in the outdoors, something you both will enjoy.

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