Top 5 Best Hay Pitchforks That’re Still Ruling The Farm [2023 Reviews]

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While watching old western movies, it will not take long before you see a pitchfork in and around the scenes. A pitchfork, or hay rake, is a farming tool that modernized equipment cannot take its place.

The hay-rake is a hand tool that has earned its place as a dependable tool every farmer should own. If you think all that it is good for, think again.

No matter whom you ask, almost everyone can name the most popular and stereotypical hand tools that farmers use. The chances are high that they mention the pitchfork. The hay rake is right at the top with silos and tractors – it is the tool that has a long handle with varying numbers of tines with a curve at the end.

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Few tools can carry the prestigious name of being a staple to farmers everywhere. The rake is one of the elements to farming that never gets old. The next time you are out and about, look at pictures and other items to see how long it takes to spot a hay pitchfork in the scene.

It is often the three-prong model with a man holding the rake. It is hard to believable that modern technology and all its advancements have yet to create a tool reliable and dependable enough to do the same work.

That is because the old standard of “if it is not broke, do not try to fix it.,” and it is definitely not broke. Actually, the pitchfork is still the staple tool that farmers use to feed their livestock.

The hayfork, or pitchfork, has a few uses. However, each type is different from the other, and it boils down to what design best fits your needs.

The Following are Typical Uses Around the Farm That Require a Pitchfork:

Moving Hay to Feed Livestock

Moving hay around the farm is the primary purpose people will associate the pitchfork and farming together. Having been the leader for many generations, tossing hay around for livestock is the champion. The important detail to pay close attention to is how easy it can be to throw your back out when you toss hay incorrectly.

Ask any farmer why they continue to use a tool as old as they are, and you will hear that there is nothing better. There is no easier or better tool to move straw, loose hay, and various similar material.

It is as easy as can be to load your scoop using the tines. With that possibility, farmers use their pitchforks to feed the little livestock. Also, place a load of hay any place you want it to go. If the thin tines on end have you doubting the pitch forks durability, have no fear. These sturdy tines will surprise you with how much hay or straw it can carry at one time.

Farmers often break a bundle when transporting the square hay bales off the trailer using hay hooks. Here is where your pitchfork comes in handy. Broken bales, if not scattered, turn to waste by getting wet and souring.

Just grab your rake and scatter the loose hay around the farm.  To help with the loads, use a cart, pile, another haystack, or location. Moving loose hay is just one reason why the hay rake is so perfect for performing these duties.

Also, do not be concerned that hay rakes do not have many tines. Many designs have two or three times and are perfect for the job.

What makes the ones with just a couple of tines work so well is how the manufacturer spaces each one. It is simple to slip the spears of a pitch-fork directly into the heart of the haystack. It is just as easy to remove the rake without a load of hay getting stuck in the tines.

That often happens with the rakes that have several, tightly-spaced tines. That also reduces the durability and effectiveness of the rake.

Handling Manure is not a Job for the Weak

One task no farmer enjoys is shoveling and handling manure. However, to run a successful farm, there must be removing and raking manure. While not the best job for the farmer, it is a must-do.

There is one surefire way to do the removal and dispersing of livestock manure. There is no better tool for this job than the hay rake, aka the pitchfork. For the dirty jobs, a pitchfork is a lifesaver.

Shoveling and moving manure around may not be a fun job, but, it is a job that is necessary for a farm to produce and be successful. While most can agree, having a handy hay rake for when the time comes for cleaning the stalls is one tool you are happy to have.

There are a couple of other scenarios where a hay rake or pitchfork is the perfect tool for the job. Before getting to those, you need some examples of various pitchforks.

*Writers Note*

The order these products are in does not mean our team feels one is better than the other. Our job is to narrow down the top sellers on Amazon to provide consumers with an unbiased guide and review. We want you to know the top sellers to help cut through the grueling job of reading about every rake on the market.

The Following are the Five Best Selling Pitchfork aka Hay Rake on Amazon:

LITTLE GIANT Wave Fork Pitchfork Manure Rake Heavy Duty Tines

First on the list is the five-star Noble Outfitters Pitchfork. It is not often you see a piece of farm equipment that looks as good as it performs. Noble Outfitters in-stall cleaner is here, and consumers all over are giving it a high rating.

The Noble Outfitter Manure rake comes with a five-year warranty. The rake is an American-made item that is lightweight but durable. The material is Aircraft-Grade Aluminum with adjustable grips making it simple to hold onto but durable to stand up to the task.

The tines are copolymer plastic that can bend without breaking. Having tidy stalls not only makes you happy, but your livestock will be happy to not walk in manure all day. If you wonder how farmers from past generations got the hard part of farming done, the pitchfork is just one tool that added to its simplicity.

Every farmer needs a reliable tool to move hay, manure, and other outdoor elements around while not breaking their back to get the job finished. The Outfitter PitchFork weighs only 2.4 lbs and comes in eleven colors.

When the time comes to repair, the interchangeable tines make it simple to customize and improve. Learn more about this best-selling hay and manure rake and order yours today by clicking here:

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Truper 880154539 Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork, 5-Tine, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 50-Inch

The second rake is also a high-ranking product rated by consumers just like yourself. They too found this item and have been a loyal, returning customer. A pitchfork does much more than merely pitching hay. It is a universal tool that handles many chores around the farm that require sharp ends for piercing or scattering.

The five-tine hay and manure rake is a professional-grade item with a long 50-inch fiberglass yellow handle. The grip is a soft cushioned material that provides control and comfort. For taking on the hardest jobs around the farm, the Truper Pro Manure Fork is nine inches in length and 14 gauge maximum toughness.

With the rake comes a lifetime warranty and a reinforced resin that offers up to 400 lbs. For handle strength — our team here at MorningHomestead. Com understands the importance of having a sturdy hay rake. You and your tools make up a team where you each rely on the other.

We want you to have an efficient, durable product to take the ease of the hard work you do every day—all day. You can have this rake in your shed where all the other items needed to complete your days by clicking here:

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Before you choose any other item, be fair to yourself by going to the page and reading more amazing features of this rake.

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork

The items chosen for this review are each incredibly high scorers with consumers. Here is yet one more pitchfork with a near-perfect review from consumers like you. The Ergo D-handle, Steel Garden Forks comes with an ergonomic design that makes the chores easier:

  • Turning
  • Mixing
  • Loosening soil materials
  • Compost
  • Mulch

This particular item is a solid welded steel construction that long outlives wood nor will it bend like fiberglass. The D-handle keeps your wrist in a neutral but comfy position that reduces strain, and its pointed Boron tines make penetrating soil a simple task.

The pitchfork by Fiskars comes with an exceptional teardrop-shaped shaft. For that reason, you get control and comfort for handling with a mid-grip. One other feature to touch on is the powder-coated steel that resists rust while offering easy cleaning. For putting your tools away safely, this rake has a hang hole for easy storage.

Every consumer wants to see what it is they are investing their hard-earned money on, and we do not blame you one bit. That is why we recommend that you click here to go to this item on Amazon.

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The AMES Companies, Inc 2826800 Ames Forged Manure Fork-2826800, 5 Tine, Brown

This item, same as its contender, has many duties around the farm. What It really boils down to is which rake fits you and the work you do. The Ames Manure Fork is handy for moving items around that you wish to scatter or pile up that does not require more extensive tools.

  • Mulch
  • Wood Chips
  • Hay
  • Straw
  • Manure

The items above are just the tip of the iceberg for the variety of jobs the AMES Fork can handle. Be sure for the heavier things, (mulch and wood chips), be sure to use a trailer, wheelbarrow, or a wagon of some type to prevent damaging your back.

With each season, there is always the previous season’s leftovers, such as damp leaves left from winter. Having a tool such as this pitchfork from AMES will change how you handle tossing hay and manure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hardwood Handle for Durability
  • Five Tine Forged Steel Head
  • Oversized Grip with Cushion to Make Work Painless
  • Forged Steel Tines Tempered for Longevity

Buying this pitchfork will be a lifesaver for you, your hands, and your back. Just because you do hard labor does not mean it has to hurt. Click here when you are ready to check the details out and place your order.

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True Temper 10-Tine Hardwood Handle Bedding Fork – 2812400

Items with the stamp, “Made in the U.S.A” let the consumer know the product is 100 percent well worth its money. Maybe because consumers know, and trust manufactures from America. When you invest in products built here, you are getting the best products made by the best people.

We have proved the need for quality now you see why this item is high in rank with consumers just like you.

Gardeners and farmers rely on their hand tools as much as their more substantial pieces of equipment. Farmers of many generations know this product, and they know it is well worth the money. The designs of today have full-size forks that are Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel.

All that means in simple terms is that you are buying high-quality tools that will survive many seasons. The tines and the handle have an extra touch; heat treated handle stand out ahead of the others.

Go ahead and click here to see for yourself how amazing this hay rake indeed is and order you one today.

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There are the Best Hay Pitchforks available to consumers and rated by consumers.


Q: Is it ever necessary to need to sharpen the Tines?

A: Not as long as all you move with one is soft, such as hay. Know what your tools are for and work with the one that will help you with chores and not against you.

Q: What about the rakes you see in stores such as Dollar General, the plastic rakes, are they made from quality?

A: No-Nowhere clear. Remember, you get what you pay for and as much work you and your pitchfork will do, go ahead and invest wisely. (more)

Sum it all Up

As hard and long the days are for a farmer, the tools will make the person or break them. Why add more to the job by buying cheap, knock-off products when you could have better? The best five pitchforks will simplify your farming experience for sure.

Make your farm life simple and choose tools and equipment that works with you instead of against you.

Do you have experience with the best pitchfork to use on large farms? If you have any input you want to share with us, please do. Did you know the only way we can continue producing high-quality articles is by readers “liking and sharing” our work? While you are here, can you do that for our team?

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