Best Electric Fence Charger For Cattle That’s Effective & Safe [2023]

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Electric fences are valuable if you have livestock of considerable sizes, such as cattle. What this type of fence does is keep your animal within the pen. If it tries to get through the gate or even scratches its head on the fencing, the cow will feel a zap from the electricity of the fence.

While it is a solid tactic, not all farmers like the idea of sending electric currents to the animal. They sometimes change their beliefs after having to catch many of their cattle that got out of their fenced-in area.

The charger is a vital component for all electric fence systems, but how does it work? The charger or (sometimes called an energizer) supplies electrical currents to a fence to ensure it maintains the charge. However, with all the electric fence chargers for cattle now on the market, it is difficult for consumers to decide which charger is best for their needs.

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In this article, we will do exactly what consumers need, and that is a guide and review of the best-selling chargers. Our team at Morninghomestead spends many hours researching to be able to provide consumers with current and accurate information. We vow to give you the essential details for products you are interested in without the hassle.

Lacking Current Information for Products:

While many fence chargers and supply manufacturers supply reviews, they sometimes are not current or correct. That gives inaccurate information that can easily lead consumers to buy the wrong product. Before you buy an electric charger, you need honest and current facts.

That includes understanding how to put an electric fence up to keep your cattle safe. If you want to learn more about building an electric fence, be sure to watch this video by clicking here.

There are also guides and reviews such as the ones we have on our website including this one on chargers that consumers should read. Knowing the pros and cons of any product is often a lifesaver. Also, another reason consumers fail to follow through with guides and reviews is they do not understand all the “tech talk.” You won’t find that here.

So, before we dig deep into learning about electric fence chargers, take a look at these top five best-selling electric chargers for cattle available today. Many consumers buy one of the best solar-powered electric fence chargers that work for all sizes of livestock. However, the main reasons are for keeping their cattle in line.

Premier Solar IntelliShock 60-Fence Energizer

The first item on the list is the Premier Solar IntelliShock Fence Energizer. The all-in-one portable solar energizer arrives at your door ready to power up your netting or fence. Included with the unit is the step-in-the-ground that also helps support the energy. This item is a 0.60 model.

The solar panel is simple to adjust for the availability of seasonal light. This particular product comes with the battery necessary for increasing life during seasons where low sunlight is an issue. This IntelliShock fence electric charger reduces the energy demand.

That happens when the voltage of the fence is high because of the lack of weeds that touch the fence. What you get when you choose this model is a 0.60-joule energizer with a 12v/12AH and a lead that is sealed acid battery and these items:

  • Wiring Harness
  • 110V Battery Charger
  • 10-watt Solar Panel with tile angles that are preset angles that tilt
  • 110V Recharger for the Batteries
  • U- Spike stake to goes into the ground. That means it is a ground rod with a support stand.
  • UV-treated case that is polycarbonate with a yellow handle
  • Overcharge Regulator

The Premier charger comes with a two-year warranty on the energizer as well as if lightning causes damage to the solar panels. The warranty also covers defective workmanship along with faulty parts. There is also a 30-day warranty on all the batteries. The warranty does not cover flood or misuse damage.

Find out more on this item today by clicking here. Place your order with Amazon and have this item shipped directly to your house.

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Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance 110/120 Volt 50 Mile Range Electric Fence Controller SE5

Next on the list is this Parmak Super Energizer Low Impedance 10-120 volts and is AC-operated. This model has a robust design to work well on the expanding pastures of today. It is also perfect for the multi-wired tensile fence and well as single.

The Parmak Super Energizer does everything you would expect an electric fence control should do-this model just performs better. This charger comes with a built-in performance meter that is digital and tells you the precise fence condition.

This particular charger will even shock through brush and wet weeds. With a holding power of over 8,000 volts, and an OHM load being 500, it’s hard to beat this product. The fence and ground terminals are new and color-coded.  It is always black to the ground and red to your fence.

The energizer five controls both the livestock and the predators, including goats and sheep. The fuse protector has built-in lightning arresters and a two-year warranty covering damage caused by lightning.

There is so much more information about this product that you will find by clicking here. Also, be sure to place your order for free shipping.

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Zareba ESP10M-Z 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger

This next item is the Zareba ten-mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger. If you want an electric fence charger for your cattle on a remote area of land to power your fence row, just stop your search here. The reason why is because of this energizer being the perfect match. If you are interested in a solar electric fence charger, this product is for you.

The charger delivers 0.15 output joules that are best at keeping your short-haired animals, including horses, pigs, and of course, cattle inside their pen. The energizer features solar panels built right into it to collect energy from the sun and stores it away.

That will allow you to energize your fence row for up to two weeks without needing a charge. This charger has 0.15 output joules and is simple to mount on both your fence or a wall. One other perk is you can use it for up to ten miles of fencing.

Be smart and shop wisely after reading all about Zareba solar fence charger reviews. You too can have this product by clicking here. Amazon is the store the entire world can shop on for great prices, excellent products, and efficient and trusty purchasing and delivery.

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Zareba EAC25M-Z AC-Powered Low-Impedance 25-Mile-Range Electric Fence Charger

This next charger is by the same manufacturer as the one from Zareba mentioned above with a few differences. It is the Zareba AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger that provides satisfaction guaranteed to keep your cattle in where they belong. This item is AC-powered to cover your fence rows on large enclosures on your land.

It features 1.0 output joules and is an energizer with low impedance as it works on a large variety of livestock including the following:

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Predators
  • Pets

All you have to do is plug it directly into a two-prong standard outlet. It mounts by using hanging holes built into this weather-resistant and durable case. This item is 115-volt, 1-joule output at 75 OHM, 60 cycle,s and pulsed output. You can use a ten to eighteen-gauge wire, and it comes with an ok indicator light for fences.

It is also labeled clearly thanks to it being color-coded which helps for easy set-up. With this particular energizer comes a twenty-five-mile range capacity. It is one product that you can trust to provide safe high-voltage shocks through digital timing.

You get the same warranty as the product above simply by clicking here to place your order.

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Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer Plus Gauge Spool Aluminum

Last but by no means less, is this Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer that has a bit more to offer. It is no wonder the item is the #1 bestseller rated on Amazon. The package includes the patriot fence charger along with 250 feet of aluminum wiring that is 17 gauge. You will be happy to know this is an American-made product that comes with a quick tip manual.

What the package does not deliver is the ground rod. One major thing about the Patriot PE2 is the pride it has for being a nuisance for small animals. Here are a few more details about this charger from the Patriot company.

  1. The PE2 output volts are up to five KV max and8 KV at 500 OHMs
  2. The Patriot charger also has a tensile strength for the wiring that is 38,000 PSI.
  3. Shock break loads are 90 pounds
  4. Fi-shock wire is aluminum and will never rust
  5. Will prevent animals from digging their way out of the pen
  6. Will keep deer and rabbits out of your garden

It is vital that you keep the ground system at least 33 feet from any telephone or electrical ground systems. The reason is to avoid as much interference as possible. There is much more information on this best-seller on Amazon. To read more and get your order in today, click here.

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There is the top five fencing chargers on Amazon. As you can see by going to each product’s page, none of these products scored under 4.5 stars. These are the best of the best so get yours today to start keeping your farm animals inside their pen where they belong.

*Helpful Tip* If you would like more information on the danger of lightning with electric fencing for your livestock, click here to read a very in-depth article. This article is extremely interesting and offers facts to farmers.

Why Electric Fences Work So Good for Most Farmers

This section does more than merely talk about a product. It tells you all the extra features that work so well for the farmer that uses a fence charger. Take a look at these reasons why electric fences are so popular for livestock.

  1. Cattle are sensitive to the electric shock from the fence. Why? Well, because of the cows having short hair and heavy bodies with hooves. That simple combination is why cows are known as low-resistant livestock. That is in conjunction while comparing to deer and goats.
  2. The wire is a low-energized wire that can only be two feet above the ground. As a result of this, energy loss that comes from any wire-to-grass contact is a much lower number.
  3. The placements of the cow’s frontal eyes permit the cow to see a fence that has low visibility much more than deer or horses.
  4. The cattle’s body weight ensures excellent hoof-to-soil means of contact.
  5. With no significant threats from predators, it is not usually necessary to supply low fence wires. There is also minimal weed to electrified wiring contact.
  6. Most cows do more walking than running. Be sure to give them time to actually see the fence rows.

When you combine these six factors, you will have access to having an animal that is easy to control via electric fencing.

Three Types of Electric Fencing

When it comes to electric charges for fences, there are basically three types. These are battery-powered, solar powered, and mains powered. These three types of electric charges come in a vast range of models and make.

Each of these types you can define through their firepower. The strength of charge that each can deliver mainly determines the power of the shock. Also, the fence length pushes currents along in a sufficient manner.

Now, choosing the best charger that works best for you and your cattle will depend on a few factors, these are:

  • Access to the mains power
  • Length of the fence
  • Portability
  • Terrain
  • Budget
  • Type of animals you need to contain

Having the power to a fence is not the only concern farmers have for protecting their cattle and using electric fencing.  Generators are popular on farms to prevent loss of water and power. Farmers have a busy schedule tending to all that is necessary to keep their homestead in great shape.

Mains Powered Electric Fence Charger

With the mains-powered fence for keeping livestock safe charger, you get a cost-effective, dependable method to keeping your fence charged. That comes in handy when you need a power source that is reliable. The main units are available in many sizes. The larger one is a much more powerful charger being able to provide power to your fence for really long distances.

Battery Powered Electric Fence Charger

The battery-powered fence charger provides greater flexibility due to being completely portable. That allows you to move the chargers around your homestead very easily. These are perfect for semi-permanent or temporary fences, electrifying fencing over short distances and strip grazing.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger

The Solar powered electric chargers come in two types: A portable solar-powered fence charger and a permanent charger that are solar powered. Both operate by harnessing all their energy from the sun’s rays with a solar panel. Power goes into the battery, and that provides power to the fence. The fence will still charge and work at night as well as on days when sunlight is lacking.


Q: Are all solar panels the same?

A: No. As a matter of fact, rarely will you find one that works the same way or charges the same way.

Q: Are solar panels ever going to be a significant change for power?

A: Yup! As you can see, business and residential construction are installing solar panels now. Most power companies give perks to change to solar. It is definitely worth checking into solar for your home.


As you can see, electric fence chargers are an excellent way to keep your cattle and over livestock in their living environment and keep them there. There is no need to worry about the shock harming any of your animals. The fence does have electricity running through, but, not enough to kill a human. However, that does not mean it won’t hurt, because it will.

How about you, do you farm and use electric fence chargers? If so, we want your opinion to share with others. Simply leave us a comment in the section below, and we will get back in touch with you. Moreover, since you are here, could you please click the “like” button as well as share it across your social media?

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