The 5 Best Western Riding Helmets That Offer Style And Safety

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Many riders today shift back and forth on the importance of wearing a riding helmet. However, all it takes is one wrong move and the impact can be horrific or even worse death from a head injury. Do you know how to choose the perfect helmet for yourself? What about the western riding helmet, is it necessary?

It is vital that you should have one that is a good fit and follows the safety standards of The American Society for Testing and Materials. The ASTM runs a rigorous test on the product to ensure all safety standards meet their requirements.

The type test conducted is on helmets for both work equipment as well as sports, that includes equestrian helmets. Helmets of all types are subject to blunt and sharp blows, extreme cold, and heat and are tested thoroughly for harness strength.

Basic Comparison:





Sport Helmet

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian

Carbon Gray




Troxel Rebel Helmet

Troxel Rebel Low Profile






Troxel Western Riding Helmet



Small (6 5/8 - 7)

Street Bike

When choosing a helmet, if you see the ASTM certification, it passed the standard set and was checked by the ASTM. When you decide it is time to buy a helmet, you have to have a watchful eye. You will see some that say, “apparel only” or “dress only” with no safety stamp present.

Helmets such as this purpose are not for safety but for appearance. The protection it provides is not as safe as those with approval or equivalent version. The tricky part is they are in the same area as approved helmets, and possibly appear identical and priced the same.

Cowboy Hats Versus Helmets Versus the Western Hat Helmet

Today, most outdoor sports incorporate the use of traditional hats, but when competing, they changed to wearing protective gear. For example, look at bull riders, they wear their cowboy hats right to the point of mounting the bull.

The riders put the helmet on for the ride and replace it again once they dismount the bull. It is important to know most manufacturers today follow suit by ensuring Western riders wear protective headgear.

Wearing a helmet should be an addition instead of a replacement to your traditional Western attire. On the bright side of this, you can color-coordinate all items for a sharper look.

Buying a Used Helmet

There is never a good time or reason to buy a second-hand helmet. First, there is no way of knowing for sure the age of the helmet nor reading if it is safely acceptable. One other reason is you can’t tell if it has damage to it internally from a hard impact.

The recommendation from manufacturers is to replace helmets around every five years. Helmets are not overly expensive it would be worth the risk

In this review, you will learn all about the 5 Best Western Riding Helmets That Offer Style And Safety. As you see, there is also educational information to teach you the importance of a helmet, buying the right one, safety should always come first, and much more.

5 Best Western Riding Helmets That Offer Style And Safety:

Troxel Rebel Low Profile Western Riding Helmet SEI/ASTM Certification Styles


If you have been around this industry much, you should know the brand Troxel very well. Troxel is the leader of the pack. The Troxel Rebel Low Profile Western Riding Helmet is a best-seller for many reasons.

When you are looking for comfort and bold performance, this helmet is a dream come true. The item comes decked out with high-end features making it the ideal choice for those riders both in and out of the spotlight.

The following are primary features:

  • Pro-Mesh-covered vents
  • Animal Print headliner
  • Low Profile Matte Duratec Coating

Sizes vary and range from a small (hat size up to seven)

  • Medium- Hat size 7-71/4 or a 22 to 23 ¾ inches
  • Large- Hat size 7 ¼ plus or 22 ¾ inches plus

Just with the brand alone, you will never go wrong adding a Troxel helmet to your riding accessories. If you are interested in the item, click here for more information.

Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet


Next, is the Tippery Sportage Equestrian Sports Helmet made of high-density lightweight ABS material. The design is what provides excellent impact resistance. The unique comfort foam and contour drop-back shell cradle the head which gives amplified protection.

One feature riders of all ages agree on is one of the best, are the rear and top functioning vents to help supply high-temperature relief. Included for safety purposes are the flexible visor and rear reflective strip. This particular western hat helmet is ASTM-SEI certified to ensure your safety at all times.

If you like the features of this helmet, click here to see photos and place your safe and secure order today.

Troxel Western Riding Helmet Cheyenne Low Profile


What better way to create the perfect Western riding helmet than by asking thousands of Western riders for their input? That is precisely what Troxel did and from those results is the Troxel western riding helmet low profile, Cheyenne.

When you trust your safety to the most advanced generation since the original helmet hit the scene, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands. The following are a few of the dynamic features:

  • Lighter Weight
  • Built for maximum cooling abilities
  • Excellent custom fit
  • Low profile
  • Mesh covered vents
  • Self-locking flock buckle
  • Handmade leather finish

Available in an XL and is from the USA. If you feel this may be the helmet for you, click here to go to the page to read more, see photos and get yours ordered today.

Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet


If this Resistol RideSafe Western Hat Helmet appears different, that is because it is. The RideSafe western hat is a genuine 7 X fur felt hat just like the cowboys wear. The bonus is that it is also ASTM/SEI approved for protective and safe elements of riding.

If you’re like many cowboys, they tend to want their cowboy hat on most of the time. With this helmet, you can do just that. You get the look and comfort of your favorite hat all while protecting your head.  A sample of the features is here:

7 X fur felt with 100 percent pure felt including the brim. You have the freedom of shaping the hat just like you like your favorite hat to fit. There are many more details on the product page, including various sizes for you to choose from.

Want to know more? Click here to read more information and place your order today.

IRH EquiPro Western Helmet S/M Texas Star


IRH EquiPro Western Helmet is not only safety sealed; it is stylish and durable. The EquiPro helmets now have the IRH front vent design on all its models. The vent is a turn-around for riders due to it allowing fresh air through.

Over the years, the vent test to be extremely effective at keeping riders cooled. The system allows air in through the front and then circulates it over the top of the head, creating a cooling sensation.


  • Dial-Fit System
  • Cool-On-Lining
  • Extremely High-Tech
  • Fast Drying
  • Soft
  • Removable and Washable Lining for Collecting Sweat

Sizes vary, and you can see the size chart as well as other vital information by clicking here.

Riding Western Helmet Price Variation

When it comes to making your final choice for a helmet, do not let the price be a huge factor. If you cannot afford one of the higher-end hats, there are still plenty that will offer your head protection. If you find a helmet you like, and it cost half of the higher ones, as long as it has the stamp of approval, the protection is the same.

All riding helmets must face the same rigorous testing no matter what the cost. When you pay extra, the odds are you are not paying for added protection, but for a brand name. In other words, a $200.00 helmet is not necessarily safer than a $50.00 brand.

Helmets often need replacing for three to four years unless there is an impact, then you want to replace it sooner. Therefore, you will be much better off buying a helmet that you will able to afford to replace.


Q: What if my helmet is a little too big, is it still safe?

A: Not really. The more you bounce around while riding, the loser the helmet will get which can cause it to shift too much on your head.

Q: Are the really cool decorated helmets just as safe?

A: Yes! Actually, many of the new models come decked out in both appearance and safety.


Hopefully, you see the need always to wear a safety-approved helmet while riding your horse. Accidents happen every day and people wish they would have taken the extra step to remain safe. Head injuries are the leading cause of trauma to the brain. Be smart and ride safely.

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