The 5 Best Hoof Nippers For Horses That You Can Count On

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Unless you have experience with horse hooves and the chore is to keep them healthy, you need to read this article. The beginning stage of trimming horses’ feet is the hoof nippers. To keep your horse walking and running on healthy hooves, you must always keep their feet healthy.

Removing additional hoof that has overgrown is not just vital for the health of your horse’s feet, sore feet can cause the horse much pain. One other perk to keeping the hooves cleaned and nipped is how the professionals shape them to be beautiful.

When the natural shape of a hoof is the focus of the groomer, it aids the horse in ensuring its gait is the best as it can be. Too much-overgrown material on the foot can cause the horse to have issues with walking and be prone to lameness.

Basic Comparison:





Ddp Farriers Hoof


Stainless Steel

Excellent Quality

Nippers 11.5"

Easy to use

Southwestern Farrier

Southwestern Equine Farrier

Easy to use

Hard Steel

14" hoof nipper


Tough 1 Professional 14

Tough 1 Professional 14

0.79 Kilograms

16 x 2 x 1 inches

1.4 Pounds


Can You Rehabilitate Overgrown Hooves?

In rescue horses, overgrown hooves are a common problem due to lack of proper care. If you are someone who adopts or have adopted a rescue horse, the following information will help repair the hoof health.

Overgrown and neglected hooves are sadly the leading common problem many encounters with rescue horses when they first arrive. These type horses sell dirt-cheap at auctions. Most come abused and in ill health, and when they use them all they can, the owners sell them.

When a horse has unhealthy hooves, this turns into a pathology issue due to the problem having both, a cause and effect. A few examples of this is, stretched white lines, wall cracks and thrush all compromise your horse’s hoof health and your horse as a whole. Is there a solution?

This article is to bring the top-selling 5 Best Hoof Nippers For Horses That You Can Count On to our readers. Our teams spend endless hours researching to deliver the best products on the market. We merely make your shopping experience simple and fun.

We do not choose one product over another, nor do we endorse a manufacturer. We make your life easier. Please enjoy this article as we hope you find the perfect item you need and enjoy reading the additional information.

Top 5 Best Hoof Nippers That Keep Your Horses Hoof Happy

Tough-1 Professional 14 in Race Hoof Nipper


This first item is the Tough-1 Professional High-Quality Nippers. The durability of the nippers is due to the chrome steel which makes this a tool that lasts for many years.  It is a total of 14 inches long with a solid extended ergonomic handle for handling.

If you need a hoof grooming accessory that is durable and long-lasting, you will get that with this nipper. To read more information about this tool, click here. While you are there, be sure to read some of the reviews as well as use the safe and secure path for ordering yours today.

Southwestern Equine Farrier Hoof Nippers with Rubber Grip


Second is the Southwestern Equine Farrier Hoof Nipper. It won’t take you long to notice the difference in this pair of nippers. Aside from the color giving it a bit of an advantage, the handle is a heavy-duty rubber, which provides it with the extra gripping ability you need.

This pair of nippers make an excellent tool to keep around your barn, in your saddlebags, tack room, and your horse trailer. It would be best if you always made sure you have a pair in your possession at all times. One other perk of having rubber handles provide extra comfort when there is a need for chipping away pieces of the hoof.

Be sure to read more about this item by clicking here. Also, read consumers reviews as well as placing your secure order from this link.



Here is the next tool, the DDP Farrier’s Hoof Nippers. This particular pair is 11.5 inches in length and rates a high score thanks to its excellent high-quality material. The nippers are stainless steel which means they will last for numerous years.

Be sure to click here to see the item, read its reviews, and if it interests you, place your safe and secure order.

Farrier’s Hoof Nippers 15″


Here are the exclusive hoof nippers manufactured by Diamond Cut Edge. This pair, the Farriers Hoof Nippers are 15 inches in length and made from excellent, durable construction with a satin finish. Anyone that has ever had to trim extra hoof from their horse knows how vital it is to keep your nippers handy and in great shape.

That is precisely what you get with this pair of hoof nippers. Click here to check out more information on the link to see if this is the one right tool for you and your horse.

Diamond 14D 14-Inch Hoof Nipper with Plastic Grips


This Hoof Nipper, the Diamond Hoof Nipper with plastic grips is one more tool that offers a little more. You may think to have grips are not that important, but, think of how sweaty your hands get while trimming. You will be glad the sturdy and strong hand grips are there.

This particular pair is 14 inches long with heat-treated handles and jaws. The following details are what makes this a best-seller:

  • Heat-treated handles and jaws
  • Sharp cutting edges that come hardened, honed, and flush ground
  • Shiny chrome plated with plastic-coated handles and a polished head

Thanks to these added perks you will always have an exact and accurate cut. Click here to redirect to this items page to read more details and see the product itself.

How to Get the Most From Your Hoof Nippers

The Hoof Nipper is a tool that is necessary and the backbone of hoof care, so you want to be sure to always have a reliable and durable pair handy at all times. That is why it is best to find the pair that best suits your needs.

A single pair of hoof nippers typically get more activity and use than any other single tool in the regular farrier’s toolbox. For that reason alone, you should always have access to good nippers that you can use with ease and accuracy.

“You should choose your hoof nippers based on what is the best fit for you, your horse, and the climate where you do the hoof cleaning.”

Find the Right Fit For You

Hoof Nippers are like every other tool; it needs to fit you first. Leverage and size are the main elements that will affect Nipper results and design. The nippers you chose should be the size that suits you and your hands in a safe grip.

The tool also should consider the size of the feet you are working with as well as how much leverage you will need.  In the end, the nipper length ends up being a simple matter of control vs. leverage. The final result should be safe and healthy hoofs that look great, too. [2]

Understanding Injuries and Equine Hoof Health

First, you need to understand how dangerous it is for a horse to have an abscess, falls, punctures, and bruising.  If your horse receives an injury such as this, the odds are high that it will be unable to perform or even be ridden.

Injuries such as this can quickly put a horse down for extended times for it to heal. To have a real understanding of the risks of horse hooves, you need to learn as much as you can about the structure of the hoof.

A surprise to most, hooves is easier to bruise than even horse owners realize. Bruising can especially happen from an injury that is consistent with a blunt force that causes trauma to its inner tissue.

If this happens, it can lead to the formation of pockets of fluid or blood. At that point, bacterial infections become a danger with a bruise. However, even if the infection does not appear, the injury will heal itself within one to four weeks of low expectations of the horse working.

Lameness takes place when the hard outer shell receives an injury, and the sensitive inner tissue becomes injured. A puncture is a severe injury due to the actual wound area closing itself around the object that injured the hoof.

The object, however, will soon give way due to an abscess formation. The deeper the punctured area wound, the more damage to the foot it will cause. One odd detail is if an injury happens due to a sharp rock, even though it will be painful, there will be less damage.

The reason for this is that the injury is less severe than a penetrating object, which could quickly turn to acute infection in the joint.


Q: If I have no training to trim my horse’s hooves, what do I do?

A: The best answer for this is to get the training to know how. If you are the main one working your horse, you never know when you will need a pair of nippers.

Q: How will I know my horse needs trimming or even has an injury?

A: Look for changes in the horse’s actions and behaviors. Simple things such as limping or acting poorly, start looking.


Hopefully, with all the added information, you were able to learn a few vital details. The tools listed in this article are all high-quality and durable. Be sure to read all the information to ensure your right size. Always put the health of your horse first when it comes to injuries and neglect to its hooves. No animal deserves to live in pain due to owner neglect.

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