Best Potting Benches & Tables With Storage: 2023 Reviews And Guide

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Spring and summer not only get those excited to be in and around water happy, but gardeners and flower lovers everywhere rejoice in a breath of fresh air. Not everyone has lawn areas or patios to display their favorite pot plant. However, that does not mean they have no choice for showcasing their favorite plants and flowers.

You can use the best potting benches and tables with storage as a way of displaying your favorite plants. Many people who live in apartments and high-rise townhomes add potting benches to their patio to add to their outdoor flare.

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Long-term farmers and gardeners know having the right tools on hand is a large part of being able to finish gardening tasks fast and simply. The tools you invest in need to be cleaned and functioning properly, which is your job.

Once you invest in all the tools you need, you will find you have a significant amount of money spent, and that money and tools need to go a long way. Many of your tools can be dangerous. Therefore, you need to ensure they stay stored in a secure, out-of-reach area, away from children.

To make life easier on the farm (or your backyard), you should always keep your tools nice and clean and ready for action. The only way to do this is if you clean them after each use and store them safely. Remember how angry you get when you need something but you forgot where you last put it?

The same goes for your gadgets and gardening tools. Using this technique will keep your yard tools available and simple to find whenever you are ready to spend some extra time in your garden.

*Helpful Tip*

If you have a garage that has ample wall space, designate one wall just for your tools and gadgets. If the wall covering allows, trace the tools on the wall and number each area. If this is your primary storage place, there will be a space until you return the tool to its location.

Setting Up the Perfect Potting Bench

While not every individual has the room or dedicated potting space to keep all their favorite plants, there is hope. Many avid gardeners are saving their pennies to buy the perfect solution. That ideal solution is what this article is all about.

A Potting Bench is an answer and a dream come true for every gardener. The bench or table is the perfect solution for a place to transplant plants and flowers easily without stooping and bending. For people who are new to the gardening scene, tool 101 starts here.

The harsh reality is that there is so much more to take on backyard gardening than owning a rake and a shovel. You will also, very early in the game, realize you need a secure place to store all your tools and be able to have easy access as well.

Create the Perfect Workspace and Storage

In a perfect world, all gardeners would have the budget and space for a potting shed. A potting shed provides gardeners with a dedicated, separate area for storing supplies and tools. The following are ways that having a potting shed can help.

  • Transplanting and Planting
  • Hanging Herbs to Dry
  • Storing Tools and Supplies
  • Starting Seedlings
  • Organizing Your Seeds

Larger tools such as wheelbarrowsrakes, and shovels would be a perfect fit as well. Smaller tools like twine and hand trowels would have a home, too. However, not every gardener has the luxury of having an actual building for storing their tools, flowers, and plants.

Most people can at least find a small spot somewhere around their home or in the yard where it turns to a potting table, bench, or other type of potting station. If you can have a shed dedicated to your hobby, you can ensure you will want to place a potting bench inside.

Before We Get Into The Steps To Take With A Garden, Let’s Look At The Top 5 Best Potting Benches And Table With Storage:

Best Choice Products Potting Bench Outdoor Garden Work Bench

Best Choice presents its new-to-market Potting Bench. If you are someone who loves to plant and garden, this bench is perfect for you. Whether you want to plant herbs, veggies, plants or flowers with little space, this product is the answer.

The Best Choice Potting Bench is solid fir wood construction with a design for sturdiness and durability. The natural wood finish is ideal for those gardeners that enjoy a DIY paint job. It has a side drawer for safely storing your tools along with side hooks for tool hanging.

Here you have a stable workstation that has a lower shelf for easy access to your soil. Along with perfect storage, it is easy on the eyes when incorporated with your outdoor living. There is so much more to learn about this product, and you can do so by clicking below.

Also, our platform makes it so simple for you to make your purchase. Just click the link below, and it takes you to the page where you can buy this potting bench, hassle-free.

Buy from Amazon

Dura-Trel 11203 Greenfield Potting Bench, White

Next in line is a stunning White Greenfield Potting Bench. The Greenfield manufacturers take pride in that all their products come straight from the USA, with a solid American stamp of approval on each item.   

This Potting Bench comes with a large and sturdy lower shelf perfect for keeping all your tools and bags. The bench also comes with the bonus of having a simple-to-reach top shelf for keeping your tools and supplies handy.

Having a working surface that is removable and simple to clean is a huge feature. All you need to do is lift the working surface out and start rinsing. It is that simple.

Greenfield tosses in a 20-year warranty ensuring your trellis will never do the following:

  • Fade
  • Discolor
  • Delaminate
  • Crack
  • Peel

The high-quality material is what makes this product the champion that it is. Also, add the feature of having the strongest UV Sunlight protection thanks to the highest concentration of titanium dioxide. With all these great features, you can see why this product is a leader.

There is more information on this product as well as the safest way to order online thanks to Amazon. Amazon is the only e-commerce you should trust your checkbook to due to their stellar customer service and great deals. Click here for more:

Buy from Amazon

Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench

Here is an excellent potting bench that is a perfect complement to any patio or greenhouse. This Poly-Tex galvanized potting bench is ideal for preparing flat seeds, potting, and transplanting. It has 18 gauge heavy-duty components that are simple to assemble, easy to clean, and an attractive addition to any area. The upper storage makes keeping your tools secure and organized simple.

For more details on this fantastic potting bench and how to buy yours today, click below:

*Helpful Tip* By knowing what flowers and plants you want to grow ahead of getting your potting bench help with not overspending or buying the wrong type. It is essential to know what will bloom well in your region. Do your homework on the best to plant where you live. Also, read our article on spring flowers here.

Buy from Amazon

Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench, Light Oak

Next on the list is the convenience concept deluxe potting bench. This light oak deluxe potting bench does more than just look pretty. It provides you with plenty of space on the top surface to handle most garden tasks in one sitting.

You get a durable sink that makes planting your flowers and plants simple as well as keeps your workspace nice and tidy. When you choose this potting bench from convenience concepts, you will love the large drawer in front giving you plenty of space to hold all of your small tools.

You have open shelves to provide you with even more room for storage. The pre-attached hooks located on the side make it so simple to hang your tools so that they are easy to reach.

To find more information on the bench and make your purchase click on the link below. Morninghomestead makes buying this product pain-free. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase which is why we add the link here to make your experience stress-free.

Buy from Amazon

Arnot Potting Bench/Event Table (Brown)

MJ Patio Folding Potting Bench/Utility Table makes potting and planting so easy. You will have the perfect solution for all your entertaining needs with outdoor gardening. When you are ready, all you have to do is fold the bench out and watch it assemble with no tools necessary.

When the party is over, and planting season, all you have to do is fold the table flat and store it away. Your potting bench by Arnot provides you with plenty of workspaces thanks to its adjustable storage shelf.

You get a double-purpose table with this folding potting bench. While working in your garden, you have the perfect setup for all your tools and accessories. However, when you host a bbq or an outdoor event, your table is ready for action as well.

You can find more information by clicking the link below. We make shopping and your life simple so that you do not have to deal with chaos when buying online.

Buy from Amazon

What Tools Will I Need to Start Gardening?

The following is a list of various supplies and tools you may need to start growing ornamental or food plants in your garden.

Depending on what type of gardening you plan to do, you may need additional tools and gadgets. The ones mentioned above are the primary tools in every gardener’s toolbox.

Why a Gardener Needs a Potting Bench

Some gardeners plant on a part-time basis while others are avid gardeners who live to work with their flowers. However, how and when should the individual consider investing in a potting bench? The following are the reasons any gardener should add one to their arsenal.

  • When you are gardening, many sharp tools around you make your work area unsafe for children to be around. With the potting bench, you have the right storage for these tools, and that reduces the risk of harming your pets or children.
  • A potting bench or table provides a dedicated area to call your own. That keeps your outdoor living area nice and tidy all year round.
  • Bending and stopping is hard on the back with digging and planting. With a potting bench, every gardener whether you have back pains or not will appreciate the painless adventure. When you have a handy table, that removes most of the bending all the time.
  • Having a potting bench makes working and completing the task in your garden more enjoyable and simple.
  • When you have a dedicated area for supplies and tools that helps you keep them organized as well as no longer cluttering your yard or patio. You also will have everything you need at arm’s length. You have one place to keep all your flowerpots, potting soil, and other supplies that are too heavy to carry in your arms.
  • With a bench, everything is right there for you. Having an extra lower shelf helps load up everything you need away from your shed or garage. When you buy a potting bench, you are making the task easier which in return makes gardening a more enjoyable hobby.

*Helpful Tip*

Gardening, if not performed correctly, is one of the main tasks that cause back pain and injury. Be sure to work in moderation as well as a proper posture to prevent injury.

Fun Tips about Potting Benches

  • A potting table or bench is a work table specialized for small gardening tasks. Potting plants or transplanting seedlings is a perfect task for your potting bench. The basic bench offers a comfortable work surface to use while standing.
  • Most designs will feature plenty of storage for your tools, potting soil, and pots. Some benches are portable and small but feature plenty of storage. There are also the ones that you can attach to the inside of your potting shed or your home.
  • To prevent decay, potting benches must have material that is weather-resistant material. The reason is that they work in and around soil, sunlight, and water. The most popular material is cedar wood. This wood is in demand due to it being naturally insect and rot-damage-resistant.

*Helpful Tip*

Cedar is always in high demand to its ability to age to a beautiful silver-gray classic style.

  • Potting benches made of plastic vinyl are weather-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting as well as relatively inexpensive. One other great detail is that they are easy to clean. That is great beings how often your workstation gets a bit dirty with potting soil Be sure to look for benches made from recycled plastic for an extra touch to your organic garden area.
  • Potting benches made of metal add their unique appeal while being an attractive choice if you can keep corrosion and rust at bay. These benches are incredibly sturdy and simple to hose off. With the proper care, your metal bench will last you a lifetime.
  • Add cottage charm with a unique spirit of your garden indoors with a potting bench or table to your foyer or sunroom. Benches and tables such as the ones for potting plants are perfect for displaying your choice of ceramics with a gardening touch such as small sundials, birdhouses, and gnomes. A potting table or bench answer to keeping a natural look year-round.
  • It is vital to protect your potting table or bench during winter elements by placing it in your shed or garage. If you have no secure shelter for your bench, you can store it outdoors and cover it with a plastic sheet, tarp, or the same protective covering you use to cover your grill and outdoor furniture.
  • Clean your potting table really well with plain water before you pack it away. To keep it clean, hose it off two or three times throughout growing season.

Fun Idea to Create Your Own Potting Bench or Table

If you are still in doubt of how to create, design, or buy the best potting bench or table for your yard, the following are some simple solutions. By using your creative touch, look at the following ideas to get you started.

Buy a Potting Bench

Of course, the easier and fastest way to have a potting bench is to buy one. You can order online or buy one from a store of your liking. Shopping online offers you more choices as well as better prices. This alternative provides you with your table instantly.

Explore Potting Bench Plans Online.

Like all things on the internet, plans for potting tables and benches come a dime a dozen. That means you can spend time browsing tons of various potting bench ideas online for free. Look around at the different shapes, styles, and designs before you settle. The most significant detail to pay close attention to is making sure what you buy will fit in the area you want.

Refurbish the Old and Create the New

There is no better feeling than the results of a project that you designed. You can find a gazillion things lying around that can fast turn into something breathtaking. Dressers that have seen many years go by can have beautiful potting benches.

The rustic look is perfect for outdoors, and you can do that quickly by removing shelves and replacing them with decorations. The drawers you do leave are perfect for keeping small tools and supplies. Utilize the top as a workspace for planting your flowers and plants.


As we come to the end of this article on the best potting benches & tables with storagehopefully, you gained some valuable information. The ideal potting table or bench has only a few jobs; one is to keep your tools and gadgets safe and dry. The second is for extra shelving space for you to do all your gardening in comfort.

Take your time and do your research to find the right fit for your home or outdoors. There are many styles, shapes, and designs for you to choose from so be sure to surf the web and find the best one meant for your garden.

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