Best Demolition Hammers For Tile Removal

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When it comes to heavy-duty demolition of concrete walls, slabs, fences, etc., no tool does it better than the demolition hammer! If you are considering buying a tool for jobs such as these, this post is for you. We picked and reviewed the best demolition hammers for 2023. This post is more than just a review but a comprehensive guide and in-depth analysis of the tool.

A long time ago, at construction sites or demolition work sites, the sledgehammer ruled that terrain. The picture of construction workers holding sledgehammers and sweating stands in my memory like an antic painting. It was fashionable then but yet very tasking and time-consuming. Today, thanks to technology, that picture has become ancient history.

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The demolition hammer overthrew the sledgehammer to stand tall in the demolition/construction industry. A demolition hammer handles the destruction of compact structures seamlessly. This power tool can destroy a series of structures. Such structures as wooden walls, concrete floors, concrete slabs, and so on cannot defeat the power behind this tool.

It delivers fewer blows per minute, which makes it very powerful. The tool has fewer parts and a longer piston stroke. Due to its increased strength, it works quickly and efficiently. You cannot drill with it, but you sure can break, chip, and chisel concrete.

The bit of this hammer does not rotate but hits hard. It hits hard enough to break concrete or chisel old floor tile during remodeling. Some demo hammers can work on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. However, heavier ones can only work on horizontal surfaces due to their weight.

Three types of demolition hammers exist in the market, they include:

  • Electric Demolition Hammer: This demolishes compact structures with the power of electricity.
  • Hydraulic Demolition Hammer: This destroys concrete and other structures with the aid of hydraulic force.
  • Pneumatic Demolition Hammer: This works with the power of air just like the pneumatic or air hammer.

However, this review focuses on Electric Powered demolition hammers available on the market. We are set to give you all that you would need to make your buying decision. Kindly read on, the juicy parts lie beyond this section.

Top 5 Best Demolition Hammers for tile removal/digging/concrete/excavator:

Now, before we go further, let us consider the top 5 demolition hammers on the market, which our team of experts handpicked. We open our list with a Bosch tool and then feature two Bosch models. Bosch as a brand, should be aware of features in every review. Let us proceed with our unbiased review.

Bosch 11316EVS Demolition SDS-Max Hammer

When you want your demolition work done and done correctly, consider the Bosch 11316EVS. It provides professional power and a fantastic performance-to-weight ratio with 12.4 ft-lbs of impact energy. The device starts smoothly and comes with electronic feedback circuitry for constant maximum performance always.

The 11316EVS comes with a Vario-Lock positioning feature. The feature rotates and locks the chisel into 12 different positions for working at various angles (360 degrees rotation). This mighty, user-friendly hammer reduces concrete to dust in no time.

It features an SDS-Max system fast and easy bit change.


  • Rating: 120 volts AC/DC
  • Amps: 14 amps
  • No-load beats per minute: 900 to 1,890 bpm
  • Impact energy: 4 ft/lbs. to 18.4 ft/lbs
  • Weight: 22-1/2 lbs
  • Length: 22-1/2 inches

Unique Features:

  1. Variable Speed Knob: You have a range of six-speed settings from which to choose. The variable speed of the 11316EVS will make you enjoy chipping whatever you like from plasterwork to concrete.
  2. Comfortable: The pistol-like design of the 11316EVS contributes to its less vibration feature. Also, the rear handle comes with quality rubber padding to give extra comfort while operational. Finally, the electronic feedback system and soft start provide the needed comforts.
  3. Service Indicator: With the 11316EVS you can never forget maintenance. It comes with a service minder light that notifies you when the tool needs preventive maintenance.
  4. Vario-Lock Positioning features: this feature allows the tool to rotate and lock the chisel into 12 different positions for you to be able to work at various angles.
  5. SDS-Max Bit System: The SDS-max system makes bit change fast and seamless. For you to change the bit, twist it and push it into the bit socket. As you push it into place, it would lock automatically when in position and with that it is ready for use.
  6. Works without assistance: This tool does not need your help to work. Shockingly, if you exert force on the hammer while working, it slows you down. Alternatively, hold the handle firmly, and steady pressure will give you a fantastic result.
  7. Health Benefit Features: It comes with dust protection for the health benefit of the user.

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Bosch Demolition SDS-Max Hammer 11321EVS

The Bosch 11321EVS comes loaded with features that make it unique, useful, and versatile. The tool does not only demolish stubborn surfaces, but it also does it safely. It comes with a PRO+GUARD protection system that cuts demolition dust. Construction dust contains silica, a dangerous substance that affects workers.

The 11321EVS comes with dust collection systems that reduce airborne matter thereby creating a safer and healthier working environment. Like any Bosch product, this tool was rated one of the best-performing rotary hammers in its classes. This tool comes with a vibration reduction feature for comfort during operation. It has an unmatched power-to-weight ratio.


  • Rating: 120 volts AC/DC
  • Amps: 13 amps
  • No-load beats per minute: 1,300 – 2,900 bpm
  • Impact energy: 1 ft/lbs
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Length: 6 inches

Unique Features:

  1. Comfort: Bosch’s Active Vibration Control reduces vibrations. Also, the fabrication of the grip area makes it suitable for extended work.
  2. Performance: The circuitry provides a constant response to maintain speed under load, protect against overload, and ensure smooth start-up.
  3. Smart Service Minder: the tool features a Service Minder, which lights up to alert you when your machine requires preventative maintenance. The Service Minder prolongs the life of the device.
  4. Carrying Case: The tool comes with a specialized carrying case for ease of transportation.
  5. Other Specialized Features: The tool comes with an Auto-Max speed dial, which makes for the selection of appropriate speeds for specific tasks.

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Makita HM1307CB 35-Pound Demolition Hammer

The Makita HM1307CB comes with impressive features to help you do your job with ease. The Adjustable D-Handle can rotate 360 degrees to work at different angles. The design of the HM1307CB makes for better balance for horizontal works. It has a retaining collar for extra bit support.

It comes with an ergonomic grip for comfort, and you use it with both hands. It comes with an On/Off switch that easily slides to either with a touch of your finger. You can easily access the variable speed dial of the tool. This valuable tool comes with an 11-inch bull point chisel.


  • Rating: 120 volts AC/DC
  • Amps: 14 amps
  • Blow per minute: 730 to 1,450 bpm
  • Impact energy: 7 ft/lbs
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Length: 31-1/2 inches

Unique Features:

  1. Soft Start: When you press the trigger, the tool starts up gently, this aids in better control and accuracy.
  2. Variable Speed: With the variable speed control, you can select your desired speed for specific jobs.
  3. Unique Motor: This tool comes backed with a unique Makita motor. Armature, and a large surface commutator. With these components, the motor’s transfer of energy is efficient and thereby produces more significant power.
  4. Automatic Brush Cut-Off System: This system protects the commutator by cutting off the inconsistent current flow. The system prolongs the life of the motor and that of the tool at large.
  5. Constant Speed Control: This automatic speed control boosts the power of the motor and maintains the speed at a consistent rate under load. For challenging jobs, this speed control comes in handy.
  6. LED Service Light: When it comes to maintenance, the HM1307CB can notify you at the right time. The LED Service light informs you by lighting up approximately eight hours before the brushes require replacement.
  7. LED Power Light: Just like the Service Light, the Power Light also notifies you of switch failure or cord damage.
  8. Storage: For safe storage and tool transport, the HM1307CB includes a durable blow-molded tool case.
  9. Ergonomic Soft Grip: The rubberized handle of the tool makes for comfortable handling and control.

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Makita HM0870C 11-Pound Demolition Hammer SDS-Max

The Makita 11-pound Demolition Hammer can handle horizontal work correctly. It functions as both a demolition hammer and a hammer drill. This heavy-duty tool crushes concrete or brick with ease at a high BPM rate. It comes with a 12-bit angle setting for variable positions for operating convenience.

The tool is quite light weighing only 11.1 lbs. and it accepts SDS-Max bits for versatility. It is a hard hitter – at 8.4 ft. Lbs impact force, the HM0870C stands as the idea-crushing machine. For comfort, the rubberized soft ergonomic grip says it all. It comes with a powerful 10A motor with a compact design.


  • Rating: 120 volts AC/DC
  • Amps: 10 amps
  • Blow per minute: 1,100 to 2,650 bpm
  • Impact energy: 4 ft. lbs
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Length: 17 – 3/4 inches

Unique Features:

  1. Variable Speed: With just a dial, you can switch to any speed you prefer. This aids greater versatility.
  2. Makita Unique Motor: Like every Makita power tool’s motor, the motor of the HM0870C has special components that make it super-efficient.
  3. Automatic Brush Cut-Off System: This system protects the commutator from damage and thus prolongs the life of the tool.
  4. Constant Speed Control: This speed control automatically applies extra power to the motor to maintain speed under load for complex jobs.
  5. LED Service Light: Just like the HM1307CB, this Makita model too will notify you approximately eight hours before the brushes requires replacement. The LED Service light lights up to alert you.
  6. LED Power Light: the Power Light lights up to notify you when your switch fails or cord damages.
  7. Bit Grease: The Makita Company went overboard to add the bit grease inside the tool’s hard plastic case.
  8. Ergonomic Soft Grip: For comfort, the rubberized soft ergonomic grip gives the user all of it and control.

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TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer with Point and Flat Chisel Bit, Silver

Constructed under intensive engineering and thorough testing, the Tr Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer comes up as a combination of efficiency, balance, and brute force. The features and components of this tool make it a useful power tool. With a weight of 32 pounds, the TR89105 delivers 1,800 blows per minute. It comes with an impact force of 45 joules or 33.19 ft. Lbs.

Whatever the task, the TR Industrial TR89105 will handle even the toughest demolition job for you. Concrete, garden landscaping, basement floor demolition, you name it, nothing can withstand the TR89105.

It comes with 360 degrees auxiliary swivel handle for convenient adjustment to the task demands. The motor comes with a dual ball bearing armature with extra copper commutator bars. The extra commutator is for more energy transfer efficiency and power.


  • Rating: 120 volts AC/DC
  • Amps: 11 amps
  • Blow per minute: 1,800 bpm
  • Impact energy: 19 ft. lbs.
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Length: inches

Unique Features:

  1. Durable Carbon Brushes: The carbon brushes have an extended lifespan for prolong use.
  2. Additional Accessories: The TR89105 comes loaded with almost everything you would require for your tasks. It comes with an oil container, one hex-pointed chisel, one flat chisel, safety glasses, and a pair of thick gloves.
  3. Carrying Case: The tool and its accessories come conveniently packed in the plastic molded roll-out case. The case makes it easy for you to transport the devices or keep it safe and away from rust or loss.

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If You Will Ask Us…

Now that you have gone through our review, we have no doubt that you know which to select. If you wish to know, our experts’ submission, do know that the ball lies in your court in this matter. All the brands reviewed happen to be the best of the lots. Some are better regarding features, others concerning price, and so on.

When it comes to performance and versatility, we go for Bosch 11316EVS Demolition SDS-Max Hammer. However, if you need a low price, you can consider the TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer.

However, if you are brand crazy, you can choose any of the brands you have a flair for since they are all leading brands. Whichever one you select, be it Bosch, Makita or TR Industrial, we assure you that you shall get value for money.

How to Choose the Right Demolition Hammer

Demolition hammers help in tearing down concrete and other structures. They ended the era of sledgehammers and chisels of those days. Today, you can still use the sledgehammer and chisel for smaller and more specific operations. The demo power tool tackles larger and more complex tasks compared to the sledgehammer.

They not only handle heavy-duty jobs, but they also do them in less time and accurately. This power tool happens to be an essential tool in the construction industry. They differ one from another, hence the need to select the right one.

When selecting the right demo hammer, your choice must depend on specific factors. These factors include your need, the complexity, or nature of the task, and most importantly your budget. Now the following will serve as a guide for you to make your decision:

Specification Vs. Price

In buying any power tool, the specification remains the best point to start. The spec tells you about the power, flexibility, and other features of the device. The price of the tool must match the specification. If the amount does not correlate with the specification, do not buy.

Check the Impact per minute of the hammer and the Blow per minute to see if they are commensurate with the price. After that, examine other brands with the same IPM and BPM to confirm the adequacy of their costs.

Technological Features

Technology plays a vital role in your buying decision because what you are buying is not a simple tool. Some unique features come with the tool that makes it more useful and safe, these you should consider. For example, some demo hammers come with an anti-shock protection system that dampens the effect of vibration or noise of the tool.

Other features reduce the production of silica, a dangerous substance common on construction sites. All these features make the demo hammer safer and more efficient for you and your operators. You would not want your operator or yourself falling sick or fatigued because of using the tool.

Safety Features

When using a demolition hammer, you must above all else think about safety. Hence, when buying one, ensure it comes with adequate safety features. Check to see if the hammer comes with overload protection, smooth start-up, and other safety gadgets. These features guarantee the safety of the user while the power tool runs.

Size Matters

The cliché size matters hold correctly when buying a demolition hammer. Some people believe that a demolition hammer means a huge power tool size, which to an extent is not. While some demo hammers pride themselves in size, others do so in performance. Shockingly, some small-sized demo hammers come with extreme power!

Logically, the larger the hammer, the more destructive power it wields. These exist in a different range of weights and sizes; however, the biggest of hammers is not always the best. A big one might be useless to someone requiring the minimum of force. Hence, the need to narrow your choice based on your preference.

Furthermore, heavy demo hammers work well for heavy-duty jobs because their weight couple with gravity increases their efficacy. You can consider small ones that can perform equitably well which you can use for extended periods. From the above, you should get a hammer that you can carry effortlessly yet delivers optimally.

Chisel, Bits, and Pieces

Demo hammers use an SDS shank bit, which affords a quick change of bit. No need to tighten the chuck only slip in the bit, and it locks automatically. The SDS technology has come to stay and is widely accepted by manufacturing bigwigs. Now brands like Bosch, Makita, and so on manufacture various ranges of demolition hammers with SDS shanks.

The bits remain a vital part of buying a demo hammer. You should know that bits make demo hammers versatile and many hammers can handle most standard bits. Shockingly, not all hammers can handle specialized bits. You must keep this information in the back of your mind before clicking order on your system.

The following includes the Different Types of Bits Available and Their Purpose:

Brushing Tools: These are multiple carbine points used in cleaning seams and knocking down rough spots on concrete.

  • Flat tip Chisels: You can use these chisels for final finishes around the edges.
  • Flex Chisels: You can use these for removing tiles and are flexible metal blades.
  • Point Chisels: You can use these for general demolition
  • Scrabbler Chisels: You can use these for smooth finishing and also for cleaning before bonding
  • Spade Chisels: These are flat-looking chisels, and you can use them for breaking through the seams between bricks or pavers.
  • Stake Driver Chisels: You can use these chisels to drive posts or rebar into position.

Makita Vs. Bosch Demolition Hammer

Here, two of the best demolition hammers go head-to-head. The revelation will go further to help you decide between the two.

Makita Demolition HammerBosch Demolition Hammer
The Company:

Makita Corporation started in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. However, after over 100 years it has metamorphosed into a global brand having a base in over 40 countries.

The company also emerged as an innovation leader, manufacturing best-in-class products at ten different plants and operating in eight countries

The company’s R & D department drives the quality and durability of its products. The status of their products earned them the trust of customers and professionals alike.

They always deliver the power, performance, and strength of the products. Furthermore, they ensure the comfort of users of their products by making them vibrate less and have a good feeling when used.
The Company:

Robert Bosch founded the company Bosh in 1886 as Robert Bosch GmbH but popularly called Bosch. A multinational electronics and engineering company, Bosch has its headquarters in Gerlingen, Stuttgart.

According to the revenue report of 2011, Bosch happens to be the largest supplier of automotive components in the world. Bosch products exist all over the world, and they have over 350 subsidiary companies.

Bosch’s first factory opened for operation in 1901 and today has manufacturing units in Germany. However, Bosch’s subsidiary company exists in numerous companies, e.g., India, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, etc.

The company manufactures power tools, automotive parts, home appliances, hand tools, and lots more.
The Hammer: Makita HM0870C

The HM0870C happens to be one of the most compact and lightweight demo hammers around. Do not take anything away from it due to its size. However, with just a 10A motor it still delivers a very satisfying performance. It does not have enough impact power but leverages its speed.

With its speed, the HM0870C punches stubborn surfaces at high speed so that it cracks as if hit by a more powerful hammer. The speed regulator offers a speed range from 1,100 to 2,650 BPM.
The Hammer: Bosch 11316EVS

The 11316EVS handles the toughest of concrete like a pro. It comes with a 14A motor that delivers up to 1890 BPM, which makes it an effective concrete crusher. It beats the toughest concrete to powder in a short time. It comes with a 6-mode speed switch for varying tasks.

It performs at optimum capacity and is comfortable to use. It features a unique vibration-dampening feature for low vibration. It comes with a smooth start that protects the motor from overload.

– Blows Per Minute: 2,650
– Impact Energy: 8.4 inches
– Weight: 11.1 lbs.
– Warranty: 1 year

– Blows Per Minute: 1,890
– Impact Energy: 4.4 to 12.4 ft/lbs
– Weight: 22.5 lbs.
– Warranty: 1 year

The Makita HM0870C would be an optimal solution for small construction and demolition works. It is also perfect for grooving concrete walls and floors.

The Bosch 11316EVS stands the test of time when it comes to heavy-duty professional work. As a professional, construction worker, or untrained user, you will enjoy this superb multi-functional power tool.

Practical Tips for Using Demolition Hammers

The Demolition Hammer exists for one purpose – demolishing. Demolition happens to be a massive part of the construction. At every point in time, before the construction of a new structure, the destruction of the old structure becomes inevitable. When that time comes, no construction tool stands up to that challenge more than the demo hammer.

In road construction, you must remove the old asphalt must before laying another one. In-home decoration, the old worn-out tiles must come down before putting new sets of tiles. In a building, an old damaged, or faulty structure must first come down before erecting a new one. In the midst of all these, the demolition hammer features prominently.

In this section, we are going to give you useful tips for using this power tool safely and effectively.

Work Area Set Up/Tool Preparation

  1. If you have a demolition project at hand, you must light up the work area properly. Do not allow children or pets in the work area to avoid distraction and severe injury.
  2. Channel the power cord to reach the work area in such a way as to prevent tripping hazards or expose the cable to probable danger. To get an extra length for your tool, do use an extension cord.
  3. Inspect the hammer and chisel before powering it up. Check the chisel for damage and change if necessary.
  4. If you have not used the hammer for a long time or are using it in low temperatures, you must first warm it up. Put it on and allow it to run for five minutes to warm up before you start work.

Operating the Tool

  1. After you have set up the hammer and installed the bit, the next step is to carefully place the tip of the bit against the work area.
  2. Place one hand on the side handle and the other on the main handle. Then squeeze the trigger to activate the tool.
  3. If you want to use the tool continuously, you can push the lock button above the trigger after pressing the trigger.
  4. To stop continuous use, squeeze the trigger switch all the way down then release it.
  5. After activating the hammer, place it on the surface to be worked on with just enough pressure. Do not force or thrust the bit violently against the work surface. During operation, do not apply force on the surface, the weight of the tool will get the job done.
  6. To start working on the surface to break, position the bit at a 90-degree angle to the work surface.
  7. Demolish the surface needed with a gradual approach from the edge then continue to the center. Break up the surface section by section. Do not use the beaker to pry, pick or lift, if you do, the bit will break!

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of your power tool will prolong the life of the machine. It will also help you discover a problem and nip it in the bud before it becomes a disaster. Here are a few maintenance tips for you to care for your demolition hammer:

  • First, disconnect the tool from any source of power to ensure safety. Please note that before you change any spare parts or replace accessories, you have to unplug it from the power source.
  • Check the tool for any worn-out parts and replace them with the same spare parts. If you cannot handle the service yourself, please contact a qualified repair person.
  • Check the warranty period of the tool to ensure the existence of a cover. If you are still within the warranty period, take the device to the manufacturer or their authorized repair station. Do not open while still under warranty if you do, you will invalidate your warranty.
  • Grease the electric hammer. After using the hammer for about 250 hours, grease the cylinder with special grease, which is available on the market at a very affordable price.
  • Clean the tool with a duster and unclog all air vents of the device by blowing air through them.
  • Check the power cord regularly to detect any damages or bare wire exposure. Naked wires pose a severe danger to users. You can also check the switch and power plug for faults.
  • Inspect the drill bit for bluntness. You can sharpen dull drill bits for effectiveness and reduction of stress on the tool.
  • Examine the brush grip to see if it is loose. If loose, tighten firmly.
  • Clean the plastic surfaces and parts with a soft cloth. Avoid the use of solvents like gasoline, alcohol, etc. which may damage the plastic parts.


Q: My demo hammer is defective and is within the warranty period, what should I do?

A: When you are in this situation, what to do is contact the dealer where you purchase the unit. The dealer will act if he happens to be an authorized dealer. However, if not, he would refer to you to where to go to enjoy the warranty. Please note that warranty applies to defects caused in the manufacturing process.

Q: My demo hammer is defective, but it is outside the warranty period, what should I do?

A: When your tool becomes defective outside the warranty period, contact a qualified repairperson or shop for repairs. You can also order a replacement part online here.

Q: My demo hammer stopped working after using it for a long time. What could be the problem?

A: There are two probable causes of the sudden shutdown of your tool, i.e., built-in safety function and carbon brush problem.

  • Built-in safety function: Some tools come with built-in safety functions that cut the machine off after prolonged use. If the problem is because of integrated safety, what you can do is disconnect the tool from the power socket. After that allow the machine to cool down and after a while try using it again.
  • Carbon brush problem: Your demo tool will stop working when the carbon brush of a power tool gets worn out. The solution is to replace the carbon brushes. Order your replacement carbon brushes and put your device back in use.

Q: Why does my tool overheat after a few minutes of working?

A: If your tool overheats there might be something you are doing wrong or did wrong. Below include the probable cause and solutions:

  • You might be forcing the device to work too fast. To solve this problem let the tool work at its rate.
  • You might have misaligned your accessory. To solve this problem, check and correct all installed accessories to ensure a perfect fitting.
  • Your accessory might be dull or damaged. Check the cutting accessory then sharpen the dull ones and change the damaged ones. Dull accessories cause strain on the tool since it works under intense pressure.
  • Your motor housing vents have some blockages in them. Use compressed air to blow out dust from all vents of the motor of your power tool.

Q: Why does my tool make excessive noise?

A: Your tool rattles excessively due to internal damage or wear of some parts, e.g., carbon brushes, bearings, and so on.

Q: My bits keep breaking, why does that happen?

A: Your bits break when you use misuse your tool or work with it at an incorrect working angle. Incorrect use cause fault lines to develop on the bits. After continuous use, the bit will snap and break through the lines. The wrong usage can also cause the bits to bend and break afterward.

Other causes of the breakage of bits include:

  • Blank-firingwhen the tool slides off due to incorrect placement of the bit on the job this can cause fault lines to develop. The bit after prolonged use will break through the line.
  • Low temperature: At low-temperature metal contracts and it becomes more vulnerable to breakage. To guide against damage, warm your tool for 5 minutes and start with light work first.
  • Poor lubrication: When two metals contact, the friction action causes marks. The marks turn to cracks which will lead to breakage. Ensure that you lubricate the shank well before inserting it into the tool holder. Browse to see an example of a recommended grease here.
  • Corrosion: When metal rust due to the corrosive water action, it becomes weak and vulnerable to breakage. Keep your tools greased and away from water or dew when not in use.


Buying the right hammer for the job will go a long way to help you prevent collateral damage and save you time, effort, and money. Now that you have the information on procuring the best demolition hammer make your order now by clicking the “Buy from Amazon” button against your choice immediately.

With that hammer in your hand no wall, concrete, or structure can stand in your way anymore. We now bid your Godspeed to tear down those structures.

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