5 Best Gallon Gas Cans: 2023 Reviews (Top Picks) And Guide

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Nothing could be as inconveniencing as your car running out of car fuel in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, in readiness for such unpredictable eventualities, landscapers need to buy the best 5 Gallon gas cans in the market.

You can think about other situations that will leave you with a bad taste in the mouth or even worse, cast aspersions on your professionalism. For example, you are mowing a lawn or using a Pull behind Lawn aerator (tractor-mounted). Suddenly, the machine grinds to a halt, and that is when you realize an OSHA-compliant Briggs and Stratton 85053 5- spare fuel gallon is a necessity.

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At this time, options are few, with the most certain one being that the work has to wait as you rush to the workstation to collect the refueling jerrican. This review by Morninghomestead will solve all your problems in the following ways:

  • It will help you learn about gasoline jugs as you take a nosedive into more exceptional details about top picks for the money
  • Get to know why gas can is not only a vital necessity but also indispensable
  • Pivotal considerations (features) buyers should make before placing an order on the best product from Amazon.
  • Learn about the standard weight of this crucial container
  • Discover safety measures, including the Occupational Safety Regulation Authority and Health Administration (OSHA), NFPA, CARB, and other bodies that oversee proper use, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Differentiate between metallic and plastic cans.
  • Discover expert answers to frequent questions shoppers often ask
  • Moreover, lastly, recommend to a friend or just anyone, the best 5-gallon gasoline cans

Landscapers’ nightmares are many, but a shortage of gasoline is one thing that can cut short an essential contract with a soccer pitch management. If you are planning on mowing several lawns this summer or going on a long road trip, it is thus imperative to always carry that red 5-gallon Justrite AccuFlow 7250130 for purposes of emergency refueling.

It is because you never can tell when the fuel tank runs dry

Gasoline and Fuel Storage Brands

It is not going to easy deciding the best gas can to bail you out of dire or emergency situations. Variations in container volume, brands, and among other concerns will throw you into a state of confusion. Therefore, it is crucial that your homework before spending money on anything.

For a long time, Blitz, a Miami, Oklahoma-based Company (U.SA), was a leading manufacturer of gasoline storage containers. However, its dalliance with machine owners who needed the best products for spare gasoline was ripped apart by bankruptcy.

Over time, other companies like Briggs and Stratton, Justrite, Scepter, Wedco, Essence, Rubbermaid, Gott, SureCan, Midwest, and Eagle have become household names in a market that grows by double digits each year.

You cannot possibly embark on a trip without acquiring any of these tops-of-the-line cans such as Midwest 31733 5-Gallons Spill-Proof Plastic gas can. Moreover, even if you always undertake landscaping activities on your own, that massive duty yard butler machine will never disappoint if you have spare gasoline on standby in the red Eagle UI-5-F5 Safety fuel can.

Technically, gas is an abbreviation of gasoline. It is a volatile by-product of petroleum that can ignite at low temperatures. In extreme cases of explosion, death may occur.

Advantages of 5-Gallon Gas Cans

Many merits come with dispensing fuel using extra 5-gallon capacity cans, and they include the following:

  • Approved for safe use by regulatory bodies like OSHA
  • High quality make materials, whether metal or plastic
  • Portable, which means you can carry it to anywhere
  • Safety and use labels to guide users
  • Easy to use controls such as accessible ergonomic handles, automatic nozzles, flame arrestors, spring-closing caps, and more

Top 5 Best 5-Gallon Gas Cans for Sale

Picture Product Name Features
Crispo CRSUR51G 5.0 SureCan Gasoline Can Crispo CRSUR51G 5.0 SureCan Gasoline Can High-quality material
Bottom gas release
Thumb trigger for venting out pressure and vapor
Bendable and rotating spout prevents spillage
Midwest Can 5600-4KP Gas Can-5 Gallon Capacity Midwest Can 5600-4KP Gas Can-5 Gallon Capacity Built to do away with the emission of hydrocarbons
Two handles
18.9271-liter capacity
Meets CARB and EPA requirements
VP Racing Fuels 3512 Red Motorsport Jug -5 Gallon Capacity VP Racing Fuels 3512 Red Motorsport Jug -5 Gallon Capacity High quality and dense polythene material
Passed through quality assurance test (15-point)
Ergonomic handle that features contours for a firm grip
A cap with rubber gaskets
2-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 2 Deluxe Filler Hoses 2-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs 5-gallon capacity
Fuel-level markings on the outside of the container
It has two deluxe filler hoses
4-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 4 Deluxe Filler Hoses 4-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs Fuel-level marks on the outer side of the jug
Durable build for longevity
18.9271-liter capacity

Crispo CRSUR51G 5.0 SureCan Gasoline Can

You would not want to spend your money on a product that is going to lose its value to corrosion, and that is why this container from SureCan makes it to the top of the list. The question is; why is it one of the best 5-gallon capacity gas storages out there? Well, this review dug out some exciting features of Crispo CRSUR51G such as the following:

  • It features very high-quality material
  • With this product, you can release gas from the bottom. That is a rare phenomenon/feature you will not find in most items.
  • There is no room for spillage, thanks to a bendable and rotating spout. It is a feature that further lets you see inside the receiving tank, something which is unique
  • Has a thumb trigger for venting out pressure and vapor, which is separate from the spout
Crispo CRSUR51G 5.0 SureCan Gasoline Can

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Midwest Can 5600-4KP Gas Can-5 Gallon Capacity, (Pack of 4)

Midwest products are some of the best, and when it comes to choosing a portable gas carrier for the money, 5600-4KP is the best choice any day. It is because of the following reasons:

  • Built to do away with the emission of hydrocarbons, a feature with which any environmentally conscious person will want to associate.
  • Easy handlings, thanks to two handles
  • Ideal for gas and oil mixes of up to 18.9271 liters
  • Meets CARB and EPA requirements, hence a top choice portable fuel holding container
  • Features long-lasting HDPE, making it resistant to corrosive elements
  • There is a spout funnel for safety
Midwest Can 5600 4KP Gas Can 5 Gallon Capacity

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VP Racing Fuels 3512 Red Motorsport Jug -5 Gallon Capacity

VP Racing Fuels has always cared for its clients, and with its 3512 Motorsport fuel jug, car owners have every reason to smile. Moreover, if you ask why, it is because they will spend money on a quality product that has the following features:

  • Features high-quality and dense polyethylene material for durability and resistance to corrosion
  • It will survive rough handling
  • Passed through quality assurance test (15-point)
  • There is an ergonomic handle that also features contours for a firm grip when pouring fuel
  • A cap with rubber gaskets that is notwithstanding, multi-purpose
VP Racing Fuels 3512 Red Motorsport Jug -5 Gallon Capacity

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2-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 2 Deluxe Filler Hoses

Here is another top-quality product from VP Racing Fuels that comes with unmatched quality. Well, if you opt for Red Racing fuel jag, you are getting ready to enjoy the following features:

  • 5-gallon capacity
  • Durability
  • Fuel-level markings on the outside of the container
  • It has two deluxe filler hoses
2-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 2 Deluxe Filler Hoses

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4-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 4 Deluxe Filler Hoses

Variety is what you get from VP Racing gas jugs and so, here is a fantastic 4-filler hose can in its deluxe series. That is apart from affordability and a range of other features such as the following:

  • Fuel-level marks on the outer side of the jug
  • Durable build for longevity
  • 9271-liter capacity
4-Pack VP 5 Gallon Square Red Racing Utility Jugs with 4 Deluxe Filler Hoses

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Factors to Look for in the Right Can

It is evident that most people will want to buy a specific gasoline container because it meets safety measures, is certified for use, and has standardization labels. However, that is not all if you want something for the money. For example, how do you choose between Midwest 31733 5-Gallon Spill-Proof and Midwest 5600-4PK 5-Gallon?

It is clear that they have the same capacity and of course, the same brand. Someone may want to choose the former because it has a Spill-Proof. The question however remains; does it certify all OSHA measures?

Well, take a look at the following factors to consider and make a wise buying decision:


It is a question of how long gasoline storage can maintain its value. Here, you need to ask essential issues such as; will the container withstand the pressure? Is it resistant to rust? What about temperatures?

The right decision should land you on either No-Spill 1405 5-gallon or Midwest’s 31733 5-gallons Spill-Proof. Do not forget to look at galvanization before settling on a final metallic product.


While this post emphasizes the standard 5-gallon capacity cans, it is imperative to note that price varies from model to model. Also, fuel storage capacity will determine the amount of money you will spend. For example, you will spend way less on 2.2-gallon SureCan when compared to the price of a 5-gallon capacity Briggs and Stratton gasoline jug.

Environmental Impact

Plastic cans are non-biodegradable in spite of their popularity. It means the only way to save nature is by recycling them. On the other hand, metallic options tend to break down upon rusting and mix with soil; a phenomenon many argue is suitable for ground aeration.

Design Features

From auto-trigger release, snap-back spring caps, screw lids, plastic/metallic handles to the design of spouts and flame arrestor fitting, many design elements can sway a buyer’s decision.


This review emphasizes on 5-gallon capacity gas containers, ostensibly, something portable. You can bet on the fact that portability of metallic variants is quite laborious compared to less-dense or lightweight poly jugs.

How Much Can a 5-Gallon Gas Weigh?

Physically measuring a 5-gallon capacity can of water and that of gasoline straight away reveal varying densities. The standard weight of the latter is 6.2 pounds.

Safe and Proper Gas Can Use?

Safety remains a top priority when it comes to the purchase and use of gasoline. Instances of accidents that have happened are not things to take for granted. Accidents do happen, and so, you should aim to be more safe than sorry.

Apart from proper labeling of containers, OSHA and other bodies overseeing appropriate storage and use of gas take offense with those who do not follow set guidelines.

The information available on OSHA Website, under regulation 1926.152 sets precedence on some things regarding the safe and proper use of gasoline. They are as below:

  • For portability, store gas in a 5- gallon (18.9271 liters) capacity or fewer containers
  • A mandatory regulation that cans must have arresting screens (flame arrestor, usually meshed wires).
  • Child-resistant capping and spring-closing lid for proper sealing
  • Storage certification by bodies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual Engineering Corpor any approved Federal Agency.
  • Do not store in high-traffic areas such as building exit

Take note that your gas container may have other labels of different lab testing and regulatory authorities, but it is essential to make sure it meets most of OSHA requirements. Department of Transport (DOT) which applies stringer measures is such a case.

More usage tips include the following:

  • Only buy cans that are spill-proof
  • Go for storage that features stainless steel fittings and has flame arrestors
  • Buy containers that have legible warming and usage labels
  • Buy branded boxes only, displaying the serial number of the product, manufacturer’s name, model number
  • Your tank should feature a sturdy body
  • In case of modifications on the nozzle or other parts, let a qualified engineer do it, if not the manufacturer. Test the jerrican for safety after that.
  • Emphasize easy to use controls such as handles
  • Safely dispose of rusty or leaking cans

Metal Vs. Plastic Gas Cans – What works?

Metal Gas CanPlastic Gas Can
Rust if not stored properlyDo not rust
Susceptible to explosionMay only melt during accidents
Suitable for long-term use/storageLeaks with time, hence ideal for short-term use
Resistance to contraction or expansion due to temperature changesExpand or contract with temperature changes
Quite costlyRelatively inexpensive

Now, regarding what works between the two, plastic storage containers take the lead and have become very popular among people who use gasoline in their landscaping equipment or automobiles. The information available on Safety Industries looks at more exciting features that will help you make the right decision.

Gas Storage Tips

Two main storage containers are plastic and metallic cans. Depending on one’s taste and preference, either can do. However, when it comes to storing volatile or flammable substances, tips for storage are pretty much the same regardless of the making material.

  • To begin with, keep gasoline jerrican inside a level-surfaced facility such as a cabinet.
  • Use spill kits/pallets with absorbents
  • Use color-coated cans, with red being the most popular for gasoline, kerosene in blue containers, diesel in yellow, and others in Green. It will help you identify every vessel without running the risk of getting mixed up, something which could spell disaster.


Every day, buyers ask questions regarding pricing, quality, manufacturer, safety measures and other pressing issues. They do so to avoid making mistakes as soon as they resolve to order for any product from top online retail stores like Amazon or nearby shops.

It is the policy of this website to share those concerns by sampling equally frequently asked questions so that you can get answers straight away.

Q: How do I keep my gas can?

A: They say safety first and so when it comes to storing your gas can, there are no taking chances, or you may risk gambling with your own life and that of others. At home, it is advisable to store the can in a safe area or cabinet, and away from pets and children. For purposes of refueling during tips, having a mount outside the car is strongly recommended.

Gasoline is highly volatile, and if you keep spare fuel inside the car, fumes might build up, explode and cause accidents.

Q: What is the lifespan of my gas?

A: Gasoline can last up to 6 months, but may become unstable after one or two months. Storage stabilizers will improve the lifespan of your fuel, especially during winter. According to American Petroleum Institute, if you must store gasoline beyond two years in an approved container, use a stabilizer.

Q: How much will I spend on a 5-gallon can?

A: You do not want to spend money on a product that will not last long or start leaking after a few weeks. Prices vary from one brand to another, albeit, plastic makes tend to be less expensive compared to metallic cans.

Q: What is CARB Compliant?

A: Well, CARB refers to California Air Recourses Board, a regularity authority that reinforces the safety use of portable gasoline containers. It came into force in the year 2009 having been mandated by the Federal government to enforce safety regulations towards a reduction of gas spillage.

Even though CARB-Compliance cuts across other issues such as safety, it is specific to the purchase of new gasoline cans. CARB is keen to see Jerrican with automatic nozzles in the market, albeit, many complain they are hectic for use.

Q: How do I prevent my fuel can from exploding?

A: Gasoline is flammable substance, alongside propane and Isopropyl alcohol. It means that they fall under Class One category of gases that have a flashpoint pegged at below 37.8 Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). Their vapor potency or chances of igniting is thus higher than combustible fuels that fall under Class Two such as Kerosene, oils, and grease. You can read more of this on BLR website.

Now, on how to prevent the container from exploding into flames, do not keep it in the trunk of the car, avoid exposure to sun, and always buy a can fitted with a flame arrestor.

Q: How Safe is My Red Plastic Can?

A: Portable plastic gasoline containers have become popular in recent years and even today. According to investigative reports, information available on NBC News Website, The Portable Fuel Manufacturers Containers Association estimates that there are up to 150 million plastic gasoline jerrican circulating in US economy, and undergo refilling of up to 3 billion times a year. The site further reveals that vulnerability of plastic fuel storage jugs is high.

Some things can compromise the safety of that red storage device you always carry, and they include the following:

  • Low gas volume in the container
  • Old or over-stored gas
  • A pouring angle of 42 degrees; spout off-cap on, can cause flashback explosion


Nothing could be further from the truth. Owning a gasoline container is a necessary evil for anyone operating a machine. Whether you own a car or you work with a landscaping service business, there is no way you are going to cope without a spare gasoline gallon. With this insightful review by Morninghomestead, what more do you need?

Pick on any of the top best 5-gallon gas can reviews that purposely meet your spare fuel needs. Take note that everything cuts across different price values to meet the financial capabilities of buyers. Moreover, there is no doubt it could be what you have been looking for all this while. Also, do not forget that the review took care of quality, safety, and standardization measures.

As usual, your views about our need-based product reviews keep this website going. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Lastly, do not forget to pass along this vital piece of information to friends via social media platforms.

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