AeroGarden Harvest Vs Harvest Elite: Are Customers Seeing Results?

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How many times have you bought a product then shortly see a “new and improved” version hit the market soon after? Aren’t you both angry and curious about the features that needed improving? Some manufacturers add or change one small detail and call it new and improved.

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Is that the angle AeroGardens are taking to get consumers to buy their latest model? The cool thing about the Miracle-Gro indoor Garden is that every model produces impressive crops of fruits, veggies, herbs, and even flowers.

There are some newer models that you can even start planting trees to get it ready to transplant. They each need no soil but rely on super nutrients, water, and epic LED lighting systems. Each model is easy to use and basically does all the work for you.

So, what are the differences between the newer models Vs. the older units? In this AeroGarden Harvest Vs. Harvest Elite review, you will get this answer and much more.

The Miracle-Gro Harvest and its Features

In 2015, AeroGarden introduced an improved version of its indoor garden systems. It is black in color with a durable plastic structure and comes with a variety of six Gourmet Herb Seeds. However, with this model, you can grow any plant you want as long as you pack them tightly and follow the directions.

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Pros of AeroGarden Harvest:

Perfect for Beginners:

Each model of the AeroGarden Harvest is simple to use. That is especially true about the advanced models that have the automated control panel. The Harvest AeroGarden unit does come with updated technology that does all the work for you. That includes turning the lights off and on while you are away.

The system is perfect for beginners, especially children that are interested in plant life.

Improved Seed Pods:

The 2015 model comes with six pods that grow up to five times faster than the previous model.

Full Control of the System:

Beings you are harvesting your seeds indoors, the AeroGarden crops never rely on Mother Nature to do their job. The success of your growing conditions is in your control. You can customize the advanced control panel which allows you to grow any garden you wish.


Aerogardens footprints are quite small. These smart countertop gardening systems save space and only need maintenance and cleaning occasionally. Both of these items require minimal amounts of electricity and water. These AeroGardens are also energy-efficient.

No More Pest:

Hydroponic methods instead of soil is how plants grow in these countertop gardens. Therefore, it is much less likely for bugs or any pest to become an issue.

Harvest All Year:

Within a few first weeks of planting, you will be able to harvest your produce and start a new crop immediately. With rapid growth happening all year round, that means a steady flow of an abundant and constant harvest.

Attractive Finish and Structure:

The structure is a black high-gloss durable plastic.

Cons Noted with the AeroGarden Harvest

More Cost with Improved Models:

As most will expect, the new, improved versions are higher in cost. The reasons are:

  • Grow lights
  • Improved Functionality
  • Enhanced Yielding Systems
  • Some Type Have More Pods
  • Increase in Cost

The bottom line is, you get what you pay for in every situation. If you are a beginner, one of the older models may be right for you. Many consumers opt for the moderately-priced version, like the Harvest Elite or the Ultra LED.

Seed Pods can be Expensive: 

When you get your kit, the seed pods will come with your order. However, once you use those seeds, you will need to buy additional seed pods. You can buy a “Grow Anything kit” as replacement, and you can find those here:

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The expense of these seeds adds up quickly. However, the good news is you can save on your grocery bill. Beings these kits include the necessary grow media domes for humidity, fertilizer, and guaranteed germination, you are getting a good deal.


Maintenance is necessary but only occasionally. Cleaning includes the following:

  • Clearing Root Debris Interfering with the Pump
  • Changing the Water
  • Cleaning the reservoir

Other than these small cleansing needs, upkeep is minor.


Once the garden has a full growth of water and plants, it will be difficult to move from one area to the next. That is especially true for the larger models. Be sure to find a suitable space with a sturdy platform to sit your AeroGarden on to resolve the issue.

Loud at Times:

The pump on this type of garden does make a minute noise such as that of a fish tank. Over time, people do not notice it any longer.

There you have the first product of the review As you can see, it is perfect for anyone wanting to start indoor gardening. You can find this best-selling product here:

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Miracle-Gro Harvest Elite and its Features

Anyone that has the Harvest Elite tend to have a long list of why they love their gardening experience. You get a new feature in the LCD control panel that uses simple and easy prompts that help guide the consumer.

These prompts will guide you from start to harvest, including turning lights off and on when necessary and when the plants need food and water.

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Pros of the AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Simple to Setup:

A child could do the setup on these gardens making the task simple and easy. There are never any tools necessary, and all parts come with the kit. The instructions are also included to make setup a non-stressful ordeal.

Simple to Use:

Thanks to the improved LED control panel, working with your AeroGarden is a breeze to operate. The control panel alerts you when it is time to add water and nutrients, so you never have to worry if you will be away from home. It also turns the lights off and on automatically.

The Harvest Elite is stress-free and worry-free.

Color and Structure:

This model comes in stunning stainless steel that will enhance any room in the house.

Fun and Interesting:

From the very first step all the way through to harvest, everyone will enjoy watching the magic take place. Both, young children and the elderly can operate this item with no problem. You have the opportunity to teach your child all about photosynthesis and learn through each phase. Simple and easy fun for the whole family.

Improved LED Control System:

This model comes with a new and improved control panel. The new system remains tuned to its specific spectrum which allows your plants to maximize photosynthesis. What this does is provide you with faster results, abundant harvest, and natural growth.

The consumer can still grow all they want without concerns about higher power costs. Thanks to the LED lighting system, less power is necessary due to the 20-watt lighting system being power-usage friendly.

Quiet Pump:

Voted as one of the favorite improvements is how quiet the pump is while running. With prior units, consumers voiced their dislike of the loud sounds the pump makes. Well, the manufacturer heard your voices and made improvements. You get to enjoy the indoor garden without having to hear it as well.

Large Variety of Seed:

With the Harvest, Elite comes with six pods and has a broader option of seed kits. You can order seed pods directly from Amazon and take advantage of the lowest prices with a money-back guarantee.

Fresh Taking Salad:

After only one month from planting, you can enjoy the crispy and great tasty salad greens. No more rushing to the grocery store for the greens you want in your salad. Pick all you want right inside your kitchen after only one month.

No Pesticides Needed-Ever:

There is never a time you will need to add pesticides to your AeroGarden. All your harvest will be HMO-free and will always be 100 percent organic.

Never Worry About Diseases such as E-Coli:

With all the outbreaks of E.Coli in the news lately, consumers are praising the AeroGarden for the fact there is never a concern of an epidemic.

Cons of the Harvest Elite:

Extremely Thin Grow Light Hood:

The Harvest Elite has an extremely thin grow light hood that is the ultimate energy-efficient 20 watts LED lighting system.

Seed kits tend to be costly:

This issue is one of the leading complaints made by consumers that own AeroGarden. The price of each kit will vary from one site to another. Therefore, the cost and service will also depend on the seller. However, no matter where you buy yours, you can expect to pay much more than standard seeds.

Replacement Water is Expensive:

Water bought in the store will be a necessary item that you will need to buy as a replacement for your tap water if it is salty.

Replacing the Bulbs:

The kit instructions advise the owner to replace the two bulbs every six months. The cost of this type of bulb is anything but cheap. Shopping on Amazon is the right step to get the best deal and the best prices on LED bulbs.

Thirsty Lettuce:

The lettuce, due to its size, has a habit of drinking up water fast. The size of lettuce is much different from the other pods you will plant. Be sure to keep an eye on the water level. Also, this is why ordering extra nutrients is also vital.

You do not want to run out and have to wait for an order shipment to arrive. Just a few days without water and nutrients could cause the death of your indoor crop.

Insanely Bright Lights:

If you plan to place your AeroGarden in an area that is close to your bedroom, you may want to rethink that. Due to the incredibly bright Grow Bulbs, you may find yourself losing a little sleep. The Glow Lights have to be bright to keep your plants healthy. Therefore, you may want to place it somewhere near the kitchen.

Bad Customer Service:

If you are considering buying from the manufacturer, you may want to reconsider. Many consumers have posted less-than-stellar reviews on some issues with customer service. The complaints all are due to how unresponsive and incredibly slow the customer service tends to be.

For this reason, we suggest you buy all your AeroGarden products from Amazon. You will find this product available here. You already know you are buying from the largest and most trusted market in the world. Amazon also offers a 100 percent guarantee of your money back if you are not happy with your purchase.

You also have a variety of products to choose from including the nutrients. The AeroGarden Elite discussed in the review can be bought here.

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As you can see, both products offer the consumer plenty of variety and options. With both, you get the pleasure of setting the unit in your kitchen right at your fingertips. Both you and your guest can savor the smells as well as enjoy its green delights.

You can move your unit from place to place after each harvest. However, once the garden is full of water, mobility will be a struggle. That is why it is important to place your unit where you plan to keep it until it is time to refill with seed pods.


Q: What is the germination process of the “Grow Your Own” seed pods for salads?

A: Salads are between five and eight days.

Q: What about Herbs and their germination?

A: Herbs take between 5 and 15 days to germinate

Q: Are all seeds and produce Organic?

A: All pods sold that is Miracle-Gro pods are indeed organic. However, the seeds you choose separately will depend on the product.

Q: Is it simple to grow flowers in both AeroGardens in this review?

A: Yes! Grow, grow, and grow all the flowers you want.

Summary of the Two

It is hard to read articles such as this one and not wish you had a kitchen full of AeroGardens, right? For anyone that enjoys watching their food grows indoors, this product is for sure for you. If the added expense of the water, the kit itself, and the Grow bulbs are not an issue, then, by all means, order yours today.

Besides being a blast to watch, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor rather quickly.  Moreover, if your child has a school science fair, an AeroGarden is the perfect option that you and your child can enjoy together.

Have you tried to grow your indoor garden with the AeroGarden or do you want one and have a question, we want to hear from you. Down below is the area where you can send us your questions. We will get back with you directly.

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