Pool Supplies Near Me: Find The Best Pool Stores Near You (2023)

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Keeping your pool in good condition is about maintenance and good care. From making sure water is clean and fresh to the best fittings from a reliable supplier, it is time you got ready for the summer heat. However, a question everyone who owns a pool or someone who is building one should ask is this: where do I find pool supplies near me?

Basic Comparison:





Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus


Color - Black

Nautilus CC Plus

Easy to clean


Intex 15ft by 48in Metal Frame

Brand - Intex

4440 Gallons


Color - Blue

Sand Filter

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter

Brand - Intex

Color - Gray

Above Ground

22.8 Pounds

Well, without having the right information at your fingertips, it can be difficult locating a dependable, certified, and reliable pool supplier store near you. It is why in this review, Morninghomestead walks you through a step-by-step guide to finding one. We, therefore, explore:

  • How to find the best pool stores near me.
  • Types of poor supplies you require.
  • We compare available brands from which you can choose the best.
  • The best places where you can purchase pool supplies and tools for beginners.
  • Tips on how to put money on the most befitting accessories
  • Top 15 pool supplies for the money.
  • We will also answer questions that our readers ask often.

How to Find the Best Pool Stores Near Me

Locating a supplier for pool accessories can be painstakingly difficult. It is because, first, sift through tons of information online, which is laborious. Second, you will need to contact many suppliers via their websites asking for price quotes, something which would take several weeks or months. We help you avoid hectic processes by presenting easy ways of landing the best products in a few days.

Decide what you want for your pool

Pool stores are not always the same. Therefore, it is imperative to draft a list of things you need. For example, do you need water pumps, cleaning chemicals, or just anything provided it would improve the condition of your pool? With this information at your fingertips, finding a supplier that meets your needs becomes easy.

Go through reviews or ask your friends to recommend a good store

You will never go wrong asking colleagues, friends, family members, and neighbors for recommendations. And while it may look simple, finding a store near you with the help of others is a win-win situation. You will get a referral discount, especially if they direct you to an online store via an affiliate link. Your referrer benefits too.

The brands offered

Brands remain pivotal in making purchase decisions. Therefore, when looking for a pool supplies store nearby, always note the value that different brands present. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner, chlorine, cleaners, or pool brushes, does the store stock items from your favorite manufacturer?

After-sales service

After-sales services play a significance in choosing a store from which you would like to buy swimming pool accessories. If say, you want to buy an item that requires the expertise of a professional, some suppliers have the knowledge on how to install, maintain and care about it.

Supplier capabilities

The capability of a supplier you choose cuts across many things. For example, some have links to manufacturers and only stock specific brands, which is good news for pool owners who have developed preference and loyalty towards some products. Getting to know beforehand, the range of items you can get from a single store will save you money and time.


Here, it is important to ask this question: Is my supplier reliable? Finding a source that will provide you with products consistently can be difficult. If you are lucky, then stick to it because consistency is never easy to realize with most stores selling pool fittings and other accessories.

Aligned values

Every time you go shopping, always remember that value for money is important. You wouldn’t want to put money on supplies that contradict environmental conversation laws. Therefore, have vital information beforehand as it would save you from running into trouble with the local authority.

What Pool Supplies and Tools do You Require?

Tools and supplies for your pool come in different shapes. Some are for attachments to the main establishment and others are for cleaning. Usually, they are handheld accessories that breathe life into your in-ground or above-ground pool. Examples include:

  • Shade cloth
  • Law sprayers
  • Ladders and steps
  • Reels and diving boards
  • Solar covers and slides.
  • Bromine and chlorine
  • Filters and heaters
  • Water pumps
  • Baby floats, rings, and tubes.
  • Anti-skid mats
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Lounges for mid pool

Best Place to Purchase Pool Supplies and Tools for Beginners

Another thing every pool owner must take into consideration is that different stores stock a variety of tools and accessories. It could be in the way of settings, brands, or packages. The most important thing is finding a store that will always meet your needs. For starters, locating one via the Internet is the best ways to go, and it could mean starting with the following online suppliers and stores:

  • Amazon
  • Pool Plaza
  • Big Box Stores and subsidiary retailers
  • Best Buy Pool Supply.
  • Family Leisure
  • The Great Escape
  • Inyo Pools
  • In the Swim
  • Leslie’s Pool Suppliers
  • MKM Pool Spa

Apart from the above, others include Pools of Fun, Pool Supply for Less, The Pool Factor, and National Discount Pool Suppliers among others. You can always check around for local stores near you for incredible offers on a range of accessories and tools.

Tips for Buying Pool Accessories

The next issue of concern is how to put money on the best item, ostensibly, tips for buying pool accessories. Well, whether you are a beginner or experienced, we did some homework to present the following guide:

  • Always lay emphasis on the quality of a product before putting money on it. It is because thousands of brands compete for a fair share of the market. You can never rule out a possibility of landing counterfeit where there is watertight competition. Go for a store that offers great value and quality for the money.
  • Pricing is another consideration to have in mind. While cheap products are hard to trust, affordable pool tools and supplies are everywhere these days. On this premise, look out for the features you need in an item, not forgetting it should be durable.
  • The variety will always come in handy when shopping. You wouldn’t want to end up in a store that stocks a limited range of suppliers.
  • Efficiency in delivery is equally important because, by it, a store sends purchases to your doorstep on time so you get working straight away.

Top 15 Best Pool Supplies You Should Have:

Let’s look at the best pool suppliers gathered for this review so you can get started with shopping.

Intex 15ft by 48in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ground, Cloth, Ladder, and Pool Cover


An adequately accessorized pool product is always worth the money. With Intext 5ft Metal Frame Pool Set, you get almost everything in one product. Some reasons buyers love this product include:

  • It is durable and super strong, thanks to laminated sidewalls and an all-around band reinforcement. With this, your pool’s frame legs will always be in place.
  • It comes with a DVD instruction set-up, which means your pool will be ready for the water. According to the manufacturer, you are ready to go in 45 minutes.
  • 4,440-gallon capacity.
  • The product also comes with DVD instructions on maintenance, thus, you can always drain out pool water to the garden with great ease.
  • Experts advise against setting up Intext 5ft Metal Frame Pool Set in mud, sad, or in soft/loose soil.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy-to-Clean Top Load Filters


If you are looking for an exquisite pool cleaner, then Dolphin Nautilus makes for a great robotic choice. There are many reasons to explain this such as:

  • You do not need a booster pump or hose pipes to use Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner. It comes with a patent swivel cable powered by anti-tangling technology.
  • It is easy to reload top filter and clean, hence more play, and less work.
  • Fast in-ground cleaning within 2 hours, thanks to optimal cleaning and strong suction powered by scanning technology.
  • Uninterrupted swimming with fewer work-thanks to ultra-fine pool cleaning filters for leaves, dirt, and debris removal.
  • Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner is lightweight and features a single plug button for rigorous cleaning.
  • It comes with a 2-year product warranty.

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 110-120V with GFC, 16-inches


Above ground, pools can be difficult to maintain without the right accessories. However, with Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump, you’ve got one of the best cleaning products on the market.  It features not only an excellent sand filter, thanks to a 6-valve powerful control but is also ideal for backwashing, recirculation, draining, and rising. There are more reasons to choose this product such as:

  • A powerful vacuum for sucking up debris and dirt from the floor of your pool.
  • It connects to a 24-foot, 7-inch hose on the outside of your pool for faster and more convenient cleaning.
  • Runs on a minimum flow rate of 800gph.
  • It has a 24-hour timer that makes pool cleaning and maintenance a hassle-free experience.
  • There is also a strainer basket for prolonged sand life and easy cleaning.
  • It is powerful, hence generating 3000 gallons in pump flow rate every hour. It is why; Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump is the right choice for above-ground pool owners.
  • Zero maintenance, save for changing sand after every five years.

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump, 1.5 HP


There are many manufacturers of pool accessories out there. However, Wayward shouldn’t escape your search radar. It is a company known for its excellent products. Here, we look at SP2610X15 Super Pump. The question is why should you put money on it? Well, we did some homework and found out the following:

  • Hayward SP2610X15 is a widely acclaimed product, thanks to its reliability and powerful performance rating.
  • It features a see-through strain, thus, you can always know when to clean its basket instead of relying on guesswork.
  • It has 4-bolt access to internal parts making it easy to install and service.
  • It also has a swing-away knob for handling hence an easy-to-remove strainer.
  • Hayward SP2610X15 is a compact pool pump with no loose parts.
  • Oversized debris with which it comes means pool owners enjoy more space in handling leaves and dirt.

Hayward H500FDN Universal H-Series, 50,000-BTU Spa and Pool Heater, Low Nox, Natural Gas


Not every supplier of pool products will provide you with a product that meets most of your needs. You would be lucky to get one that is properly accessorized with the right components. In our search for products to put in this review, Hayward H500FDN caught our attention because of the following:

  • Buyers stand to enjoy environmental sustainability with this product, thanks to the Nox emissions rating which is an all-time low.
  • It features a patented polymer, not to mention a uniquely designed valve bypass. With these, you are assured of reliability and high-efficiency rating.
  • Its circuit boards have a fuse for protection against high voltage. Moreover, with dual-voltage conversion, you can only look forward to using a very efficient pool product from the H-series.
  • It is easy to install.
  • There is a standard Cupro heat exchanger made of nickel for superior performance and reliability.

Sun2Solar Clear 16 Feet by 32 Feet Rectangle Solar Cover, Heating Blanket for above-ground and in-ground pools-1200 Series


A good heating blanket for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools is scarce. It is why, among the many products we chose for this review, Sun2Solaar Rectangular blanket is one we would recommend in this review. It makes up of thousands of tiny bubbles that keep heat in your pool during cold days and at night. A clear color means UV rays can penetrate deeper parts of a pool with ease. There are many more reasons to choose Sun2Solar Clear, 1200 Series such as:

  • It is affordable, which means you pay less and get more in an amazing heating blanket.
  • There is less water lost to evaporating when you use Sun2Solar Clear pool blanket. By preventing water loss by up to 95%, it means you will rarely fill your pool with water. Swimmers can always enjoy refreshing moments every day.
  • After a day of swimming and fun, covering your swimming pool with Sun2Solar Clear ensures it remains warm throughout.
  • You can always trim it to fit into the shape of your pool. The good news is your product warranty remains intact.

Confer Staircase Style Above Ground Pool Steps Warm Grey


Staircases are also important for swimming pool accessories. However, you should not just buy one because it appears in your online search results. Now, after looking around for what we believe would be the best, Confer Staircase for above-ground pools is worth the money. Ask, why? Well, look at the following reasons:

  • It has openings on the sides that help minimize the growth of algae.
  • It is easy to assemble, thanks to snap-together fittings.
  • It is properly designed taking into consideration the need for easy entry and exit.
  • Surfaces Confer Staircase has non-skid surfaces, which means you are always assured of a strong grip on your feet and hands when walking into and out of your pool.

Kem-Tek Pool and Spa 60% Concentrated Algaecide, 1 Quart 2PK


Pool chemicals are a necessary evil if you want to keep the water in good condition. With Kem-Tek Algaecide, you get what you pay for because of the following reasons:

  • It lasts long.
  • It does not foam when in use.
  • Kem-Tek algaecide is ideal for pool treatment and the prevention of algae growth.
  • Anyone who uses Kem-Tek algaecide will agree that it helps clean pool water.

In the Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets, 50 lbs


If you have never used In the Swim products, here is your opportunity to try one. The company’s chlorine tables are a must-have for any pool owner who wants to keep the water clean and fresh.

You get not only what you pay for but also:

  • Buyers take home up to 114 chlorine tablets, each weighing 8 Oz. Each package weighs 50lbs.
  • The tables at 90% stabilized with chlorine, hence very effective.
  • You are assured of a long-lasting tablet for pool treatment. It is because In the Swim tablets are some of the slowest-dissolving you can ever find in the market.

Arm and Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets


Now, to give buyers wide-ranging choices of products for treating swimming pools, Arm and Hammer Clear Pool maintenance kit wouldn’t be a bad choice. There are many reasons we feel it may just be the best alternative such as:

  • A total of 6 tables weighing 3.1 kg mean you have something that will last long while leaving your pool clearer and fresh all day long. No more cloudiness.
  • Arm and Hummer’s tablets help with maintaining water PH while keeping alkalinity in check.
  • You will no longer have to worry about corrosion because these tablets are non-corrosive.
  • A convenient choice for a fresh great feel for every pool owner.

Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head


Sometimes even swimming pools need vacuum cleaners, and with Milliard Sea’s triangular and weighted cleaning head, put money on one of the best products in the market. Lined with vinyl, it makes for the perfect water surface cleaner you can ever find in the market. That is not all. It also has more amazing features such as:

  • It is fitted with rubber bumpers on the side to guard against scratching of pool liners.
  • Being weighted means the head will always remain at the bottom of the water.
  • It has nylon bristles for gently cleaning dirty pool floors.
  • It features lock clips with springs making it possible to attach extension poles and vacuum hoses with great ease.
  • Milliard Sea’s triangular and weighted cleaning head is durable, thanks to a durable ABC plastic extending into an 11-inch wide cleaning head.

Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Test Kit


There are more reasons to choose Poolmaster 22260 than not, and they include:

  • It is ideal for ensuring water chemistry is always stable.
  • It lasts long, thanks to a polythene case for safekeeping.
  • You can use Poolmaster 22260, a 5-way test kit to check the composition of chemicals such as PH, Acidity, alkalinity, chlorine, and bromine content in water.
  • It features a strong plastic build for safe and comfortable handling.
  • Poolmaster 22260 comes with varying test kits such as #Phenol Red for 2 or 3-way and Phenol Red for 5-way.

CLOROX Pool and Spa Shock Xtra Blue


If you could choose another supplier for your swimming pool, then Clorox 33012CLX Shock would make a perfect choice any day. It comes as a 12-pack Pool and Spa chemical. More reasons to put money on it include:

  • It is easy to use, thanks to easy-to-use bottles, whether opening or when pouring chemicals.
  • It is highly effective on algae. Whether it is black, green, or mustard, Clorox 33012CLX is an effective killer.
  • It also has crystals for killing blue algae.

Stargoods Pool Leaf Rake, 17.5-Inches


Falling leaves are often a cause for worry to pool owners. However, with a good rake such as ProTuff measuring 17.5 inches, you are not only assured of professionalism but also a 3X cleaning experience. It features a mesh skimmer for the effective removal of leaves from the water surface.

Buyers also stand to enjoy the following if they put money on the product:

  • Free replacement of broken parts or the entire product. Commercial users enjoy 50 percent off replacement costs.
  • Lifetime manufacturer product warranty.
  • It features a durable and strong aluminum build coated with alloy.
  • It is easy to maneuver, thanks to tapering, not to mention that its double-stitched aluminum alloy bag is resistant to abrasion and durable.
  • It is effective on insects, leaves, silt, small particles, and debris.
  • ProTuff pool leaf rake also has a strong and durable plastic frame perfectly designed for any cleaning angle.

Intex Spiral Hose


Taking care of your pool means a good hose pipe is necessary. Thus, to help you jump the queues in supply stores, you can log into a nearby online retail platform and place an order for a spiral hose from Intex. By own our evaluation and admission; it is ideal for use with pool filters. Other reasons to choose it include:

  • It is long enough to let you clean your pool with ease at 1.5X 25 feet.
  • It is highly flexible and lightweight, meaning you can always move it around to the desired location.
  • It is suitable for Intex-branded filtration systems and pumps.
  • You can always cut it to the desired length and then re-attach its nozzles.

FAQs about Pool Suppliers Near You:

Q: What are the advantages of getting pool products from a local store?

A: While most people prefer online shopping platforms to local physical stores, there are many advantages that come with the latter. First, you can always return defective products with great ease. Second, buyers have easy and convenient access to a seller on a one-on-one basis, thus, being able to learn a lot about pool products.

Q: Are there possible dangers associated with unused pool chemicals?

A: While pool chemicals can last for years with a good example being powered chemicals, anything that got used during the last summer isn’t worth the risk. Once a chemical gets opened and is not stored in the right conditions, avoid reusing it.

Q: What is the right chemical for pool treatment?

A: The right chemicals are always in the right places, and with those you would wish to use in treating a pool, only buy from reputed and certified suppliers.

Q: Are there risks associated with buying secondhand pool products?

A: There is always a real chance that secondhand products are either defective or substandard. With this review on the best pool supplies near me, we’ve sampled the best suppliers selling new products for the most money.

Q: How can identify the best supplier of pool products?

A: Before you can decide on the best supplier for your pool products, it is important to weigh in at least three available options. Look at offers, licensing, and client reviews. A reputed shop or manufacturer should be able to meet all your needs. (more)


In summary, having a swimming pool is one thing, but having essential supplies that keep it in good condition is another. It is, therefore, our hope that with this review, you should be able to proceed and put money into the best items. If you have questions, suggestions, or recommendations about the best pool supplies near me, please share them with us in the comment section below. Feel free to share this post across social media pages.

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