DeWalt D26453K Vs. DWE6423K Vs. DWE6421K: Reviews & Comparison [2023]

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Within the last few years, most companies have technologically advanced their random orbital sanders. Today, the equipment pieces are easy to use, and anyone can use them. If you are planning to add crown molding or frame kitchen cabinets, this guide will help you buy the right random orbital sander.

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Here are reviews of the three top random orbital sanders in the market today:

DeWalt D26453KDeWalt DWE6423KDeWalt DWE6421K
Produces 3.0 Amp motor powerProduces 3.0 Amp motor powerProduces 3.0 Amp motor power
Requires 120 Voltage power to runRequires 120 voltage power to runRequires 120 voltages power to run
Runs at 7,000- 12,000 OPM speedRuns at 8,000-12,000 OPM speedRuns at 12,000 OPM fixed speed
Weighs 3.4 poundsWeighs 2.9 poundsWeighs 2.9 pounds

DeWalt D26453K Reviews:

The DeWalt D26453K is among the random orbit sanders on the market that seem to do everything right. Immediately you pick it from a store; it will seemingly look like a sure-fire winner. It is highly durable and comes with numerous essential features.

Technical Evaluation of this Product

The design

The first thing that you are likely to notice when you receive the DeWalt D26453K is its large size. Actually, it falls in the class of the most significant 5″ sanders currently on the market. Its handle dominates the entire design. More than likely the producer designed it that way for comfort reasons.

The black rubber patch, situated at the center, does not cover the whole surface of the user grips. Even though that highly contributes to the comfort, it does not offer a pleasant grip.

The power switch

The product features a small power switch which the manufacturer placed on its front side. The producer has covered it with a plastic membrane to protect it from dust.

Voltage and the motor power

The product showcases a heavy-duty 3 Amp motor. It features an air-vent on its side to allow air ventilation and to help keep the motor running at low temperatures. The 3.0 Amp motor is sufficient for most general purpose sanding tasks. In other words, the product should offer adequate performance.

The product by Dewalt model requires 120V to run, and it is, therefore, suitable for the North American markets. If you are an international user, you might need a step-up transformer for the tool to work.

The speed

For one feature that makes this tool a leader in the industry, the DeWalt D26453K is more versatile because it runs at speeds ranging between 7,000 OPM and 12,000 OPM. We are speaking of the no-load speed, and therefore the rate might be lower when sanding a load. With the variability, speed control is easy, and you will have a broader range of finishes.

The finishing quality

The finishing quality highly depends on the user’s preferences and the needed results. If you are among the individuals who choose smoother and more polished surfaces, the Dewalt D26453K is an excellent choice. It offers various speeds –ranging between 7,000 OPM and 12,000 OPM. Apart from finishing tasks, you can use the machine to complete preparatory tasks – using the low-speed setting. Use the tool to prepare raw lumber and to remove paint and veneer from wood.


The user-friendliness is among the things that make this tool enjoyable to use for extended periods. The product has a textured plastic grid that prevents slip – it is also comfortable. The slip disc feature is recurring in all Dewalt random orbital sanders. The model comes with it as a standard.

The slip disc feature minimizes vibrations that reach the user and improves comfort. Its tall shape also helps reduce vibrations reaching the hand. However, you should expect more vibrations when the product is running at deficient speed.

Dust collection

To be productive and healthy, you have to keep your workshop clean. Therefore, the Dewalt D26453K comes with a dust collection system. Dewalt releases most of their models with the fiber cloth, possibly because it is of high quality – it lasts for many years.

The product also comes with a dust port adapter, which allows more comfortable and more practical swapping of the dust bag for a better vacuum. It has three industry-standardized ports that you can use to attach other dust collection systems.

The sanding pad

The product comes with 8-hooks 3/32” sanding pads, which provide various grit sizes. With the hoove-and-hook mechanism, the sanding pad fits snugly and tightly. It remains in place including while in massive sanding projects. Moreover, because the disc starts at very slow speed and brakes immediately the user lifts it from the material; you should not expect gouging.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a robust build
  • Provides variable speed
  • Secures the disc without any movements


  • It is unnecessarily bulky
  • It has a finicky power switch

Selecting the best random orbital sander is not an easy task, but after factoring in versatility aspect, the selection process becomes more natural. The DeWalt D26453K is more versatile with a speed controller and offers quality finishes at a lower price. It is a reasonable consideration if you do not want to break the bank.

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DeWalt DWE6423K Reviews:

The process of searching for quality random orbital sanders is not always an easy one. The market offers many models and brands that can be more confusing to most people. Among the few models that have demarked themselves from the park is the Dewalt DWE6423K, which is very powerful and offers many attractive features at an affordable price.

Technical evaluation of this product

The Motor

The motor is among the things you will possibly like more about the Dewalt DWE6423 Orbital Sander. The 3 Amp motor, lying under the machine’s hood, provides the right amount of power you require to complete your sanding projects. To complete the polish and finishing work, you will spend half the time you spend when working with other sanders – that should mean more productivity and effectiveness.

Even more, the motor pack features an air vent that facilitates better airflow during operation. Therefore, the unit never overheats during heavy duty sanding. Moreover, due to the more cooling function, the motor will last for more years.

The speed

The variable speed control function is another important feature that you will like about the DWE6423K. The model efficiently performs a no-load speed ranging between 8000-12000 OPM, which is ideal for finish work. With the variable speed feature, you will quickly adapt to material on the fly.

That offers excellent versatility, mainly when working with different density materials. The 12,000-speed results in perfectly smooth finished surfaces, while the 8,000-speed results in superior polished coarser surfaces.

The finishing quality

The DWE6423 finishing quality is excellent. That is due to the great combination of the 3 Amp motor power and the variable speed control – ranging between 8,000 and 12,000 OPM. The fast spinning pad performs small orbital movements that leave a smooth polished surface.

To get customized finishes, you need to adjust the speed or change the 5″sanding pad. In most cases, the model allows adequate experimentation.


The product has an ergonomic form factor that makes it comfortable to use for extended periods. The vibration is very low because the manufacturer has designed it to dampen and reduce vibrations, which the sanding pad and motor produce. The thin rubber layer situated between the 5″ hook, the sanding pad and the engine helps achieve low vibrations, including when the machine is running at maximum speed.

The product only weighs 2.9 pounds. Even though the weight does not make it the lightest in the market, we cannot categorize it among the large brands. The weight feels excellent on the hand and rarely causes any user fatigue.

Dust collection

The manufacturer equips this product with dust collection bag that captures all debris and dust, therefore, keeping the working area and the entire workshop clean. The one-hand locking system allows the user to operate this tool with one hand.


  • Features a powerful 3 Amp motor, which allows sanding of both hardwood and softwood
  • Offers variable speed – ranging between 8,000 and 12,000 OPM – that adopts different materials
  • It is highly maneuverable due to the short form factor, and the ergonomic shape reduces fatigue
  • Comes with a dust bag and a dust port that is compatible with various external air vacuums
  • The manufacturer designs it for smooth operation and lower vibrations
  • The 5″ hook-and-loop sanding pad is comfortable to change


  • You might experience problems when connecting an external air vacuum to the dust port

Most people like the lightweight and the performance of the random orbital sander. They also want the speed control feature, which allows changing the speed. The sander produces minimal vibrations during operations. If you want the elements, it is a significant consideration.

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DeWalt DWE6421K Reviews:

The DeWalt DWE6421K does not remove varnish and paint effectively, but it does not mare or scratches the surface. The DeWalt Sander is ideal for various tasks, such as creating beautiful surface finishes. It has reduced vibration for lesser fatigue and enhanced user safety.

Technical evaluation of the DeWalt DWE6421K

The motor and voltage 3

The manufacturer equips this product with a 3 Amp motor, which rotates a 5-inch sanding pad at 12,000 0PM. The motor provides adequate power for most finishing projects. The grit you are using will determine whether the machine can remove varnish, paint or buff for the surface to shine. It is suitable when working with metal, plastic and wood materials.

 The finishing quality

With the 12,000 OPM, you should expect more exceptional finishes. The speed is not adjustable, and you might, therefore, need to change the grit to vary the fineness. The product works on plastic, metal and wood materials.


The product’s ergonomic palm-size grip, situated at the top of the random orbit sander, has rubber over-molding which reduces vibrations effectively. The less vibration makes the product easier to control and reduces user fatigue and therefore, you can use it for big projects and more extended hours. It comes with a built-in counterweight, too.

Dust collection

You can hold the random orbital sander with either your right or left hand. Its dust collection bag comes with a setup that allows the user to use one hand when locking it into place.

If you like using dust collection systems with vacuums, you should know that the manufacturer has included a dust port that fits DeWalts DWV012 and DWV010. You can also go for the DWV9000 Universal connector, which is compatible with 1-1/4” vacuum hoses.

Sanding pads

You can change the 5” hook-and-loop sanding pad with lower or higher grit size to achieve the rough or beautiful finish. The model allows a substantial amount of experimentation so that the user can get the finish quality he/she desires.


  • Has a compact design
  • The weight stands at 2.9 pounds
  • The manufacturer designs it to reduce vibration
  • Has dust-sealed switches
  • Has an anti-dust system


  • Comes with a small dust collection bag

The DeWalt DWE6421K has a compact small design. Its weight stands at 2.9 pounds, which, along with the rubber over-molded grip allows more comfortable handling. The motor offers 3.3 Amp power capable of producing 12,000 OPM. It is ideal for any finishing task.

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How to Choose

Here are some of the things to look for when selecting a new sander.

Faster change of sanding  pad

Mostly, sanding jobs require the use of various sanding grits. Hook-and-loop attachment systems facilitate the changing process. With a product featuring such a system, you will need to peel off one piece and apply the next. If sandpaper is not worn-out, you can reuse it several times.

Variable speed

A variable speed knob will let you adjust speed. The key to beautiful finishes is the speed control. Most woodworkers slow their random orbital sanders when using veneered materials. That way, they can reduce the chances of sand-through. They also run the machines at a lower speed when smoothing a surface.

Vacuum options

Most manufacturers supply random orbital sanders with dust canister or bag. Even though you can rely on the onboard collection solely, connecting a quality shop vacuum to your sander is always a good idea. In other words, sanders with standard vacuum nozzle sizes are a wise choice. A sander that connects to a vacuum will help keep the air in your workshop cleaner.

A better grip

Sanding is lengthy and challenging work, and therefore, you should remain comfortable throughout the process. Even though it is hard to measure how a random orbital sander feels in your hand, most variables like your hand strength and size will come into play. Check whether your fingers can wrap around the sander and still reach the power switch.

Type of Sander to Use

Perhaps you are trying your orbital sander for the first time, and you have realized that the control part is very hard. Sanding evenly with some of the most potent electric sanders can be somehow tricky until you become used to them. Rougher grit or heavy gauge can be hard to control because they will grip the surfaces more than the lighter gauge does.

Heavy duty sander

Belt sanders are in the category of heavy-duty sanders. They are suitable for the big jobs such as dressers and tables that have heavy vanish or much paint on them, and your goal is to take them back to raw wood. To get the best results with this type of sanders, you will have to practice the art of sanding.

Medium heavy-duty sanders

Orbital sanders are within this category of sanders. They are suitable for medium level jobs, which include getting rid of lightly varnished or painted surfaces or smoothening rough timber pieces. They are also ideal for trimming projects. Some people use these sanders after using the heavy-duty ones because they provide a smoother finish.

Detail sander or mouse sander is the other type of sanders within the medium heavy-duty category. The sanders move in vertical motions back and forth. In other words, you can use them with the grain and not when going against it, which is the case to expect with orbital sanders which function in circular motions. They are suitable for more beautiful finishing, particularly when staining pieces.

The light-duty sanders

Sandi hands sanding gloves are an example of light-duty sanding options. They are suitable for people who want to get into corners and to sand spindles. The light-duty sanders offer more control over the material the user is sanding.

The sanders allow changing of their velcrose hand-shaped grit to handle a variety of surfaces and to increase the smoothness. The products save nails and hands. You will not lose your sandpaper, as you will have attached it to your hand. The sanders are available in various grit gauge degrees. [2]

How to Change The Pad On A DeWalt Orbital Sander?

To change the pad on your DeWalt Orbital Sander, you have to buy the right backer pads. There is no pad precisely like the other – they all have different mount holes and vacuum holes orientations depending on the model and make. The configuration of holes on the backer pad you select should match those of your DeWalt Orbital Sander.

To order the right type of sanders, you might need to use the model number of your sander. After you have received the right one, follow the following steps to complete the replacement.

  • Unscrew the mounting screws of your sander pad
  • Remove the old pad and remove all the mounting screws
  • Install your new pad. Start by placing all the mounting screws in the mount holes. After that, align the pad on the DeWalt Orbital Sander. You should now thread your mounting screws.
  • Now, it is time to tighten your mounting screws down. Tighten each one of them before you give them the last couple of turns.

My Sanding Pad Does Not Stick, What is the Reason Behind That?

The orbital sanding pads will not stick if the material has debris or tears. To replace your machine’s hook-and-loop or the Velcro pad, remove all the screws on its bottom and remove it. Buy another sanding pad and mount it.

Care and Maintenance

Before you change any accessory, service or perform any maintenance, disconnect your random orbital sander from the power source. Use the manufacturer recommended parts solely because any unauthorized materials are not only dangerous but will also terminate your warranty.

Moreover, if the air supply has no oiler, oil the sander on a daily basis – possibly before or after use – with several drops of quality oil. A few drops of quality oil dropped through the air inlet will increase the durability of the bearings. Clean your sander after every use and change the pads immediately they are worn-out.

Erratic action or loss of power might be resulting from the excessive drain on air supply, gum or grit deposits in the sander or incorrect type of hose connectors. To solve such issues, you might need full servicing. When the sander is not in use, disconnect it from the power source and store it in the right place.


Q: Is there anything I should do before I start using the sander?

A: Yes. Before, you start using it; wear safety goggles, as they will help protect your eyes. Oil the sander on a daily basis to improve its performance. Remember to wear a face shield when your tool is running.

Q: How do I select the right sized backer pads for my sander?

A: Manufacturers mark the right size of backer pads at the bottom of the orbital sander. To read the marking, remove the old pad. You will find the number engraved on the tool’s shaft balancer.

Q: My sander has started producing unusually vibration and sounds, what should I do?

A: If you have recently replaced the pad, check whether you installed the right size. Also, the backup pad might wear out or deteriorate due to long time use.

If you have already installed a pad of the right size, which is also in the proper condition, you might need to take your orbital sander for service. The problem may be hard to detect.

Q: Where should I send my orbital sander for repairs?

A: If your orbital sander requires repairs, you might need to send it to the technicians your manufacturer recommends. Also, you will need to provide a brief description of the problems. They will be happy to complete the repair work.

Q: My sander’s power seems to be running on a very low what should I do?

A: That might result from various problems. However, check whether the speed control near the air inlet is at the maximum or minimum airflow. Adjust it accordingly.

Q: I have two orbits (one of 3/32” and another of 3/16”), how should I differentiate them?

A: Use the throttle plate finish to differentiate the two sanders visually. The 3/32” has anodized throttle plate while the 3/16” orbit features a chrome throttle plate. Again, you can check the Shaft Balancer under your sander to test the difference.


When assessing your sander options, random sanders should be among your top considerations because they work by sanding an item randomly. With their systematic methods, the devices provide smoother finishes and do not leave sanding spots that belt or palm sanders create.

We hope this guide we help you get the best product for your woodwork projects. No one likes having tools on his or her hob site that are useless and weak. Having any of these in your tools box is a must. Feel free to read more on the products by following the links

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