AeroGarden Farm Review: Is More Better?

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You know the old saying, “why fix something if it is not breaking,” right? Well, there are times when more is actually better. With this enhanced AeroGarden, that time is now. The AeroGarden Farm Series gives you the latest model of their smart garden products.

You asked, and they listened by supplying more seed pods which in turn produces more abundant yields. That means you get more fresh flavor tightly packed in your veggies and herbs all year, any season, even winter.

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That also means with each Farm kit; you get an increased variety than any model before. In this AeroGarden Farm review, the goal is to highlight the changes and improvements the manufacturer made to appease their customers.

You voiced your wants, and they listened and made some significant changes to enhance the already close to perfect product. Introducing the AeroGarden Farm series of hydroponic gardens. The number one feature, of course, is the increased growing capacity.

With this new line of AeroGarden products, you will have at least two times the growing capacity than the other models of this product. What does that mean? It means less money and time spent in the produce aisle at the local grocery store.

So, what are the benefits to the new Farm series?

There is a Size Perfect for Every Home

AeroGarden understands that not all homes are the same when it comes to size and available space. That is why the Farm series comes in two sizes as well as two stunning colors. Introducing to the market, the AeroGarden Farm and its mate, the Farm Plus. Both are large enough for enhanced harvesting and the growth you want.

The measurement of 36 inches wide and 12 inches deep provides you with 12 inches of height. That almost doubles the size of earlier models. For even more growth, the Farm Plus AeroGarden such as the one below, is even better.

You get a full 24 inches of height available for the growth of a vast variety of taller and fuller fruits, veggies, and flowers.

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ModelMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Farm PlusMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Farm Plus2 x 60-wattMiracle-Gro AeroGarden FarmMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty Wi-FiMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty Elite Wi-Fi
Grow Light2 x 60-watt2 x 60-watt2 x 60-watt2 x 60 Watt45 Watt45 Watt
Hour Rating30,000 Hour30,000 Hour30,000 Hour30,000 Hour30,000 Hour30,000 Hour
Grow Light SpectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrumHigh performance, energy efficient full spectrum
Grow HeightExtends 24″Extends 24″Extends 12″Extends 12″Extends 24″Extends 24″
Number of Plants242424241212
FinishBlackWhiteBlackWhiteBlack MattePlatinum Stainless

You Stay In Control

This feature is by far one of the favorites that consumers like yourself asked for and it’s here. Although the control panel has always been easy or self-explaining, it just became better. With the Farm Plus Series, the control panel is a touchscreen. Modern technology comes in handy with both versions.

You can also get the AeroGarden app (that is free) by utilizing v2.0 Wi-Fi technology. This feature comes with every garden in the new series. The prompts are simple guides that help you every step of the way, including setup all the way to harvesting.

If you worry about missing a time that your plants are low on water, you have help. With the enhanced version, you will get a friendly reminder when its time for feeding and watering. If you need customer service, all it takes is one click on your app, and you have instant access to help.

Also, you can share your harvest with family and friends across your social media platforms via the app as well. Both Android and Apple smart devices work with the app as long as it has at least an Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0, or higher.

The AeroGarden Farm Series Comes With its Own Trellis for Support

When your plants begin to grow, you very well will need a support trellis to help keep them straight and protected. With the Farm Series, both models come with their own magnetic trellis system for secure support. This addition is quick and simple to snap right into place making it a breeze to move as your plants continue to grow. (farm xl)

Is More Water Necessary?

Every true gardener knows that to have healthy plants, you need to ensure they have plenty of water at all times. Each Farm kit comes with unique two-gallon grow bowls. That makes this model the largest AeroGarden to date.

Your fruits, flowers, veggies, and herbs will continue to get all the water they need to survive and thrive. The good part of that is it requires less of your time because you will not need to water as often. More water at a steady flow helps your plants grow even taller and fuller.

Improved Variety of Seed Pods

One of the best improvements AeroGarden made with the Farm and Farm Plus is the new assortment of seed pod kits. The all-new salad greens and herbs can grow as a neighbor to your peppers and tomatoes. Thanks to the increased room, this variety can really happen.

With the new seed pods, you can now enjoy a more extensive variety of heirloom salad greens. Also, the new technology makes it possible to produce higher yields than before. Therefore, if you are a basil lover and want to try the eight flavor varieties in one garden, now you can.

The newest Farm Seed kits guarantee to make any gardener happy and want to try as many varieties as possible. Also, like with all their other products, satisfaction is a guarantee, or you get your money back!

Plenty of Growing Room

You wanted more room to grow more plants, and that is precisely what you get with this newest model. There is plenty of room for growing more plants, 24 plants to be exact. There are no other models that provide this much room to grow this number of plants.

If you want a vast abundance of fresh veggies and herbs, any time of the year, the AeroGarden Farm Series is the perfect solution. Most consumers agree that it has never been so simple to harvest so many tasty vegetables and herbs to have at all times.


Q: Is this the model that can stack on top of one another to create a wall?

A: Yes. There is a stacking kit that you can buy separately that stacks one evenly on the other which creates a wall display.

Q: How often do the lights on the Farm Series need replacing?

A: Most state they can last up to five years as long as you handle them properly.

Wrapping Things Up

New technology has for sure found its way into the AeroGardening world. The Wi-Fi capability along with the app that lets you maintain control of your plants at all times is just the beginning of why this is the best series to date.

Are you a fan of the AeroGardening Farm Series? We want to hear from you if you have more information to add or if you have a question. Please leave us a comment is the section below, and one of us will reply soon. While you are here, please “like and share” our work so that we can keep helping consumers like yourself.

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