AeroGarden Bounty Elite Review: Is This New In AeroGardening?

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Summertime is many peoples favorite season of the year. The reason why is more than just warm weather, it is also what the season brings with it. For gardeners, summer means it is time to spend part of their day in their garden reaping the benefits of their hard work.

Being able to walk right out in their yard to pick fresh, healthy plants and herbs is the main reason gardeners, and farmers work tirelessly. Then, the fall season shows its face and all their hard work begins to show signs of wilting. Here enters the AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Gardening Smart System.

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Thanks to its ability to produce healthy, organic plants and herbs, the system keeps fresh produce available at all times, including winter. The goal of this AeroGarden Bounty Elite review is to provide consumers with its enhanced features and abilities.

There are thousands of people that use the AeroGarden units, and others are wanting to know why? There are numerous reasons millions are buying one and even numerous ones at a time. Situations such as living in areas without adequate land for an outdoor garden is just one.

Alternately, maybe they are like so many families and lack the skill or time to produce high-quality produce themselves. Then, the principal reason is that AeroGardening lets the consumer grow their own produce all year-round.

Therefore, rather than relying on getting their produce from the supermarket, they have what they like right at their fingertips. Now let’s review the features of the Bounty Elite and see if it is indeed the new leader in AuroGardening.

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Excellent Reviews by Real Consumers

This product has a strong four stars on Amazon and is a best seller in smart hydroponic systems. For consumers that want a sophisticated and simple technique for growing fresh produce all year round, this item is for you.

With over 200 hundred customer reviews, 90 percent give the product a thumbs-up. It is “everything you need to take care of the gardening void you have in your life.”

Best Seller of AeroGarden Products

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty Elite is the leader in indoor smart gardening systems. High-end businesses such as Amazon have to back-order the product due to high sales. With those numbers, you probably already know someone who has one or wants one.

Thanks to the variety of various colors and sizes, every consumer can easily find the one best suited for their gardening needs. Beings each style comes with its own unique capabilities, many consumers have more than one type.

The following are reasons why the Bounty Elite is so amazing:

Attractive Appearance and Tidy

The AeroGarden is a stunning stainless steel finish that will enhance the décor of every room. Because it uses nutrients and water for production instead of dirt and fertilizer, there is never any mess. Who does not want to grow fresh flowers, salad greens, veggies, and herbs indoor, year-round, right?

The entire smart system sits on any countertop making easy access to your favorite plants a breeze.

Touch Screen Enhancement

The Bounty Elite’s touch-screen is new. Not only does this simplify the use of the unit, but the control panel also handles each step along the way. The new technology ensures steady production. It also has easy-to-read and understands prompts that guide the user on when to add nutrients and water.

Also, for optimal growth, the system allows you to customize each setting to fit your personal preference and experience levels. There is never a green thumb needed for successful harvesting. Also, this enhanced version of the control panel automatically turns the advanced lighting system off and on as well as provides helpful tips.

Consumers credit this new feature to the success rate of the plants and herbs here.

Grow Anything You Wish

One other new feature this AeroGarden offers is the ability to grow up to nine plants at a time. Other models only have room for four or six plants at one time. Remember; these plants prosper thanks to nutrients and water, not soil. Therefore, you can pick and choose various seed pods to mix and match.

As you can see, advanced hydroponics makes growing a prosperous indoor garden using seeds of most varieties at any time.

What Comes in the Kit?

Each kit comes with one stainless steel unit, trays for the seeds, and nine gourmet herb seed pods, including:

  • Two Genovese Basil
  • Curly Parsley
  • Thai Basil
  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Italian Parsley
  • Chives

Also in each kit is a three-ounce bottle of patented nutrients and an enhanced lighting system.

Enhanced Lighting System

While previous models are successful in harvesting the number of plants, the Bounty Elite comes with a 45-watt LED improved lighting system. The full spectrum, the high-quality lighting system is what allows maximum photosynthesis. The guaranteed harvest happens due to the nutrients, water, oxygen, and the lighting system remaining in-tuned to the particular spectrum. When science works together, the results are natural, fast, and full harvests.

The improved 45-watt lights aid with the nine pods producing faster and in larger sizes. The new lights although stronger, remain energy efficient. This model is the first unit that relies on the red LED lights for more abundant crops of fruits and flowers. Also, it utilizes blue LED lights to aid with bigger productions and daylight white LED lights for faster growth.

Thanks to the new features, the Bounty Elite AeroGarden produces up to five times faster than produce planted in soil. (first look)

Features that Remain the Same

  • Just like models before the enhanced model in this review, the set-up is simple as no tools are necessary.
  • Everything comes with the kit that you will need for one complete growing season. Other consumers do suggest that you order a larger bottle of nutrients, however.
  • The unit is attractive and fits perfectly on any counter.
  • You can mix and match various seed pods to use with this model.


Q: Is the stainless a black color?

A: No- The unit is silver stainless steel with black highlights on other parts.

Q: How often do the grow lights need replacing?

A: Depending on the manufacturer, the lights typically last two to five years. You can read our review and order the LED lights that work best for you here.

Are you interested in indoor AeroGardening? Who does not want to grow fresh, vine-ripe tomatoes or fresh herbs indoors all year round? The holidays are fast approaching, and every family has at least one person that lives for gardening.

Order yours today to start your own healthy and organic garden. Are you already a fan of AeroGardeing? If so, we want to hear from you. Please leave us a message below, and someone will respond to you shortly.

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