Best Manual Lawn Edger: 2023 Reviews (Top Picks) And Guide

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Sometimes a manual lawn edger might look more of a weapon of war to those who are not too familiar with it. This device, with a rolling wheel and spikes attached to a wooden handle, is used to wage war against not just weeds in the farm but to untamed lawns as well.

If you have wild grass or unwanted plants growing along the edge of your sidewalk, flowerbeds or other curb areas, then getting the best manual lawn edger is all you need to get rid unwanted weeds. However, before you settle on just any lawn edger, it is vital that you read reviews of the top picks and guide of the best trimmers for 2019.

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Features To Look For In Your Manual Lawn Edger

Just like any other yard equipment you buy, there are factors that you must consider before investing your money. These factors are essential if you are trying to save money by avoiding too much maintenance cost or finish the job efficiently without problems and many other issues.

Understanding the features of an edger will help you with choosing among the variety on the market which have different prices, ranging from cheap to sometimes very expensive. In this guide, you find the things to look for in a lawn trimmer that can help you determine which one best fits your lawn needs.

Edging Time

As you think of buying a manual lawn edger, edging time should be among the top things for your consideration. The time it will take to edge your lawn will depend on many factors such as the size of your yard and the model of the trimmer among others.

A large yard will require more edging time, and if you are not short on time, then it will only mean you have to buy an advanced lawn edger. Understand that you are not just buying a trimmer for the sake of it, you need to buy a device that will give you value for your money. Moreover, the value of the lawn edger should be determined by how efficient and how long it will take to finish the work.


You should not buy a manual lawn edger that takes more work to operate than it is worth. The best manual lawn edger is easily adjustable to match your height. It is necessary to choose a lawn trimmer that you can effortlessly adjust and make yourself comfortable when working.

The Lawn Size

Deciding on a manual lawn edger cannot be complete without considering how big or small your lawn is. For big yards, you will need a sturdy and stronger model. However, if you have a small yard, then going for an average lawn trimmer should be okay. The size of the lawn and the trimmer have a direct relation as this will determine how efficient the edging will be. Also, it will determine how long you need to finish trimming your lawn.

The Types of Blade

The kind of modules of your edger is also an essential factor to consider as they are what comes into contact with the weeds. Usually, the construction of the blade is of hardened steel. However, as you continue using your lawn mower, the blades will start wearing out, and you will have to replace them.

There are some mowers on the market whose blades are hard to replace. Thus, as you consider buying a manual lawn edger, you must think of the ease of replacing the blades when they are worn out.

Top 5 Best Manual Lawn Edgers for Sale

Now that you know the things to look for when shopping around for a manual lawn edger, it is time to look at the top picks for 2019. While many other types of mowers can suit your needs, these five, according to customer reviews as well as their properties are unquestionably the best hedge trimmers on the market.

Picture Product Name Features
Radius Garden 206 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger Unbreakable shaft
Unique design
No noise
Lifetime guarantee
Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel Strength & Durability
48″ North American Ash
Long-lasting tool
Reasonable price
Yard Butler Step Edger Yard Butler Step Edger Easy to use
Unique design
Long lasting
37″ tall, 9″ wide
Garden Weasel Edge Chopper Garden Weasel Edge Chopper Easy to use & maintain
Very easy to edge
Ames Steel Handheld Edger Ames Steel Handled Edger 1.5 x 14.05 x 39.26 in
Easy to Cut & remove sod
Good choice

Radius Garden 206 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

Is it your plan to get a simple, easy-to-use, and yet durable edger? Then look no further. The radius garden edger has a design to meet the needs of various types of gardens. Its design is so unique that you can hardly get from it another type of manual lawn edger. When you look at it, you might think it is a fork, a weeder, or a shovel.

Its handle is round and provides the best possible grip. This ergonomic handle helps avoid blisters when working. The radius garden edger is useful for trimming flower beds, patios as well as walkways. This device is not only good at its work but also in its appearance and attractiveness.

With its stainless steel appearance plus a neon green color, the radius garden edger is undoubtedly one of the best edging tools on the market.

It is also important to mention that this tool is not heavy, making it easy to use. With a weight of about 4 pounds, anyone willing to use it can easily move around with it in the garden removing weeds. Even though this edger has short handles, many of those who use it, both tall and short recommend that it is both easy and comfortable tool for gardeners.

As an enthusiastic gardener, you need the radius garden edger for your trimming needs. With this lawn edger, you will never experience cases of blisters or get too tired after a short period of work.

Good Stuff

  • Durable
  • No much storage space required
  • Strong shaft
  • Large gripping surface
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Excellent grip- enables better handling

Bad Stuff

  • The only con about this edger is that you will need to use your feet to exert pressure. That might turn out to be tiring if you have to trim a large piece of lawn.

Radius Garden 206 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

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Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel and Ash Handle

Are you looking for a manual lawn edger that can help you shape your yard and make it stand out? The Truper comes with a unique design that can help you make your lawn into anything you wish. It comes with dual wheels, making it ideal for simple, convenient and double edging of the yard.

Truper 32100 has not just durable handles, but it is also strong. That makes this mower suitable for various tasks in your lawn. The handles are estimated to be around 48 inches, making it ideal for both short and tall gardeners.

The Truper comes with a coat that protects its structure, and this ensures the safety of your edger. The coating makes the Truper resistant to rust, and thus you will not need to spend too much money on the maintenance of the device.

It is worth noting the difficulty that you are likely to encounter when you start using this tool. The problem, however, is only experienced by those that have never operated the equipment before. Once you know how to use it properly, then you should have no more problems working with the Truper 32100. This edger is durable and provides the best finish to your lawn.

These, plus many others, make the Truper 32100 one the best manual lawn edger on the market.

Good Stuff

  • Lightweight
  • Stronger handle
  • 10-year warranty
  • Strong, durable blades

Bad Stuff

  • Questionable grip
  • Takes time for one to learn how to use it

Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel

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Yard Butler Step Edger Manual Steel Lawn Garden Sidewalk Grass Long-Handled Foot Edging Tool

Specifically manufactured to manicure lawns, the yard butler is one the leading manual lawn edgers that any gardener should have. This mower is reliable, heavy-duty, and sturdy, making it the necessary tool for your lawn and gardens as well.

It has the design of a steady-step point to give the gardener a place to step when dealing with overgrown vegetation. That offers an easy and fast edging experience for the gardener. The curved blades of the mower enhance a faster, smooth, and more straightforward workflow experience.

Among the things that make this tool, a leader is its durability, sturdy material, as well its super handle that gives gardeners a firm grip when tasking.

This tool will help you sharpen the appearance of your lawn, control the over-grown roots and many other things for your gardens. The quality of this piece of garden equipment is unquestionable. The manufacturer demonstrates this by giving it a lifetime warranty. These are reasons why this edger has a place of the most trusted on the market.

If you are looking for a trendy and shiny device, then the Yard Butler EDGE-180 is not for you. When you look at it for the first time, you might think it is below average, but try working with it; you will notice that it is not your average manual lawn mower.

Good Stuff

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Small storage space
  • Durable and faster

Bad Stuff

  • Time-consuming
  • Might be tiresome.

Evidently, one cannot be discouraged by this lawn edger by the cons. They are just two, which one can easily overlook for the more significant benefits of the tool.

Yard Butler Step Edger

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The Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

If you are looking for a lawn edger that can help you make beautiful edges within your lawn, then the garden weasel edge chopper is the best choice for you. One can use this device in patios, gardens, driveways, walkways as well as curbs. The device has a design to help in edging without destroying the grassroots in your lawn.

As a user, you will appreciate the great work of the spade-like blade that makes manual trimming of edges an easy task. Its hardened steel parts make it a durable device, reducing its maintenance costs.

A simple tool like this will not only help you save money but time and effort as well. It is cheap to acquire, easy to use and easy to maintain.

The operation of this mower does not require any unique skills. With its user manual, you can start taking care of all the needs of your lawn. Its design enables gardeners to trim their yards without having pain. The design of its handles makes it easy for one to work without having to experience blisters. The lawn edger can also be used to break the ice during winter when your lawns are growing at their lowest rate.

Good Stuff

  • Weather resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multipurpose
  • Strong cutting edge

Bad Stuff

  • Time-consuming
  • Tiresome as you have to apply a downward force

If you are looking for a cheap yet best manual lawn edger, garden weasel edge chopper is here for you.

Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

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Ames Steel Handheld Edger

Are your flower beds and walkways too untidy? Are you wondering about which edger is best suited to help provide a clean “shave” for your lawns? Then look no further. The Ames steel edger is the best tool for all your lawn needs. You can create either straight or curved trench and produce unique shapes with this tool. You can now easily cut and remove sod when tasking, thanks to the significant step and sharp blade on this device.

Whether you are tall or short, as a gardener, this device will accommodate your needs. Its handle is easily adjustable, making it suitable for all types of gardeners. And to add to that, this tool is lightweight, weighing approximately 13.6 ounces. That makes it easy for one to carry it around without getting too tired when working.

The small size of this mower makes it ideal for gardeners with little storage space. You can easily store it with other equipment in your shed. With serrated edges, the Ames Steel Edger can cut through soil and grass with ease. It is sturdy and provides much comfort when one is working.

Good Stuff

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Durable
  • Strong cutting edge
  • Lightweight

Bad Stuff

  • Tiresome
  • Time-consuming

It is another device that any gardener must have if all the first four don’t work for you.

Ames Steel Handheld Edger

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How to Use a Manual Rotary Edger

Having a good yard without ensuring a clean lawn is almost impossible. For your yard to attract the admiration from friends and neighbors, you need to cut the edges of your yard and garden well. The best way is to use a manual rotary edger, as it gives you the chance to determine what to reduce and what to leave.

A manual edger helps the gardener in deciding how to curve the edges of the lawn, thus spicing up the look of the entire yard. It is true to say that manual edging of lawns is time-consuming. However, even then, electric edging has the disadvantage of not giving you the exact power to choose how the garden looks after edging.

It is also important to discuss how to use a manual rotary edger here, to the benefit of those who have never used this cheap yet efficient edger.

Understand the Edger First

You need to know that manual edgers work differently. Thus before you start using your rotary edger, it is essential first to learn how it operates. Most edgers will require that you push and pull back and forth to cut the grass with the rotating blade. Others will need you to step on them you push the edge into the grass.

Inspect the Area that Needs Edging

Also, before you start edging, it is essential that you inspect the area you want to edge first. That will help you identify the are where you want to trim. There are cases when one is required to edge in areas whose underground is cement. The inspection will enable you to determine the edge of the concrete, and this will help you when edging as you will know how to apply the edger.

How to Edge

To edge correctly, you need to hold your edger to the edge of the lawn, sidewalk or driveway. The blade of the edger needs to be between the edge of the concrete and the side of the yard. If you realize that there is still ground that is hard, you might need to apply force to cut through. Once you reach the end, use a spade to remove the excess grass and other twigs.

Remember how effective your edger relies to a large extent on how you use it. You should watch out for things that might ruin the blades. At the same time, you need to have a specific design that you want your lawn to look like if you are to be useful for your edging work.

Knowing a few of them can be of help to your yard. Using a manual rotary edger in the right way, you can have clean and friendly looking edges along your driveways, sidewalk, and gardens as well.

How to Sharpen Manual Lawn Edger

As you continue using your manual lawn edger, it will come to a point when you have to grind the blades of the edger. The wear and tear of the edges make it hard for one to efficiently work without taking his time to sharpen them from time to time. Failure to make your edger sharp means that you have to work harder and with more energy than usual.

That is why it is important to learn how to sharpen your edger here. To grind your edger, you need to have a rotary sharpener. Attach the rotary sharpener to a drill and then put the edge of the edger on it. Start the rotary sharpener and let it start spinning. After this, lower the edger gently onto the rotating sharpener. You will have to keep moving the sharpener back and forth on the edger until you get the desired sharpness of your edger.

Other than a rotary sharpener, you can also use a bastard file to sharpen your edger. Also, this is a traditional way of grinding your edger; it achieves the same results as the rotary sharpener. To be able to use the file, you need to understand how it works. The flat side of the file is the one used in sharpening the edger.

You need to tilt the bastard file at a particular angle and keep stroking the edger, moving in one direction until you achieve the desired sharpness. You need to grind the edger on both sides with the file.

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Q: Where can I get a cheap lawn edger?

A: there are many cheap edgers on the market today. Online stores such as Amazon offer the best manual lawn edger at a low price. Depending on the needs of your yard, you can get an affordable edger anywhere.

Q: How do I maintain my lawn edger?

A: Maintaining your edger is something you must do if the mower is to remain in good shape. A trimmer that has regular maintenance well offers back the value of the money invested in it. Sharpening your trimmer, storing it in the right place, and avoiding edging in areas with metals and rocks among others can help keep your mower in good shape.

Final Thoughts

To keep your yard admired at all times, you must invest in it. By spending, I do not mean just money, but your time as well. Homes with good-looking yards are deemed attractive and thus can earn you respect among your peers and the entire neighborhood.

However, this is not possible without getting the best manual lawn edger. A manual edger is more beneficial than an electric one as it will enable you to have control of how you want your lawns to be. Moreover, while there are various types of manual edgers, this article provides the very best; tested and approved by customers themselves.

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